Megan and the Girls’ Night Out Ch. 05

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“I’m, like, so anxious,” Lindsey said, getting up from the sectional again to look out her front window. This was the fourth time in the past ten minutes that she paced from the couch, to the window, back to the couch again. “She’s going to be here any minute now and I don’t know what to do with myself.”

“First, take a few deep breaths,” Megan said, getting up to sit next to Lindsey after her return from the window. The young blonde took her auburn haired partner’s hand in hers, looked her in her eyes, and told her, “just a few slow ones, in…out…in…out…”

The couple took several slow, purposeful breaths together, Lindsey closing her eyes as she did, getting a look of almost zen-like calm on her face. It had been over two weeks since Megan and Lindsey spent a lustful, passionate night with their coworker Sara, since Megan laid her second clutch of eggs, and since Dr. Bianca Granger replied to Lindsey’s email. The doctor seemed incredibly excited at the prospect of meeting Megan and Lindsey, and told them that she would try to fly out to them as soon as she could. Today Dr. Granger arrived at the airport, got her baggage put away at her hotel, and texted Lindsey to let her know she was on her way.

“I’m just so nervous, Meg,” Lindsey said, finally opening her eyes after her breathing exercise. “I don’t know what she’s going to want to do, or talk about, or—”

“Shhhh,” Megan said, pressing her lips to Lindsey’s. The two girls kissed and Megan put her arms around Lindsey, pulling her in close before pulling her lips away. “Don’t worry, I’m going to be here too, we’ll be together.”

“You’re right, I’m just…no, you’re right. It’s going to be fine,” Lindsey said, resting her head against Megan’s shoulder. Megan put her hand on the back of Lindsey’s head and cuddled her on the couch, looking down at her partner’s outfit. She wore a light blue, floral sundress, with a square neck that showed just enough skin to hint at her cleavage. It was cinched around the middle with a light brown belt, and she wore a pair of black Converse shoes to keep things a little rebellious looking.

Megan could tell by her outfit she was nervous, wearing something baggy and flowing to try and hide herself. To try and hide her thick, gorgeous, uncut girl cock, the one that had been filling Megan’s pussy all week long. Around her house and in private Lindsey wore leggings, seeming to delight in showing off how her dick snaked down one of the legs, or would even go around in her boy short undies, her bulge so massive and heavy looking that Megan could imagine the fabric bursting and letting her flaccid member flop freely. But in public and at work, Lindsey seemed to do everything she could to hide her genitals from view, obscuring them behind flowing skirts and dresses, or baggy shirts. Even today, having a doctor come to her house specifically because she was a woman with a penis, Lindsey tried to hide herself.

Megan found herself almost addicted to Lindsey’s massive penis, every day after work she met her new girlfriend back at her house to make love until the pair fell asleep, only really pausing to eat, use the bathroom, and shower. It was unlike anything Megan had experienced before, the lust she had for Lindsey’s meaty cock coupled with the love she had for the woman herself combined into something indescribable. And when she wasn’t with her partner, Megan could do little more than fantasize about being back with her, getting her vagina filled with that glorious member once again.

Lindsey had taken to wearing condoms, and when she didn’t, she made sure she didn’t finish inside of Megan. The couple decided together that while raw, unprotected sex with Lindsey dumping a thick, creamy load inside of Megan felt incredible, the experience of Megan giving birth was something they’d limit to special occasions. It took a lot out of her to pass a clutch of eggs, and it left them with the interesting issue of having to find something to do with them.

Megan birthed another clutch of eggs the night after her encounter with Sara, a half dozen slightly smaller eggs than her original birthing, and since then Lindsey spent as much time as possible inside of her. Megan’s vagina had been worked out harder than it ever had, being constantly stretched to accommodate her lover’s length and thickness, and each time she fucked Lindsey it had become easier and easier to fit that monstrous member inside her. Lindsey teased Megan with her cock every moment it wasn’t buried inside her snatch: flashing her briefly at work, walking around her house naked from the waist down, letting Megan walk in on her naked, and so much more. Though in fairness, Megan did the same to Lindsey, showing her her breasts and pussy whenever the opportunity presented itself, fingering her wet slit and letting Lindsey smell the scent on her hands. It was no real surprise that the couple had sex as often as they did, with neither of them unable to do anything but tempt the Kartal escort other into bouts of lustful lovemaking.

Today was different though, and for the first time since Megan started staying over Lindsey’s, the couple didn’t have morning sex. Every day before work, or just before getting out of bed on the weekends, the couple would have an intense lovemaking session in the morning, relieving some of their intense sexual energy before they started their respective days. Megan had started spending almost every night over at Lindsey’s place, and she’d be lying if she said the morning sex wasn’t a big part of the reason why she loved staying over. But even she wasn’t in the mood today, with Dr. Granger’s visit imminent. She could understand Lindsey’s nerves; she was the focal point of the email chain and text messages between the couple and the doctor. But Megan felt anxious herself, as much as she was trying to hide it.

Megan adjusted her blouse, a dark purple, slightly baggy top, low cut to show off her ample bosom. She flattened the bottom against her black tights, crossing her legs as she sat. Lindsey lifted her head from Megan’s shoulder and stood up again to glance out the front window. The auburn haired woman looked up and down the street, and sighed heavily before throwing herself back down onto the sectional next to Megan.

“I just want her to be here already,” Lindsey said, sounding exasperated. She pushed her hair away from the front of her face, and Megan could see her brow was sweaty and damp. “My anxiety can’t handle the anticipation…”

“Linds, what’s the worst that can happen? She’s a doctor, and she knows what you’re dealing with. Hell, she’s dual gendered just like you, it’s going to be fine,” Megan said, taking Lindsey’s hands in hers, looking her in the eyes. “She’s going to be here soon, and looking out the window every—”

“She’s here!” Lindsey said as the couple heard the sound of a car door closing. “Holy shit, she’s actually here.” Lindsey started to get up from the couch but Megan held her hands firmly.

“Wait, babe, just take a second! Let her come to the door, take a few deep breaths first,” Megan said, once more taking a few slow breaths with Lindsey.

“I’m good, I think I’m good now,” Lindsey said, her breathing slower, and more regular. “It’s all going to be fine.” Lindsey leaned in to kiss Megan, and as she did, the doorbell rang, startling both women. The couple stood up together and made their way to Lindsey’s front door. Lindsey took one final deep breath before opening the door, and Megan saw Dr. Bianca Granger for the first time through the screen door.

Dr. Granger’s face was incredibly attractive, slender and feminine, with a slightly long nose that was slightly hooked. If she weren’t so beautiful, her nose may have been a blemish, but instead it made her look unique and enhanced her appearance. Her hair was a light brown with a slight reddish tint to it, pulled back into a neat and tight bun on the back of her head. She wore thick rimmed, black glasses, that gave her an almost naughty nurse or librarian look, something Megan found very appealing. The doctor was just a little taller than the two women, her body slender and shapely, and wore a white pencil skirt that came down to her knees. Megan thought she could make out the faintest hint of a bulge in the woman’s crotch, but couldn’t tell for certain. Bianca’s legs were shapely, and looked as if she worked out to build some lean muscle, her calves large and sexy, accentuated by the slight black heels she wore. She had a black blouse with a white cardigan over it, her average sized breasts completely hidden beneath the fabric. She held what looked to be a rather large briefcase in her right hand, her manicured fingers delicately gripping the handle.

“Dr. Granger, so glad you were able to make it!” Lindsey said, opening the screen door to let the doctor in. “I’m Lindsey and this is my girlfriend, Megan!” Every time Lindsey said girlfriend, the word gave Megan butterflies in her stomach, almost without fail.

“Please, call me Bianca!” The doctor said, stepping inside. Her voice was incredibly pleasant, and as she came inside Megan could smell the woman’s perfume, a subtle almost masculine scent. “I’m so glad I could finally meet you in person, you both have been on my mind a lot recently.”

“Please, make yourself comfortable,” Lindsey said, gesturing to her sectional. “Can I get you anything to drink? Are you hungry at all?”

“Oh no, thank you though!” Bianca said, placing her briefcase down on the floor next to the sectional, and taking a seat at the far end of the L-shaped couch. She sat with her legs crossed delicately, and Megan swore again she could see the doctor’s crotch bulge. “I had lunch at the hotel before I came here, they have a wonderful cafe attached to the lobby.”

“Where are you staying?” Megan asked, sitting on the opposite end of the sectional. As she did, Lindsey took Kurtköy Escort a seat next to her, closer to Bianca.

“The Brass Courtyard Hotel, I think it’s about twenty minutes from here. At least it took the taxi about that long to get here, anyway!” Bianca said, smiling warmly. “It’s a really nice place, I didn’t realize how many beautiful hotels you two have in your area. Was quite the chore to choose one with so many options!”

“I think I’ve heard of that hotel before,” Lindsey said, fidgeting with her hands a bit as she spoke. “It’s right near the Everlands Mall I think, that area in general is really nice.”

“Oh, is it? I’ll have to make a trip there before I head back home! I’m a bit of a shopaholic, it’s a vice I just can’t shake!” The doctor said, laughing. She adjusted herself on the sectional, uncrossing her legs and then recrossing them the other way, pushed her glasses up a bit, and then reached down for her briefcase. “Please excuse me, I’ve been so anxious to meet the two of you, I’d love to be able to ask you both a few questions if it’s okay? I don’t mean to get right into business, but I’ve been absolutely dying to learn more about you both and what’s been happening.”

“Yeah, of course,” Lindsey said, looking over at Megan. Megan nodded, and replied in kind.

“Wonderful, I’ll be here for a few days, and I’d love to take you both out to dinner, really get to know you more! But the doctor in me needs to get a few questions answered first!” Bianca said, pulling a yellow notepad and pen out of her briefcase, and setting the pad against her raised knee. “As you probably know from reading my blog, I have a vested interest in dual-gendered individuals. There’s so little known about us,” she said, looking at Lindsey, “and it’s a real shame there’s not more science behind what makes us so unique.”

“It was really hard finding any info ourselves,” Lindsey said, frowning slightly. “Everything happened so quick, and we were at a loss until we found your blog.”

“And that’s exactly why I started writing it, not only to share my discoveries with the scientific community, but to help people like you both; scared and confused at what might be happening to their bodies,” Bianca said, her voice taking on a comforting tone. “It’s rare that I ever hear from someone dual-gendered, but you’re actually the first who allowed me to visit them, Lindsey.”

“Oh really? I would have imagined you had a lot of, I don’t know, subjects to examine?” Lindsey said, her cheeks getting a bit red.

“No, quite the contrary actually,” Bianca said, leaning forward a bit. “Most of my research has come from studying myself. There’s such a stigma around being dual-gendered, so much misinformation, lack of understanding, and sometimes even fear and hate.”

Megan looked at Lindsey, her partner’s eyes glued to Dr. Granger, taking in her words almost as a comforting gospel. It made her feel happy to know that someone understood Lindsey, and could help her figure out more about her wonderful, sexy body. The first night Megan spent with Lindsey, she could see the shame in her face when she revealed she had a penis, her cheeks bright red, eyes practically welling up as she explained her situation. Megan would have never guessed a woman who was as quick witted, intelligent, and seemingly confident would be so ashamed of her body, but it started to make sense.

“There’s a lot of unknowns when it comes to those like us; what causes our condition, exactly how we reproduce, the late-life developments that take place, so much is a mystery.” Bianca continued, the passion for what she was doing leaked out of every sentence she spoke. “And with your help, both of you, I’m hoping that I can learn some more incredibly valuable information that might be able to shed some light on dual-gendered individuals.”

“Anything we can do to help, we’d love to,” Megan said, gently grabbing Lindsey’s hand and squeezing it. Lindsey turned and smiled at Megan, and squeezed her hand back.

“Wonderful,” Bianca said, clicking her pen and getting ready to write. “The first thing I want to know is how your pregnancy went, Megan. From start to finish, feel free to include as much detail as you’re comfortable with.”


“Fascinating,” Bianca said, flipping to yet another page of her yellow legal pad, her pen hand writing furiously against the paper. “Do you know if there were any other effects Sara might have had after her initial mutation?”

“No, not really,” Megan said, shaking her head. “That night was really intense for all of us, and we didn’t ask her too much about it afterwards. We gave her a few more eggs to take with her, but I don’t know a lot about what she did with them.”

“Did she ingest the other eggs you gave her, do you know?” Bianca asked, her face one of absolute concentration and fascination.

“I think she did, but she hasn’t been at work in a while,” Megan said, grabbing her phone and Pendik Escort unlocking it. “She texted me a few days later to tell me she ‘felt like a new woman and so sexually liberated,’ and I asked her what was going on. She just said she’d tell me all about it the next time I saw her, and that was really it.”

“I’d love to meet her and hear her perspective,” Dr. Granger said, taking a few notes. “So in summation, just to make sure I have everything; Megan, you’ve given birth to two clutches of eggs. The first was from sexual intercourse with Lindsey, the second was from Sara after she had ingested an egg herself. The first group of eggs were bigger and fewer in number, the second smaller though more in number. Since then you’ve been using various methods of birth control to prevent more pregnancies. Sound about right?”

“Yeah, I’d say so,” Megan said, turning to look at Lindsey.

“Sounds accurate to me,” Lindsey said.

“Wonderful, so that’s the story so far it seems,” Bianca said, still writing on her notepad. She placed her pen and pad down on the sectional next to her and readjusted her skirt. This time, without a doubt, Megan saw a bulge in her crotch area. It was quite large, and it almost seemed like the doctor was adjusting to try and obscure it from the couple. “This is all amazing information, thank you both for being so candid and honest with it.”

“Of course, Bianca,” Lindsey said. “You made it very comfortable to discuss everything with you.”

“I’m glad to hear that!” Bianca said, smiling warmly. “Now, I have another request, and I know it may be asking too much, so please, feel free to decline. I wanted to do a physical exam of you both, for my records, just to have data to back up the information you provided me.”

“Like, what kind of physical exam,” Megan asked, her brow furrowing a bit. Megan could see the same worried expression begin to creep across Lindsey’s face as well.

“Just a standard, physical exam,” Dr. Granger said casually. “Nothing obtrusive or anything, I just want to get a feel for your physical conditions. If that’s okay, but like I said, feel free to decline, I won’t take offense!”

“I, uh…” Lindsey began, turning to look at Megan. Her face had started to get red, and Megan could see her beginning to sweat from her brow again. “I’m not sure…”

“Linds…” Megan said softly, grabbing Lindsey’s hand. “I know you’re nervous, but think of all the good it could do, you know?”

“It’s just, you know how I feel about showing it to other people,” Lindsey said, blushing harder.

“She’s a doctor though, hun! And you showed it to me, and to Sara—”

“That’s different!” Lindsey said, loudly. “We were having sex.”

“Please, ladies, I understand,” Bianca said, putting her hands up. “My notes on everything will be plenty of help, I’m sure! It’s more than I’ve gotten in a long time.”

“You can examine me, if you want,” Megan said, turning to Bianca. Lindsey looked a bit shocked, but Megan hoped that if she volunteered first, maybe it would ease her girlfriend into it. “What do you need me to do?”

“I’d love to, Megan!” Bianca said, beginning to stand from the sectional. “If you want to do it in private, we can go to another room.”

“No, it’s fine in here. Lindsey won’t be seeing anything new,” Megan said, laughing. “Do you need me to get undressed?”

“Please, fully undressed if you don’t mind,” Dr. Granger said, reaching for her briefcase again. The doctor began to pull out a stethoscope, a blood pressure cuff, and several other medical devices, nothing that seemed odd or out of place to Megan.

Megan began to pull her blouse off of her, the cool air of the room sent a slight shiver down her spine as she exposed her bare stomach and arms. Her bra barely held her oversized breasts, which had grown larger still after her second pregnancy. It barely fit her anymore, and as she unhooked it from the back, she felt an immense relief as the tight bra fell loose from her. As her large breasts hung freely, she glanced over to Lindsey, who was looking intently at Megan’s body. Megan turned her eyes over to the doctor, who was also eyeing her, her notepad back in hand, writing something down as she looked Megan up and down. Next, Megan hooked her fingers into the waistband of her tights, sliding them down alongside her underwear, slowly revealing her neatly trimmed tuft of pubic hair as the fabric made its way over her hips and down her thighs. She lifted each foot, one at a time, to pull the tights free, and gently tossed them to the side next to her bra and blouse. The young blonde woman stood naked except for her ankle high socks, and felt a strange rush of exhibitionist pleasure at standing in front of two beautiful women like this, made even more erotic by the fact that they both had penises tucked beneath their clothes.

Bianca made her way over to Megan, pad in hand, and gently placed her right hand on Megan’s left breast, lifting it gently and letting it back down. She made a note on her pad, and repeated the action to Megan’s right breast, lifting it up and this time bending in a bit closer to examine her nipple.

“Are you producing milk?” Bianca asked, looking up at Megan’s face.

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