Meat Urinal

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“Hey Vickie!” I call out to the brunette girl next to the treadmill. My friend Vickie turns around, and greets me with a smile and a wave. We’ve been going to the gym together for about a year, and her support is what got me to exercise on a regular basis.

“Hey Casey!” she chirps when I reached her, and we start on our workout. We get caught up chatting, and between that and the new routine we’re trying, we lose track of time and finish nearly an hour later than normal. Realizing how late it is, we head to the showers.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you, but there’s this new lotion I got that you totally need to try.” Vickie holds up a normal-looking bottle, of some brand I’ve never seen. “I’ve been using it for the last few days and my skin has been SO. SMOOTH.” Well, Vickie’s almost never steered me wrong, so after our showers I take out a few dollops and spread it around my arms and legs. Looks like Vickie was right again. This lotion is way nicer than the stuff I have.

“Wow, it absorbed so fast!” I admire my underarms and my inner thighs, which are already less chafed than normal. “Where’d you get this?”

“It was at the little world market downtown. I think it’s from Ireland?”

I look around the bottle for a manufacturer name, but didn’t see any. “Yeah I don’t know.” It’s getting late anyway, so I’ll just go find it myself tomorrow.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to drive you home?” Vickie lives further from the gym than me, and usually offers me a ride. She’s more insistent today, since it’s already twilight, but I still refuse.

“I don’t want you to waste gas. I’ll be fine Vickie, I promise.”

“Alright, alright. I’ll see you Saturday for coffee?”

“For sure. Night!”

“Night, Casey!”

I start the little 2-block jaunt back to my apartment. I’m a little on edge today, with it being late, but this area of town has virtually zero crime. I reassure myself there’s nothing to worry about, and keep walking.

After one block, my head starts to ache. I stop for a moment, to take some painkillers out of my bag. It takes me a minute to find them, all the while cursing myself for staying up too late last night. I need to get home and go to bed. As I finally pull the bottle out, I squeeze on either side and started to twist it open. Or, I try to. For some reason it feels like the bottle was shut super tight, and no matter where I put my fingers or how hard I pinch, it won’t budge. I throw the bottle back into my bag out of frustration, and pick up the pace to get home. I figure I’ll feel better in the morning.

I barely make it 40 feet before I realize how sore my shoulder is. I takeoff my bag to switch shoulders, but it feels like a ton of bricks! My arms falter, and my bag drops to the ground. What is going on? Did the new routine really make me that sore? I take another shot at lifting my bag, and barely get it an inch off the ground before my body just gives out. I collapse on top of my bag, feeling like I had just ran a marathon. I try to focus on breathing, my mind scrambling to figure out what’s happening to me, as I start to lose consciousness. With each exhale, my eyes flutter closed a little further, until finally I black out.

I wake up in a heavy stupor, like I’d been asleep for a year. I slowly manage to get my eyes open, still feeling weak, but no longer in pain. I’m in the backseat of a car, with dark tinted windows. I’ve been put on my stomach, with my knees bent, and my ankles tied to my wrists behind my back in a hogtie. There’s a stocking tied around my head and looped into my mouth, gagging me.

I can hear the driver talking to someone, “I’m on my way, sir, maybe 10 minutes out. Yes, it’s the one from Crystal Heights. Curly black hair, early 20s, hazel eyes, E cups, and olive skin. No, easy pick up, no witnesses. Reaction worked as intended.” Whoever this man is, he knows where I live, and has been tracking me. Or at least his boss has.

A short time later, I feel the car stop. I haven’t recognized any scenery on the way here, and can only see that we’re outside tan building. My captor gets out, then opens the door in front of me. He says nothing, just takes a handkerchief out of his pocket and blindfolds me with it. He grabs me by the rope tying my limbs together, and slings me over his shoulder. I feel like I’m in one of those aerial yoga poses, but instead of looking like a graceful acrobat, I just look like a handbag.

After hauling me inside, the man sets me down, and begins untying my hands and feet. Once the knots are off, I try to remove my blindfold, only for him to grab me by the wrists. He picks me up again, and I start kicking as hard as I can. Judging by the dull thud of my kicks and the amount of energy I’m using to move my legs, I think whatever drug that weakened me before is still in effect. He sets me down again on my stomach, this time on a raised surface with padding. My head hangs off the edge of the table, and I can feel open air on my stomach.

My kidnapper then strips me, tearing off my clothes antalya escort with practiced quickness. Once he removes my bra, he takes a moment to grope me, tweaking both my nipples, and I hear him whisper “Nice” under his breath. Next my underwear comes off, and he begins stroking the outside of my pussy, teasing my labia, and flicks my clit, making me squirm. Whoever captured me, they have plenty of experience doing it.

Next he straps me down to the table, binding each of my wrists and ankles to the corners. He finally removes my blindfold, and I can see I’m in some kind of laboratory. There are a number of instruments lining the walls, with chemicals, beakers, and test tubes adorning the counter tops. There’s a door in the opposite corner from where we came in, and through it comes another man, wearing a lab coat.

“I’m so glad to finally see you, Casey.” He smiles at me coldly, and rubs his hands together. “My clients have been eager to get to know you.” He begins preparing syringes, filling them with clear liquids from the test tubes, and retrieved bottle of lube. “There are many clients waiting for you, so I will be brief. I allow those who contract me to live out certain fantasies, and tonight you will be the center of one. My clients pick women they like, and I modify them to fit the fantasy, and bring them here. Over the past few weeks, there have been many extra ingredients, of my own design, added to your food and drink. These began to change your body, and make you susceptible to the final touch, which was in the lotion your friend generously offered. Don’t worry, she is unknowing of her part in this.” He sits down on a stool, and sets his materials on a small table.

“The chemical in the lotion finalized the changes to your body, and catalyzed the reaction that has made your muscles very weak. Your body is now much more pliable than is normally possible.” He demonstrates by grabbing a handful of skin on my stomach and pulling, stretching it much further than normal skin would ever allow. “Indeed, the cavities within your body are now rather… balloon-like. These injections will inflame sensitive areas to increase your libido, and increase your fertility, to ensure insemination.”

He spreads apart my ass cheeks, and plunges the first syringe right between my vagina and anus. It hurts much less than I anticipated. The second syringe goes right above my clit, and is even less painful. “You will notice that your pain receptors are less active. You will be very thankful for this later tonight.” Finally, he squirts some lube onto his fingers and spreads my ass again. He pushes a digit into my pussy, and it feels better than any sex I’ve ever had. It’s like my nerves are operating at 200%! He pushes another finger inside me, and begins to stroke, getting my pussy wet and hot.

He pulls out of me, and I find myself whimpering in disappointment. I need my pussy to be filled, I need to fuck, I want to cum so bad. He now squeezes lube right onto my asshole, and starts to spread it around, then presses a finger into my ass. It felt nearly as good as my vagina, and I try to move my hips to push him further inside me. By now my tongue is lolling out of my mouth and I’m panting and moaning like I’m in heat. He chuckles, then applies more lube to my ass and pushes a second finger inside, spreading the gel around to make my asshole slick and welcoming. He pulls his digits out and I moan in frustration, eager to get something inside me.

“Well, I see at least one my compounds is working perfectly. Let’s get you out to the floor. My associate will need to carry you, as your muscles will be too weak to let you walk. If you will, my good man, bring her to the post.”

The man who drove me here unties my straps and hoists me over his shoulder, then carries me through the the door the doctor came in. It opens into what looks like a dimly lit ballroom, with simple chandeliers and hardwood flooring. I’m brought to the middle of the floor where a pillory awaits me, along with a strap hanging from a ceiling that kind of resembled a playground swing. The man sets me down into the strap, but reversed so that I’m bent over into the pillory and facing the ground. Soft padding on the strap support me right above my pussy, and he secures me in place with a buckle that goes across my waist just above my ass. He then brings the top of the pillory down and locks it in place with a padlock, trapping me entirely.

The strap allows me to maintain my position without resting my weight on my feet, and the pillory keeps my neck and wrists in tight confinement. I no longer want to escape, but certainly couldn’t if I tried.

“Lovely.” The doctor coos. “Now, just two more things.” He steps in front of me holding a lockable blindfold, and a ring gag. “Can’t have you identifying anyone, I’m afraid. While the drugs affecting you have surely made you eager to swallow cock, my clients prefer to play it safe.” He locks the gag on first, forcing the ring behind my teeth and opening my jaw wide. Then antalya rus escort the blindfold comes down, plunging me back into darkness. “Alright, I’ll let the clients know their meat urinal is ready. As promised, you may have the first turn with her. You shouldn’t need it yet, but I’ll leave the lube next to her.”

Wait, urinal? Didn’t he say insemination earlier? I thought that meant getting fucked! Hold on, is that why he changed my skin to be so stretchy? Is he really going to turn my stomach into a balloon? A balloon filled with piss?

As these questions flash through my head, the other man stands behind me, and I hear his pants unzip. He lets his dick fall onto my ass, and slaps my cheeks with it a few times, already hard. He lines up with my exposed asshole, and thrusts deep inside me, without warning. He’s huge! Even with my deadened senses, I twinge with a little discomfort at the intruder in my ass. He begins thrusting gently, pushing himself a little further in each time, until he hilts me. I feel his dick tense up, and he unloads into my colon. But it isn’t cum he’s shooting into me, it’s piss! He stays like that for what seems like forever, as his urine snakes up my intestines before coming to rest in my stomach. As the last trickle of his pee dies down, he starts to fuck me again.

“Been holding that in a long time. You better get ready bitch, because there’s a whole lot more piss waiting to get inside you. The doc gave me and all his clients a special diuretic that makes you go like a firehose. He also loaded the crowd up with some concoction to make them more virile, which means there’s no way you’re walking out of here without getting knocked up first.” As if on cue, he bucks against me one last time, and cums. He quickly pulls out, and zips back up. “Have fun, slut.” I hear him leave.

Mere seconds after getting my first injection of hot urine, I hear doors opening, and a myriad of footsteps. The voice of the doctor rings out above them “And here she is, gentlemen. Ready to be used as a public urinal, for as long as the night allows. As I stated before, you are allowed to use any hole you please, but you are encouraged to deposit your semen in her womb. Some of you paid top dollar to have her bear an illegitimate child, and the more of you add your DNA to the mix, the more likely the baby will remain a bastard. I assure you, even while filled with your liquid waste, her womb will prove to be perfectly fertile. Now, let’s have our high bidders go up to bat first.”

I can hear two pairs of feet trod up to me. One stops behind me, and one in front. I can smell the musk of cock filling the room, especially now with one so close to me. I want them inside me, I need them to fuck me. I don’t care at this point if they want me to be their urinal, I just need to be stuffed with cock. I moan and wiggle my ass, eager to let these men get on with their fun.

“Let the session begin, gentlemen. If there’s anything you need, I won’t be far.”

The doctor walks off, and the two men on either side of me waste no time getting to work. The one in front pushes his cock against my cheek for a moment, then plunges it past my lips and down my throat. At the same time, the man behind me pushes into my ass, and I mewl around the shaft in my mouth. The two of them gently begin rocking back and forth, their rhythm syncing up for a moment before they both stop, and I feel them tense up, just like my kidnapper before. They begin unloading piss into me, blasting like geysers.

“She’s the best one yet, I think.” The man in my mouth comments.

“Oh yes, huge tits and this perfect ass!” The other agrees excitedly, and gives my ass a hard slap. I moan in delight, my vocalization coming out faintly past the cock depositing urine into me.

“Come on up, boys, just because it’s not your turn doesn’t mean you can’t give her a feel!” The man packing my colon calls out to the group, receiving several whoops of praise in return. The mob practically rushes me, and I immediately feel hands across my body. A few men go right for my sizable breasts, kneading them and pinching my sensitive nipples. Two of them rub their cocks against my boobs, smearing them with precum. More hard smacks rain down on my ass, as men chuckle and comment how much it jiggles. I can feel it reverberate more than I expected, and imagine I look like the bowl full of jello butt enthusiasts always talk about.

Meanwhile, the two men penetrating me have finished pissing, and are now roughly fucking me, bucking in and out of my holes insatiably. The one behind me abruptly pulls out, only to shove his cock deep into my pussy the next second. I cry out in delight, as my inflamed vagina finally gets some attention. The man tenses up once again, and this time shoots out a sizable load of semen. He sighs, pulls back from me, and beckons his peer, “You better come and help knock her up quick, I don’t think our friends want to wait much longer.

The man in front laughs, then takes antalya ucuz escort his dick out of my mouth. He circles around me and plants himself in my pussy, managing a few thrusts before he adds his sperm to the mix. After his finishes, he addresses the crowd, “Have at, everyone. She’s a divine little toy.”

Finally given the all clear, the crowd of horny onlookers converges, and I feel another cock enter my mouth, as well as one in my cunt. They are more feverish than the first two, pumping fast at first, but quickly pause and begin pissing inside me as well. I can feel the hot liquid spilling through my vaginal canal and pushing into my cervix. Both my womb and stomach are being filled with hot piss!

Just like the men before them, my two partners empty their bladders, and start fucking me in earnest. While they pound me, I start to notice the weight sloshing inside me. The urine is beginning to add up, and I can feel it bouncing back in forth as my body is used. At the same time, the men continue to grope me, alternating squeezing and slapping my tits and ass. Some of them now are just rubbing their cocks on my body, assaulting my skin with their rods.

The man face-fucking me shoots his load down my throat, joining his cum with the piss in my stomach. He pulls out, and I barely take one breath before his cock is replaced by another. The man pounding my pussy now climaxes, and switches places as well. The new man at my rear opts for my asshole, and the cycle of peeing and fucking begins again. When these two load me with their hot piss, I can actually feel my stomach getting full! It’s like I’ve been fed a 5 course meal of nothing but urine! The men filling me up continue regardless, pushing more golden liquid inside of me.

“Whoah, she’s getting bigger!” One of the gawkers exclaims, and I feel several hands grasp my stomach. Sure enough, as the cocks in either end of me continue to piss, my stomach distends, and the hands covering it are pushed further apart.

“That’s only from six of us, and she’s already inflating!”

“Those pills really worked!”

“How big is she gonna get?”

I can barely process the words I’m hearing as the two men currently occupying me start to thrust, bringing me to my first orgasm of the night. I convulse around their cocks, rocking against the strap suspending me, then heavily slump down, now being pulled towards the earth by the liquid filling me up.

The men are merciless, never giving me a moment to rest, but I don’t mind. I’m in ecstasy the whole time, as cock after cock pierces me, and their owners transfer the contents of their bladders into my holes. With each new round of piss, my stomach gets bigger and bigger, stretching the way the doctor intended.

“She’s starting to look pregnant!”

“Well it’s good practice, since she will be after tonight!”

While some of the men don’t wait to dump their cum, most of them deposit their seed in my vagina, adding themselves to the growing list of who may become an unknowing father. It seems incredibly hot, knowing that I’ll be forced to swell up again with the child of a man I’ve never seen.

I lose track of the number of cocks I’ve taken somewhere around 30. The men are marveling at how big my belly has become, and some of them have taken to giving it the same treatment as my tender ass cheeks, slapping my stomach hard and laughing as it sloshes, the piss inside me swirling like a wave pool. As the men piston my pussy and ass, my stomach heavily swings beneath me, smacking against my knees as it moves. They make a small game of squatting down and holding their cocks beneath my gigantic belly each time a fresh batch of piss is unloaded into me, and wait as I extend down another inch or two, to see who can get his cock the closest without touching me. After a few hours of being packed with urine, the men can’t even get lower than my bloated stomach.

I can tell from bits of their banter that the men aren’t simply leaving after using me, they’re all somehow refilling their bladders quickly enough to take another turn with me. I have no idea how long they plan to continue, but from the doctor’s welcome it would seem they want to go all night. I wish the night could never end. I could stay like this forever, with cocks mercilessly fucking me, pumping me full of their urine, and trying their hand at impregnating me. It’s bliss.

By this point, my belly has expanded so much it’s pressing up against my legs no matter how hard I’m fucked, and I’m thankful for the strength of the waistband hanging from the ceiling. The men all seem to be getting excited about something, and I’m starting to wonder if there’s another concoction in store for me when one of them yells, “She’s gonna hit the ground!” Really? I knew I was huge but I didn’t think there was quite that much piss inside me.

With almost comically good timing, the men currently occupying my throat and asshole relieve themselves inside me, and as my stomach swells out once more I feel my skin contact the floor. With the contents of dozens upon dozens of bladders resting in my stomach, I can’t imagine how I look. A balloon couldn’t begin to describe how I feel, brimming with this much urine. The men all cheer and congratulate themselves, overjoyed to see their expensive sex toy so thoroughly used.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32