Meeting an Acquaintance

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More of Joe and Lisa

Laura stayed with us off and on for a couple of months which was interesting to say the least. My sex life with both of them either independently or together was a flurry of activity and variation that kept me quite busy at home. Her last visit

was accompanied by a telephone call which sent the three of us in a new sexual direction that we might have only had a passing thought about, not the real experience.

The phone rang and the resort from Mexico was calling saying that one of the guests we had meet was requesting our phone number and would it be OK to release it to them. I thought about it for a quick moment and asked them which state they would be calling from so I would have an idea who wanted to talk to us. They told me Texas, which was Ron and L. so I figured maybe they wanted to say hi and I told them to go ahead and release it. In a few hours the telephone rang and Ron was on the other end explaining that they were coming to our city at the invitation of a swingers group and would like to talk again when they arrived. I was curious as to why they remembered us and he said we seemed to get along quite nicely with an easy commitment that night and wondered if we would like to join them at the club. I was reluctant to any commitment so I told him he should call when they get in and I would ask Lisa how she felt about this. The date was in another week so I should have an answer to which Ron said no matter which way we leaned it was our decision.

When Lisa and Laura arrived I told Lisa about the call and Laura seemed to perk up a bit when she heard the conversation we were having. The standard, what do you think, went back and forth a few times before Laura jumped in and said that we should give it a try and that we could always leave if things didn’t appeal to us. Great motherly advice!

The next week shot by rather quickly with Friday upon us with another visit from Laura and her increasingly stronger appetite for sex of any variation. I had arrived at the house from work to find Lisa in the kitchen doing a few dishes and Laura sitting on the couch reading a magazine. I stopped by to give Lisa a kiss, squeeze her tits, and grab a handful of ass to which she laughed and told me to go relax and figure out what we were going to do tonight. I plopped my self in my favorite chair said hi to Laura and made a comment on what a bitch of a day I had and needed to unwind. Laura looked up from her magazine with a smile, got up and came over to start a massage on my neck and shoulders which made me moan and relax quite a bit to where I closed my eyes and dreamed about her lips wrapped around my cock. She slid her hands down across my chest to remove my shirt and was massaging my chest and stomach area when she spotted my hard on and bent forward to kiss my neck and nibble on my ear. Her tits were on my neck and back area while her hands slid further down into my pants where she was playing with the head of cock with her fingers which just kept growing while she played. Laura undid my belt and opened my pants for better access to my cock as she now came around to the front of my chair knelt down to remove my shoes, socks, pants and under ware which left me totally naked with a huge hard on.

Lisa had come out of the kitchen and was observing all this from the doorway before she asked me if I was comfortable now. I told her all I did was say I had a rough day and boom, this is what Laura had done to help me forget it. Laura stood up and unbuttoned her blouse, unhooked her bra to let her tits free, slid her skirt off to unveil her bald pussy.

“God mom, your body is so fucking beautiful I get wet just seeing you like that.”

“I don’t know what does it, but every time I’m with you and Joe I get so fucking horny I can’t control myself.”

I told Laura that a healthy sex drive was important and that having her with us definitely had improved ours. She told us that being able to be so open with us has been the greatest thing to happen to her since Lisa’s birth.

Lisa ran over to Laura gave her a big hug, kissed her on the lips and asked her how many orgasms she would like to have just because she was such a great mom.

“Surprise me baby!” Laura exclaimed.

Lisa told her to spread her legs and start playing with her pussy while she stripped her clothes off and directed me to apply a large amount of spit on my cock. When Lisa was nude she told Laura to step back and sit on my cock while facing her so that she could watch my cock slide in and out of her pussy which would also give her access to Laura’s clit and part of my shaft.

Laura squatted over my cock as I straightened it up as she guided her pussy over it and lowered herself down my throbbing member. Lisa dropped to her knees to watch this happen as I pulled Laura back towards me so I could watch Lisa and play with her huge tits. I was kissing Laura’s neck, back, and nibbling on her ear as I asked her if I pushed her tit up towards her mouth would she be able to suck on her own nipple. She told me that could probably be accomplished as I pushed up and she started to lick her nipple before she sucked sancaktepe escort it into her mouth which produced a moan from her and Lisa who stopped licking her pussy and was watching this.

Lisa smiled at me and buried her head on Laura’s pussy and started to lick on her clit which she had exposed with her fingers. I slowly pumped in and out before Laura told me she had a surprise for me and that I should sit still while she did something for me. What a sensation as she must have been training for this moment as her vagina mussels started to contract and expand to milk my cock as it sat in her pussy. Lisa sensed what was going on and licked harder and bit down a little on Laura’s clit to produce the start of a series of orgasms that lasted the next twenty minutes or so as every time Laura got close Lisa did the same thing over and over again.

Laura wanted to eat Lisa’s pussy but wouldn’t release the hold she had on my cock so I told Laura to get upright and had Lisa stand on the arms of the chair and to place her hands on the ceiling for support. Laura had great access to Lisa’s pussy and made use of the situation to finger fuck her while licking her pussy and clit until she came with a scream and a shudder that I thought was going to knock her off the chair as her knees buckled a little.

I still hadn’t cum and the two of them knew I needed relief soon so Lisa got down off the chair took Laura with her as they sat on the sofa across from with their legs spread and fingers inserted in their pussies as the stared at me with a wild look in their eyes.

Lisa told me to jerk off for them so mom could watch when I came. I started to jerk my shaft nice and slow as they appeared transfixed on what I was doing while they kept fingering themselves. I picked up some momentum and knew the time would be soon as I told them I was pretty close as my hand became a blur and the head of my cock was purple and had swelled to twice the size. Laura was sitting with her mouth open watching me when I blew out the first of three loads all over my hand and down on my wrist followed by two more just like it. Lisa told Laura to watch as she asked me in a very sexy voice if I would please show mom how much I liked the taste of my own cum and would I lick my hand clean for them. I was still hot so I flashed out my tongue to clean off all I could find as Laura went crazy as she had never seen a guy do this before and was fingering herself like an engine piston when she came all over. Lisa got up and knelt down in front of me cleaned me with her tongue and when she finished went to lick her mother who was panting pretty heavily now.

Laura asked me if I had ever sucked another man’s cock and Lisa told her only when she asked me had I done that. Laura smiled and said she would love to watch that happen!!

The phone rang and it was Ron asking if we had decided to which I said yes and that we were bringing a woman friend as I smiled at Laura. He gave us directions and some hints as what to wear so we would look like we belonged with the usual crowd, and said that he and L. would meet them outside at seven thirty sharp.

Saturday came with some apprehension and excitement as the time to leave had arrived. We had dressed as Ron had suggested looking like we were going to a high class restaurant which was ok with us seeing we didn’t do it that often. I followed the directions and came into the richer side of the city into the suburbs and finally to a very exclusive area with huge houses that looked like they belonged in a magazine. We pulled up to a mansion with a gate and a guard who looked at my license plate then at his clip board and opened up to let us in to an unbelievable place. As we pulled up front Ron was there with L. and a man told me he would park the car and have it delivered when we were ready to leave.

We introduced Laura as Lisa’s cousin so that no one would question the likeness of the two as I checked out L. and that fantastic ass she had let me fuck a while ago. We went in and were met by the couple hosting the party and all were introduced by Ron so that they thought we all came from Ron’s group in Texas. We met other people as the evening went by and Ron took us aside and told us to watch the other guests and see what was happening so we could get in the flow of things. Laura was whisked up by a couple who were showing a great interest in her seeing she was standing alone by the bar and gave me a smile on the way by as they were headed to another room.

Lisa I stood talking for a few minutes when I noticed a couple checking us out over to our right and as I turned to tell Lisa I saw her walking away down the hall towards the host couple. I was going to go after her but moved on over to where the other couple were seated and introduced myself and apologized for not bringing Lisa with me. They said that was fine and told me their names were Chris and Mandy and asked if I had been here before or at any of the other parties that the host couple had thrown. I told them no and they said softly that this was their first to which I chuckled ümraniye escort and said ours too and that we were invited guests of guests to which they nodded they were too. Now that the ice was broken I asked if they were local and the responded they lived on the opposite side of the city and I perked up and said we were in the same boat so to say. We laughed and I became a little up front and asked if they wanted both of us to which Mandy said she was more or less checking me out for the two of them.

“Joe, are you bi?”

“Well not really but I have been in this situation quite a few times recently and have been able to perform to expectations.”

“Would you like to take a chance with us?”

“I would love to.”

We picked up some more refreshments on the way by the bar and proceeded to find a room that would be available for us to explore the reason we were all there. Mandy was a big blonde Amazon of a woman with the face of an angel and a body that looked like it could kill you if used correctly. She was close to six feet tall with blonde hair, big blue eyes like pools you could get lost in, a pair of lips that had that fuck me look. Her body was beautifully proportioned to her size with big tits, a slim waist, great ass, which was held up by two strikingly sculptured legs. Chris was about my size but at least thirty pounds or so less weight with a mild complexion that made him look almost frail.

An empty room was off to our left as we made our way down the hall so we eased our way in and found many lit candles, with very soft track lights, scented oil, and huge soft mats that looked to be the size of three mattresses on the floor. Mandy closed the door behind us and asked Chris if he was ok with this arrangement or did he want to stop now. I had to ask if this was his first time doing this when he told me he had done this a couple of times seeing it was Mandy’s fantasy to watch him with another man. I looked him in the eyes and told him that if he wasn’t going to give it his all that this wouldn’t work seeing that they invited me and I would live up to my end of the deal..

Chris fired his drink down in one gulp, grabbed me and threw a lip lock on me with his tongue down my throat before I knew what hit me. I had never kissed a man before but all of a sudden I was responding to his needs and started to kiss him back as this went on for minutes and hands were groping on my ass and my crotch which surprisingly had a hard on for him to fondle.

He started to slowly undress me and finally had me naked with a hard on pointing out in the low light as Mandy told him to undress while she came over to start a slow hand job to make sure I remained hard for Chris. As he approached she told me to make sure he sucked all the cum out and swallowed as she had talked to him about before they spotted me. Chris continued to kiss me as he stroked my cock and nibbled on my neck and worked his way to my nipples which he did an expert job on as my cock was twitching away after he worked them over. I was stoking him while this was happening trying to measure what I had in store for me once I got to the sucking part. We fell to the mats and he positioned himself between my legs where he licked my shaft up and down while fondling my balls which were pretty heavy as I was getting turned on by his tongue and touch. He positioned his mouth over my cock and started his descent down the shaft to the base where he bottomed out and began bobbing up and down my cock with good form and suction which made me stir a bit because this was feeling pretty good right now. I looked over at Mandy who had stripped and had begun to finger herself and play with her tits and nipples which were huge and sticking out like little fingers. I was right in my thinking as to the size of her tits and that great looking ass which looked even better than I had expected as she looked into my eyes with a smile. I pulled his head up and told him to lie on his side so we could get in a sixty nine position to suck each other at the same time. I examined his cock which was average size so I knew I would be able to take it all at once with little effort and started a swirling motion on the head which made him jump as I grabbed his ass to hold him in position. We went on for a while as we were both throating each other pretty rapidly when I felt his balls begin to tighten and knew he was close so I brought my head up his shaft to suck on just his head when he squirted out his load into my mouth which I gulped down and kept up the pressure. Mandy noticed his ass muscles had tightened and she knew he came and told him to make sure I came also which was going to be soon as he was bobbing pretty fast. The load would be plentiful as I knew but Chris was going to be in for a surprise so I motioned Mandy down to his level and told her he was going to need help with the quantity of cum I could shoot. She was licking his ear when I blew out my first load which he barely swallowed when I yelled another was cumming to which Mandy took over and I surprised her with two more giant blasts followed by another as she tuzla escort was gulping for her life trying to keep up. After she was done Chris took over again milking me down licking up the last drops of fluid as I was spent for now.

“Holy shit Joe. Where the fuck did that amount of cum get released from?” Mandy asked.

I told her that she had excited me so much that I must have been producing at a greater rate than normal which was still twice as much as the average man. Mandy got up to find the bathroom which was next door so I talked to Chris about what his fantasy was for the next performance and he didn’t have one so I suggested we double team her so we could do a double penetration to which he said she had never let him fuck her in the ass.

“Well buddy, when we get done she’ll be pleading for you to fuck her ass every night!”

We talked over the game plan and I got the lube I had seen on one of the candle tables on the way in as Mandy came strutting in with those magnificent tits swaying and that tight ass following. Chris called her down on the mat for a kiss and started getting pretty passionate with her as I watched for a few minutes before I joined in and began working her tits. I motioned for Chris to work on the other as we worked our way all over her body with us meeting at her pussy. We took turns licking her pussy and clit when I trailed away and started to tongue her ass and shot a darting tongue into her ass hole.

She moaned and I knew she must have had at least on or two thoughts about being reamed before so while Chris ate her pussy I continued to force my tongue into her hole. I found the lube and placed some on my finger and a little squirt for her ass hole and started working her over for the surprise she would be getting in a few minutes. She had relaxed by now so two fingers were easily being worked in and out as she squirmed with each push of my hand while Chris fingered her pussy. I knew she was ready so we switched positions and I made Mandy squat over my cock when I told her I wanted to fuck her now and she dropped on my shaft right down on her belly. Chris was kissing her back as I wrapped my arms around her to pull her to me which was his cue to lube up and slide in which happened like we planned. She didn’t know what hit her as we took turns on the in and out strokes which had her in an unbelievable state of ecstasy and was turning us on felling the others cock sliding by putting a new felling on the two of us.

The only words that kept coming out of Mandy’s mouth were “Oh my God, Oh my God” and we both knew she was having the orgasm of her life so we kept the same pace going for what seemed like an hour before she screamed she needed cum. Now!!!

Chris looked at me and we both winked as the pace quickened and the two of us came at the same time filling her with hot loads that made her loose it completely. We got untangled and I took my clothes to clean up as they lay there holding and kissing each other thanking me for one hell of an experience.

I cleaned up and got dressed to head down the hall a few doors and peered in to Lisa being fucked doggy style by our host while she ate out the guy’s wife. I slipped over against the wall just in time to see the guy pull out, get around front to have Lisa suck the cum off his wife’s pussy where he had shot his load. He stood there with his cock in his hand as Lisa cleaned off his wife and took his cock in her mouth to suck the rest out and tongue bathe his shaft.

Lisa got up to find her clothes as I told her I was there and we went down to the bathroom where she cleaned up and got dressed again. I told her about my adventure and she told me that she and Jan had been making love while Mike watched and was playing with himself so Jan got a huge, huge double headed dildo that they used to fuck themselves with just before he had decided to fuck Lisa from behind.

I noticed a room at the end of the hall with more light than the rest so we wandered up to look in and Lisa got the surprise of her life as did I when we looked in. There was Laura with a cock in her pussy, one in her ass; she was sucking some guy off while jerking off two guys at the same time. I had just got done having sex myself but my cock started to stir when I saw this spectacle laid out before me. Lisa was either in a trance or totally dumb founded as she stared at her mother who had a cock stuffed in every orifice while jerking off these two guys. I saw the women lined up against the wall playing with their pussies while watching their partners perform with Laura. The two fucking her seemed on the verge of cumming as did the guy she was blowing so two of the women allowed her to concentrate on what she was doing while they helped her by sucking on the cocks of the two she was jerking off. She started swallowing as the guy in front blew out a big load down her throat which had no problem with; when the two guys fucking came at the same time putting a big smile on her face so when they pulled out three women came forward to suck off the two cocks that just left her body and another ate her pussy and ass clean of cum. The two cocks that hadn’t cum yet were ready so Laura grabbed them pulled the two heads to her lips were she jerked them off real quick as they exploded into her awaiting opened mouth. She jerked them till they were done as she plopped one at a time in her mouth to suck them dry of their cum. When all was done everyone just went their own way as if nothing had happened. What a show!!!

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