Meeting His Match – Her View

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This is the flip side to Meeting his Match.

The last time, the businessman had just had his first experience with his new mistress. He hadn’t known at the time of that first meeting how submissive he was, but she had. She’d seen it before in men who were so used to been in control, she enjoyed taking the power from them, she attracted them easily and just planted a seed, enjoyed seeing them come to her, nervous and hesitant at first, seemingly reluctant. Though she knew they weren’t, they just needed a little time to come to accept that it wasn’t going to be about them anymore. Then it was a case of seeing how far she could take them. This is her viewpoint of that first encounter.

I’d just boarded the tube, I didn’t work as such I’d been left money and was able to just indulge my fantasies and desires. My fantasies revolved around dominating men, I had always been able to get what I wanted from men and I was curious enough to see just how much I could get them to give me, it was fun taking what I wanted, it turned me on, it was who I was. I usually took the tube around this time, the time and place that a lot of businessmen were travelling; it was a great place to pick up future slaves. I had both an eye and a talent for it and what’s more I loved the chase, the surrender of their power to me and their indoctrination.

I’d just come from a session with one of my stable of slaves. I’d had him in his office; he’d just signed off on a 20 million dollar contract and had been in need of my services. I was daydreaming a little, allowing myself to think back to the session, I had arranged it with his secretary so that we nearly got caught, so that his secret desire for pain and humiliation nearly got discovered. It wasn’t that secret his secretary and I had gone to university together and she knew what I was into, I was thinking that the next session I’d involve her more actively; heck she could do with a raise.

The train pulling off jolted me out of my daze and I realised I’d been playing with the pole, the reflection in the window showed I’d attracted the attention of my type of prey. Powerfully dressed, early 30’s brown hair, 6 foot, athletic, tanned, confident, just right for my corrupting influence.

I’m 5’9 over 6 foot in my heels, I was dressed in business attire a blouse that was ever so slightly see through, dark business jacket and my favourite tight over the knee pencil skirt (it showed my ass off tremendously well, particularly when worn with the heels I had on). I liked to look good, have men desire me, so I could deny them what they wanted and take what I wanted. I bent over placing my bag of tricks onto the floor, all the while watching his reflection in the glass. His eyes had been on my hand, they now tracked my ass, lingering for awhile and then down my legs pausing a little too long on my heels as I could see him exhale. This was a giveaway, he’d be easy and it would just be a case of how far I could take him. I left at the next stop walking past him without acknowledging him, I wanted to make sure he saw me walk away from him.

I returned to the same tube a week later, I boarded first and sat across so he’d be able to take a seat facing me. I was like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, I’d dressed in stockings and suspenders in a shorter skirt that showed them off when I crossed my legs, my blouse was sheer and I chosen a lace bra of different colour so it could be seen. He sat down opposite me, I crossed my legs and glanced up as I did so to catch him looking emek escort at me, I held his gaze and allowed a smile and allowed him to see me looking him over. I then uncrossed my legs and re-crossed them leaving the skirt ridden up a little as I ignored him for the rest of the trip.

I went back the next day and knew he’d be there. I’d packed my bag of tricks and slipped a beautifully written perfumed note inside with his instructions. I smiled invited him on before me so I could brush his leg with mine. I guided him to the pole and grasped it keeping our bodies in contact and placing the bag between our feet. He turned to say something, I didn’t let him, I put my finger on his lips and steered him back around. I know how to pick them; he was so easy to control. I then continued his seduction by gently wrapping my leg around his.

At the stop, I said “tomorrow”

I then walked of leaving my bag for him to find, to open, to begin to realise what he’d got into, that I was already in control and to continue his submission to me. He spotted the bag and raised it to me, I smiled, winked, bit my lip and left.

I knew he’d open the bag. At the top of the bag was my note saying naughty boy you’ll be punished for this. Inside the bag there was leather, latex, restraints, whips, chains, cuffs, gags, blindfolds, candles, butt plugs, lube dildo’s, strap-ons and a further note. The note said today was a test, you want this that’s why I left you the bag, you’re mine now and tomorrow I’m going to take you, I suggest you use the plugs because I am a bitch without mercy I am going to bend you over and fuck your ass hard and long. I am going to punish you for looking at my thighs, for thinking about me without my permission, for looking at my ass when I bent over (I could feel your eyes on me). One more thing make sure you’re clean there’s a douche in there.

What’s more I knew he’d use the toys, he’d already shown several signs of submission. I enjoyed the thoughts, the images of him stepping away, and then going back to them. I knew he’d use them and be repulsed and I knew he’d go back again. I knew he wanted me and that he would know this would be his only chance of having me and I know he knew that wouldn’t have me, that I would have him. He just hadn’t realised this yet, but he would as I entered his dreams.

The next day I readied myself for his first real taste of domination. I was aroused and had a buzz from the impendent corruption of him. The first step was to let him wait for me. I positioned myself so I’d be able to see him waiting, but he wouldn’t be able to see me. He was early this pleased me. I greeted him an hour after the train was scheduled, approaching quite appropriately from behind reaching round for my bag.

I looked him in the eye and said “I told you that you were mine”.

I steered him onto the train and we maintained a silence whilst it travelled.

At my stop I said “we get off here”

I lived close to the station and let him into my apartment block. I gave him the pleasure of watching me walk up 5 flights of stairs; I knew I was making him harder and harder with each step I took. Good, it only served to increase my control.

We stopped outside my door, I took my keys out and leaned up close saying “once we’re through that door you do everything I say, immediately and without question, do you understand”

All he could do was nod.

I opened the door to reveal a hall and let eryaman escort him inside, closing the door behind us. Before he had taken 2 paces I commanded him to stop and stand still, I rounded him, slapped him, loosened his belt and unbuttoned his trousers letting them fall around his ankles, I grabbed his throbbing cock (walking behind me for 5 flights of steps has always had this effect on my slaves).

“Pull my pants down to my knees” I ordered. “Mmmn I like a hard cock, you will keep it that way or be punished”

I slapped him again and could see the understanding in his eyes. I to led him by his cock over to the kitchen table, and then I bent down and put my mouth close up to my cock so he could feel my hot breath on him.

I looked up at him, licked my lips and said “would you like some Tea”.

Clearly taken aback he said “sure fine” I went over and flicked the kettle on and returned with a whip.

Sometimes I like to administer pain by time, the slave can scream and beg, but will get no mercy, it’s nice for a new slave to understand they have no control early. I said “The kettle will boil in about 5 minutes, time for pain. You can beg for mercy but won’t get any, the whipping will continue until the kettle has boiled. Scream if you like the place is sound proofed, but you will count out loud each stroke and say Thank you Mistress, lose count, fail to thank Mistress and I’ll have to boil another kettle.”

Then I smiled, drew the whip up and brought it down hard on his cock. He screamed out loud, they never expect me to start there, and it had clearly hurt. Fortunately for him he’d had the wherewithal to start counting and said “Thank you”.

I love the power, I laughed and whipped his cock again, and then I mercifully moved on to his ass, his thighs and hands. The time to really torture his cock would come, but he wasn’t ready for it yet, it would take time to get him there.

By the time the kettle had boiled his ass was red and heat was coming off it, I basked in its glow.

“Congratulations on completing the warm up and winning the use of lube. It is a privilege that can be taken away. Did you take my advice and use the plugs and toys.”

He said “yes”.

I inspected them and saw they were clean, “did you properly disinfect these toys?”

“Yes Mistress” he said.

“Did you use a condom with them?”

“Yes Mistress” he said.

I slapped him hard and asked again “did you use a condom with them.”

“Yes Mistress” he said.

“Good for you” I said “you get lube” and I slapped him again.

I then pulled up my skirt revealing my strap-on as soon as it had lifted just above my knees. I often wear it in public and I’d strapped it to my thigh with 2 garter belts (it’s nice to be ready should an opportunity present itself and I wondered if he’d figured out that I’d be using it on him outdoors in the future and it wasn’t strapped here just for this event). I could se his eyes widen at the sight of it; it was bigger than the toys he’d had to play with.

I pointed and said “this isn’t that big, we’ll expand you over time if you’re a good slave and worthy of my continued attention”. “Now suck me off and make sure you make it nice and wet, it’ll benefit you later”.

He went to work on my cock, he sucked it with enthusiasm, he coated it all in saliva. I appreciated his efforts they were good for a first attempt and fucked his mouth making him gag. esat escort I stopped drew his gaze to mine and said “you need to take it, is your mouth dry”.

He nodded, I took it out of his mouth, bent down and spat in his mouth.

“Thank you Mistress” he said.

I spat in his mouth again before placing my cock deep in his mouth, fucking it. He struggled to take it, gagging and tensing up. Finally, he figured it out and relaxed. I could feel it pushing through and sliding down his throat and I face fucked him like that for 30 seconds before withdrawing and then using long slow deep strokes on him.

I was ready for ass, I withdrew my cock, put a condom on it and provided him with lube to put on my cock and his ass.

I then said “I don’t need to hear you again” and shoved a ball gag in his mouth and blindfolded him.

I wandered around him using and used cuffs to strap him firmly against the table, so he couldn’t move and couldn’t speak, I teased his cock with my caress to check it was still hard for her, it was. That was a good sign, I knew I could go harder.

“I like my men bent over” she said, “now it’s time to fuck you as you had wanted to do to me”.

I pressed the toy against his ass and waggled it around letting feeling the size and weight of the weapon and pushed it into me in one motion, I knew it hurt him so I held it there for awhile to allow him to relax.

I spanked him, leaned in and said “It will be alright as when I am finished with you, you’ll have no more trouble with this toy, I am going to gape you with this ever-hard toy”.

I was true to my word I loosened him up a little first by wiggling it around and then fucked him hard and deep, towards the end of the fucking I took long strokes drawing it all the way out and slipping it straight back into his accommodating ass, before fucking him harder again.

After I had finished gaping his ass, I put the kettle on again, returning to mercilessly whip his ass whilst it was boiling. This time I used a cane and I was merciless, his screams were muffled through the gag. His cock lost its erection. Finally it boiled; I slapped him and left him as I went to have her tea.

I left him there for some time, to give him time to process his pain, humiliation, to think about what else might come, to realise he was there bound helpless and I could do anything to him and that he had let me bind him, that he had chosen to submit to me and to understand that this was his place. I changed from my business suit and clad myself head to foot in leather. I put on my black Italian leather moulded thigh high boots, above that my czar strap on, considerably bigger than the one I had used before. This was seated below my tight corset. My face was covered by a black cat girl mask. I walked around making sure my boots clicked on the tiles to remind him of my presence. His erection had returned, it was then that I came back to him. I untied him, removed his gag and blindfold.

This was his final chance to walk away he was unbound, and would have no way of excusing his next actions to himself, he’d have to take them and accept them. I let him see me for what I was a Mistress, his Mistress, not a potential mate and said “You’re free to go and never return she, however if you want to see me again, you’ll have to beg me to cane you and take my new cock. It’s one thing to be tied and fucked, but you’re free and will have to chose this knowing that. Oh one more thing I’ll be filming you begging for it if you choose to stay.” and I pointed at the video camera I’d set up in the corner of the room.

He assumed the position and begged for me to cane him and to fuck him, to do anything so he’d be allowed to come back.

I smiled and said; “I may even let you have a copy of the tape.”

To be continued:..

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