Meeting Ms. Write – Day 02

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Mike woke up to find the other side of the bed empty. He made his way to the bathroom to brush his teeth and then walked out into the suite to find Sarah. He saw Sarah was standing outside on the balcony in one of the hotel bath robes with the door open. Wearing only a pair of boxer briefs Mike walked out onto the balcony. Sarah seemed lost in thought and didn’t hear him approaching.

Mike wrapped her in his arms from behind pulling her to him. He nuzzled her neck and whispered “good morning” Sarah sighed into the hug and said “Good morning my sexy man. It is so beautiful out here.” “mmmm you certainly are.” Mike said as he started kissing her neck. Sarah felt a shiver up her spine when his lips contacted the spot on her neck that always drove her wild.

With her pulse beating in her ears and her breath becoming shallow she pushed herself back into him feeling his growing erection. The feeling of his hard cock pressed against her started a tingling low down in her abdomen. Continuing to kiss her neck Mike reached down and began undoing the belt on Sarah’s robe. “You must stop you naughty boy. Someone will see.” Mike nibbled on her earlobe as he finished undoing the belt and whispered “let them watch” as he pulled Sarah’s robe open exposing her breasts to the chilly morning air.

Sarah gasped at the feeling and bit her lip while looking around to see if anyone could see her exposed like this. Mike reached up and began to caress her breasts and tweak her hardening nipples which caused Sarah’s knees to buckle from the pleasure. Mike noticed Sarah continued to look around nervously and whispered in her ear. “Are you more worried about someone seeing us or you seeing someone actually watching?” as he continued to caress her breasts. Sarah whimpered “I don’t want to see someone watching us.” Mike remembering a scene from one of her stories involving the use of a blindfold and pulled the belt free from the robe and said “I can easily fix that.”

With that he used the belt from the soft cotton robe to act as a blindfold over Sarah’s eyes and tying it in place. As he did this Sarah felt a tightening in her stomach and her level arousal went through the roof. Being blindfolded was one of her secret fantasies she had never tried before and now it was happening. Having her sight taken away made Sarah hyper aware of everything she was hearing and feeling. She could hear the sounds of the city from the streets far below as the city started to come to life in the early morning. She could hear birds starting to sing to greet the new morning in Central Park across the street. She could feel Mike’s breath on her neck and the morning stubble on his chin as he continued to kiss on her neck. Most of all she could feel his large and powerful hands on her breasts which was driving her wild.

Mike then took a small step back and removed his hands from Sarah. She was surprised by the loss of touch and started to look around despite the blindfold. Mike then surprised her even further by pulling the bath robe off of her completely leaving her naked and exposed in the morning air. “Oh my god!” Sarah exclaimed and moved to cover her exposure from the outside world. Mike was instantly back behind her “Don’t you dare try and cover yourself. Let the world see how incredibly sexy you are right now. She bit her lip and slowly dropped her hands to her sides. “Mmmmm good girl.” Mike growled in her ear.

Sara was trembling. Was it fear? Excitement? Arousal? Her mind was at war with itself over the conflicting feelings. One thing she did know was that she didn’t want these feelings to stop as she felt the tell tale moisture of her arousal pooling between her legs. “My god you are so sexy!” Mike whispered in her ear. “Any man or woman who might see you now would want you.” Mikes words were like gasoline on a fire to her arousal. She was so aroused she could hardly speak but managed to whimper “please”. “Please what my dear?” “Please touch me.” Mike took his hands to her shoulders and with each finger touching her as lightly as he could he slowly trailed his fingers down her back and up her sides.

Upon feeling his touch Sarah arched her back in anticipation and pushed herself back towards Mike’s hard body. Mikes hands made their way along her rib cage and then started up towards her breasts. Sarah was shaking in anticipation and despite her efforts to remain quiet started groaning. “Please don’t tease me.” she whispered. “Patience my dear.” Mike responded as he continued to slowly move his fingertips towards her breasts. Sarah felt her nipples hardening as Mikes fingertips gently circled around them but not actually touching them. Sarah thrust her shoulders back in hopes of forcing Mikes fingers onto her nipples that she wanted to badly to be touched but Mike simply moved them away rather than make the contact Sarah so desperately wanted.

Mike the brought his fingers to Sarah’s lower back and then started running his fingers down the cheeks of her ass in small circles then proceeding down to her trembling thighs. As Mike Sivas Escort started to slide his fingertips up the inside of her thighs Sarah parted her legs hoping he would finally touch her. “I can feel how hot you are right now.” Mike growled as he ran his fingertips around the outside of her sex still not making the direct contact that Sarah’s body was screaming for.

Sarah was in constant conflict now. She was normally a very vocal lover and the things Mike was doing to her would have had her loudly moaning but she remembered she was still on a hotel balcony where someone could hear her.

Just as she thought Mike was finally going to slide his fingers into her he suddenly withdrew his fingers entirely and stepped back. “Nooooooo” Sarah pleaded as she heard something behind her. Mike had retrieved the robe from the ground and draped it over the cushioned recliner on the patio. He gently grabbed Sarah by the shoulders and whispered in her ear “come with me and sit down where I tell you.

Sarah was hopeful that they were going to head inside the room but they stopped too soon and he told Sarah to sit. Sarah sat down and was confused what was happening. He leaned down and kissed Sarah passionately on the lips. Sarah nearly exploded into the kiss due to the built up tension but just as soon as it started to become really heated Mike pulled back. Sara groaned in frustration and was about to express it when Mike said. “Open that beautiful mouth my dear.” Sarah slowly opened it and waited. Mike pulled his boxer briefs off and placed his hard cock in front of Sarah’s open mouth. Placing a hand on Sarah’s head he grabbed a handful of her hair and guided her forward until she felt the thick head of his cock touch her lips.

Sarah immediately started to suck him and as she was about to bring her hands into play Mike said “No hands.” Dropping her hands to her sides Mike moaned out “mmmmmm good girl.” Those words had a power over Sarah that she didn’t understand. Hearing Mike say them caused blood to flow to her already engorged labia and an increase in her arousal. She could feel her moisture seeping out of her like she had never felt before.

Sarah focused her arousal onto the blowjob she was giving and worked Mike’s cock back and forth in her mouth as deep as she could before coming all the way back to the head and then licking the head and the shaft before taking him back into her mouth. The next time she took him deep into her mouth Mike grabbed her head with both hands and held her there with his cock buried deep causing Sarah to fight the urge to gag. Sarah felt her eyes start to water and she whimpered with the need to pull the cock back out of her mouth so she could breath but Mike held her firmly on his cock. She was almost to the point of panicking before Mike released her head and she pulled back some and gasped for breath around the cock still in her mouth.

“Sarah you suck my cock so well if you keep that up I am going to cum.” Hearing this lit a fire in Sarah and she doubled her efforts on his cock. Mike debated on stopping her but he also felt the strong urge to cum deep in her throat. As he reached the breaking point he grabbed her head in his hand again and pulled his cock deep in her throat and released rope after rope of cum directly down her throat. Sarah was overwhelmed. She usually didn’t like a guy coming in her mouth but the way Mike took control and gave her no choice turned her on incredibly.

Finally after he was done coming Mike let go of Sarah’s head and pulled his cock back from her mouth leaving a string of saliva and cum stretching from the head of his cock to her lips. Sarah caught her breath and reached for the belt of the robe acting as her blind fold. “I didn’t say to remove that Sarah.” She immediately dropped her hands like a child who had been caught trying to sneak a cookie. “Now it is my turn” Mike growled and pushed her back onto the recliner and pulled open her legs.

Mike started to lick his way up her left leg causing Sarah to bite her lip. She couldn’t get out of her head that they were outside on the balcony and it was a major distraction for her. She had never had sex outdoors like this before and she felt uncomfortable letting go to her passion in such a situation because she was concerned about how vocal she was during sex. Mike was kissing his way up her leg and could tell that something was off with her. “What is wrong Sarah?” he asked in concern.

Sarah bit her lip in nervousness and said “I’m sorry I hate to but a damper on this but I am having trouble with the fact that we are outside like this and it is keeping me from relaxing and enjoying this experience. I’m sorry.” Mike put a finger to her lips as she continued to apologize “It’s ok Sarah. If you would feel more comfortable going inside then we will go inside.” Sarah hadn’t realized she was holding her breath until she relaxed and let her breath go. Mike then interjected “Of course, there will be some modifications to what I have planned. Do you trust me?” Sarah then gasped and thought Sivas Escort Bayan about it and said “Yes. I trust you.”

Mike then stood and lifted Sarah to her feet leading her inside and said behind her ear “The bed is directly in front of you. I want you to lay on your back in the middle of the bed. Don’t remove the blindfold.” Sarah bit her lip and climbed onto the bed, her mind a whirlwind of thoughts of what was about to happen. She had written scenes in her stories about being tied up in bed but had never actually experienced this fantasy of hers. She laid in the bed and could hear Mike rummaging around in the other room and then heard him walk into the room.

“What a beautiful sight that is.” Mike said as he approached the bed. Mike had gone to the closets in the suite and grabbed the restraints he had bought previously in hopes of this actually happening. He attached the padded cuff to her right wrist pulled her wrist up tying it to the headboard. Sarah gasped as she realized her fantasy was about to become a reality. Mike said “I know from reading your work that you included this so I assumed it was a fantasy of yours. Am I right?” Sarah swallowed hard and stuttered out a response of “ye…yes. it is.”

She heard Mike groan in appreciation as he walked around the bed and tied her right wrist to the headboard as well. “If anything gets to be too much I want you to say “popcorn” and everything will stop. Repeat that for me.” Sarah swallowed and said “If I say “popcorn” everything will stop.” Mike ran his hand down her arm to he breast and said “Perfect. Just perfect.”

Mike then used the remaining restraints to tie Sarah’s legs wide open almost to the point of being uncomfortable. Sarah had no doubt that her entire body was fully exposed to Mike’s eyes and it was like lightning had struck her clit causing her level of arousal to explode. She could smell her own arousal. Mike then ran a hand up her leg and whispered “Be right back.” Sarah’s mind was shocked “He’s leaving me? Where is he going?” She started to say something and could hear Mike say from a distance away “Shhhhh, Patience Sarah.”

She could hear Mike rummaging around in the other room again. Mike approached the bed and the sight of Sarah tied spread eagle on the bed and his cock started to stiffen again. He leaned over the bed and applied a soul searing kiss onto Sarah’s lips which she returned with passion. He then whispered “I am going to put a set of noise cancelling headphones on you so you won’t be able to hear.” and he placed the headphones on her ears.

Sarah now was blindfolded and couldn’t hear anything. She suddenly felt hyper sensitive to everything she was feeling. The cool sheets on her skin, the padded restraints tying her firmly to the bed. She could feel that Mike was on the bed then he felt his mouth take her left breast into his mouth sucking deeply. Sarah gasped at the sudden onset of pleasure. Mike quickly nibbled on the nipple and at the same time pinched the other nipple with his fingers. Just as Sarah started to arch her back into the pleasure it suddenly stopped and Mike pulled away. She waited with baited breath for Mike’s next move but nothing happened.

For what seemed an eternity Mike did nothing. Just as Sarah was about to say something she felt Mike’s tongue touch her ass and slowly slide his tongue up between her lips. Just as his tongue began to inch closer to her clit and Sarah’s body started to arch once again Mike withdrew. Sarah whimpered “nooooooooo.” Mike sat back and watched as Sarah’s hips writhed as if trying to hump an invisible cock and smiled to himself. He then went to the freezer and grabbed a glass of ice cubes and brought them to the bed. He waited a few minutes for the ice to start to melt a bit. Sarah continued to whimper in need. Mike then grabbed an ice cube and held it just above her clit.

He could feel the heat pouring from Sarah as he waited and then a drop of ice cold water dropped directly onto her clit. “Bastard” Sarah hissed as a second drop came down causing her to flinch. Mike then took the ice cube and ran it over her nipples causing them to harden beautifully. Mike then blew air across Sarah’s wet nipples causing her to gasp out “Oh god!”. Mike pulled back watching Sarah grinding her hips into the bed searching for any kind of satisfaction. After a few minutes Mike slid a finger into Sarah’s dripping pussy and reached up and pressed onto her g-spot. Sarah had never had anyone do this and she felt like she was going to explode as she exhaled “oh fuck! Oh fuck” Mike then withdrew the finger and rubbed the now soaking digit onto Sarah’s anal opening causing her to gasp out “Mike! You can’t do that!” Mike smiled to himself noting that she hadn’t used the safe word.

Mike could tell Sarah was very near a very large orgasm but felt it was much too soon so with a wicked grin he found a smaller ice cube and took it into his mouth taking off the rough edges of it and then without any warning slid the ice cube into Sarah’s pussy. “Oh you fucking bastard” Escort Sivas Sarah yelled as her body writhed with the immediate chill of the ice inside of her. Mike then took a second cube and slide it into Sarah’s ass “Fuck!! Sarah exclaimed” Mike sat back grinning to himself as he loved the sight of Sarah writhing on the bed. Mike then went to the other room again to retrieve the bag of toys he had bought at a sex shop when he first got into town just in case an opportunity like this came up. Mike grabbed the flogger and walked back to the bed. Mike leaned over and gave Sarah another deep kiss and Sarah nearly came apart at the seams in passion.

Pulling back away Mike started to lightly drag the flogger across Sarah’s breasts just barely making contact with her. Sarah was mentally trying to figure out what Mike was using that was contacting her skin in multiple places at the same time. Mike slowly drug the flogger down Sarah’s stomach watching her arch her body trying to increase the contact. Mike then slowly drug the leather straps across her swollen and drenched pussy causing Sarah to hiss out a “yessssssssss”.

Mike then pulled the flogger back and started with a twisting motion of his wrist to get the flogger to slowly spin in a circular motion. Sarah could feel the air moving across her pussy and it was driving her crazy with desire. Mike then moved his aim a little and while continuing to spin the flogger started making contact with Sarah’s inner thigh. Feeling the impact Sarah yelped and then moaned out a “what are you doing to me?” Mike moved the area of the contact of the flogger up and down her left thigh watching Sarah writhe more and more in response. Once he had gone all the way to her ankle Mike stopped and watched Sarah squirm on the bed. After a minute Sarah began to calm down and the anticipation of what was coming next started to grow.

Sarah then felt Mike sucking on her big toe causing her to gasp. Mike slowly kissed and licked his way up Sarah’s left calf to the back of her knee. Sarah’s skin was still warm from the flogger as Mike moved on to her inner thigh. As Mike neared Sarah’s pussy he could feel the heat from her and the smell of her arousal filled his nostrils. Mike kissed his way to just below her soaked pussy and then suddenly stopped.

Sarah moaned out a “Noooooo. Please don’t…” before she could get the word stop out of her lips Mike began to tongue her ass. Sarah jerked at the sudden feeling and yelled “Of fuck Mike you can’t do that!” Mike hearing this chuckled to himself and doubled his efforts sliding his tongue deeper into Sarah. Mike then backed off and again licked up from Sarah’s ass sliding his tongue between her lips up to her clitoral hood. Mike then blew gently on her engorged clit causing Sarah’s hips to jerk from the bed. Sarah moaned out “Please Mike! Please make me come. You are driving me crazy.” Mike grazed her clit with his tongue and backed away causing Sarah to groan in frustration “Bastard!”

Mike then picked up the flogger again and just as he had done on her left leg Mike started lightly flog Sarah’s right thigh causing Sarah to gasp out “Of fuck Mike.” Just like before Mike flogged from Sarah’s inner thigh to her ankle before stopping. Sarah’s entire body was covered in sweat as she panted with want. She anticipated that Mike would now start kissing and licking her. Mike had something else in mind. He started to twirl the flogger over her pussy. Sarah could feel the air moving across her lips and she swallowed hard. She thought to herself “he wouldn’t actually hit me there would he?” No sooner had she finished her thought than Mike lowered the still spinning flogger to where it was now lightly slapping against Sarah’s clit and lips. Sarah immediately yelled out “Oh fuck Mike. Oh fuck…oh fuck” Mike could see that Sarah was ramping up to a major orgasm and he abruptly stopped causing Sarah to again groan in frustration.

Mike set the flogger down and then with no warning roughly grabbed Sarah’s breasts and pinched and twisted her erect nipples. Mike then leaned down and sucked one nipple and then the other into his mouth. At this point Sarah was almost a blubbering mess moaning incoherently. Mike sat back and watched for a couple of minutes as Sarah slowly began to come back down to earth.

Mike stroked his cock to and climbed onto the bed. He climbed over Sarah’s body and kissed her passionately feeling Sarah’s groans in her throat. Mike then began to slap her clit with his hard cock causing Sarah to moan out “oh please Mike. No more teasing! Please”. Mike kissed her again then reached up and pulled the headphones off and the blindfold off of her eyes. Sarah was overwhelmed with the return of the sound in the room and the room felt too bright. Mike whispered to her “Look at me Sarah.”

Sarah opened her blue eyes to see Mike right above her. As soon as she looked at him Mike slid his cock into her slowly and unrelentingly until he was buried in her and his balls rested against her. “Oh god Mike I am going to come!” Sarah yelled out. Mike kissed her as the words were leaving her mouth and then began to fuck her with hard firm strokes their bodies slapping together. Sarah screamed out her orgasm into Mikes kiss and Mike could feel Sarah squirt around his cock which spurred Mike on to increase the pace of his fucking her.

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