Meeting Jeff Pt. 03

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Pulling in to his drive I saw him under the hood of the car he was working on, he looked up and quickly went back to what he was doing. I stood back watching him work, he really was avoiding me it seems.

“Jeff did I offend you or something? If I did I am very sorry.”

“No it’s fine Billy, I have to get this done.”

“Jeff I am not leaving till we clear this up, I want to know why you’re mad at me.”

“Not mad at you Billy, it’s nothing.”

I walked up and put my hand on his back, his body quivered.

“Please Jeff I feel so bad, I really don’t want you mad at me.”

Jeff finally looked up at me, he had a tear in his eye.

“Not mad at you Billy it was all just going to fast is all, I’ve never Billy, you were my first kiss. It’s all to fast for me Billy please.”

I pulled him to me and held him, his cock was bulging outwards, his head on my chest, his face nuzzled in my neck.

“Jeff you could have told me I would have slowed it all down, I like you Jeff.”

He looked me in the eyes, our lips meshed with each others, Jeff pulled back.

“Really like you too Billy.”

Here we were kissing in front of the car he was working on, hood open.

“I have to get back to work Jeff, we could meet for dinner later?”

“I’d like that Billy.”

I gave him one last kiss and a hug.

“See you later Jeff, I will come by and pick you up.”

“Okay Billy, but how about I come to your work later, save you the long drive here.”

I leaned in and kissed him, held him close to me, I so did not want to leave his side right now but I had work to get to.

“Yes that’s perfect, see you later.”

Once back at work I now could get this all done, I no sooner knew it was closing, Jeff was here and my staff were ready to leave. I finished off and shut down the store, Jeff watched me as I buzzed around getting it all done. I had not really noticed but he was leaned back on the counter, he had on a pair of tight Calvin’s a new shirt that hugged his body in all the right places.

The bulge in his pants was unmistakable, the man was hung that was for sure and by the looks of things semi erect. I stood there looking at him, he smiled at me, I walked up and kissed him, pressing my body to his own. He ground his cock against my own growing one, my work khakis strained to hold my cock in place.

Jeff and I kissed at the front counter, he ran his hand along the side of my face, down my chest, pinching my nipple as his hand made its way downward. Jeff held my cock in his hand through my pants, he rubbed it making me harder and my cock that much more uncomfortable.

“Lets go back to your place Billy.”

I readjusted my cock so it was somewhat less painful, Jeff smiled as he watched me as I got my cock, into position. He walked up to me and kissed me, his Çeşme Escort hand ran across my engorged cock, he would make me cum if he continued.

I locked up the store and we were on our way, Jeff brought his truck over to my place, I hoped he might stay the night, but I would not push him. He and I in the house I grabbed us a beer and we tapped our bottles. Jeff pulled in close to me, his lips on mine, we held the kiss, Jeff held my head in place with his hand.

“We could sit poolside, maybe take a dip?”

Jeff seemed content to just stand in the kitchen and kiss me, making me hard in the process, I took his hand and led him poolside, I sat in a lounger Jeff straddled me. I put down my beer and let him do what he wanted, he kissed me then unbuttoned my work shirt. His eyes like a kid at Christmas unwrapping his present, he ran his hand over my hairy chest, his palms pressed tightly to my pecs.

He would lean in and kiss me, his lips tight to my own, his tongue searched my mouth, caressing each and every tooth in my mouth. Jeff removed my shirt his hands touched me all over, from my chest to my arms, down to my fingertips.

He looked for approval as he unlatched my belt, his hands unhooked my khakis and the zipper soon down as well. His hand probed inside my pants, my cock rock hard and dripping precum, Jeff held my cock in his hand. He slowly stroked it through my boxers, I was close, it would not take much to make me cum at this point.

I reached down and stopped his hand from stroking my engorged cock, he looked almost hurt, like he really needed to be able to do this. I pulled him in for a kiss then took his hand and led him to my bedroom. I quickly shed my pants and boxers, I stood before him naked, I turned around and let him see it all.

I got on the bed and laid spread out and open for him to do what he wanted to me, Jeff still was shy with me being naked he felt vulnerable like I would make him do things he might not be ready for. I laid there spread open, hands laced behind my head. My cock bobbed up and down dripping it’s clear fluid all over my navel.

Jeff got on the bed, his hands roamed my legs to my thighs, to my hips to my abs, up the sides of my ribs to my pecs. He leaned in and kissed me, I knew he was not ready to get naked but he could play with my body. He positioned himself between my legs sitting on his legs, his hands roamed my thighs, it was like he was scared to actually touch my bare cock.

“Jeff its yours to do with what you please, don’t be shy you can do anything to me right now.”

He smiled at me, he was nervous, but his hand finally landed on my engorged pulsing cock, he was so gentle, his hand slid along the shaft, making the precum come to the tip, he circled his thumb through it. He smeared it all over my foreskin Çeşme Escort Bayan covered knob, he pulled back the foreskin and teased my sensitive knob.

Jeff brought his precum soaked thumb to his mouth, seems he liked what he was tasting, he leaned in and got more of it from the source. It was easy to tell he had never sucked a man’s cock, but his lack of experience he made up for in his knowledge of his own body. He knew what made a man cum, he knew sensitive spots on a man’s body.

Jeff stroked and licked my knob, my balls reacted, my cock stiffened, my orgasm flooded him with cum. I am not sure I had ever shot so much cum in my entire lifetime, Jeff gently stroked my cock as my orgasm rocked my body. I laid there as the orgasm took control of my body, I held the comforter in my fists.

Jeff let my semi erect cock go, I laid there spent I would need a moment or two to catch my breath. I laid back watching Jeff sitting between my legs, the man was covered in cum from his face to his hands. I got up and got a damp cloth to wipe him off, when I came back he was laid out where I was, I wiped the man off then kissed him.

Here we were myself completely naked, him fully dressed, I would take my time, I started with socks, then my hands ran up his jeans, past his crotch to his abs to his chest. I meticulously unbuttoned each button, taking my time to do each and every one. As the shirt was opened Jeff seemed so nervous and shy.

“Jeff is this okay?”

“Yes it is Billy just never let anyone do this to me before.”

“I will be gentle, if you need me to stop or slow down tell me.”

I leaned in and kissed him, my naked body on top of his clothed one, I sat him up and removed the shirt, he still had on his white tee. I ran my hands over his chest feeling his tee covered body, I slid my right hand under his tee, his skin so soft. His abs covered in a layer of hair, his upper chest lined with a layer of fur.

I slid his tee up to reveal his magnificent chest, the fur was so inviting, his nipples so pink hidden in the thick rich fur. My mouth on his nipples my tongue foraging through the lush forest that is his chest, Jeff was so receptive to any and all touch. I worried he may overload, I ran my hands over his upper body, the man was so perfect in every way.

My hands landed on the button for his jeans, he looked at me as I unhooked it, the zipper was next, his cock throbbed as his pants loosened. I could see the concern in his eyes, he needed for me to slow it down. I laid on top of him and rolled us over, my naked body wrapped around him my legs wrapped around his hips.

I wanted this man to fuck me, but I had to get him naked first, I tried to remove his pants with my feet, Jeff soon helped me take them off. Here we were him on top of me only a pair Escort Çeşme of white briefs between us. Jeff kissed me, his hands in my own, our fingers laced into each others. His underwear covered cock ground into my own.

Jeff pulled back his eyes on my own, I rolled us over and took off his underwear, I threw them across the room, he would not need these for quite some time. I got between his legs sitting on my own legs, his cock was beautiful, long, thick, with a slight curve downwards. This cock was made for sucking, right down my throat is where I saw it going.

I started with a kiss my body hovering over his, I kissed his neck to his chest, the fur was so thick, my tongue burrowed through it, tickling his body underneath. I kissed ever downward, past his cock and fur covered balls to his thighs to his knee caps to his so white feet. I licked his arches, I sucked his toes, his cock bounced and dribbled as I touched him in all the right spots.

I kissed my way upwards, to his knees to his furry balls, I licked at them, sliding my tongue along his huge shaft. His cock poured out so much precum, with my right hand I peeled back his foreskin, still leaving it partially covered.

I pursed my lips to his cock, Jeff jumped as my lips made contact, as I sucked on the tip of his knob I was reminded of the first time I had had my cock sucked. I would make sure this would be memorable for him. My tongue circled his knob, the tip of my tongue under his foreskin, he was clenching his fists, I knew he wanted to ram his cock deep inside my mouth at this point.

The shaft so thick, I would have to unhinge my jaw to get it in me, inch by delicious inch it sank in my wanting mouth. I had fur in my face and a set of balls in tight ready to unload, I sucked down and slowly pulled out then quickly back in, I barely got in a breath and his cock was deep inside me once again.

Jeff could not hold back, he grabbed my head and held my mouth on his engorged cock, his cock soon was filling my throat and mouth with his seed. It seemed he would never stop shooting, his balls continued to feed me. His body contorted as his load was shot inside my mouth, the look on his face was indescribable.

Jeff released my head, I licked him clean once I caught my breath, I laid down beside him, he and I traded looks, I could fall for this guy, I knew that just looking at him right now. He and I laid on our sides looking at each other, not a word spoken. Time and the world around us seemed to disappear, I was mesmerized by this man in front of me.

“Billy thank you for this, you made me feel so good, I really hope you and I can do this again real soon.”

Jeff sat up like he was about to leave.

“Are you leaving Jeff?”

“I was sure you would want me to go. Can I stay?”

“You can stay all night and all day the next day too.”

Jeff smiled at me, he leaned in and I pulled him on top of me, he and I lip locked, I held him close and wrapped my legs around him.

“Think I might just keep you here forever.”

“Billy you would not have to force me.”

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