Meeting Ella’s Parents Pt. 03

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I was pretty hungry as we pulled up at Ella’s flat after our day at the beach.

Ella had suggested that we get some Uber Eats delivered as she didn’t feel like cooking.

The Sun had set, but it was still quite warm and I was keen to get inside and get naked.

As we entered the flat, the first thing that we saw was Fiona, sitting naked on the couch, a glass of white wine in her hand.

“How was the beach, you guys?” she inquired.

“It was fantastic,” Ella truthfully responded. “Shame you couldn’t make it, maybe next time eh.”

“For sure, always love a day at the beach with you and the folk, “Fiona replied with a knowing grin.

“Make yourself comfortable, I just cracked a bottle of wine, it’s in the fridge.”

Making ourselves comfortable was clearly on both our minds as we both took off what little clothes we were wearing. I got out two more glasses and poured Ella and myself a drink and topped up Fiona’s glass.

Fiona was sitting on the single lounge chair, her feet up on the ottoman, her legs nicely spread, catching the breeze from the fan positioned opposite her. As I was sitting facing her, I was enjoying the view in front of me.

The topic soon came around to the day on the beach and Greta’s episode with the men cumming on her chest. This was clearly no surprise to Fiona, who, I discovered often went to the beach with Ella and her parents and had witnessed all manner of sexual activity there with them. It also evolved, that Fiona herself was rather fond of men wanking themselves and cumming on her tits too.

“So Blake, bet you didn’t think that you were going to get to know Ella’s parents so well, so soon,” Fiona suggested.

“I certainly didn’t,” I replied “but I’m not complaining. It was the best fun I’ve ever had on the beach.” At this stage, I was sitting, unconcernedly sporting a full hard on. I had quickly come to the realisation that Fiona had no problem with that and Ella could not have cared less.

“Yeah, shame I wasn’t there, Blake could have cum om my boobs too, couldn’t he Ella.” Fiona enthused.

“Ha ha, well if he had any left, after losing his load in the water then on mum,” laughed Ella.

“Maybe he has built up some by now, come here Blake and let’s find out.” Fiona motioned for me to stand beside her. I got up and went to her side. She grabbed my stiff cock and began to rub its length. She worked it slowly and deliberately with long sensuous strokes. Fiona pulled me closer and next thing I knew my cock was in her mouth. Greedily, she sucked it for all she was worth, skilfully taking it deep in her throat up to my balls. Back and forth she tongue lashed my engorged cock.

I looked down and Ella had left her seat and moved in front of Fiona, spreading her legs even further apart. Her fingers were gently caressing Fiona’s pussy lips, massaging her swollen labia. First, one finger, then another entered her steaming cunt. I could sense Fiona twitching with pleasure, her cock sucking concentration waning momentarily as the distraction from below increased. Her breath was shortening as her pleasure mounted.

I could feel an orgasm coming on, so I drew my cock out of Fiona’s warm, moist mouth and readied myself to cum on her tits. I surprised my self by dropping a decent stream of jizz onto her ample bosom. Mindful of Greta’s desires earlier in the day, I started to work the sticky white semen into her tits. They were soft and warm and as I rubbed her nipples they responded immediately, growing and sticking out impressively.

Ella was now licking Fiona’s cunt with great gusto. Her head was bobbing up and down as her tongue licked then sucked on Fiona’s swollen labia. You could hear the slurping sound as Fiona’s pussy built to her own orgasm.

The scene in front of me was incredibly erotic and my cock was still hard. I moved behind Ella, who was still on the floor kneeling in front of Fiona. Girne Escort Her glorious cunt was right in front of me and I could see that it was dripping with love juices. My hard cock slipped easily into her and I rocked back and forth, feeding my whole length into her as she continued her assault on Fiona’s cunt. Ella’s hands had reached up and she was flicking Fiona’s stiff nipples with her fingers. With my free hands I reached down and cupped Ella’s breasts as I fucked her slowly.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Fiona cried breathlessly” fuck, I’m cumming. Oh yes, I’m cumming.”

Ella increased the tempo of her sucking. A great shudder built in Fiona’s pussy and she shook uncontrollably, a massive flood of cum exploded on Ella’s face, which she drank greedily. Fiona collapsed back in her chair, her eyes closed, her chest heaving.

Ella was still on all fours and I continued to thrust my cock deep inside her. I could feel the muscles of her vagina contracting and knew that her own orgasm was close. My cock was probing with the greatest of ease, Ella’s pussy was awash and the warm moist sensation was bringing me to yet another climax.

“Fuck me Blake, don’t stop,” Ella implored. There was no fear of that, as my only concern at that very moment was to help Ella to her own glorious ending.

Ella came with a pulsating climax that came in wave after wave. She collapsed on the floor and in turn I fell on her back, my cock shuddering as it experienced yet another pleasurable finale. Never would I have thought that could experience so much sexual activity in one day.

The three of us lay there in silence, relishing the moment. The only sound was the heavy breathing of two very satisfied women and one extremely grateful male.

I knew that I needed a drink, so got up to get another wine.

“Who is for a top up?” I inquired, to a rousing chorus of “yes pleases.”

We ordered some food and when it arrived we ate and chatted, but Ella and I were very tired, so having finished a second bottle of wine, it was off to bed and I can assure you that the minute my head hit the pillow, I was sound asleep.


I was walking home from work on Thursday evening when my phone rang. It was Ella.

“Hi babe, how was your day?” she breezily inquired.

“Shit, but thanks for asking,” I replied honestly. Work had been frantic all week and my boss was in a shitty mood, making life miserable for all around her. Still, only one more day to get through until the weekend.

“Awww, poor baby,” Ella replied sympathetically. “I’d come and give you a massage, but I’ll be working late here myself. Mum has asked us over for dinner tomorrow, so maybe that will cheer you up.”

That certainly would, I thought to myself. I could only imagine what fun lay in store. I really enjoyed being around Greta and Elliott, and of course Ella, so dinner was very appealing.

“For sure, what time does she want us there?” I asked.

“Let’s plan for 7, we can have a few pre dinner drinks. So pick me up, say, 6:30?” Ella suggested.

“No worries, see you then.” I hung up and my mood had immediately improved. I stopped into the bottle shop and bought a nice bottle of pinot grigio to take on the night. This would surely be the start of a very well deserved fun weekend.

The next day, right on 6:30 I arrived and Ella answered the door, a vision to behold, her long blonde hair in a pony tail, wearing a floral sundress a blaze of colour, with spaghetti straps, and bunched elastic around her bosom. As usual, she was not wearing a bra and I suspect was dispensing with undies. Knowing I could dress casually, I was in tailored shorts and a smart short sleeve shirt, wearing slip on shoes without socks.

Ella grabbed her phone and we were off. I turned the air conditioning in the car up high, as it was a particularly hot night. I suspected that clothes would Magosa Escort not be required when were at Ella’s parents house, and I was proven to be correct when Greta answered the door naked and Elliott followed her up the hallway naked as well. With nudie hugs out of the way, Ella and I threw our clothes off and we settled down on the lounges for a pre-dinner drink.

Nonchalantly, we chatted about our respective week at work. Seems all of us had had a busy time of it so Friday had us all in the mood to relax and enjoy ourselves.

Dinner was going to be an easy affair. Greta had bought a leg of ham and with a cold barbecued chicken and salad, it was the perfect meal for such a hot night. White wine was the order of the day and before we knew it, two bottles had been emptied and Elliott headed to the cellar for reserves.

With dinner finished, we returned to the lounges to drink our wines.

“Hope you enjoyed the beach last Sunday Blake,” Greta asked, finally getting around to the topic that was certainly on my mind.

“Absolutely, Greta,” I responded truthfully, “but probably not as much as you.” This brought howls of laughter from all. “No wonder that beach is so popular.”

“Oh, we love it there,” agreed Elliott. “Yes, we are nudists, but no reason why we can’t enjoy a streak of exhibitionism at the same time.”

“Fine by me, I’m pretty shameless myself and since you seem to know what to do there. I was happy just to go along for the ride. I did feel a bit sorry for you though Ella, as you seemed to miss out a bit.” I replied.

“Oh, don’t worry about me,” Ella declared “I have my share of fun, I was happy to watch. It got me pretty horny and you might recall I got my thrill later that night.”

“Oh really honey?” Elliott inquired with genuine enthusiasm.

Ella proceeded to relate that evening’s events in graphic detail. This certainly seemed to excite Elliott as his cock began to rise as he listened to Ella’s unfolding of the story.

“And remember dad, I did get to rub some sunblock onto your cock, so it wasn’t all bad,” Ella added with a cheeky grin.

“Oh yes, I remembered that. You are such a considerate daughter, worrying about me burning,” Elliott retorted with mock praise.

“You know I love your cock dad; I would hate to see it suffering,” Ella replied with great sincerity.

With that she left her seat and sat next to Elliott and playfully stroked his erect manhood. Elliott reached down and parted Ella’s legs and gently rubbed her pussy. I watched on in awe, my own cock now standing to attention.

Elliott then rolled Ella over. She now lay on top of her mother’s lap, her arse in the sky, presenting her pussy for her father’s pleasure. Elliott gently edged two fingers into her moist cunt and palmed her clit pressing firmly against it.

From where I was sitting, I could see him parting her lips and manoeuvring his cock to the entrance of her love hole. Easily it slipped in up to his balls and he set about in a rhythmic motion, pumping in and out, slowly but purposefully. Ella, for her part was grinding back on his cock, ensuring that she got the full length of each stroke.

As I watched, Greta extracted herself from under Ella and made her way over to me. She threw one leg over my lap and gently eased herself onto my awaiting erection. Greta’s cunt was soaking and it squelched noisily with every stroke. She raised and lowered herself, her tight pussy muscles gripping my cock. She pulled right back, taking the tip of my cock and rubbed it against her clit. I could see it swelling as she massaged it with the purple glans of my dick. She closed her eyes and savoured every moment of it.

I looked across to Ella and her dad. Ella’s legs were now up on Elliott’s shoulders and he was raised on his arms, his body making no contact with the lounge and his cock was sliding back Kıbrıs Escort and forth into Ella’s deep cunt.

“Fuck me daddy, stick your cock up my cunt daddy.” Ella moaned. “I love you daddy, I love your cock inside me.”

I found this so erotic. Ella and Elliott were truly making love. It was not just sex, but a real expression of their love for each other. It was special, and Greta was encouraging them all the way. Of course, she was free to express her sexuality by enjoying herself with me. There was no jealousy, just a desire to allow their love to be open and without shame or guilt. I doubt that I would ever have been able to understand such a situation without having experienced it first hand with this amazing family.

I could hear Ella’s breath quickening and I knew she was close to an orgasm. Yes, yes she cried her voice rising. Elliott was now fucking her furiously, his cock piston-like pumping into her cunt.

Ella’s passion erupted; she let out a low primal scream as she achieved her orgasm. Elliott did not stop as there was little doubt that he was about to cum as well. He grabbed Ella’s shoulders and collapsed onto her back as he emptied his balls into his daughter’s pussy. They lay together, entwined, their bodies heaving in unison. Slowly they came down from their high and their sweaty bodies slowed to a gentle sway, then their movement stopped as they held each other gently.

It was now time for Greta to experience her own climax. Her own thrusting up and down on my hard cock had reached a crescendo and I could feel as if electricity was surging through her body as she stiffened and tensed the muscles in her vagina and milked my cock. Deep in my balls, I felt an orgasm growing and soon I unloaded a stream of hot cum into her pounding cunt. She flung herself across my chest, her cheeks resting on mine. Her face was hot and perspiration ran down her forehead. She flung her arms around my shoulders as she ground on my cock as her climax enveloped her.

Now the four of us were silently savouring the joy of our sexual exertions. Coupled together not wanting the sensuous feeling to end.

I was not prepared for what was to happen next.

Ella, left her lounge and took her mother by the hand, She laid her on the rug at her feet.

“I want to taste Blake’s cum in you, mum,” she said as she assumed the sixty nine position with her.

“And I want to taste your father in you,” said Greta as she parted her daughter’s legs and sucked at the white cum streaming from her overflowing pussy.

Together, they lapped up the juices, determined not to miss a drop.

Elliott and I watched on, enthralled by the action in front of our very eyes. Ella’s arse was only inches from me as I watched as it swayed back and forth as she ran her tongue up and down her mother’s cunt, drawing her labia into her mouth, sucking and licking as they swelled up to her touch.

My cock lay spent, but in all honesty I did not care. I didn’t crave any further action; I was satisfied to watch as mother and daughter expressed their love for each other in this most intimate display of affection.

Ella seemed to have had her fill and she left her mother’s pussy and she moved up and they became entwined in a passionate embrace, no doubt mingling the love juiced that they had just been relishing. Their tongues darted into each other’s mouth, licking, sucking, writhing.

Then, they stopped. They looked lovingly into each other’s eyes. Greta returned to sit next to Elliott and Ella came to me, gave me a big hug and sat down beside me.

We sat silently for a minute. There was no need for words to be spoken. The sensation of love in the air was palpable. I felt honoured to be part of this amazing family. Their love was pure and to me totally natural. I looked lovingly into Ella’s eyes, they were sparkling like diamonds. I held her tight, as if to say, I want to be part of your life forever, with you and your special family.

“I hope there is some wine left,” said Elliott, finally getting up from the lounge,” we have certainly earned some.”

We all nodded in agreement as another drink would be a perfect end to an extraordinary night.

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