Meeting the Farmer

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Anna wondered to herself if this was enough in life. Was she really content with being a single mom? Did she really need a man? She was young, intelligent, driven, and just stubborn enough to be completely self-sufficient. Her two boys were enough to leave her feeling fulfilled. Let’s face it she was exhausted by the time the end of the day rolled around. So did she really have it in her to maintain a relationship too? Let’s be honest the feelings of loneliness still seemed to seep into the cracks of the foundation she’d worked so hard to rebuild. “How does one even date these days”, she thought to herself. It had been six years since she had last dated. “Ha! Dated? That was not dating! That was just a hookup gone wrong,” she chastised herself aloud. “And the sex wasn’t even good” she added as she scrubbed another plate.

That drunken night in her early twenties had ended with two beautiful boys, three shattered hearts, and a lot of trust issues. Trust issues she wasn’t sure she would ever overcome. A year and a half is not a lot of time to be alone in real life, but when you’re in the trenches repairing three broken hearts and rebuilding three people’s lives alone it feels more like an eternity. The pain of it all still had a fresh sting. Could she truly handle another heartbreak? Could the boys deal with another man walking out on them? To Anna the thought of opening herself and her kids up to another man made her a little nauseous. Images of nuns in a convent ran through her mind as she went on scrubbing a bowl. “I hate you too” she whispered to the dishes with a little chuckle.

“Good lord Anna pull yourself together. You’re talking to the dishes.” She bluntly told herself. Seriously, when was the last time she had gone out, or even talked to another adult that wasn’t family? Everyone around her was married or in serious relationships with lives she didn’t fit into anymore. Anna couldn’t help but feel like the pariah of her young social circle. The first of her group of friends to become a mother, and now the first to end up being a single mom. Subsequently she was also the first one to be cast out of the friends group. Anna really hadn’t had time to make new friends much less go out. “Face it” she told herself “you are lonely. You need a man. You need sex!”

Here she was thinking about sex again. It was something she had been thinking about more and more lately. Is hornier with age a real thing she wondered. Is it even possible to get tired of a vibrator? Surely not. OK maybe that last part wasn’t entirely true. The rabbit had seen her through a lot of stressful times. Not to mention those two double A batteries had yet to let her down. She couldn’t say that about a man. Those damn batteries never gave her a hug though, or told her everything was going to be fine. Her vibrator couldn’t tell her she looked good while playfully slapping her ass. The rabbit most definitely wasn’t going to be giving her a back rub anytime soon either she scoffed as she cleaned the sink out. “Girl, when was the last time someone touched you?” Anna said to herself.

What did it even feel like to be held, and licked, and sucked on. To have a rough hand gently caress her nipples, or plunge deep inside her. Had Anna already forgotten what it was like to have a grown man make love to her? There’s no way she could not remember what it was like to be good and fucked, and left satatisfied had she? Was she running purely on fantasies, porn, and rabbit sessions? Her thoughts were starting to carry her back into the swallows of loneliness. It’s time to go to bed, she thought. Tomorrow she would talk to her sister about getting back in the dating saddle.

Anna got out of bed and showered her way into a new day. She got the boys ready for school and out the door, and watched her parents both head to work. The three of them had moved back in with her mom and dad recently, and they were all still settling into a new routine. Her separation had not been messy at first, but as life so often goes the shit had finally hit the proverbial fan. Anna’s ex’s mistress had decided he should not have to pay child support. This left her and the boys fighting to scrape by. When the third child support payment was missed she knew she could no longer keep their heads above water alone. She had made the dreaded call to her parents letting them know they would need to move out of their rental. They of course welcomed all three of them with open arms both telling Anna the classic “Everything will be fine. It’ll all work out the way it’s supposed to.”

The thought of having to move back in with her parents felt like rock bottom. As she had closed the door to the blue bungalow one last time Anna felt her heart finally shatter. She and the boys had moved back from the city when her ex wiped out their joint bank account. The sixteen thousand dollars they had saved to buy their first home was gone. In its place twelve whole dollars and a mistress with a new house. He hadn’t even left enough for groceries, much less the rent on their new apartment. Anna’s only saving grace had been the bungalow. She had found it by chance, “A friend of a friend had a brother who had an empty house because, well, small town living” she had recited the story to her older son’s fish as she fed them.

Anna had spent so much time pouring herself into the boys and the house. Never really slowing down to process everything she had been through. She had painted all of the rooms, laid new hardwood flooring in the living room and the bedrooms. The kitchen cabinets had been pastel purple and seafoam green when she moved in. “Barf” she remembered allowed. It took almost a full month to take them apart, sand them down, refinish them white, and put them back together. The first nice weekend of the year she had even rescreened the porch, and put up a trampoline for the boys. She just plugged away project after project, bedtime story after bedtime story.

Now here she stood in her parent’s kitchen eyeing the dirty breakfast dishes. How had her life come to this? How could she be in her twenties and seemingly be going backwards? She cursed herself and then cursed her ex for good measure. She decided she had better just get a cup of coffee and move on with the day. “No use dwelling on things you can’t change” she huffed in the dog’s direction. Speaking of things that couldn’t be changed brought her full circle. Anna decided it was a good time to call her little sister Molly.

If anyone could give her a little gusto for life it was her baby sister. She was also the only person who could tell her to pull her head out of her ass without being offensive. Anna was incredibly grateful for Molly. She had somehow been the person she needed to keep her going. Always supportive, always blunt, always making her laugh, and always letting her cry it out. There was never any judgment or I told you so’s. There was however a lot of digs at Anna’s ex that made her feel a little better every time. Molls was her person through and through. She didn’t know what kind of a mess she would be if it wasn’t for her sister.

“Hey gurl hey!” Molly answered after the fifth ring. Anna chuckled out a “hay!’ The two of them talked about the weekend, and caught up on any local gossip. They talked about the kids, and upcoming things they both had going on. Conversations always came easy between the two of them. Finally Anna decided it was time to open up about dating again. She asked Molly, “Would I be crazy to date again?” Being the supportive sister she is, Molls laughed out a “Do you really think that’s a good idea with your track record? I’m kidding!” She grew a little softer “I think it’s time Nanna. He moved on a long time ago. There is no reason to be waiting to get back out there. You deserve better and so do the boys”. Anna was quiet for a moment. She knew her sister was right. It really was time to move on with the business of life.

“I don’t even know how to date anymore” she hated admitting it aloud. How could she be asking her baby sister for dating advice? Anna always thought it would be the other way around, but her baby sister called her one day and asked her how to get a marriage license. Molly and Cooper eloped to a rock concert shortly after, and were still going strong building their family one baby at a time. “You know online dating is pretty much the only thing people do now, right” Molly questioned. Anna rolled her eyes as she responded, “What happened to tradition?”. Her little sister goaded a little more “Damn Nanna, what are you like 100?”. She both hated and loved that her sister still called her Erzincan Escort childhood nickname Nanna short for Anna Banana. “Apparently I must be” Anna dredged “I don’t even know of any dating sites”. Molly laughed at her expense before responding, “A lot of my girlfriends joined The Sea. Go fishing sister.” They finished out their conversation with their usual teasing “byee” “byee” and hung up.

Anna decided to refill her mug before sitting down to her laptop. She typed “The Sea” into her search bar. The site was the first suggestion to come up. It didn’t look too bad to her. Only mild feelings of anxiety arose. She clicked her way into the site. “Sign Up” loomed in a blue box. “Here goes nothing”, Anna told herself. She went through the standard name, email, and password set up routine. Then she moved on to username. Lord have mercy on my soul, she thought. Would it be weird to call herself AnnaBanana1, or maybe she should go with MidwestAnna1. She could only imagine the come on lines she would get with Banana in her username. Yike definitely not! MidwestAnna1 it is. She hit enter and was immediately met with “This username has already been taken”. She tried again AnnaMN1, and was again met with the same resistance. AnnaNanna1 enter. Blocked again. “Aw come on universe are you trying to tell me not to do it or what” she spoke out. The dog jumped a little and the fish outright ignored her. Anna was starting to wonder if this was a wise choice. She slowly and deliberately typed in MnAnna86. Success!

Now Anna needed to fill out the profile portion. This part came easily to Anna. Her Capricorn mind went straight to work. She filled in all of her attributes with honesty and proficiency. As best she could she tried to describe herself. Average build, brown hair, brown eyes, height five foot five. Love to be outdoors, enjoy learning, adventurous, and open minded. Anna was hoping that was enough to start a conversation or two. Next she took a selfie. Not her best picture, but it would suffice. Click, click, click and she was done. She stared at her profile wondering if she was making a mistake. “Well it’s a little late now”, she warned herself.

Anna poked around on the site getting familiar with its features and reading a few profiles. There were some really good looking guys out there. She liked their profiles knowing full well they were out of her league. Then about ten profiles in she started seeing her worst nightmares. Everything you can imagine from costumes, to men clearly cheating on their wives, to men holding their packages. She read a profile that stated “Move in with my mom and I. Serve her during the day and me at night”, Oh my god is this real she wondered? Do people really act like this, or have I just entered the seventh circle of hell here? It was that profile that prompted her to move on with her day.

There was a system in place for weekdays. She would start in the kitchen by cleaning up after breakfast. Next she would move on to laundry, and picking up the house. Anna would make a run through of the bathrooms, and double check floors Sometimes she would vacuum, sweep, and mop. Sometimes she pretended like there weren’t even any floors in the house. By noon she had gotten all of the house work done, and had eaten a light lunch. She took a little time to cruise her social media accounts. Noting nothing in particular held her attention so she moved on with the days motion.

This was her routine for the week. Kids, house, groceries, meals, and the litany of adult responsibilities. She had connected with a few guys. Some of them seemed like genuinely decent people, and some of them made her wonder if they were ever going to be able to find her home address. It truly does take all kinds to make the world go round. Anna had yet to find anyone who truly peaked her interest. On Thursday she decided to click on the locals link. She saw some familiar faces, and a few faces she should not be seeing at all. It was a little discouraging to see some of the married men she knew on the site.

Finally she came across the profile of a man she thought she ought to know, but couldn’t quite place. MattDaddy4 was his username. She got a little bit of a chuckle out of it. He was a local and five years older than her, and a little mysterious. His profile picture was a tractor cab selfie, a pair of aviator sunglasses, and a little bit of a come hither smile. His hair was shaved nearly bald, and he had a five o’clock shadow. “Hmm bald, do I like bald?” Anna asked the dog. She read his bio and facts. He was a single dad and a farmer, he liked the outdoors, and gardening. He towered over Anna at six foot five inches, and had a slender build. “Mmm I do like ‘em tall and lean” she told the dog who continued to snore at her feet. She decided to just take the plunge and like his profile before he liked hers. It was both thrilling and crippling.

It took about a half a day for MattDaddy4 to respond. Anna was tucking the boys into bed when her laptop made a ding she recognized. She painstakingly took her time to do the full bedtime routine. She couldn’t wait to see who it was messaging her. The bedtime story the boys had picked out tonight was a short one. “Thank you baby Jesus”, she mumbled under her breath. Both of the boys got a hug and a kiss as she tucked them tighter under their blankets. “Nighty Night, love you both” she said as she stepped out of the room.

Anna practically pummeled her laptop as she jumped into her bed. She snatched it up and slid her finger spastically over the cursor. The screen lit up and to her excitement and horror she had a message. “Hi” was all it said. There was something about the two letters that pulled her in a little. “Hey, hows it going?” She typed back. The chat bubbles popped up. She watched them dance across the screen for what felt like eternity. Why was she feeling this way. There was nothing special about this profile, and there surely wasn’t anything special about his two letter greeting. “Didn’t we go to high school together” was the next message that came through. Anna cursed herself for packing away her year books.To be on the safe side she responded “Where did you go to high school?” She was looking to date and not to initiate a cold case. MattDaddy4 replied “Miller Hill High. I’m pretty sure we did.” Ok so he was right they had gone to school together, but she still didn’t quite recognize him. Anna typed out “You’re right. What year did you graduate? I graduated in 2005”. Matt responded with “2000. I remember you from school, you were popular, and I wasn’t”. She laughed out loud while pecking out “Umm, no one has ever called me popular LOL, I was just friends with everyone. I really didn’t belong to a group. Who did you hang out with?” Anna did a bit of a double take when he mentioned Jason Gradey.

Jason was Molly’s best friend’s older brother. She had seen Jason and his friends several times when picking up and dropping off Molls. Now she could finally piece it together. “My little sister is Molly. Now I know where I recognize you from” she shot back. Matt was quick to respond “Oh yeah I know Molly and Cooper. Him and I go way back”. How had they been friends and she had never met him. She reminded herself to give Cooper a little bit of shit for having a hot friend he never introduced her to. Their conversation flowed so easily. They talked for two and a half hours before Anna finally gave into her exhaustion. “I really hate to end the conversation, but I’m so tired I can barely stay awake” she sent him. “It’s ok I’m beat too. I will talk to you in the morning.” Matt sent back. It seemed a little short, but yet it seemed to hold a promise.

Anna sank down in her bed not even bothering to go through her nightly routine. Her and Matt had exchanged numbers and a few more photos. She pulled them up and studied them a little more. He wasn’t your drop dead gorgeous type, he didn’t have a striking jaw line, or dead sexy bedroom eyes. He had both soulful eyes, a little bit of self consciousness, yet he seemed to have big dick energy. “I could use some big dick energy in my life” she declared. She couldn’t help but feel drawn to him in more ways than one. In one conversation Matt had managed to speak more to her than any other man ever had. Not to mention those pictures he sent. Nothing risqué just your typical selfies, but the picture of him standing by the tractor had elicited a whole new kind of arousal within her.

Closing her eyes she couldn’t help but feel excited to wake up tomorrow morning. Anna wanted to know more about him, and she just really wanted to keep talking to him. Erzincan Escort Bayan Something about their conversations just brought her a sense of peace. A feeling she hadn’t felt in a while.

Anna managed to keep her daily routines, but now it was filled with a never ending conversation with Matt. She had learned a lot in the last couple of weeks. They had talked about everything from likes and dislikes to family and work. Everything in between was also covered. They had come to realize their boys were all seventeen months apart. Both had been cheated on and gone through separations at the same time. Matt and Anna were both still a little raw from their past relationships.

Matt would text her every day “Good Morning”. How had she had two kids with a man, built a life with him and had never received good morning texts? This was new for her and Anna loved it. Those texts first thing in the morning fueled her better than coffee ever could. Ok that might be stretching it a bit, but it was a close second. She hadn’t told anyone about Matt yet. It somehow felt too new, too sacred, and too much fun to just have something of her own.

She eventually told Molly and Cooper. They had gotten the kids together and were hanging out when Molls asked her, “so how’s the dating site going”. Cooper had looked from Molly to Anna with a bit of a shock. Anna knew he wasn’t trying to be mean. Her family had sat front row center as her life crashed and burned. She was positive he was merely surprised that she’d decided to even get back on the horse. “Actually I kind of met someone” Anna said as she got a little red in the face. “We’ve been talking everyday for a few weeks now. It turns out he’s a friend of Cooper’s” she laughed a little. “What? Who?” They both said at the same time. “Matt”, Anna said as she felt her face grow ten more shades of red.

Cooper looked at Molly and laughed. Anna didn’t know how to take it. She asked him “Coop why are you laughing? Oh my god is he not a good guy!?”. She could feel panic and bile rising. It was at this moment she realized she was in way too deep with Matt to not be crushed if he turned out to be another garbage human. Cooper stopped laughing and said, “It’s ok Nanna, he’s a really good guy.” He chuckled a little more as he made the comment, “He’s just huge is all, and you know what they say about those big guys?” Without missing a beat Anna winked and said “Big feet!” The three of them erupted into laughter. “In all seriousness Anna, he’s a good guy and I’m happy for you”, Cooper said softly, “you and the boys deserve a good man”.

Anna felt a little better after talking to Molly and Cooper. She felt like she could breathe again. Had she really been holding the stress of not knowing in for a while? She had felt like she had been enjoying getting to know Matt. She sent him a quick text and told him that she was happy they had met. He sent her a message back and confessed he’d seen her in the halls in school, and had always been afraid to ask her out. “You were always with the popular kids, and I didn’t think you would ever give me a chance” he sent her. “I really wish you would have. It would have saved us both a lot of heartbreak” she messaged back.

They carried on like this for six weeks when Matt finally said “When do I get to see you?”. Anna realized it was time to take the leap and meet up with him in person. Their conversations had grown flirtatious and she was hornier than she had ever been. She just really wanted to be underneath him. “or on him that would do too” she snickered at the dog. The dog gave her a look that seemed to scream “go to church”. Anna sent Matt a message back, “what do you have in mind”. His reply came nearly immediately “well it’s harvest so I’m out in the field until late. You could always come over to the house after I get home. It would be late though”. She needed to think about this for a second. Her rational mind was screaming “Are you trying to become a documentary? Missing person’s case?”. Every bit of her womanhood was shouting from the rooftops “Girl do it! Let him plow you for a while!” Good lord it had been a long time. “Let me talk to my parents and see if they would mind watching the boys tomorrow night” she sent back.

From then on the messages only became more and more heated. She really hadn’t ever sext anyone before. It was really fun, and exhilarating. Anna was almost wondering if she was pimping herself out when she finally told him she hadn’t had sex with anyone since her and the boys’ dad had split up. He also confessed that it had been a while for him to. He sent her a message that said “I can’t wait to hang out and fuck”. She should have been pumping the brakes at this point, but she just couldn’t do it. She wanted it too badly.

Anna nearly died a thousand deaths waiting for bedtime to come the next day. She had worked it out with her parents so she could be there to put the boys to bed, and then go to Matt’s. Her parents were slightly concerned, but it surprisingly was her dad who had said, “If you’re ready to try again we will support you in any way we can”. Anna was ready to try again, but she did not want to disrupt the boys’ lives with a man she hadn’t yet met. So she puttered about the day, went through the night routine and got herself ready to go.

Sneaking out the door she waved quietly to her parents. Anna was positive her face probably betrayed her and it was likely a shade or two of red. She couldn’t help it. She was like a kid in a candy store. Pure excitement and joy. Simultaneously she felt like the kid who’d been caught eating a piece of the candy before she paid for it. Tsk tsk. As Anna pulled out of the driveway she sent Matt a message “Just leaving what is your address?” She had a general idea of where she was going, but hadn’t been to that part of the county before. His response was rapid fire followed by a kiss face emoji which only increased her excitement.

Anna headed in the direction of his farm with a mixed cd playing. Everything from party tunes to romantic country songs played along. She was getting close to Matt’s house when Molly called her. “Hey, I was just wondering if you could babysit this weekend” she asked. “Oh yeah definitely the boys and I don’t have anything going on. We would love to have the kids. What are you two up to” she said absentmindedly. This was her mistake. Molly continued to go over their plans for the weekend and Anna missed a turn. Her GPS started to freak out in the background and Molly caught it. “Where are you going” Molly teased with a giggle. “To get laid if I can find his damn house” Anna half yelled half laughed. “I gotta go” she said. “Mhmm I bet you do hoe” Molly teased. They both laughed as Anna cut into a driveway to turn around.

When she got to Matt’s house she wasn’t sure she should get out of the car. Her nerves were a mess. Anna finally willed herself out of the car and up to the door. Matt slid open the door for her and said “Hey! Did you get lost”. Anna turned about 7 shades of red and laughed out “oh my god yes”. They took a couple minutes to take each other in. They both liked what they saw. He was so tall and lean and good looking in person. He stepped forward and gave her a hug. It felt good and natural. It wasn’t awkward at all.

“So what do you want to do” he asked “We can watch a movie if you want to. I’ve got a bottle of cheap wine in the fridge.” “Oh you splurged”, she laughed “a movie sounds good to me it’s been a day”. For the first time she looked around his house. It was shockingly clean for a bachelor pad. Anna admired that. It was a nice but simple house. Nothing extravagant, it felt like a home. It was almost immediately comforting. They made their way into the kitchen. Matt grabbed the wine out of the fridge and pulled two glasses out of the dishwasher. With a hint of embarrassment he admitted “I might have just finished this dishwasher load”. They both laughed as Anna said “It’s all good. At least you did the dishes before I came over”.

He poured the two glasses completely full. Anna gave him a look and said “You know I have to drive home right”. He winked at her and said “Not for a while”. Bold she thought to herself as she sat down on the couch. He walked around the coffee table. Anna thought for a second he was going to sit on the opposite end of the couch, but he eased his way down onto the cushion next to her. They both kicked their feet up on the coffee table at the same time. “Are you comfortable, or do you want me to move the coffee table a little closer”, he chuckled. “I can kind of reach”, she laughed. He pulled Escort Erzincan the coffee table closer to them so Anna could put more than just her toes on it.

They flipped through the satellite and didn’t find anything of interest. Next Matt went through his DVD collection. They decided on an action movie. They sat in casual silence, watching the movie, and sipping their wine. Here and there they chatted about their day and what they did. After a while Matt asked Anna if she’d like another glass of wine. She agreed with an adamant “this is the last one though”. When he sat back down beside her Matt sat right next to her. Hip to hip, thigh to thigh, arm to arm. Instantly Anna felt good. She felt warm, whole, peaceful, and somehow incredibly horny.

His body against hers nearly sent her over the edge. Anna had never wanted something so badly. Matt looked down at her and leaned down. Their lips met with a feeling so intense they both pulled back a little. Nose to nose Matt looked at Anna and Anna at him. They didn’t say a word, they just kissed again. Slowly and deliberately. Anna couldn’t help the way she felt. The intensity of touching him stirred something deep in her soul. She knew at that moment this was different. This was a new feeling of passion and need.

Matt asked her if she wanted to go to bed. Anna stood and pulled him up from the couch. They didn’t say another word. She followed him to his bedroom. He didn’t turn on any lights allowing it to be dark enough to barely one another. Anna wrapped her arms around him and pulled him in for another kiss. Matt wrapped his arms around her as he slid his tongue into her mouth. Anna felt invaded in the best way possible. She slid her arms inside his shirt and traced a finger along the top of his jeans. He kissed her neck as he lifted the hem of her shirt. Matt managed to get her shirt off his mouth barely breaking contact with her neck. He nipped at her collar bone. Anna immediately felt heat pool between her legs.

She slid her hands under his shirt and forced him to take it off. As he tossed his shirt to the side Anna took one of his nipples into her mouth and nibbled it. While starting to undo his pants. A small deep moan escaped his throat. Matt reached around Anna with ease and unsnapped her bra in one quick motion. As her tits sprang free he traced her nipples with his thumbs. This time the moan escaped her. He bent and put his mouth around her nipple and flicked it with his tongue as he unsnapped her jeans. As Anna kicked her jeans off she heard his jeans hit the floor.

“On the bed”, he half whispered and half demanded. It was both gentle and commanding. Anna obeyed and slid under the covers. Matt crawled in after her. His hand immediately caressed her neck as he took her mouth with his. He kissed down her jaw, down her throat, and made his way back to her nipples. As he licked and sucked his hand split her knees. He caressed her inner thigh making his way to her clit. He rubbed his thumb across her silk panties making her moan again.

Anna shifted to her hip leaning into Matt. She kissed him and took his bottom lip between her teeth. She moved down to his neck. Sucked his Adam’s apple as her fingers caressed his nipples. Slowly she moved down to his nipples. She nipped and sucked while she ran her fingers along the seam of his boxer briefs. Matt moved his body back over Anna’s as he slid his boxers down and off. He took his time taking her panties off and tossed them off the bed. Once more he split her thighs and made his way to her. He pushed two fingers deep inside of Anna and pushed up.

The pressure alone nearly sent her over the edge. She felt so full and so good. He did this once more while rubbing his thumb across her clit making her moan again. “Oh fuck” she whispered. Another moan escaped him as he bent to kiss her. Anna slipped her tongue into Matt’s mouth. As he kissed her neck Anna slid her hand around his dick. She gasped. “That’s never going to fit”, she laughed. Matt kissed her neck once more and said “mmm you don’t think so huh”.

Anna was so hot and so ready she told him “make it fit”. “Are you sure”, Matt asked her. “Yes, now, I need you to fuck me now” she said with certain urgency. She spread her legs as he moved over her. He grabbed his cock and brought the head to her entrance. “I’ll go slow” he whispered gently. Anna mentally made herself relax. She knew it would only go in if she was completely relaxed. Matt pushed against her opening. Slowly he forced his way in. Both of them let out a moan. “Oh fuck your pussy is so tight” Matt said his voice full of lust. Anna looked into his eyes and whispered “it feels so good.

She pushed her hips into Matt forcing his hard cock deep inside her. Anna had never felt so full. The pressure of his huge cock was nearly enough to make her cum. Matt pulled out slowly. She felt the head of his erection pull though every one of her folds. He thrust back into her as she lifted up to meet him. As Matt pulled out a second time Anna licked his nipple, and squeezed tighter around his cock. Matt raked out another “oh fuck me” through clenched teeth.

Anna’s nipples peaked against him as he came down and pulled out. She didn’t know sex could feel this good. With burning need she pushed her hips against Matt and as he ground his cock deep into her. They both picked up speed Anna grabbing Matt’s ass pulling him in as deep as she could. Matt leaned back on his knees pulling Anna half into his lap. She was laid out bare to him, back arched, and tits bare. He ran his hand over her stomach and up between her breasts to her neck.

Matt wrapped his long fingers around her neck with the slightest pressure. Anna squeezed his cock in pussy as tight as she could. A moan escaping both of them. Matt’s hand on her hip pushed and pulled her as he thrust in and out of her. ‘Fuck me Matt, fuck me good” Anna moaned. He could barely hold on for much longer. ‘I’m going to cum in you Anna” Matt choked out. Anna could feel her own orgasm building deep within her. “Oh fuck me Matt, don’t stop” Anna said as she pushed into him. She felt Matt’s huge cock stiffen inside of her as he started to cum. Both of them pushing deep into each other “Oh fuck me” they both moaned as they came together.

They stilled for a moment. Matt kissed Anna’s neck and said “That was the best sex I’ve ever had”. Anna could barely respond. She had never been fucked like that. She had never wanted someone so deep inside of her like that before. Anna knew right then this was different, and everything was about to change. Unsure if it would change for the good or the bad. She only knew she had to have more of it. She needed that passion. She needed him.

“What the hell just happened?” Anna asked Matt as he finally pulled out of her and rolled over. He laid on his back next to her. They both stared at the ceiling. “I’ve never had sex like that before” she added. The roar of Matt’s laughter at first scared her, then made her feel a flash of embarrassment, and then anger started to creep in. He slid his hand over taking hers in his. “I’ve never felt like that before so I didn’t know what to say. Sorry” he half chuckled. “I really am at a loss for words. That was the most mind blowing sex I’ve ever had.” He quickly followed it up with “not that I’ve had a lot of sex with a lot of people”. They both laughed. “Same” Anna said softly.

They laid there a little longer holding hands talking about nothing in particular. Anna started to yawn before she gave in to the nagging feeling she had to head home. She rolled into Matt and told him she didn’t want to go home. He told her to just stay. Neither of them wanted to let go, but they reluctantly got out of bed. They sorted through the pile of clothes on the floor. Sometimes finding their own clothes and sometimes having to trade.

After they dressed Matt walked Anna to the door. “Are you really sure you have to go” he asked her quietly. “I have to get back to the boys” she countered. He opened his arms and Anna stepped into his embrace. They held each other for a long moment before kissing. Anna giggled and said “I have to stop or I wont go home”. “Perfectly fine with me” Matt teased back. “No I really wish you could stay, but you should get home and get some sleep before they do wake up” he countered.

As she drove back home in the darkness with country music playing in the background she thought about the night. She had never had sex on the first date. “Oh my god he probably thinks I’m a whore” she said to literally no one “He will probably never talk to me again”. A pang of sadness hit her. Why had she done it? Why did she sleep with him right away? Anna knew that something about Matt was just different. She felt calm and peaceful in his presence. Words couldn’t quite explain it, but she knew she was in deep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32