May , Deke Ch. 07

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May & Deke Chapter 7 Vere Isle: Command Performance

Jim, Barbara, May and Deke, fresh from their group water play in the outdoor shower, forsake any idea of clothing and head inside to prepare dinner in the smallish galley, where the four cooks can’t help making this a contact sport. With Wild Turkey for the guys, Scotch and soda for May, Barb becomes a lone striker for sobriety and has a glass of white wine.

Waiting for the several pots to boil, Deke and Barbara pick some mood music and toss the salad greens, while Jim and May husk the corn and set the picnic table on the deck. The work is done, intermixed with full measures of fun and frolic—be they slaps, tickles, feels, or diddles.

“What a great time we are having!” May extols, to which all raise their glasses in a resounding “Hear, Hear!”

“And here’s to our Captain and his First Mate,” Deke offers, ” Long may they swing and sway!”

Jim acknowledges the toast from their new friends and proposes another round of drinks to go with the steamed clams and spinach salad. Barb brings on the melted butter and declares she is ready for a Scotch.

After their 15-minute boil the lobsters are succulent, and corn on the cob vies with ripple chips for space on the groaning board.

All hands agree that their leavings will compose a delicious Wednesday luncheon, and the revelers don their scullery toques for clean-up duties. After the last pot is walloped, they drift back into leisure and repose, taking in hand cups of Kahlua and coffee with whipped cream and the erectile tips of their playmates of the evening.

Deke chooses to decorate Barbara’s opulent rack with two stiff peaks of whipped cream, then responds entertainingly to her demand that he finish all of his dessert.

“And, by the way,” Barb inquires of the lip-smacking professor, “why have you been calling me ‘Barbara Allen’ all afternoon?”

“O, that’s out of the Scottish folk ballad of the 17th Century:

In Scarlet town, where I was born,
There was a fair maid dwellin’,
Made every youth cry Well-a-day!
Her name was Barbara Allen.”

“Good grief, Deke, can’t you bring us forward a century or three?” says Jim, popping his head up over May’s bare shoulder.

“Hmmm… Well, here’s something Irish from my arrested boyhood: [in dubious brogue]

Won’t you hold it in your hand, Mrs. Conley?

It doesn’t weigh a quarter of a pound;

It has feathers ’round its neck—like a turkey—

And it spits when you rub it up and down.”

“You are such a nut!” Barb pronounces, grasping the barrel of Deke’s dick, “You’ve got some steam to let off!” And she drags him willingly down the hall to the guest bedroom.

Alone with May in the evening twilight, Jim finds the strains of soft instrumentals on the stereo to be compellingly romantic; and after a lengthy kiss he confesses, “Dad told me you like to dance and that I should ask you. Would you like to?”

“Well, isn’t he the cagey one to suggest that to you?” May parries.

“Why do you say that, May?”

“Well, you remember we all were nude for the Saturday evening meal; but it was after you and Barb left that Deke and I started dancing. Knowing that your dad was watching, I discovered that I enjoyed showing off for him; and before long, he and I danced together. With his wonderful big cock pressed against me, I got so turned on that I insisted both men take me to bed!”

“And that was okay with Deke?”

“Deke is very generous that way because he knows antalya escort we can’t be together for long periods of time. You know, he’s very anxious for you to fuck me. It turns him on.

“But, the reason I say Bear is cagey, is because he suggested that you and I dance together. To me, that means he wants you to fuck me, which is quite a relief to me. I didn’t want to cause hard feelings between father and son. So what say, sexy – let’s dance. I’ve got something hot to tell you.

“You know, you are the catalyst in this mix: you’re the one that suggested that we skinny dip that afternoon. What were you thinking, Jim?”

” I was thinking, May,” he repeats seductively gripping her closer, “that you were terribly hot. In that sexy sundress your luscious muscular bare legs drove me wild. I had to see more. I had to take a chance,” Jim adds, sweeping his left hand lovingly between her lush thighs to cup her very wet cunt. “And later on, when you spread for Barb and me, we knew we wanted you join us on the island. Deke’s message that you were on the way has had me turning handsprings!”

“It did, did it? Well then, I think I should do some spread eagles for you. How about dancing me to bed?”

In the master bedroom Jim points the remote at the stereo; and, as soft new age rhythms thrum in the background, they continue to dance. Both of Jim’s hands grasp May’s ass, and her arms clasp his neck. They kiss tenderly, at first, and then more urgently. Jim’s thick prong throbs as it grinds gently between them.

Closing her eyes in Jim’s manly embrace, May’s whole body begins to undulate to the primal rhythms. The friction of skin on skin increases their excitement. May, hands reaching alternately over her head, leans back in a semi-backbend from the waist to present her tantalizing tits for his inspection. Moving one hand from her ass to her upper back, he swoops to suck one of her hardened dime-size nipples at the center of its large pink areola. He uses his teeth and tongue to nibble the teat, causing May to worry that he will bite too hard; but he never does. He just drives her crazy with his edgy stimulation of first one, then the other.

Jim brings May to an upright position; and, holding one of her hands high as in a minuet, he gently leads her in a circle around him. Their eyes engage. On parade, she flushes, swings her ass and swivels her hips in graceful cadence with the music—her body language signaling her intention to thoroughly fuck her patron. He is well pleased, and returning her to face him, he quietly commands, “Kneel.”

May obeys, looks up, opens her mouth and, taking the initiative, she grabs the cheeks of his ass. Pulling his groin to her face, she assumes her pleasant duty, taking his cock down to the balls. Jim groans.

May works his cock with her mouth. Lips firm, she squeezes and twists up and down his fat shaft. He feels, in exquisite detail, the trail of her lips and tongue as they trace the contours of his barrel. She fondles his balls and feathers and licks the head and rim. Fast and slow, deep and shallow, sucking and sliding, she mouths his beautiful big one and tastes his salty sweetness. Putting his hands on her head, he takes back control and begins to fuck her mouth. He knows his cock is unusually large; and with utmost restraint, he thrusts gently so that she can deep throat him — the sensation he loves most.

“My dear girl, your oral massage of my big cock is especially accomplished. I commend you. But now the time has come for you to fethiye escort deliver on what you first promised last Saturday, and then again before we danced down the hall. Get on the bed, and spread for me.”

Again May complies. His firm commanding tone is so erotic, so decidedly male. She loves it, and her body responds in a flood of wetness. She lies down the middle of the bed and spreads her legs wide.

At the foot of the bed the Major stands with his hands on his hips, his cock vertical. ” Hold your labia open, and show yourself to me. Good. Now use you finger, and show me exactly where your clit is. Rub it. I want to hear you moan. Cum for me!”

May closes her eyes. Immersing herself in the beat of East Indian Tabla drums, she begins to masturbate. The Major watches her body pulse and ripple. She has become his private bayadere; her cries rise, entwined with the strains of the sitar, as she drives herself towards orgasm.

Climbing over the foot of the bed, he commands, “Stop.”

Positioned between her legs, Jim runs the head of his dick up and down her slick slit. Pausing briefly, he gives special attention to her swollen bud by rubbing his velvet glans on it.

May softly utters, “I’ve been waiting for this.”

“I know,” he smiles.

Poising the head of his cock at her vagina, he pins her wrists to the bed and drives it home.

May gasps and rises off of the bed. Never having had children, her canal is tight; and his cock, not only eight inches long, is thick as well. Jim pounds her cunt mercilessly. May emotes loudly with every gloriously deep plunge.

Ever in control, Jim strains to hold off his own orgasm for a few more thrusts before they join in a guttural duet, which builds until May arches in climax. Sparked by May’s spasms, Jim emits a war cry and explodes. Spurt after spurt shoot from his cock. Her cunt overflows as his semen and her secretions run down over her asshole onto the bed, and Jim collapses on top of her in a pool of sweat and body fluids.

In the afterglow, May deeply inhales the smell of their sex. She finds comfort in bearing his weight and sharing his body heat as she rapidly cools. At length, he covers her, kisses her; and rolls off.

“May, that was magnificent. I have never unloaded like that, ever. Christ, we’re awash here!” he says laughing.

“You were masterful, Jim. I like that in a man. I was so ready for you, and I came hard. I’m not usually so loud, but I couldn’t help myself.”

“I’m not sure I should ask this now, May, but I want to know. You seem to be a very strong woman, and so very responsive sexually; however, I have the worry that my deep fucking was uncomfortable for you; you felt extremely tight around me. Was my cock too big for you, dear?”

” Your cock is beautifully big, Jim; but don’t be concerned: your aggressive entry was perfect for me. My first partner after Deke was your dad, who is some bigger than Deke, and I loved it. I guess Mother Nature makes me very wet when I like a guy. But, no, I especially enjoy big ones. I like the way they fill me up.”

“I’m relieved. Your honesty is a breath of fresh air. And, I must say, the suggestiveness of your sexy exhibition would be much appreciated by a somewhat larger audience of friends—which leads me to a second question. What would you think about partying with Barb, me, and two of my buddies? We occasionally play games of domination and submission—nothing of a painful sort. And you seem to have kaş escort the right amount of submissiveness to enjoy them.”

“You’d like to share me with Barb and your friends? Who would your guy friends be? Former marine buddies of yours?”

” Yes, they are. One is our stockbroker; the other is the strength coach at Colby. He’s black and somewhat, let’s say, more ‘gifted’ than I am physically, which I now believe you’d enjoy very much. And they’d be gentle, at first, as I was this evening, and we could see where it goes? We might apply clamps to your lovely long nipples, perhaps restrain your legs spread with soft cords, and tease your vaginal lips and clit with a feather. We know your trust is important. Nothing would happen without your consent.”

“Well, you are right: I do love your discipline, and I am definitely attracted to well-hung men; but this invitation is so sudden. You know what – and I can’t believe I’m saying this – but I think I would like to try it. I think I would like to serve you and your friends,” May says, flattered that Jim wants to include her in their swing parties—and surprised that she finds his proposal so overwhelmingly provocative.

” The answer is definitely yes.” May firmly concludes.

“I was hoping you’d agree, May. I know we agreed to exchange partners tonight, but I think you should go back to Deke. You should tell your master what you’ve agreed to.”

“He’s not my master.” May says looking puzzled.

“Yes he is,” Jim contradicts. “It’s obvious. You love him and you would do anything to please him. Barb won’t mind for tonight. We can swap back right now.”

Jim and May knock on the door and open it to find Deke and Barb loosely entwined and resting after their coitus. Jim begins, ” Sorry to disturb you two, but May said, yes, Barb; and we want to swap back for the night. Okay? They need to talk.”

“Oh, okay,” Barb says swinging out of bed.

May and Barb change places. “You were marvelous, Deke. One of the best ever,” Barb says departing. “Good-night, you two.”

“Good-night,” May and Deke respond in unison; and Jim and Barbara leave, closing the door behind them.

“Before you tell me what the hell is going on, May, I have to tell you that I could hear you through the door when you came screaming in ecstasy. It made me crazy to hear you get off like that. You must have been so incredible, so beautiful. I wanted to burst through the door and join you. Was he as good as you sounded?”

“O my God, yes! His cock became mammoth with my blow job. And he made me masturbate for him–the way you like, dear. And how was Barb? Did you eat her?”

“Indeed I did. She is an extremely sexy girl. Her lips and clit are very palpable as she becomes aroused . Truly it becomes like a little dink. And so tasty! You’ll love doing her.

“But what the hell is this switch of partners in the middle of the night? Of course, I don’t mind at all. It’s extra-nice to have you to cuddle. But what’s up with the change in plans?”

“O beloved, wait until I tell you this! Jim just made me the most interesting offer, and I think you will be wild about it for me!”

“You do, do you?”

“O yes, my darling. Of course, you know, Deke, of all the new guys that I am fucking, that none of them will ever, ever be you – right? But listen to this…”

Author’s Note: Our May-December characters had adventurous and sensuous days that summer, now rather long ago. My Aunt May’s early days were those of an emancipated professional woman of the 60’s, and during the course of our conversations, I have contemplated many realities of life. As I think May would say it, “Love does not always take the form you expect; so be ready; and never pass it up when or where you find it.” And, you know what? I haven’t.

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