Meghan’s Home Alone Ch. 03

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It was proving really difficult to concentrate on any yard work when I was sporting a half hard tube steak in my shorts. In fact, it was painful as hell since my balls were so close to release only to be rudely interrupted by Allie coming home. I kept glancing towards the neighbor’s house and sure enough, Allie was still sitting there bullshitting away with Meghan. I was seriously close to taking matters into my own hand when Allie suddenly stood up and bounded away into the house with a goodbye wave to her sister.

Meghan waited a couple of minutes after the door shut then whistled loudly in my direction. She actually whistled at me like she was calling her dog home. If I wasn’t so turned on I would have ignored the hot little slut summoning me. Then she yelled.

“Hey Mr. Newman she’s gone! Get back over here!”

So like the dog that I am, I literally ran back over there to finish my treat.

“Wow, that was close,” I said, panting after my short sprint.

“Yeah, I thought she would never leave,” Meghan said as she reached for the now hard lump in my shorts. Precum had created a big wet spot and she rubbed my cock and head through the fabric.

“Now it’s your turn Mr. Newman. Gimme that dick of yours. I want you to come on my face,” she whispered in my ear as she unbuttoned my shorts letting them fall to the ground.

Not one to pass up an opportunity like that, I offered her my cock as she eagerly sucked it into her mouth once again. Meghan fisted my meat and pumped it as she took the length of it into her throat. She would pause and run her tongue up and down the side of my penis and then suck just the head and licking the ooze from the slit. I kept this up for several minutes, my legs trembling and threatening to collapse. I pumped her throat until I felt my balls start to tighten.

I pulled out and said, “Here it comes you little cum slut!” as I aimed my cock at her face and open mouth and let loose with a gush of semen.

The first shot hit her nose and laid a thick rope of hot white cum on her eye, forehead and in her hair. With the second and third shots, my aim was better and I shot straight into Meghan’s open mouth. The next couple of shots I purposely aimed for her cheeks as I continued to milk the cum from my balls. I put my cock back in her mouth and she moaned as she sucked the remaining drops from my slick penis.

After Tekirdağ Escort she milked the last of my man juice she pulled my deflating cock from her mouth and said with a cum-plastered grin, “Mmm, that was great. You sure can come a lot for an older guy.”

I scooped some of the semen up with my fingers and put them in her mouth to let her lick them clean. Her face was glazed from my orgasm. I leaned down and kissed Meghan’s lips tasting my own cum for the first time. My cock was still semi-hard when she informed me that she wanted me to fuck her. I couldn’t believe this hot little vixen. I had just unloaded a massive volume of man juice all over her face and now she wanted it in her pussy.

“It’s my turn,” Meghan said with a lascivious smile as she got up off the lounge and told me to lie down. I took her place lying on my back and she took her bikini bottoms off. She assumed the position on her knees at the end of the chair, between my legs looking at my still glistening and half hard rod. She took it in her hand, massaging it.

“It’s still kind of hard,” she said as she lowered her mouth to my big mushroom head.

She was looking at me with her big brown doe eyes as the head of my cock disappeared into her mouth once again. Meghan had a smile on her face as she ran her tongue over the head and slit, still tasting the remains of my juice on it. She ran her tongue up and down the shaft a few times, pausing to lick my balls one at a time.

My cock was responding and was soon hard as ever as she held it in her hands. I brought my knees up to give her better access to my nut sack which she went at with vigor. She took one of my balls in her mouth and gently sucked it and then did it with the other. Meghan ran her tongue underneath my balls and moved my legs up further so that she could get it in my ass. As her wet hot tongue darted around my asshole, she proceeded to finger fuck me at the same time, driving me wild.

“Oh, you like that don’t you Mr. Newman,” she said as she continued to alternately rim and fuck me with her fingers. She was going deep inside me, easily to the last knuckle and had me moaning and writhing all over.

“I’ll bet you would like a nice hard cock in your ass wouldn’t you Mr. Newman?” All I could do was moan in agreement. “I have a nice strap-on that I’m going to bury in your hot ass sometime,” she Tekirdağ Escort Bayan said in a low sultry tone. “Better yet, I’ll get my boyfriend Jeff to fuck you in the ass. Trust me, he knows how to fill an ass with his big cock. I know.”

Meghan had me on the verge of exploding when she suddenly pulled her fingers out and stuck my cock back in her mouth for a few sucks. She stood up and straddled the chaise lounge. Grasping my raging hard on with her hand, she positioned her pussy so that the head of my cock was at her lips and she began rubbing it up and down her wet slit.

“Now it’s my turn to see what Mrs. Newman had been enjoying all these years and I’m going to ride that big beautiful dick until you fill me with your sweet hot cum.” With that, she began to lower her cunt onto my cock and sank lower causing her to gasp and grunt.

“Jesus, your cock is huge,” she gasped as she struggled to accommodate the thickness of my dick. She impaled herself further on my rod and I could see her eyes roll up slightly as she experienced a mix of pleasure and pain as her pussy engulfed me. She settled onto my shaft and slowly began to rise and fall with her legs doing the work like squats in yoga class.

My hands were on Meghan’s waist, forcing my cock deeper into her hot steamy confines as she gasped each time my head massaged her g-spot. She was moaning now and when I reached up and pinched her nipples, she shuddered. Her breathing picked up and I knew I had her on the ropes as she furiously bounced up and down on my bone. All at once she cried out as another orgasm wracked her body. She was shaking uncontrollably as my cock buried inside her to the hilt as low moans and hot breath escaped her lungs.

My balls were swelling as I continued to hold her down on my sword, grinding her pussy to the hilt. She tried to raise up but I had no intentions of letting up.

“How do you like my cock Meghan,” I managed, between thrusts into her cunt.

“Oh, god, this is the most amazing feeling…,” she gasped between grunts as her voice trailed off.

She continued impaling herself onto my pole and I could feel another orgasm building in her. I was getting close as my tension built, the cum boiling inside of my balls. I bent upwards and took her young 20-year-old nipples in my mouth and sucked them hard making her moan even more.

She Escort Tekirdağ was breathing harder now as she continued to take all of my length in her wet pussy. Suddenly I could hold back no more. I jerked her body downward onto my cock, the head hitting her uterus causing her to cry out. At the same time, I grunted and unleashed torrent after torrent of cum inside of her. She could feel the streams of sperm being jetted into the walls of her pussy.

“Oh yeah, Mr. Newman, give it to me!” she yelled out. At that point she let loose with another earth-shattering orgasm. My cock continued to release inside of her – without a doubt my most intense orgasm in a long time. Meghan slowed her rhythm and her legs buckled causing her to settle wholly on my softening cock as she collapsed on my chest.

Panting heavily trying to catch her breath, she said, “Shit, that was infuckingcredible. Thank you so much Mr. Newman. You can fuck my pussy with that thing any time you want.”

After a couple of minutes, Meghan pushed herself up off my chest and quickly stood up. With a mischievous smile she moved forward towards my head and said, “Now clean me up before I have to go to work.”

Before I could reply or protest she squatted down and settled her well-used cunt onto my mouth.

“Eat it all you sick fuck,” she said.

The aroma of her pussy overcame me as my tongue rose to greet her slimy labia lips. They parted and I waited for the onslaught to drip into my mouth. Within moments my prize arrived as my load of cum made its way to her pussy opening and poured into my waiting mouth. I didn’t realize I could cum that much as it continued dribbling into my tongue and into my throat.

“Lick me clean,” she ordered as I lapped up as much of her juices and my man juice as I could. I ran my tongue the length of her slit getting as much as I could. I flicked her hard, sensitive clit causing her to jump slightly. I spread her ass cheeks with my hands and tasted her dirty bud. My tongue was everywhere as I worked to clean up her used holes. She started breathing heavier and managed to gasp,

“Oh yeah, we’re going to do this a lot Mr. Newman. You can tongue my pussy anytime you like.” With that, she stood up, her pussy lips glistening with my saliva, her juices and remnants of my semen.

“I gotta run Mr. Newman. Take it easy and we’ll do this again soon,” she said as she swiped her swim suit off the ground and walked quickly to the back door.

I lay there a little stunned for a moment, trying to gather my thoughts on what just happened. I quickly came to my senses and put myself back together and went back to finish mowing the lawn.

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