Meena – Saga of Tumultuous Sex Ch. 02

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Meena did not rest after that nice exposure to real sex that day. Rajeev’s wow to have her sooner or later was a real thing looming and she knew it could be difficult thing to refuse. Her private parts were crying for an interlude of that kind.

The fear and the eerie pleasure of doing something with another man made her really horny.

On one hand Meena was very scared at the prospect of getting into anything of this sort and avoided the tenants like a plague so much so that even on Diwali refused to go out and greet them. They were perplexed and did not mind it but were upset at her behavior.

With Dinesh still out she was clear that this is not the time to mix with such people. Dinesh returned finally and it was not a very happy homecoming – he got into his issues at work and just kept ignoring her. The regular sex life also was in a doldrums state. She just did not know what to do.

She had unknowingly started to touch her pussy and open the labia- feel the wetness – tickle the clitoris and release pent up sexual lust building up – she had joined the ranks of women practicing masturbation. And unfortunately in all these exercise her fantasy man turned out to be Rajeev.

Rajeev was also not keeping any stone unturned. He would hang his underwear openly in the backyard – with stains of sexual combats, perform sexual acts during times when she was alone in the house and make sure she was listening or even watching – a few of them would happen in the backyard – where foreplays were common, including once it was Rupa mashed between both of them and each fondling her openly, these incidents were getting brazen and she did report them to Dinesh – who was so engrossed with his work that they did not matter.

The morning was warm and sunny, so after Meena had gotten her mind off the happenings in the tenant’s place recently, and kept her mind way from the words ringing in her ears pronounced by Rajeev, she was free to relax and enjoy herself for a while.

But the moment that episode came back to her mind she would go berserk and clouded in her mind, she did not know if she could avoid the ultimate with him, it was just this morning when she had gone to pluck a few flowers from the backyard that she saw them there – leaning on the wall next to the rear door of their dwelling and he was with the girl Rupa kissing her on her boobs through the night gown, and she was fondling his dick – pretty long and looked like a long snake to Meena.

She was amazed at the length.

They saw her but choose to ignore as if she did not matter, this troubled her beyond repair, how could they just do that to her. And then he did something bizarre – gave her a flying kiss – very audacious and very bold. This was not going down too well.

She stood transfixed and as time went by – Rupa dropped her nightie and in front of Rupa on the floor in the Backyard – Rajeev openly inserted his dick into his cousin’s pussy and the lass was moaning and heaving and sweating – while he fucked her on the wet floor where the maids would wash utensils and sometimes clothes.

Rajeev kept looking at Meena while searing the cousin in her pussy – he was sure this will get the housewife where he wanted – him in her bed.

It was finally over and before she could react – she decided to get back and she did not go to the rear end Nursery and returned to her house and stood up and removed her robe, which was all that she had on, and walked to her full-length mirror and surveyed her naked body.

Meena was 27 years old, stood 5’4″ tall and weighed 115 pounds. She had dark hair, an oval face with regular features and her measurements were 38-26-38. Her tummy was flat as a plate due to exercising daily.

Just recently she had bought a bike to keep herself fit and Meena loved to ride her bicycle every morning, and then twice a week she would go to the local health club for aerobics.

As she continued to look at her body in the mirror, Meena frowned slightly.

She liked to keep looking good, but it didn’t seem to make any difference anymore, very little mattered anymore. Her husband had suddenly gone away, and she didn’t have any desire to go out and socialize with the single people she knew.

Meena had always taken pride in the knowledge that she had never cheated on her husband, and she didn’t see any reason to change just because he had gone away for while though he himself was asking her to go on with other men. She still loved him, and missed him terribly. She had tried to ignore the growing need between her legs, but it became harder and harder to do as the flames in her cunt grew hotter and hotter.

Meena felt the desire in her slit grow as her hands caressed her breasts. She closed her eyes and let her right hand gently cover her hot, throbbing pussy and with her left hand on her breasts, and her right hand on her cunt, Meena stepped back and sat on the edge of the bed, she could see her reflection in the mirror as she slid her Sinop Escort middle finger deep into her hot, hungry gash, and started moving it around and flicking it across her tingling clit.

“Oooooh, uuuuummm,” she started to moan softly as she gazed at her reflection in the mirror.

Her legs were raised and her thighs spread as her finger worked in and out. She was pumping her hips into her hand as the muscles in her tummy tightened, and she brought herself quickly to a trembling climax.

“Ooooh, uuuuuumrnm, uuuuunnnnngggghhhh, I’m aiming, I’m aiming.” She moaned to the mirror as wave after wave of orgasm rolled over her.

“Uuummmm, yes, I’m aiming good,” she whispered, her half-lidded eyes staring at her reflection, as she felt her slick cum flow into her shuddering cunt.

Meena kept her finger buried deep inside her cunt while the explosions rolled through her, when they finally stopped she slowly removed her finger and lowered her legs to the bed and her thighs were still spread wide, and she felt the satisfied, relaxed muscles in her tummy quivering while she lay with her eyes closed.

Then Meena burst into tears at the thought of what she had done as this wasn’t the first time she had masturbated in the morning, she had started doing it almost daily after noticing the group sex in the tenant’s house a month before and she needed the sexual relief that it gave her now that her husband was away and she was aware of his plans with her on sex, but she also knew that she needed a man instead of her finger which even if she did go for- there was no guilt or infidelity – her husband was OK and in fact supportive and instrumental.

Meena wasn’t opposed to masturbation, but she didn’t want it as an alternative to a man in the absence of Dinesh. When Meena finally stopped crying she got up off of the bed, went into the kitchen, and poured herself a cup of coffee.

Of late she would often walk about the house naked when she was alone enjoying the freedom that being naked gave her beautiful fairly fair and well-kept body and now she stood in her kitchen and thought about how her life was going.

She had a nice house Dinesh kept the lawns mowed and trimmed was comfortable, but also frustrated and lonely. When she finished her coffee she went back to her bedroom to get ready to go out riding her bicycle and she put on a thin white Kurtis top, and a pair of green baggies pants that were comfortable without being restrictive of her movements.

She knew that if her nipples got hard they would be seen in her Kurtis, and if anyone got very close they could see the dark outline of her nipples whether they were hard or not. She also knew that the baggies did more to show off her ass than cover it.

Meena checked herself in the mirror, smiled her approval, and went out to the garage.

She liked to ride in the early morning, and she smiled at a few men who yelled or whistled at her when they saw her ride by with her head down and her ass in the air as she enjoyed teasing the men, but she never stopped to talk, only smiled and waved as she rode by and this day Meena rode away from the suburban housing area where she lived, and was soon peddling along a quiet country road. She felt free and at ease out here in the warm morning air.

She had ridden her bicycle for about an hour when she decided to stop and rest. She was sweating and breathing hard as she walked her bike to a small bore well tap that ran by the road. She rinsed her face with water from the tap, and then returned to the road to ride home.

Suddenly Meena realized that she had a problem.

The rear tire on her bicycle was going flat.

“Oh shit!” She yelled as she realized that she would have to walk all the way home.

Meena started pushing her bicycle down the road and it wasn’t really a hard walk, and she soon found herself enjoying it as she walked along the quiet, tree-lined road, and heard the birds in the trees. She had been walking for about twenty minutes when she heard a bike coming down the road behind her as she moved off the road to let the car pass her, but it stopped beside her instead.

“Having trouble?” The driver of the bike asked -her tenant’s friend Rajeev – her current tormentor.

“Yeah, flat tire, and I do not need your help – OK” she responded with disgust.

“Aunty, don’t take me wrong let me help you. I live in the same house and we are a mile ahead. I can fix your tire there, and you can be in your own house, just wait while I tie the bike to the rear side of the bike. Then you can ride with me back home.”

“Why, thank you, that would be wonderful,” Meena thought and mentally accepted while outwardly she was not willing to give away her thoughts so easily.

Rajeev did not wait for her to respond and he loaded Meena’s bike on the backside of his bike and drove her to the house, Meena knew that she was being tempted by this guy, and her thoughts suddenly went back to that morning Sinop Escort Bayan and her need to masturbate, she thought about Dinesh, about how much she missed him making love to her, how wonderful it had always felt as her resolve began to disappear and she felt a strong masculine hand on her ass for the first time in over a year, and she liked it.

Rajeev seemed to know that she was vulnerable, and he pressed his advantage.

He offered to bring band aid to take care of the scratch she got on her thigh while getting on the bike – she just refused. He continued to work on her bicycle and suddenly there was a cry and a loud sound inside the house. He rushed inside only to find her lying in a heap of clothes in the bedroom – just in her petticoat and blouse – looks like she was looking for some dress on the top shelf and fell off – the stool on which she was standing was lying on the side – she had tripped.

“Come on, Meena Aunty, just relax to cool off, and then I’ll put your bike together and you can be on your way,” he whispered as he gently rubbed his hand over her knee and quietly applied the band aid and deliberately but making it look like an accident rubbed his hand on her butt.

“Oh it is paining – the knee is hurt and Rajeev, don’t you , you shouldn’t,” Meena whispered as she unconsciously pressed against his palm.

Rajeev turned to face her, and drew Meena into his arms. As soon as Meena felt his hips rubbing her, she was lost. She could feel his hard cock pressing through the material of their clothes, and she knew that she wanted it.

“Meena Aunty, it’ll be OK, let me rub some balm on the knee.” he said as he moved his face closer to hers. Surprisingly he found the balm just next to the bed on the dressing table – he quietly applied it on the knee and watched her squirm – boobs heaving beneath the red purple blouse – she was wearing a purple bra evident from the straps which had slipped to the inside and easily visible. The cleavage was alluring and Meena realized the folly of letting it be so close to her tormentor knowing his intentions were to pin her in her own bed. But little could she do – there was a towel lying on the chair which was quite far and a old chunni(big scarves Indian women wear around their top part) lying a few feet away – she tried to get it and –-with his feet he just moved it away. He knew it would diminish chances of getting her- and today was his chance – he did not give away chances so easily.

“What the hell – give it to me- just get out…” and she tried to reach out only to fall in his arms. And this time their lips were nano centimeters away – he could not resist and gave her a light kiss on her lips and since she did not show resistance – kept his lips on her lips and slowly ran his tongue on her lips adroitly and skillfully with a slight pressure – sexual sensual pressure.

“Yes, oh God yes,” Meena moaned as she surrendered to him, and met his lips with hers. She knew there was no balm.

Meena moaned low in her throat as she and Rajeev explored each other’s mouths with their tongues and ground their hips together, when the kiss ended they separated, and Meena saw Rajeev unfasten his pants and drop them to the ground.

She gazed longingly at his massive, hard cock when it came into view, and then she quickly peeled off her halter top and shorts. When they were both naked he led her to the side of the bed and Rajeev gazed at Meena’s beautiful breasts as he drew her to him. He took her into his arms and kissed her deeply while she molded her willing, naked body to his and felt his hard cock pressed between them.

“I want to fuck you, Aunty. You know it well – you have been watching me from quite some time and I have been watching you from every angle and you are luscious, sexy and unexplored. I will make you enjoy it – you will lust for it – you will become a slut. Please enjoy this moment or moments now Aunty and I promise you will not regret I’ve seen you enough and dreaming of screwing you, in fact I fuck Rupa fantasizing it is you.” Rajeev whispered in her ear.

“You liar, bastard, but am melting, I know am losing control, Yes, oh God yes, I want you too,” Meena moaned as she ground tighter to his crotch.

Rajeev led the way out of the reverie and they settled, Meena silently sat on the edge of the bed and reached for his hips. She gazed longingly at the swollen blood-filled head of his cock as she drew him to her face and opened her mouth wide.

“Oh yes,” she hissed as she kissed the hard, rubbery head as she felt his hands on the back of her head urging her on, she slid his prick deep into her mouth, and started bobbing her head up and down its throbbing length.

“Oh, my God, Meena Aunty, suck it,” Rajeev groaned huskily as he looked down and watched his prick disappear deep into her mouth.

Meena was doing it for the first time – till date she had never sucked on Dinesh, he never asked her and she never thought it was necessary, Escort Sinop and here she was into this sinful pleasurable act of allowing him to slid his cock into her mouth as far as she could, and buried her nose into his pubic hair at its base.

She inhaled his aroma deeply as she savored the taste and feel of his tool, and then she began to bob her head up and down its length faster. This is the first time – she knew was smelling the cock of a man.

“I’m doing it,” she thought, “I’m doing it and it’s wonderful.”

“Mmmmmmmrnmm, mmmm” she moaned low in her throat as she felt his massive cock spearing into her mouth, and tasted the pre-cum ooze that came out of the burning head.

“Meena, oh, oh, oh, Meena, yes Aunty” Rajeev groaned huskily as he felt his balls tighten, and pumped his hips into her face faster and faster.

Meena knew that he was getting close to his climax, and that he was going to cum in her mouth. She had forgotten about everything else in her ecstasy, and was only conscious of the fabulous meat she had in her mouth as she sucked deeper and hotter.

Suddenly Rajeev’s hips jerked uncontrollably, and his cock jumped in her mouth as his climax hit him. “Meena! Oh God, Meena, I’m cuming!” he groaned as his balls released their steaming load.

Meena heard his groans of pleasure just as his prick started shooting spurt after spurt of hot cum into her mouth. She swallowed as fast as she could and drank it all, holding his hips tightly to her face. When his shudders had finally stopped, and she had sucked his cock dry, she raised her head and smiled sweetly at him standing over her.

“Oh Rajeev,” she whispered contentedly as she held his cock under her nose and inhaled it’s heavy, musky aroma.

“Wow, Aunty – you are a slut now,” Rajeev gasped as he hugged her face and slowly caught his breath.

Meena felt him gently pushing her onto her back on the bed. She raised and spread her thighs as she watched him crouch between her legs, and she looked through half-lidded eyes as his head dropped to her hot, wet cunt. “Uunnngghhh Rajeev,” she moaned as her head snapped back and her eyes closed, lost in passion.

Meena moved her hips to his face when she felt his tongue sliding across the super sensitive lips of her pussy. She reached down and cupped the back of his head in her right hand while she propped herself up on her left elbow, watching the top of his swirling head while her tummy muscles tightened.

“Uuuuunnnnggghhh Rajeev, oh, oh, God, yes, baby,” she moaned as she felt his tongue on her clit. Soon she was fucking her hips up into his face as she got closer and closer to her climax. Her hips arched high as she felt her cum shot into her quivering cunt.

“Rajeev, I’m cumming, oh God, I’m cumming, ungh, ungh, ungh, aaaaaahhhhh.”

She moaned as she ground her hips into his sucking lips.

Rajeev licked up all the sweet cum that flowed out of her cunt, and then he raised his head and smiled wickedly at her. Meena returned his smile, which then turned to a grin as she saw that his cock was hard again.

“Oh, baby, yes,” she whispered huskily as she felt him sliding onto her body.

Meena reached for his cock and guided it to her waiting cunt as he slowly lowered his hips to her.

“Uuuummrn,” she moaned as she felt the hard head rubbing at the wet lips of her steaming pussy. “Ungh! Oh… my… God!” She groaned aloud as she felt the swollen head of his prick slide deep into her and spread her wide.

Meena welcomed Rajeev into her pussy, and matched the pumping motions of his hips as she felt his wonderful hard cock sliding in and out of her.

Rajeev felt the walls of her cunt gripping his meat as he pumped it in herand he felt his balls tighten as she moved hips to match his rhythm. He had known that she would be good, but he hadn’t really been prepared for anything like this.

“My God, she hasn’t been fucked in a while,” he realized as he pounded his rod into her. Meena was going wild under him as she felt the first cock she had ever had, besides her husband, inside her. She thrashed and ground her hips to his as her stomach trembled inside and she got closer and closer to her climax.

“Rajeev! Oh God, fuck me, Rajeev, oh, oh, oh, fuck me, fuck me! Fuck me, fuck me! Aaaaaaahhhhhh, I’m cuming. Oh, God, I’m aiming again! Uuuuhhhhhmmmmm!” She wailed at the top of her lungs as her fresh cum flowed into her cunt to coat his pistoning prick.

“Oh, Meena Aunty, oh fuck baby, here I cum too!” Rajeev groaned as his balls released and his hot cream shot into her quivering quim. Meena held his hips tightly to hers while he shot into her and she felt it coating her deep into her womb.

“Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh Tooooommmmm ooooo,” she moaned softly as her climactic shudders gradually ceased. When their orgasms had finally passed she released her hold on him and let him slide off of her. The two naked lovers lay in each other’s arms on the bed and gradually caught their breath. Meena felt the love juice leaking out of her cunt, running down her inner thighs as she relaxed in the afterglow of their lovemaking. Suddenly the realization of what she had done hit her, and she jumped off of the lounge chair in wide-eyed alarm.

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