Max and the Swimming Team

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Max smiled. He had all he needed. They hadn’t realised there were hidden security cameras, and everything was recorded — and he had the recording. Max enjoyed his job as head coach of the swimming team and enjoyed being with the young people in the swimming team, and occasionally, when the circumstances were right, he enjoyed the young people on the team, be they male or female — Max wasn’t choosy — but only when circumstances were right.

It had only happened 3 or 4 times over the years, but this might be the best ever. The video was all he needed.

The young people joined the swimming team when they were 18 or 19, and spent a year with Max and the other coaches. If they were good enough they moved on to national squads, and over the years Max had one or two charges who had gone on to Olympic gold. The majority enjoyed their year, travelled a lot, competed all over the country, but then reverted back to regular studies, some doing “Sports management,” or something like that, others simply continuing swimming for leisure, studying throughout the rest of the university.

But this time he had struck gold — for him, with the video. And outside in the waiting area were three young man — all in their 19th year, waiting in speedos and robes. He had told them that was how they should be dressed when they came to see him. He loved men in speedos — somehow it felt even sexier than dressed in nothing at all.

Max also had one or two other advantages. Firstly he had Joan his personal assistant. She too had been on the swimming team, 12 years earlier. She didn’t make it. But she was one of the students he had enjoyed. A lot. Even after she had left the team. She was one of the kinkiest people he had come across, but she was submissive to him — and dominant to her husband. Somehow, in Max’s adventures with the students, she had become a partner. She liked male students. She loved female students. While she had sex with her husband, she had amazing wonderful sex seducing female students. What did it mean? It meant Max always had a witness in case things should get out of hand, someone to cover his back……………

The other thing about Max was that he was turned on most when others, the other partner, was enjoying it, him or herself. He tried to make it good — generally succeeding — when he did get opportunities to “seduce” someone.

And so to the video. Max had spent a couple of days working out what he was going to do. How he was going to handle it. How he was going to get the best out of it. He had worked out a plan with Joan’s help…………

Max had watched the video an hour before, and smiled again at the thought. There were three of them. Mark, Simon, Danny. Danny — Daniel — was the nephew of the college principal. Son of his wife’s sister. It looked like the principal had found a way to get Danny into the college, even though he didn’t have the academic standards he needed. Glenda — the principal’s wife, kept a close interest in her nephew. Regularly she had talked to Max about his swimming, and they both knew there was a good chance he would make it. And maybe there was some feint flirting between Danny and Glenda — there was something.

So when Glenda and Danny, and his two friends, had entered the treatment room, the security cameras recorded what went on. They could lock the door, but they were not hidden…. What went on for an hour or so was a wild gangbang! It was clear Glenda’s interest in her Nephew went well beyond swimming. And her interest went well beyond her nephew!

It was all Max needed. An open goal! Use this right and he would get what he wanted, get silence, and maybe get even more. The principal’s wife!!!!!

Max called Danny into his office. Joan was there, sitting to the side. She was happy to be a “silent witness.” Max thought Danny was a good looking lad, tall and muscular. He would make it as a swimmer. He was friendly, out-going. Max had to be honest — he wasn’t quite his type, but there was the chance of some fun, before he moved on to the other two lads. Danny would be the starter for the feast to follow………..

Max ordered Danny to remove his robe, and to stand in front of his desk. It only took Max five minutes to explain to Danny what he had seen, and how this could totally ruin his swimming career. And ruin the principal. Max didn’t want to do that, but there would be a cost…… Danny fully understood…….

Max had stood up and walked around the side of his desk to stand close beside Danny. They were both the same sort of height. Max was a bit more “solid” in build, but handsome for 5o years old, with his grey, closely cut hair.

As He stood beside Danny, wearing only his speedos, Max reached out a hand and rested it on Danny’s bulging trunks, resting on his cock, pressing istanbul travesti gently. “You seem very handy with this. Did you like having it in Glenda’s pussy? In Glenda’s mouth?” Max felt the cock through the speedos twitch, and begin to harden. It was going to grow quite big! He gently rubbed, cupped his balls, again squeezing gently. Danny had his eyes closed and was beginning to breathe harder.

Max place the flat of his palm on Danny’s cock and began to swirl around. Max whispered to Danny: “I bet you loved fucking Glenda. I know Glenda loved being fucked by this cock.” Now Danny’s cock was hard, stretching the speedos has much as they would go. Max was amazed they didn’t split, but that was the nature of speedos.

As he let his hand swirl on Danny’s cock, he rested his other hand on Danny’s ass and squeezed. Danny seemed to shake, and moaned gently as Max sped up the swirling of his hand. Max spoke again. “So did fucking Glenda make you feel like this? I bet her cunt squeezed the juice out of your balls. I bet she is a real whore. Bet you loved fucking that slag……..”

Max was amazed Danny could remain standing, as much as his legs wobbled, as he cried out, at the effect of Max’s hand, shooting his cum into his speedos. Max was amazed how quickly he had cum. Maybe the “energy” of a young lad, maybe excited by being watched, or whatever. He had barely lasted a minute………..

At last he managed to stabilise himself, looking acutely embarrassed, covering his face with his hands. The embarrassment was made all the worse as Max whispered in his ear. “Loved making you cum. Loved watching you. Joan loved watching you cum even more……………”

Seconds later Max smiled as Danny left his office in his speedos, full of cum, to return to his dorm. Max called Simon into his office.

Simon was very different to Danny, and to Mark. Simon was the sexiest of the three lads, the one who turned Max on most. He was shy and lacking in confidence. He was slim, about five feet ten, with a cute face. Max already had plans: Simon would look stunning later when he dressed him in Lingerie and put make-up on him. He wouldn’t even need a wig, with Simon’s black hair. Introduce him to some special friends……

In his plan, Max decided to see Simon second, hoping there would be many more opportunities to “spend time with him.”

Max asked Simon to remove his robe before he could sit down, wearing just his speedos. He quickly explained what he had seen. Whilst Danny was shocked and cowed, the depth of Simon’s horror was at a very different level. And as Max pointed out the possible implications, Simon grew even more anxious. Even when Max said he would do all he could to help, Simon still looked terrified. Not only could his swimming career be over, the impact of publicity on his family would be awful.

Max suggested that Simon would be safe with him, if he just stood up for a moment. Simon rose slowly to his feet.

Max looked at Simon stood there. He thought Simon was the sexiest person he had ever seen. His smooth body, only interrupted by his cute nipples. His speedos bulging over his cock and balls — not too large, just right. His cute ass round and firm. His face a picture of horror, his mouth pouting, leaving Max dreaming for a moment of having his cock in Simon’s mouth……. But not for this time…….

Max stood, walked around his desk and stood beside Simon. Simon seem paralysed as he stood there. While he was shy, and lacking in confidence, he had sharp instincts, and had realised he was going to be seduced, probably, by Max, even with Joan sat there watching. He stood, knowing he had little choice.

Max stood in front of Simon, reached out, held his speedos, pulled them over his now hardening cock and slowly lowered them to Simon’s knees. Max left them there and stepped back. He knew that the embarrassment would be even worse with the trunks just lowered, rather than removed.

Max looked Simon slowly up and down. He saw Simon’s red face. He saw Simon’s tiny nipples looking hard. He looked down and stared at Simon’s cock. Surrounded by black hair. Circumcised. Nearly six inches long, beautiful, a pair of beautifully round balls hanging down. He walked slowly around Simon, softly brushing his hand on Simon’s cute round ass making him shiver slightly. Then moving around in front of him again.

Max whispered softly to him. “You’re so gorgeous. I’m going to have you.”

Max moved closer, put his hands around Simon’s body, and put his lips softly to Simon’s and began to kiss him. Even as he did he was aware of Simon’s body, it’s warmth, it’s smoothness.

Max continue to kiss, kissing harder, wetly, then forcing his tongue into Simon’s mouth, beginning to explore the inside of Simon’s mouth with his tongue. istanbul travestileri Simon stood passively as Max kissed him, then rested his hand on Simon’s ass, squeezing gently.

At last Max felt it. The moment he had been waiting for. It seemed like it had taken several minutes. He felt Simon move his tongue, rubbing it against Max’s tongue. Max pulled away for a moment to whisper to Simon: “Good boy, I want you to enjoy it…………..” He quickly glued his mouth back to Simon’s, thrusting his tongue inside, to be met by Simon’s softly pushing back, caressing, fencing, the two tongues entwined.

Somehow the intensity of the kiss grew, as Max simple pulled Simon to him with his hands grasping Simon’s ass, pulling Simon’s cock into him. Max could feel Simon’s cock now hard, pushing through his trousers against Max’s. Somewhere Simon had put his arms around Max’s neck to hold the kiss.

Suddenly Max pulled away, then dropped to his knees in front of Simon. In moments he was kissing Simon’s cock, running his tongue all over it. It tasted fantastic. He tasted Simon’s pre-cum which was now seeping from the tip of his cock. It tasted salty but nice. Max couldn’t stop himself — he took Simon’s cock in his mouth and was quickly running his mouth up and down, running his tongue all over this hard, sweet, tasty boy cock. He heard Simon moaning, and felt his legs wobbling. Max put his arms around Simon, grasping his ass so he wouldn’t escape. Simon was now thrusting his cock in and out, fucking Max’s mouth, abandoned to his lust. Max sucked hard, heard Simon cry out, and felt the cum shoot from Simon’s cock into his mouth, simon thrusting several times, each time spurting more cum into Max’s mouth. Max saved it in his mouth until Simon had finished spurting, the cum tasting amazing.

After Simon had steadied himself, Max released his cock from his mouth, and stood slowly to his feet. He stood close to Simon, now looking acutely embarrassed for he had done with Max, watched by Joan. Max moved in and whispered: “open your mouth.” Simon did, not thinking what might happen.

Max leant into Simon, put his mouth to Simon’s and using his tongue he pushed Simon’s cum into Simon’s own mouth. For a moment Simon pushed away but Max held him firm. Now they were kissing again with Simon’s cum proving extra “moisture” shared between them.

At last Max pulled away. “Swallow it all, babe,” he whispered, as he watched Simon gulp down the cum he had received back.

Max stepped away, smiling as he saw Simon still with his speedos around his knees.

“You can get dressed Simon.”

Simon pulled his speedos up, then put on his robe, tying the belt around the waist.

“What you and the lads did is safe with Joan and me. Won’t make you do anything else. BUT, I would like to ask you to come back here at about 8 this evening — and then we’ll go back to my place and have a hot weekend together. You don’t have to, and if you don’t it won’t hurt you in any way — but I would love to you to spend the weekend with me. It’s up to you.”

Max sat for a moment after Simon had left. He smiled over at Joan who had been sat quietly through everything. “Do you think he will?”

Joan smiled back. “Dunno, but if he does he is going to have weekend to remember! By the way, Mark is still waiting outside.”

Again Max had thought carefully what we would do. Again he had explained to Mark what he had seen, the recording he had. The impact it might have.

Mark was different from the other two lads. Whereas Danny was confident, and Simon was shy but hot as hell, Mark was cheerful, outgoing, willing to please. He was about five feet eleven inches, with short cropped blonde hair. And Max knew that at this moment Mark would make the perfect climax.

“So Mark, if you want me to save your career you are going to have to do what I ask for the next half hour. Anything I ask.”

Mark was a defeated mixture of frightened for the future and eager to please. “Yes, sir, anything you want.”

Max paused and smiled, looking across the desk at Mark, standing in just his speedos. “Mark, I want to fuck you, fuck your man cunt.”

Mark didn’t move, but his face contorted, as he worked out what Max meant. His mind and face were churning for a minute or so, before he spoke quietly. “Yes, sir. If that is what it takes.”

Max smiled. After playing with Danny and Simon he was really turned on, and thought this would be the perfect “climax.”

“Please sir…….” After agreeing, Mark found a bit of confidence to speak. “Please sir, it won’t hurt will it. Please sir, don’t hurt me………”

Max stood up and walked around the desk. “I’ll prepare your asshole for it, but it will be tight and might hurt a bit. But you will love it.”

Max reached out and grasped travesti istanbul Mark’s speedos and pulled them slowly down to his ankles, then this time lifted his feet out of them, leaving Mark completely naked. Again he took some moments to look Mark over, then gently grasping his semi hard cock. It wasn’t very big, but was cute. Mark moaned as he gently squeezed. He whispered to Mark again. “I’m going to fuck you. But then I’ll leave you with Joan.” He pointed to Joan, sitting quietly to the side of the large office. Mark glanced at her, and Joan smiled back. Max continued. “She loves being fucked by a hot young guy. She’ll let you fuck her mouth, cunt or ass, whichever you want…………”

As he spoke Max felt Mark’s cock twitch and harden even further. He guessed there was nothing he wanted more than to fuck Joan in a choice of holes! “But it’s me first. Bend over the desk.”

Mark paused, then bent over the desk. Max spoke again. “Gorgeous mancunt. I’m going to get it ready for me……….”

Max had thought this out. He could have just put gel on his cock and “shoved” it in. But it would be far more fun to play with this gorgeous hole, and make Mark realise he wasn’t just being taken, he was receiving and taking Max’s dominance.

Max picked up the tube of gel he had left on his desk, then nodded to Joan, who came and sat on the chair just inches from Mark’s face, looking him in the eye. Mark looked away in embarrassment when Joan smiled at him. Meanwhile Max had run his finger around Mark’s asshole, his gorgeous wrinkled asshole. He removed his finger, put a little gel on it and pushed gently, then increasingly hard until his finger had entered to his knuckle through the ring of Mark’s ass. He paused until Mark had relaxed, then began to push further.

Joan had put her hands to the sides of Mark’s face and pulled him around to look at her again. She whispered: “keep looking at me. I know he has his finger in your bum. Bet you like it!” Mark didn’t know if he liked it or not, but there was something about Joan fixing his eyes that made his so utterly embarrassed that his cock felt harder than it had ever done, even in that amazing gangbang Danny had brought him into.

Max pulled his finger our of Mark’s asshole, put more gel on his finger and around the hole, causing Mark to shiver at the coldness of it. Max pushed his finger back in, further and further until it was in as far as he could manage. Mark had tensed, but seemed to be relaxing again as Max held his finger inside. As he relaxed Max began to finger-fuck him, sliding his finger in and out an inch or so each time, the gel helping the sensations. At last he knew Mark was ready.

Max removed his finger, quickly removed his trousers and boxers, then stood behind Mark, pressing his now hard seven inch cock to Mark’s hole. Max grasped Mark’s hips and began to push, pushing harder and harder until suddenly his cock slipped through the ring, and was two inches inside.

Mark had cried out in surprise and pain, so Max paused.

After a few moments Mark had relaxed, and the pain subsided. As he relaxed Max began to push slowly and strongly and his cock moved further into this tight tight hole. He paused for a few moments, then pushed until his entire cock was buried deep in Mark. Max loved it, it was so tight, so welcoming. For Mark he was okay. It wasn’t hurting too much, as much as he felt completely filled by the cock buried deep inside him. His mind told him he was being completely owned by this cock, by Max. His embarrassment was pushed even higher up the scale when Joan asked him “You like your mancunt being filled?” He could only moan in answer. His cock told him he had never experienced anything as hot as what was happening to him at this moment.

After pausing a few moments, Max pulled his cock out, then pushed back. Paused. Out a little further, back in harder. A pause. Then out and in, harder, no pause. He had rhythm now sliding his cock in and out of this loosening and welcoming asshole.

Max was sliding faster and faster. He felt the grip on his cock so tight. He would only last a couple of minutes, fucking this welcoming mancunt. He fucked harder and harder, faster and faster, not caring whether Mark was enjoying it, carried away in his lust. Mark felt he knew, and loved the sense he was just being used to satisfy this man’s lust. That his ass, his most intimate place, was now owned and abused by this man.

Faster and faster, then Mark felt Max tense, grip his hips hard, shout out, and was pumping his cum deep in Mark’s mancunt, spurt after spurt after spurt.

At last Max had spent everything, and stood, shaking from his orgasm. As his cock shrunk he pulled himself out, leaving Joan and Mark kissing, with cum dripping from his asshole.

He smiled as he saw Joan and Mark kiss. “I’ll go get cleaned up and leave the two of you to it. Have a good fuck.” He didn’t know if they heard or not. Max went off to the showers to get cleansed, He was coming back later. He wondered whether Simon would come back later as well…

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