Me and You and a Wife Named Sue Pt. 01

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David: Hey sexy. Have time for a convo?

Me: No. Husband’s calling in 5 minutes. What’s up?

David: I’d rather talk than text

Me: Call you in 30

David: OK beautiful

“Hello dear,” said my husband, as he struggled to get his phone oriented correctly for our weekly video chat. “How’s the novel going?”

“Great! It’s really coming together. Hope you aren’t too lonely down there.”

“Nope. The aunts are keeping me busy,” he said, chuckling. “Did you see your friends this week? Play any golf?”

“Yeah,” I said, “but I’m spending most of my days alone at the cottage trying to finish the first draft.”

Our conversation meandered around the same topics Allen and I always discussed in our weekly catch-up call. It had been almost 10 years since I had spent my summers in my hometown in Nova Scotia, and was so grateful he was fine with me starting up that tradition again. Allen had never been dependent on me, for anything, and never complained about the separation; he agreed our time apart made our reunion all the more special. But what Allen didn’t know, and couldn’t know, was there was something very different about this year’s return to Canada that made me anticipate it far more than any in the past.

Over the previous year, I had been in a relationship of sorts with a super fan of my racy novels. It started innocently enough: comments on my blog, and then some emails bouncing ideas off of him, but it’s not surprising the salacious nature of the material brought us closer in a way that Huckleberry Finn never could have.

David liked to push me to write subject matter that was just beyond my comfort boundaries. It typically came in the form of a question such as, “Did you ever kiss a woman?” or “Does Allen ever tie you up?” or “Ever been with more than one person at a time?” My answer was always no; I couldn’t relate to any of it, because I hadn’t done any of it, and so I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be good at writing any of it. But over time, I became desensitized to David’s persistent prodding, and I allowed my imagination to wander into those possibilities.

David: So a threesome doesn’t appeal to you?

Me: I’d be nervous but I guess I could watch

David: Watch what?

Me: A man making love to his wife maybe? What about you? What do you like?

David: Women’s lingerie

He told me he helped his wife on with her bra in the morning and off with it at night, just so he could get close to her heavy breasts. I thought that pretty mundane, kind of romantic and sweet actually, and I considered working it into one of my stories. But then he added some unnecessary detail: she hadn’t been as available to him as she had in the past, and so that helping hand he was giving her frequently found its way to his groin.


One early morning in the middle of a busy work week, David pinged me during a meeting.

David: What are you wearing?

The question and the timing made me uncomfortable. Luckily, my coworkers were oblivious, complaining loudly about some idiot policy the CEO wanted to force down our throats.

Me: Red dress

And then . . .

David: I mean underneath

I turned as red as the dress itself, hoping no one noticed. I flipped my phone face down but it buzzed again in my hand. I vowed not to respond to whatever David had sent, but I took a quick peek. It was a picture of him from the waist down, stretched out in a lazy-boy chair, his zipper open, his thumb and third finger at the base of his veiny cock; it looked like it had been cast from blue steel.

And with that, our relationship escalated.

For the next eight months, we continued the back and forth, and by now I knew everything about him and his devotion to his family, and particularly to his wife Sue. But every few weeks, typically late at night when our spouses were sleeping, David would reach out to me, and for one express purpose.

The audio eventually morphed to video, and aware of his fascination with ladies’ underthings, I would occasionally model various items from my top drawer. He had a particularly strong reaction to a pair of leopard print boy shorts – said he wanted to sniff them and wear them. And so, after pleasuring myself in them while he looked on, I wrapped the damp, fragrant panties in pink tissue paper, placed them in a satin gift bag, and mailed them to his office. It took awhile for the package to travel from Homosassa Springs to Halifax, but 3 weeks later, David pinged me with another provocative photo: same composition as the previous one, his fingers supporting his rock rigid Rodney, but this time in his office chair, wearing my undies.

Me: Are you still in your office?

David: Yes with the door locked. Your panties smell so good; they feel so good. DAMN baby, can you talk?

Me: No, but I can text

David: OK sexy text me good, I’m stroking

Me: OK imagine this . . . I show up at your illegal bahis office wearing a suit with a very low-cut jacket and a short skirt. . . pretend to be there on business . . . get on my knees under your desk . . .

David: mmmmmmmmm yesssssss

Me: Take that glorious blue steel in my mouth and choke on it while you struggle to carry on a phone conversation with your boss

David: Oh FUCK yeah!!

Me: I’m serious


Me: I rented a cottage in Lunenburg. I’m coming up there for the summer

And so it came to pass, just as I had suggested. What began in the lobby with a fake name and a firm handshake, ended behind David’s locked office door, me on my knees under his desk, my suit jacket on the floor, my big bare titties in his lap, and a load of his high fructose porn syrup on my lips.


My weekly catch-up call with hubby having completed, I rang David.

“Let me guess. You want to relive last week’s office BJ,” I said, chuckling.

“Well, yeah of course, but ah, that’s not why I wanted to chat,” David said, then lowered his voice and took on a more serious tone. “Ummm, Sue and I got to talking last night about my ah . . . you know . . . unmet needs and her recent indifference to them and . . . well . . . please don’t be upset, but I told her about you . . . about us.”

“You WHAT?!!!”

“No, it’s OK. Really. She’s not mad.”

“BULLSHIT SHE ISN’T!” I blurted, “I’d be mad as hell! Please tell me you didn’t give her my name!”

“I don’t KNOW your name, remember? I told her your pen name, actually just Candy,” he said.

I was stunned and I was scared, battling the load of adrenaline David had just dumped into my body. Notwithstanding this little extracurricular activity I had taken on to temper my outsized libido, I loved my husband. We had a good marriage, and I didn’t want anything, and especially THIS THING, to screw it up.

“I can’t see you or talk to you again, David,” I said, deliberately, and I readied my thumb to hang up on him, but his next line was so outrageous, it elicited a response.

“Sue wants to meet you, wants you to come for dinner tonight, say 4 o’clock?”

“WHAT?! That’s crazy!”

“Please come Candy,” David said, almost pleading. “Listen, I know Sue; we’ve been married for decades. I tell you, she’s not mad. In fact, I think she’s curious. She says I owe her this much. Help me out. If it gets uncomfortable, you can just leave.”


I smoothed my silky tropical print dress and knocked on the front door, then waited nervously for the big introduction.

“What the hell am I doing here?” I asked myself aloud.

I startled when the door opened, and right away, I knew from David’s Facebook page, this was his beloved Sue. She towered over my petite frame, and I figured if she wanted to, she could knock me out cold before I could say, “It was just a blow job!”

But it wasn’t just a blow job, and Sue knew it.

“Love the dress,” she said, extending her hand, and instinctively I shook it. “You are as beautiful as David described you, and so refreshing to see bright colors.” She pointed at herself. “Everyone in Halifax wears some shade of black, including me.” She smiled and waved me in.

I stepped through the door and a most tantalizing aroma wafted up my nostrils. It was unmistakable – onions frying in butter and bacon fat.

“Perogies or liver and onions?” I guessed.

“Liver and onions,” she responded as she led me into the kitchen. “David told me it’s one of your favorites. But that’s for after.”

After what, I wondered? After she beats the living shit out of me with a hammer?

“He’s in the bedroom,” Sue said, marching on with a purpose and I continued to follow her through the house until we arrived at what I’m now certain was the pre-planned destination.

We walked into the darkened room lit with candles and punctuated with fresh flowers. The king-sized bed was turned down just so. There were bottles of Evian in reach and a Turkish towel robe laid neatly over the back of a chair. It could have been a 5-star honeymoon hotel room; the only thing missing was a bottle of champagne and chocolates on the pillow.

David was sitting on a chair in the corner. He smiled and rose to greet me and gave me a hug. Too anxious, I didn’t hug him back.

“Relax,” he whispered in my ear.

“David told me everything,” Sue said, taking on a cooler tone, crossing her arms, “and I’m not going to pretend I wasn’t hurt and extremely jealous, but I do understand how it happened.”

I didn’t move or speak.

“We both know David has a very strong libido,” she continued, “and I admit I’ve been less than attentive, but you interfered with my marriage where you had no business, Candy, and I figure you owe me.”

I shut my eyes and held my breath and braced for an incoming slap in the face; after all, I deserved it, but Sue had something very illegal bahis siteleri different in mind.

“Do you know what David fantasizes about?” Sue asked, perching herself on the edge of the bed.

“Well, I know he likes ladies’ underwear,” I said, nervously.

Sue chuckled. “Everyone knows that. He’s wearing the ones you sent him right now, aren’t you honey?”

I looked over at David. He grinned and lowered his zipper and exposed the boy shorts stretched taut over his package.

And right then I became certain that liver and onions were not the only thing on this evening’s menu.

“Even before we were married,” Sue continued, “David tried to talk me into a threesome – said he wanted to watch.”

“So, you with another woman?” I asked.

“No, with a man,” Sue said, “A very well hung man.”

I looked over at David, a little confused, and he shrugged.

Sue knelt at the end of the bed and reached under it, then slid a box from beneath it. She opened the box and drew forth a black leather strap-on supporting a girthy 10-inch dildo, and held it up in front of us.

David looked genuinely surprised.

“Oh my God, Sue, where the hell did you get that?” he asked.

“It’s my cousin Sheila’s. She used to use it on Darren before they got divorced. There’s several attachments – this is the biggest.”

“Holy shit!” said David laughing, and Sue smiled at him, and then at me.

“Wait a minute,” I said, as I was just coming around to understanding the emerging group dynamic. “You want ME to wear THAT and do YOU?” I pointed at her.

“Yes,” said Sue, “after you go down on me.”

“WHOA sailor!” I said, palms up in a stop gesture, “I’ve never been with a woman . . . well um you know . . . not really . . . not unless you count my 20th birthday party, and I don’t remember anything from that night!”

“Well then, it will be a first for both of us,” said Sue, kneeling in front of me, prompting me to step into the contraption. “Now let’s get this on you. And leave the dress on. I want to see this thing swing under it.”

“You need any help, honey?” asked David.

“Nope,” said Sue. “You just enjoy the show sweetheart. This is all for you.”

David smiled and relaxed back into the chair, then readied his palm on top of his open zipper. Having suited me up, Sue spun me to face him, and the hefty pecker swung around under the dress to catch up. If I wasn’t so nervous, I would have laughed. They did. Then Sue kissed my cheek from behind and wrapped her arms around my waist and lifted the dress. She began to stroke the prodigious rubber peter in David’s direction.

“Mmmmmmm,” he purred, as he tickled his balls lightly with his fingertips through the boy shorts.

Sue turned me back around to face her and kissed me, gently, softly, sweetly. I closed my eyes and let myself be drawn into it as she parted my lips and slipped her tongue past them. I thought maybe there would be no difference between a passionate female kiss and the male version, but there definitely was, and that realization was enough to wet me just a little.

Sue instructed me to slowly unbutton her dress, and I did. It fell to the floor, exposing a black bra and panty ensemble.

“Get on your knees,” she demanded, “and pull my panties down nice and slow for David.”

Once again, I did as I was told, and there I was, face-to-face with Sue’s substantial shrubbery. By comparison, I was lacking, having only managed to grow a light brown wispy landing strip. I rubbed my thumb over Sue’s bush and she lifted a knee and rested it on the edge of the bed, then placed her hand on my head and gently tilted it backwards so she could plant herself on my mouth. I steadied myself by gripping her strong thighs, then snaked my tongue through the forest until I found her opening.

As I previously mentioned, I had no experience in this area, but I knew what I liked and figured it would be the same for her. So I started low, working her like an ice cream cone, until I reached her nub. When I flicked it, she grabbed my hair and ground down into my face, and I opened my mouth wide and took her all in. She tasted like me.

I guess pussy is pussy is pussy.

“Tell me how it feels Sue,” I heard David ask. His breathing had accelerated.

“She’s not as talented as you are sweetie, but it still feels great,” Sue replied, “mmmmmmm . . . yes.”

“Use your fingers, Candy,” David interjected between Sue’s moans and groans, and I was happy for the suggestion; my jaw and neck were getting tired. I pulled back and slipped two fingers into her wet cave and massaged her mound and clit with my thumb.

“Oh God YES!” she cried out.

Sue helped me to my feet and kissed me frantically, like she wanted to get every bit of her taste off of me and into her mouth. She pitched her pelvis into my hand as I continued to fiddle with her lady bits. I was definitely doing something canlı bahis siteleri right, but then I’ve always been a quick learner.

“Unhook my bra,” she whispered.

I slipped a hand around her back and pinched the 4-hook closure until it released, and Sues double E’s tumbled from their confinement. She didn’t have to tell me what to do next. I put my lips to one of her swollen nipples and sucked it with enough force to make her squeal. She dove on the bed and began to take matters in her own hands, rocking her hips, pinching a nipple, and burying her fingers.

“Oh my God!” I heard David breathe out and I looked his way. He was slumped in the chair, his trousers down around his ankles, his knees spread wide, the panties stretched beneath his balls, as he pumped himself with one hand and jostled his jewels in the other.

I wasn’t sure who was going to cum first but it damn sure wasn’t going to be me. I’d be lucky if I got off at all. Clearly, I’d been invited over as a sacrificial pawn – a gift from Sue to her husband. But when I crawled onto the bed and knelt between Sue’s woolly spread, her out-of-breath desperation and moaning precipitated a stormy swell between my legs.

Being in control of someone’s pleasure; it’s a powerful aphrodisiac.

I lifted my dress and nudged up against her, and David made his way from the chair to the side of the bed, presumably to be closer to the impending impaling. He passed me a small bottle of lube, and I worked some into Sue’s eager beaver with my fingers and stroked a good amount up and down the shaft of the daunting dildo.

“You ready for Candy’s big hard cock?” David teased, but Sue didn’t answer. She just nodded then raised her legs and held them high and wide.

Again, I’d never done this sort of thing and I didn’t want to hurt her, so I took my time flexing that big 10-inch into her, a bit at a go. When she had taken all of it, I rested down on top of her and kissed her again, then nuzzled her neck. She wrapped her arms and legs tightly around my back and murmured in my ear, begging me to make her cum.

FUCK that turned me on!

Sue took the stupendous strap-on like a champ, her low groaning intensifying in rhythm with my gentle jack-hammering. David was close by, with a knee and a hand on the bed, sort of bent over, working himself with short fast strokes, as he watched me pleasure his wife.

“That’s it, that’s . . . yeah Candy . . . that’s it, she’s . . . she’s almost there,” he sputtered.

Clearly, he was almost there as well, and I figured I needed to get in on the action before this train left the station without me.

I moved my hands to my ass and raised my dress higher over my hips, then spread my knees.

“Help me out, David,” I said, and happily, he crawled behind me, worked the delicate lace thong over my cheek, then buried that beautiful blue steel inside my throbbing center with one very deep, very rough thrust. It propelled me forward, driving the snap-on tool even farther into his wife. She and I welcomed the invasion and the pounding continued – me taking it real from behind and Sue taking it strap-on missionary, until our threesome was all synced up and primed for a trifecta.

David was in the driver’s seat, so he took control of the finale, reaching past me and pushing Sue’s legs up and back, higher towards her head, lifting her hips, then nudging up tighter against me and taking me deeper and at a steeper angle. I smiled down at Sue, then I kissed her briefly, tender, then open, until our tongues were thrashing with passion and salacious sound effects.

“Fucking HOT!” David shouted, as he watched us go at it. “DAMN! You ladies ready? Because I’ve got to unload,” and Sue looked up past me at David and nodded.

As for me, I wasn’t sure I was going to get over the goal line, but just then David moved a thumb to my rim and circled it, and that was a game changer.

“I’m ready, for you David,” I panted, lifting against him, and his thumb pressed just past my resistive portal. It drove me wild. I bucked between David and Sue as he rocked his cock in cadence with the thumbing, driving me into Sue in the same rousing rhythm.

“I’m right there! Right there!! Yeah . . . so good!!” I grunted.

“Take me with you, Candy!” Sue groaned, and I moved both hands to her heaving breasts and rolled her tips between my fingers, and then pinched down hard on them with no mercy. She arched and cried out David’s name, and watching her come undone – it set him off.

“FUCK! I’m going to cum!” he blurted, and I readied to take the beast he was about to unleash, wedging my hand under the strap-on and sliding my middle finger beneath my panties for some clitty poking. David planted his hands on the bed on both sides of Sue and I, and his weight and his girth pressed me farther forward and down into her. Now in final position, he flexed fast and furious as he sprinted towards the finish line.

“NOW BABY NOW!” he shouted, directing his demand at Sue, and with three final punishing thrusts, he shot off a heavy load, and being on the receiving end of it, Sue and I reeled in a fever pitched release and convulsed beneath him.

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