Me and the Boxer

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When I was 17 I had been dating Mary for my entire senior year. We had started with kissing and some light petting. By Christmas I had my hands in her panties and gave her the first orgasm she had ever had. She played with my cock but her mom never let us leave her front porch so I usually ended up going home with a hard on and had to finish the job myself while I thought about kissing her breasts and finger fucking her wet pussy. On her mom’s birthday (March 3rd) she stayed home sick from school. I got off after 6th hour and went over to her house. Her mom had to leave to go to school and pick up her 2 sisters. While she was gone Mary jacked me off all the way for the first time and I shot a huge load all over her robe. After that I was looking to be jacked off as often as I could be. It was 10 times better when Mary jacked me off instead of having to do it myself. By June I was ready to find out what it was like to fuck a hot wet pussy. I begged and pleaded for Mary to let me fuck her but she was too afraid of getting pregnant. At the end of the month her family left for a 3 week vacation to California. Needless to say this left me hard and frustrated. My folks had left the same Saturday to visit my Grandmother in Seattle, so I was home alone.

Saturday night I called an old girlfriend and we went out to a drive-in movie. Try as I might she let me touch and kiss her tits and she rubbed my cock a little but she knew Mary and said she wouldn’t do anything more as long as we were going steady. That night I went home with a raging hard-on. I went for a walk hoping to find a window to peak in and maybe see some female flesh. About a block from home a boxer came up and started licking my hand. I had always loved dogs so I knelt down and started to pet him and rub him behind his ears. As I petted his head izmit escort and stroked his sides I looked down and saw that he had the same problem I did. His doggie cock was starting to stick out of it’s sheath. As I was horny myself, my desires got the best of me and I reached under his belly and started to stoke his sheath. He obviously loved the attention as his cock got harder and started to stick out more. I was in heaven then came to my senses and realized I did not want to get caught jacking off a dog.

I got up and started back home but whistled for the boxer who quickly followed. I let him in the house and took him to my folks bedroom which was larger than mine. Once again I started to pet this beautiful animal and as I did once again his doggie cock started to stick out of it’s pouch. I was fascinated by what my hand was able to do so I decided to see just how far this would go. I reached under his belly and started to stroke the object of my affection. As I jacked off this magnificent animal his cock grew larger and harder. He was getting excited and while I was setting on the floor he kept trying to mount my shoulder and let instinct take over. By now I was horny as hell and I stripped off my clothes and tried to get him to lick my aching cock. He ran his tongue over it a couple times but did not seem all that interested. I went into the kitchen and he followed me with his cock dangling between his legs. I got out a bottle of syrup and went back to the bedroom. I poured some on my cock and once again offered it to the boxer. This time he was more interested and his rough tongue ran over my cock and balls and I was in heaven. This was something I had not been able to get Mary to do yet and I was loving every minute of it. It must be instinct because the hornier I got the hornier the dog got and again yahya kaptan escort he tried to mount my shoulder so he could get off.

My desires took over where my good sense left off. I decided to get down on my all fours and let him mount me so he could think he was fucking and I could jack off knowing how perverted what I was doing really was. The more perverted it is the more exciting. He did not need any lessons. As soon as I was on my all fours he moved behind me. In a flash he was up on his hind legs with his front paws wrapped around my waist. As he started the fucking motions I reached for my cock which was rock hard and started to pleasure myself. This was the most exciting thing I had ever done in my life. Sure I was dying to fuck Mary, but she wasn’t ready even though I told her before she left that I intended to get my cock in her tight pussy when she got home. As the boxer humped around my ass I stroked my cock for all I was worth. The closer I got to cuming the hotter this was and the hornier I got.

Before I took it too far and shot my load all over my folks bedroom floor. I stopped and reached back to feel the dog’s cock humping my butt cheeks. I let my face and shoulders lean on the floor and I reached back with both hands and parted my ass cheeks. This was just what the boxer needed and he started stabbing around on my ass trying to find his mark. I lifted my ass higher as I spread my ass cheeks wide and that was just what he was looking for. The tip of his doggie cock found the opening to my virgin ass and inside it slipped. The pain was enormous and I tried to pull away but it was too late. He gripped my waist tighter and rammed his cock all the way into my ass. I thought I was going to die and tried to get up but he held on to what he wanted and started gebze escort to fuck my ass like it was the last piece he would ever have. Soon the pain started to die down and the excitement of what was happening to me took over. I resumed stroking my cock as he fucked me like a bitch in heat. He didn’t care that I wasn’t a dog, he didn’t care that it was sinful and unnatural. All he cared about was that he had his hard throbbing cock in a hot tight ass and he was going to fuck it until he blew his load. By this time all I cared about was getting my rocks off and having my ass pounded by the boxers thick 6″ hard cock.

As I was getting close to cumming his strokes were getting faster and shorter as he had his cock as far up my butt as it would go and he wasn’t taking any chances on it falling out. Just as my first stream of cum hit my folks bedroom floor he gripped me as hard as he could and rammed his knot into my ass. I had never heard about a dog’s knot before and was taken totally by surprise. I screamed but it didn’t matter, his cock was locked in by my ass sphincter and he was filling my ass with his hot load. After he finish filling my ass he tried to get off but we were locked together. About 15 minutes and a lot of worry later, he finally pulled out. My ass hurt like hell and I had scratches all over my waist from his claws, but my cock and mind were in heaven. I got dressed and walked him back to the house I found him at earlier. As I started back home I realized that my folks would be gone for 2 weeks and my girlfriend who left me with a boner for 3 weeks. I would definitely be walking back here again as I was into something new and something wicked and exciting. My mind was already thinking about what all we might be able to do.

I’m not the best writer in the world but this is a true story that happened when I was 17 and started me down a road of looking for pleasure wherever I could find it.

Oh and I did go back 2 nights later after my ass quit hurting so much.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32