Max’s Big Gay Carwash Ch. 02

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After all that teasing and apparent foreplay I was half expecting to be disappointed. But I wasn’t. Buddy had a nice thick 7″ Cut cock dangling between his legs. I could see that he had no tan lines after he dropped his shorts so he must have been tanning nude to maintain that healthy brown sheen.

We stood motionless for half a second while we each contemplated the next move. I couldn’t stand it any longer and pushed Buddy’s naked body back against the wall of the car stall. His cock was in my mouth in seconds.

It had been quite a while since my last encounter with another guy but I had not forgotten any of my skills when it came to giving head.

I teased his cock head with the tip of my tongue while squeezing his balls at the same time. I made a fist with my hand and pressed it against my lips so that his cock first had to slide through the tunnel I created on the way to my mouth. Buddy Groaned in delight.

I was so fixated on Buddy’s cock that I didn’t see Max return from the shed to lean against the outside of the stall and just watch me work Buddy’s thick dick. Buddy looked up for a moment and have Max a Thumbs up and a quick wink. He must of known all along that he could get me on my knees.

The foaming brush continued to spew thick pink froth onto the ground as the timer and the wash continued without my involvement. It moved like a pink river that came to a dam in the form of my naked feet, sandals and ass. I could feel the soap pile up and build against my balls and naked asshole. It tickled but also felt good on my skin and seemed bursa escort to intensify my sensitivity.

I stopped sucking Buddy only for a moment to look down and see my very hard cock dripping precum into the pool of pink soap. I started to suck Buddy again. This time i was really trying to get him to cum. But he didn’t let me.

“Not yet.” Buddy half pleaded.

He lifted me from my kneeling position between my legs, stood me up and spun me round. As he turned me I could feel him align his cock so that it popped through my legs and emerged below my balls.

I suddenly realized that Max was leaning naked against the wall and gently massaging his hardening cock.

I was about to say something when Buddy turned my head and kissed me from behind,

I melted under the delicate pressure from his lips and our tongues began to dance back and forth. This time it was my turn to moan and sigh as I ground my naked ass against Buddy’s perfect cock. Buddy reached around and squeezed my dripping hard cock as we kissed and Max looked on jerking out a now steady rhythm.

Buddy broke our kiss and said, “let’s move.”

At first I was confused but he gently pushed me forward and then took me by the hand. as we walked toward my car. As we approached the back doors I understood that I was going to get fucked.

Buddy opened the back door and motioned to my sandals.

“Probably best to take those off,” he suggested.

I was in a deep sexual trance and didn’t respond I only undid my Tevas and let them fall to the görükle escort ground.

I could feel that Buddy had worked up a pretty good sample of precum on my balls and asshole as we made out against the wall. Now as I entered the back seat I could feel him collecting it with his finger and applying it to my naked hole.

I entered the back seat and positioned myself on my knees with Buddy sliding in behind me. Max had come over to the other side of the car and entered the opposite door so my face as now aligned with his old but impressive cock.

I didn’t hesitate. I reached out and took Max’s cock into my mouth and started to sample his unique flavor.

As I sucked him Buddy started to slowly enter me from behind. But he was drying out since I stopped sucking him. Where was the lube when we needed it the most?!

Max motioned Buddy to the pink volcano of a car brush and Buddy came back in with a frothy handful that he applied all over my ass and balls before sliding a few fingers inside me.

I started to protest, “SO?” was all I got before Max rammed his fat cock into my mouth. “Yeah it’s Soap.” Max answered calmly. “You’ll be ok.”

It wasn’t as if I had much of a choice at that moment as I could feel Buddy’s cock slip past my sphincter and then deeper inside me. Wow. He was actually fucking me.

Oh fuck this was actually happening. I was being split roasted in the back of my new car. The smell of new leather was being replaced by the smell of sex and soap and men.

Any reservation that Buddy bursa escort bayan had when I was sucking him was gone as his pace was fast and furious. Meanwhile Max had grabbed my head by both sides and was literally fucking my face. I could catch momentary breaths as I went from having my throat filled to gasping for air and making sickly gurgling noises as Max fucked my mouth,

Somewhere in the midst of all the fucking and sucking I was doing it occurred to me that I was probably not the first guy that they had done this to. Not that it mattered. I was enjoying being so obviously used.

I could feel Buddy’s grip on my ass and hips tightening harder and harder. He must be getting close to cumming.

“Ready?” Buddy asked, but not to me but rather to Max.

“‘Almost there.” Max responded.

“MMMMMM fuck his ass feels really good on my dick. FUCK yes” Buddy almost shouted.

Max withdrew from my mouth with a “POP” sound just as Buddy leaned in and drove his cock home one more time.

“Fuuuuuuck MMMMM ahhhhhh mmmmm.”

For a moment I was able to focus on the amazing feeling of buddy’s man cream blasting it’s way deep into my ass. But only for a moment. As soon as had a second to enjoy the sensation of being filled and creamed, Max exploded all over my face and open mouth.”

“Yeah that’s it,” Max growled. “We knew you might be a good submissive cock whore.”

I wanted to protest for a but as I reacted to the huge white load rolling down my nose and lips and chin, Buddy began slapping my ass and jerking my cock in a steady rhythm.

Then it was my turn.

“Fuuuuuck! Oh Jesus. Oh yes. I’m a good cock whore. mmmmm please oh please yes!”

I’m a good little cock whore? Really?

Well it was turning out to be true.

To be continued in Part III: The Cops Arrive.

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