Me Angle Bell

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Eating Pussy

In order to get to the full story, I need to begin with what happened to bring me to the experiences with my friend’s female dog

It all started last year when I saw a profile in an Adult Swingers site. I was looking for someone to play with and as I was reading the profiles I found one for a bicouple that didn’t live to far from me, so I sent them an email and we started sending email’s back and forth. A few days went by and they sent me their Instant Messenger address and we started chatting together. After a few times chatting, we decided to meet in person, so we set up a day and time to meet at their house. When I arrived, they were ready for me. The wife was already on the bed, while the husband had on only his boxer shorts. The wife was shaved smooth, just the way I love it. The husband was also shaved and his cock was about 8” long and good size around. They were both bi, and I am bi so we didn’t have to discuses any of that stuff. The wife was a little dominate, and she called the shots. She had me start by sucking her titties. She had her husband lube his fingers and start playing with my ass. She told me to move down to her pussy and lick her until I got her off. Seeing that one of the things I love to do is lick pussy, I didn’t have any problem with her request. While I was doing her, he was working his fingers into my ass and it felt so good that I moaned and the wife heard me and told him to get ready. I was hoping she met for him to get ready to fuck me, and I was glad when I felt his cock at the entrance of my ass.
He got just the head in and she told him to drive it home. He did and it took my breath away but it also felt wonderful. He must have lasted a good half hour and all the time he was doing me I was sucking her. When she came, she shook all over and that sent him off and he filled me with his cum.

After that first meeting, we got together several times and always had lots of fun. After one of our play times, they suggested that we try to include an other girl and they said they knew a girl who might want to play. They contacted her but the four of us never did get together.

About a month after they suggested we include the girl, one Monday morning, I was checking my email and saw an email from a person who called herself Angle. I opened it and it was from the girl my friends had contacted. It seemed that the husband/wife had some personality problem with Angle and she didn’t want to play with them any more, but she was interested in writing to me.

We began sending emails back and forth and things were going along pretty good, so we exchanged our Instant Messenger addresses and began chatting almost every evening. After a few days we decided it was time to meet each other. We Şirinevler Escort set a day and time to meet at a local fast food restaurant. When that day and time finally arrived, we met and I was pleasantly surprised when I met her for the first time. She had shoulder length flowing blonde hair, blue eyes, nice breast, black dress and thigh high boots. She was a beautiful lady! We ordered a coffee and sat down by the fireplace and chatted for about a half hour. I suggested we go for a ride, she agreed, so we drove around until we parked next to the lake. Once we parked we both started to explore each other with our hands. I moved my hand to her chest and started to unbutton her top, she didn’t protest so I reached in and started rubbing her breast and got her nipple hard. At that point, she reached up and unfastens her bra and took it off. I then played with both her breast, sucking on the other. She seemed to relax and let me suck her for a few minutes. Seeing that she liked that, I began working my way down her front, massaging her belly and her skin. She reached over and moved her hand up and down the front of my pants. She was getting me real hard, so I took my hands out of her top and started running then up and down her leg, she had on stockings and a grader belt, and I love a girl who wears a grader belt. She spread her legs apart so I could reach her shaved pussy. I began to work my fingers into she and she was getting wetter by the second. I got two fingers in her and she raised her ass off the seat and took off her panties, to give me better access. After she did that I got down on my knees and went to work on that delicious pussy. I sucked her until I felt her shudder and she clamped her legs around my head. She tried to unzip my pants but couldn’t so I sat back in my seat so she could unzip me. Just as she started to unzip my pants, a car drove pass. She got real nervous and that ended thing for that night. She felt bad and said she wanted to get together again, so we made plans to meet at a motel the next Tuesday.

Tuesday couldn’t get here fast enough, but when it finally arrived, I got a room and waited for Angle to arrive. Got arrived a few minutes later and when I opened the door, she stood there in the same outfit she had on when we met for the first time. She only had a couple hours so we got right down to business. We both started taking off our clothes, when she had she dress and bra and panties off, I asked her to leave her Fishnet stockings, garter belt and boots on. She looked so sexy in them I wanted to play with them on her. We got on the bed and started playing. She stroked my penis and massaged my balls. While she did that I sucked her breast and got her nipples hard as a Escort Şirinevler rock. I began working my hand don over her belly until I got to her vagina. She was as wet as if she had just peed. I worked 2 of my fingers into her pussy lips and went into as deep as I could. I then got down there with my tongue and parted her lips and licked her juices into my mouth. She was so delicious that I kept lapping her. She started moaning and running her fingers through my hair. I then tongue fucked her and she got louder with the moans. I took hold of her clit and nibbled it till it was hard than I sucked it till she squirted her cum into my mouth and all over my face. In return when she calmed down, she reached for my 6” cock and took it deep into her mouth and sucked me till I came all over her face. She had to leave but promised to call me and set up another play time. She said she couldn’t play at her house because she shared it with her boy friend. I told her we could meet back at the motel, so we made plans to meet there again.

It was a couple weeks later and I got an IM from Angle. She wanted me to come to her house that night. I was a little surprise but she said, what her bf didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him, so I agreed to meet her that evening at her house, at 7. When I got there Angle greeted me, and so did her female dog Bell. Bell was all over me and Angle said that Bell loved men. No problem from me I like dogs. Angle was wearing a red negligee and nothing on under it, yummy! We went into her living room and sat down and started talking and drinking some wine. All the time we talked Bell was between my legs, sniffing my crouch and wagging her tail. Angle tried to get Bell to stop but Bell wouldn’t stop. I told Angle it was ok, so she left her alone. Angle told me that the reason she wanted me to come over was that she had really enjoyed my tongue and wanted more of it. She also said that she remembered that I loved giving full body massage and she wanted to try that too. She didn’t need to beg me to do either, so we began our night of fun. Angle asked me what I wanted her to do, so I said just remove you negligee and I will do the rest. She did and lay back down on the coach on her tummy and I began giving her the massage. I asked her if she would mind if I got “comfortable” and she said go ahead, I did, took of all my clothes and went to work. I was kneeling on the floor and Bell came over and got between my legs and sniffed at my penis and ass. I didn’t mid that so I didn’t say anything to Angle. I massaged Angles neck and back for several minutes, she said that she was really enjoying my big hands on her body. I got to Angles ass and put a lot of oil on her and started working that ass. Massaging Şirinevler Escort Bayan each cheek, running my fingers deep into her crack, over and over again. As I did that Bell began licking my cock, it felt so good that I let her keep doing it. I ran my fingers over Angles butt hole and around it a few times. Angle began moaning, so I kept it up for a while. Each time I made a pass around her ass, I would play with her anus hole a little longer tile it really got loose and I could slip a finger into her. I also, began going further down her crack until I reached her pussy and I began working it with my fingers. All the time I was working on Angle, Bell was lapping away at my cock and balls and ass and I was enjoying that as much as I think Angle was enjoying what I was doing for her. After a while, though, I worked my way down Angles legs and toes and feet.

I asked Angle to turn over on her backside and I would finish her massage, she gladly did. When she was comfortable, I began working on her front side. I started at her neck and massaged it for a few minutes. Then I worked my way down to her breast and took one of them in my hand, which was covered with oil, and I massaged all of it. Angle said that felt so good, so I did both of them, covering them with oil and massaging all over each one. I got her nipples hard and I couldn’t resist, so I leaned over and took a nipple into my mouth and sucked on it real hard. Angles moaning got louder and louder as I sucked and bit each nipple. After that I massaged her tummy and then started moving down toward her vagina. All the time Bell was right there sucking all around the head of my cock, mmmmmmm, she was good. I got a hand full of oil and started working my hands between Angles legs and thighs. Angle spread her legs apart and I ran my oiled covered fingers between the lips of her vagina every time I made a pass downward over her pussy. She looked so good laying there, eyes closed, relaxed and enjoying my hands. Bell nearly had me ready to shoot a load out the end of my penis, I could hardly stand it but I didn’t give into her licking. I did, however, bend down between Angles legs and start licking the lips of her cunt. That sent her into one of the wildest spasms I have ever seen. Angle shook and bounced her ass off the coach for several minutes and her cum was all over my mouth and face… Bell had me just about to cum when Angle saw what she was doing and shooed her away. I didn’t mind and told Angle it was alright with me.
When angle came back down to earth, she said she had never had a cum like that in her whole life. She also said that when she and her boy friend had sex, Bell would always lick the bf after they finished, so she wasn’t surprised the Bell wanted to lick me. I told her that I loved it and wouldn’t mind Bell doing it again sometime.

We got dressed and before I went home Angle said she would call me again soon, but that is an other story that I will tell later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32