Meet Mandy stoke Andy

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I am now 56 years old and I still to this day wank about this actual episode some of you younger ones who may read this may think err an old man wanking well we do, so get over it or get with it, who knows you may like it.

I have lived with partner for four years she is a fine looking women with a wonderful set of tits and a very small waist she was blessed with a fine figure and has never lost it. She can be a right pain in the ass but with her body at your disposal, it is a small price to pay.

She works in a department store in London and to protect her and those involved in this true story I will call her C. This event took place on a Friday evening after work like so many groups of employees a drink after work on a Friday is not out of place or unusual.

C had called me that day to say that she and a few mates were going to a pub after work for a drink and would I come along as well, it was my habit to collect her from the station but tonight she said leave the car at my work place and jump a cab to meet up with her so I agreed.

I got to the pub at around seven thirty and there were lots of people in there doing much the same as us having a drink after work, I found C and her group and sat down next to them, the drinks had been flowing and one or two of the younger ones were beginning to get a little loud one of the group a guy named Shaun went off to get me a drink and the girl that had been sat next to him stood up and took off her overcoat as she did I could not hep but notice she had a fine set of tits that were covered by a white blouse and jumper that buttoned up in the front.

This girl whose name I got later in the evening was Mandy: Mandy was not the best looking girl I had ever seen in fact far from it but she did have a certain appeal that it took some time for me to figure out. Unbeknown to me C had seen me look at Mandy and especially as I did pause when looking at her breasts. I am a tit man and C knew that I was a man to admire a fine set. My drink arrived and we settled down to chat and laugh a little as it happens at meetings like this people move about and soon I had C sitting on the other side of Mandy so C and I had her in the middle as it were, C introduced me and told Mandy straight out that I was a tit man and she went on to let here know that I had got a good look when she had removed her coat, C went on to tell me that she and Mandy wore the same size bras, you must remember that this lot had been drinking for two hours before I had arrived so the conversation was shall we say a little lose. Mandy smiled and looked at me and puffed out her tits and said good she liked a man who could appreciate a set of boobs and more particular a man who knew what to do with them, C interjected and said he does, be in no doubt.

With that a couple of the others stood up and made the excuses and left for another bar too meet with their Friday night friends. Looking around now there were only four of us left C, Mandy Shaun and me, I got up to get a drink for the small group and had to squeeze past Mandy to get to the bar as I did my crotch was in line with her face I looked down and she looked up and smiled. C got up and came to the bar with me we chatted for a bit about the mundane things in our sheared life and then right out of the blue she said why don’t we ask Mandy and Shaun back to our place for a drink and a bite to eat. C told me they were both single and did not live that far from us so it would do no harm and it would be fun for them both as they had heard about me from her and it would be nice for them to get to know me better and as we had a well stocked bar at home why spend any more money here.

I got our drinks and walked back over by the time I had got there the invitation had been made and accepted. Mandy stood up to give me and all the other men in the pub a second view of her fine chest and put on her coat we finished our drinks and went to get a cab home.

I t was only during the ride home that I figured that Shaun who had been very quite up until then was or could be gay for he certainly spoke with a soft and what seemed to be feminine voice and his actions were less masculine than I would have expected.

Still who cares live and let live I say, home we go chat chat along the way what shall we eat shall we get a takeaway and so on. We decide we will and when we arrive home I get on the phone to order C goes to bar and gets the drinks, she then goes to the bedroom and changes out of her work suit and Shaun and I settle down to chat a bit, C calls Mandy to join her in the bedroom I should explain our bedroom has an on suite and C uses the smaller of the four bedrooms as her dressing room make up etc, Mandy joins her and I put on some music.

Shaun and I chat we can hear the girls talking and laughing all’s right with our little world or so I think. The phone rings I pick it up and get involved with a conversation with a friend for a few minutes while I am doing this I look over and start to study Shaun a little closer I am convinced he is gay and decide to ask him when I finish on the Escort phone.

I say goodbye put the phone down and Shaun looks at me and says you know don’t you, I look at him and say well I was going to ask, not that I have any problem with it at all and is it my business anyway. He says he is gay and is glad I now know for he can relax, good I say and ask him if he wants a refill.

The door bell rings the food has arrived I go to the door and pay and put the food in the kitchen, Shaun asks if he can help I tell him to get some plates and so on and I yell to the girls that the food is here, no answer Shaun gets stuck in to the food I go up stairs and say food is here I go in to the bed room and find C just putting on here soft fleece jump suit as I turn to go out and I bump into Mandy who has just come out of the guest bathroom with a towel around her waist and her bra on not that the bra covered much at all.

She is no oil painting but my does she have a fine body now I am 25 years older then her and she would kill me in bed but what a way to go, back to the reality sorry I say no problem she says and walks past me C hands her a house coat and they come down stairs, more drinks a little food and more chat a few jokes a few smokes and out comes the scunk I roll a couple of joints and we all sit down to have a nice draw or two.

C is chatting with Shaun he tells her that I know about him and Mandy is off in a haze of pleasure and I am getting stoned. C looks over and says why don’t I put on our favourite blue film and all say hey yer lets see it.

C gets up to change the music I put on the DVD player and put in the film, by now Shaun is sitting on the floor Mandy is on the sofa I am at the bar and C is missing.

I go upstairs to find her, she is taking off her jump suit and her underwear and putting on her dressing gown, I ask if she is ok she says yes but wants to have fun with me when the film is on so this way she can let me get at her if you get my meaning. I say what about Shaun and Mandy lets see where it goes she says so ok I go along with it one last good draw on my joint and down I go.

The film is about a white woman who has her first encounter with a huge back guy with a cock that any man would die to call his own. C loves it she has not had a black one that I know of and she loves top sit on me and fingers her clit as she watches it.

As I come down the stairs I can see Shaun nearly up in front of the screen eyes glued to the cock and Mandy sitting with her legs slightly open and her hand resting inside on her pussey area under the house coat engrossed in the film I get a twinge in my cock as I know under the house coat is next to no underwear and a fine set of tits.

C wonders over to me sits in front of me on the floor and looks at the film her elbow comes up and rests on my thigh and she works it back to my crotch pushing against my dick. I sit back bit and look over at Mandy my cock gets a little harder C turns around looks at me and can see me looking at Mandy and feels my cock move the game is up I hope!

Shaun is looking at the big black cock with envy or so I think, I say to him its not the size it’s the way it is used Mandy looks over and says Shaun has nothing to worry about in that area, I ask how do you know ah she says that would be telling, Shaun looks around and tells us all he is going to have to leave and go find a man to have fun with, Mandy asks why have you got a hard on and with that he turns around and shows the bulge in his pants. Funk me it is huge how can a guy so small have such a big cock I am now looking with envy as mine is not a patch on the size of his one.

C looks around at me and I can see a glint in her eye she smiles at me and says why don’t I turn the lights down so I get up and do so I walk back over to the sofa and she is whispering something to Mandy who says yes a bit louder then perhaps she meant too.

Mandy calls Shaun over and tells him that she will make him feel better if he sits down next to her on the sofa, he does and she rests her hand on his cock still in his pants, C comes over to me and whispers to me would I mind if Mandy gets his cock out and sucks him off, I say no let her get it on with him, she says ok to Mandy and then C stands in front of me and backs on to my lap she has no underwear on and as she backs up she tells me to get my cock out so she sit on it while she watches’ Mandy suck Shaun’s cock.

Like a good and willing partner I do and as she sits down I can see over her shoulder Mandy is taking out this huge tool and starts to lick it up and down Shaun is looking at the black guy in the film and C is looking Mandy and the black guy and she nestles down on my cock she is wet and my cock slips in like a welcome slipper on a foot, fuck it feels good my cock is not fully erect but it is well on its way and each time I get a glimpse of Mandy sucking Shaun’s cock it gets a little shudder in it and C can feel it.

C still has on her house coat but is fingering her clit and my hands slip around and up inside the front of her house Escort Bayan coat and I slowly start to play with her nipples and she starts to move up and down on my cock, now I have never been a man to let my women have sex with another man let alone in front of me but as this little encounter warms up the idea starts to form in my mind but Shaun is gay so I dismiss it but then again he is letting Mandy suck his cock and he is responding.

I am not alone in those thoughts, as C is now looking at Shaun’s cock and not the film her cunt is now getting wetter by the second and her movements are gaining speed I slip my right my hand around to her arse and as she moves up and down I probe her arse with my finger as I do that she moans and Mandy looks around and then looks at me and winks.

C tells her to make him cum and she now starts to ride my cock with a vengeance as she fingers her clit and I gain access to her arse with my finger which is now responding to my urgent probing and C is telling Mandy to suck him deep, get all his cock in your mouth, Mandy can hear C moaning and she knows that C is not far from having her first orgasm of the evening. All I can see now is Mandy bent over and her head is bobbing up and down on Shaun’s cock, C is now well on her way to cumming.

Shaun has his eyes on the black guy in the film and Mandy is sucking like mad her head is bobbing up and down and Shaun is holding her head C is now telling me to fuck her hard and fuck her arse I am now fully erect and pumping like mad I can see all this going on and boy it is fucking good to see. C lets out a loud moan and she is cumming her juice is running down my shaft and her arse is now well wet, as she slows down the other two are looking at her and she looks back and thanks them for the little show that with the help of my cock up her cunt and finger in her arse it gave her a wonderful orgasm.

Mandy says it would be nice to watch to change places with her, C looks at me and says what do you think it takes me a few seconds and then I get it, Mandy wants C to carry on sucking Shaun’s cock and Mandy wants to take over and sit on my lap and get the same view that C had.

I nod my head as I think hey this is fun and after all Shaun is gay what harm, I am a little stoned and the thought of Mandy sitting on my cock takes control of my thoughts, so the girls want to change places but before we all get going Mandy wants the lights out completely ok we say and she goes over to the light switch and turns them off. I stand up and remove all my cloths and I tell Shaun to do the same, as he does I see via the light from the TV the full size and extent of his tool fuck me its longer and thicker than the guy in the film and it is not fully hard.
I change the seating and as I do Mandy goes over to C and whispers in her ear C looks across at me and nods and says don’t worry. I sit down with legs wide open and start to play with my cock which is nice and wet from C’s cum, Mandy wonders over and leans forward with her hands on my knees and kisses me on the lips her tongue come out and invades my mouth she all but licks my mouth dry with this big wet swirling tongue of hers.

She leans to the right and whispers in my ears that she wants me to fuck her up the arse with my cock and not my fingers, well my cock jumps in my hands, she goes on to say she wants to get up on the sofa and sit down on my cock so she backs up to me I help her put one then the second foot on the sofa and she puts out an arm to hold herself steady and with the other hand she reaches down in front of her and seems to grab a handful of her cunt all I can see in this dim light from the TV is her lowering her self down to my waiting cock, as I see it come down to meet my red and ready knob head she lets my cock enter her arse slowly she still has the house coat on and tells me to let her get comfortable before I start to pump her arse, I can feel my cock now squeezed all around by her tight arse as my cock glides slowly up her arse until it is gone from sight she moans and I can feel her move her pelvic muscle’s or so I think but one thing is for sure my cock is right up there and not going anywhere for a while.

C is now laying on her side on the sofa opposite so her back is to the wall and we can see her licking and flicking Shaun’s cock which now looks even bigger as she only has small hands and she can not get her hand all around the shaft, fuck me I cannot believe my feelings right now here is the lady I love feasting on another mans huge cock right in front of me and her sloe purpose in doing this to make him cum all over her lips and in her mouth, the dirty little cunt all she wants is to suck and eat this monster cock and spunk.

Mandy tells me to help remove the house coat as it is now unbuttoned so I pull it from her shoulders down her arms one at a time as she swaps hands so she never lets a hand leave her cunt. I now can feel her slowly start to ride my cock and I rest my head back lean to one side and can see C licking, sucking and moaning as she does so, Mandy is now working away on my cock Bayan Escort my hands move up to her tits and she does have a fucking nice set her nipples are hard and her waist is nicely curved she is not slim but also not fat this type of women men love to fuck as they have enough meat on them so you don’t find your self fucking bone.

C is a past master at sucking a mans cock and she starts to work on Shaun first she lets her hands glide up and down the shaft two handed she gets it nice and hard as she is doing that she is murmuring something to Shaun it is hard to make out what she is saying but it has the right effect as he is now rock hard his big knob end is huge and fat and she is looking at it like a women who has not seen food for ages and then out loud she says Shaun I hope you got lots of cum for me to swallow, Shaun says have no fear he is fully loaded, C turns around and holds his cock next to her mouth and looks across the room at me and licks it up to the tip so I can see her do it, she has a glint in her eye that almost says at last I have it.

I can hear Shaun start to moan as C is now gobbling up his monster cock with all her might she has moved on to the floor now on her knees and I can see her arse and cunt lips the dirty cow has one hand around her arse and a finger is going in and out of her arse as she is sucking Shaun off. Mandy is getting more and more excited as she can see this as well and tells C that when Shaun is ready to cum she is to tell her so she can watch C drink all his cum. Mandy gets the call as Shaun is now fucking My C’s mouth he is getting close to cumming glob after glob start to erupt from his hard cock all over C she can not get enough of it she is watching and moving her head around to try and catch it fresh from his knob head.

This lights Mandy’s fire and she starts to ride my cock like mad as C is finished licking up as much cum as she can find, her and Shaun look over at Mandy who is all but jumping up and down on my cock each time she does I can feel her soft cunt flesh on the inside of my thighs I try to reach around to hold or finger her cunt and she no let me do it is strange however as there is no juice on my thighs, either she is dry or she is able hold her cunt closed and keep her juice inside, I get lost in the moment as I can feel my cock start to throb and I know I am about to cum she feels it as well and says hold on I want all that in my mouth oh boy all I want to do is spray my cum all around the inside of her arse but like a good boy I say ok then in your mouth it is, but I want you to lick your arse juice of my cock after, Mandy says no probs I always finish what I start.

Right you had better get off then co’s I am about to fucking explode Mandy gets off and in an instant is on her knees mouth over my cock and sucking and licking her arse juice moisture or whatever you like call it off my cock C jumps on to the sofa next to me shoves her cunt in my face and tells me to lick her, in fact she says lick my cunt you fucking bastard, lick it dry.

I get hold of Mandy’s head and shove my cock down as far as I can and as I do I shoot my cum in to her throat pump after pump I have C rubbing her wet cunt all over my face and Mandy sucking my cock like she is trying to suck and orange up a straw. Fuck me what pain and pleasure all at the same time.

I am covered in sweat, spunk and cunt juice, my cock is hard and sore my balls are empty and my lady love smells of Shaun’s spunk her cunt is soaking and I know she is going to need fucking to night.

We all rest for a few moments the blue film has ended and the TV screen is all white and flickering in the light I can see Mandy smiling at Shaun and I look up and see C doing the same I say wow fuck me WOWOWOWOWOW they all laugh and C sits down on my lap and tells Mandy to go over and turn up the lights she looks at C and says are you sure its ok, I say yes of course, ok then and Mandy has her back to us and turns on the lights as she turns around C grabs me and says it all been a bit of fun after all and we have had a go as it were I said it was fucking great I look over at Shaun who is now playing with is cock looking at my cock and then I look across the room at Mandy and I can see her wonderful tits as I look down I can see her legs are together but I can see her pubes her legs are closed then she moves them apart and her cunt lips come into view bit by bit longer and longer followed by a thick uncut cock there not cunt lips there balls sacks, what the fuck has gone on here I look astonished I look at C who is holding her had over her mouth and her eyes are smiling she is waiting for me to say something but I am gob smacked I don’t know what to say, Mandy looks at the floor like she he has done something very wrong and I am just fucked for words.

Now I know why she would not let me touch her cunt and why she was not so appealing she is a shemale son of a bitch I start to laugh and tell her him to get over here she smiles and we all start to laugh what a fucking night, C is in raptures as she now knows that I have fucked a man and that she has 3 cocks to think about and the night is still only young.

C’s says Bob meet Andy stroke Mandy and later on, stroke I did but that is another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32