Meeting Daddy

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These are two consenting adults who are not related. Enjoy!


I take a deep breath and walk towards you. I cannot believe this is happening. It’s really you. I throw my arms around you. And you pull back to kiss me. Your kisses are amazing and I grip onto you to stay upright.

“Let’s go to our hotel,” you say. We decide to drive separately and not leave our cars at the park in smalltown no where between both our home states.

When we get to the hotel you hold my hand as we walk in. We check in and head up to our room.

Now it is so real. You say “girl, I want you to have a seat,” and point at an armchair next to the bed.

As I sit staring you open your bag and lay out some things on a desk. A whip, rope, a ruler, a buttplug, and lube. Now you stare back at me. “Where are your vibrator, blindfold and hairbrush I told you to bring” you demand.

I start to get up.

“No. Sit back down. I said where are they.”

I blush. “In the front pocket of my bag,” I whisper.

“Good girl,” you say and retrieve the items, adding them to your spread of toys.

“Now lay back on the bed,” you tell me.

I scramble onto it. Then you cover my eyes with the blindfold. I hear you move away. Soon scissors I didn’t notice you had are cutting away all my clothes. “Faster this way,” you murmer. Then rope is tied around my ankles and wrists. Sahabet

“Tell me your safewords,” you say.

“Red for stop and yellow for slow down.” I say.

Suddenly I feel you touching my breasts, then spanking them. You move away for a second and suddenly what I assume is the ruler is making a thwap sound on my breasts. I scream as you wack them over and over. It stings and hurts. You change instruments and it’s the whip now. Smacking my breasts. I cry out and soon I am sobbing. You stop. All is still for a moment.

Then your fingers are in me. Getting me close. I’m moaning. My pussy is tightening. I know not to cum but oh how I need to. Just as I think I can’t hold it you command “cum.” And do I ever. I cum fast and hard, gripping your fingers.

Then smack, smack, smack. You’re spanking my pussy with your hand. I scream. I say no. But I do not release the word red. In all reallity I want more. More pain. More pleasure.

After a few more slaps to my pussy you climb on top of me. You are naked. I wonder when that happened. You kiss me. I wish you would untie me and remove my blindfold, but instead you finger me and stroke my clit. Then all at once a lubed up buttplug is in my ass. I cry into your lips, which are kissing mine.

Then your cock enters my pussy and I am moaning. Our skin touching in the most intimate way. “I love Sahabet Giriş you,” I whisper as you fuck me.

“Oh I love you too my darling girl.” you say back, then add “cum as you please.” And I do, over and over. I am so full with you and the plug. It is almost too much. Soon I feel your wet sticky cum inside me as you thrust and moan.

You lay there for a bit. On top of me. Your soft dick resting in me. We kiss a bit. Then you climb off.

You’re back soon and you stuff my vibrator dildo in my pussy and turn it to full blast.

“Cum as much as you like. I’m gonna order us some takeout chinese. You want vegitarian right?”

Through moans I confirm this.

You laugh and place the order, telling the man not to mind your whore in the background.

I lay there for an eternity while you type something on your computer.

There’s a knock at the door suddenly. I try to stop my moaning as you answer but I can’t.

I hear you thank the man, get our food and shut the door.

You losen my hand and ankle restraints and prop me up. Soon your feeding me veggie lomain, taking every other bite yourself. I eat the food from your fork as I continue to orgasm. When we finish eating you turn off the vibration but leave the toy in me. You gently put a water bottle to my lips and tell me to drink. I do. You ask if I’ve had enough Sahabet Güncel Giriş and I say no. When my thirst is quenched you turn the vibration back on. I moan and wither as you lay me back down

The vibe and buttplug still have me feeling so good. I cum and cum as you do goodness knows what. Soon you remove everything but my blindfold and take me to the bathroom. You put me on the floor on all fours.

Before I know it, a tube is up my ass and I am being filled with water. I cry out as it gets to full. You keep it going until my tummy is so huge and I feel I might pop. You put the butt plug back in me and lay me down and say you’ll be back in five to allow me to relieve myself.

The pressure is intense. No one has done this to me before. I’m angry and aroused all at the same time. The five minutes takes an hour. You sit me on the toliet and tell me to pop out the plug. After instructions you allow me to relieve myself alone.

When I’m done I feel odd, as I flush. You come back and take the buttplug, washing it. Then lead me to the sink and tell me to wash my hands.

We go back out to the bedroom where you lay me face down. You put a pillow under my cheek and stroke my hair. “Good girl.” you say as you lube a finger and stick it in me.

Then you put your dick in me. I cry out as you begin to fuck my ass fully. It hurts and I feel vulnerable and exposed. I begin to cry as you pound and pound my ass. Soon you cum inside my ass and it fills me. I cum as well.

You unblinfold me and curl me against your chest on the bed. “Am I as good as you imagined baby?”

“Yes daddy,” I reply as I drift to sleep, feeling warm and safe.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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