Maureen’s Referal

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I’d been seeing Maureen on a roughly monthly basis when my consulting job brought me to a city near where she lived. Maureen was in her early forties, medium height and slim with curly red hair, freckles, and a big smile. More significantly, she was married. Her husband had gotten sexually bored with her starting several years earlier. Was he cheating? Or did his libido simply disappear? Maureen didn’t know and, as time passed, she didn’t care. That’s when she and I met.

In the beginning Maureen would come to my hotel and spend a couple of hours in bed with me. After about a year of that, she suggested that we meet instead at a condo that was owned by one of her single girlfriends. The condo was closer to where she lived than was my regular hotel, which was both more convenient for her and entailed less risk of her being seen walking into a hotel.

Maureen and I smoothly transitioned to a new rendezvous pattern. When I arrived at the condo at the designated time in the midafternoon, Maureen would have arrived a few minutes earlier to remake the bed with sheets that she’d brought from home. We’d enjoy our together time in bed, then I’d help her remake the bed with the original sheets, and she’d shoo me away to my job and take the soiled sheets home to wash.

Then one day our usual pattern changed. When I knocked on the condo door, it wasn’t Maureen who answered. I was immediately taken aback, alarmed even. Had I come to the wrong door? I glanced at the number above the doorbell. No, it was the right door. The woman tilted her head to the side and gave me a bemused smile.

“Uhhh,” was all I could manage to utter.

“Jon? I’m Liz. Maureen’s friend. This is my condo. Please come in.” Liz opened the door wider and stepped aside, and I stepped inside


Liz shut the door and turned to me, “Maureen told me she’d be late, and she asked me to stay here and greet you.” She held out her hand, and I gave it a polite shake. Liz was shorter than Maureen and was borderline plump, with shoulder length curly black hair, dark eyes, medium size breasts, and womanly hips. And she, too, had a big, welcoming smile.

“It’s good to meet you,” I said. Liz gave my hand a final gentle squeeze. I cleared my throat with a bit of nervousness. “I want to thank you for your kindness and generosity in letting Maureen — well, and me — use your home. I realize it’s been kind of an invasion of your personal space.” Especially fucking in your bed, I thought to myself.

Liz smiled. “I’ve been happy to do it. She’s my best friend.” Liz’s eyes studied my face. “She’s told me all about you.”

“Oh?” I felt my ears turning red.

“Oh yes. In quite glowing details.” She smiled again. I imagine my ears were growing redder. “I’m sorry, I didn’t intend to make you uncomfortable,” she apologized.

“I’m only a little uncomfortable,” I chuckled.

A cellphone rang, and Liz turned to walk to the small table beside the nearby living room couch where the cellphone was laying. She answered it with a cheerful “Hello!”, listened a moment, then motioned to me to approach. “Here,” she said as she handed me the cellphone, “It’s Maureen.”

Indeed it was. “Jon,” she began, “I’m sorry. I won’t be able to make it there today.”

“Is everything okay?”

“Everything is okay. Something came up. Besides, I wanted you and Liz to meet.”

“She seems very nice,” I assured Maureen.

“You should stay awhile.” Maureen paused. “If you’d like. I’d like the two of you to get to know each other.”

I began to wonder if there was more to Maureen’s words than their surface meaning. “Okay. But. I don’t want to impose on Liz.”

“Oh I don’t think you are,” Maureen continued. “She’s told me that she’s heard so much about you that she wants to get to know you. Personally.” She paused, then added, “She’s my closest friend, Jon. I’ll be happy with whatever the two of you decide to do.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, of course. I’ve given you high marks, sweetie. I’m sure you won’t disappoint her. Think of it as a favor to me, okay?”

“Okay. I’m sorry you can’t get here today.”

“So am I. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun. Bye bye!” And then Maureen disconnected the call.

I handed the cellphone back to Liz, and she returned it to the table. “So,” she said, “Would you like to stay awhile?”

“Yes. Though I don’t want to keep you from whatever you were planning to do this afternoon.”

Liz smiled. “Quite honestly, this is what I was planning to do this afternoon.” That sentence hung in the air for a few seconds, then she added, “Can I get you anything? Water? Juice? I still have a half pot of coffee in the kitchen.”

“No, but thank you. Please get some yourself if you want.”

“Let’s sit and chat. Shall we?” Liz nodded toward the couch, and we sat down. For the next half hour our conversation bounced from topic to topic. Our respective jobs. What we thought about where we lived. Our hobbies. Movies. Music. Eventually we got almanbahis adresi around to the subject of dating. “So John, do you have a girlfriend back home?”

“I’m divorced. I have an ex-wife in Seattle. There’s someone I see occasionally in Portland, but it’s not serious. How about you?”

“There’s no one at the moment. Not for awhile, if truth be told. I guess I’m not looking for a serious steady relationship right now. And I’m not particularly interested in one night stands. Do you know what I mean?”

“Yes, I think so. I’m in about the same state of mind.”

“After my divorce a few years ago, I was dating a lot. But it just got old.” Liz paused, like she was choosing her words carefully. “You and Maureen seem to have found a happy middle ground. Good sex. Great sex, if you listen to her. But not clingy. And you both continue to have your own lives when you’re not together.”

“Yes, that’s true.”

“So I’m wondering… What would you think… about continuing this conversation in the bedroom?” Her eyes stayed glued to mine.

“And this is all fine with Maureen?”

“This is Maureen’s idea, actually.” Liz bit down on her lower lip and reached a hand to my chest. “Come with me,” she said quietly, then turned to walk toward the bedroom. “Come along,” she told me over her shoulder, “You know the way.” I did. I followed her.

Liz stopped at the end of the bed and turned to face me. “First, let me set my ground rules. Is that okay?”

“Of course.” I wondered where this was going.

“I like the idea of casual sex, but there are some things I don’t like. I’m not a fan of anal. Or anything involving pain. Or bondage. I enjoy kissing. Oral. Especially receiving it.” She laughed.

“I agree with all of that,” I replied.

“And I love fucking. And watching your face while we fuck.”

I chuckled. “That, too.”

“I hope that’s not too blunt. I’m multi-orgasmic. And I have an IUD, so I’m not concerned with pregnancy. Maureen vouches for your health. You don’t use condoms with her. Is that right?”

I nodded. “I’m certainly also good with all that. I’ve had a vasectomy, and I’ve never had an STD. I don’t sleep around. I generally use condoms unless I feel comfortable and safe with the woman.”

“Well then,” Liz replied, “I’m safe, too. If you’re okay with no condoms, then I certainly am, too.” She looked down at the floor, seemingly a bit embarrassed. “I actually like… feeling a man… come inside me.” She looked back up at my face and smiled.

“I greatly enjoy that, too.”

We stood there for a moment, staring at each other’s face, then Liz continued, “So we could either waste a few minutes undressing each other, or we can just undress ourselves and get into bed.”

And that’s what we did. We watched each other disrobe. I unbuttoned my shirt and she her blouse, and those ended up on the floor beside us. I unzipped my pants and lowered them, and Liz unsnapped something at the back of her skirt and that fell, too. My underwear joined my pants on the floor, and Liz’s frilly white bra and skimpy white panties followed.

There we were, facing each other, stark naked. My erection was almost at full mast as I gazed at Liz’s face and breasts, which were nicely firm with large, pink nipples, and her neatly trimmed black pubic hair. Yes, I’m a fan of pubic hair.

Moments later the bed sheets were pulled back and we were cuddling in the middle. Our mouths were enthusiastically eager, our tongues dancing and our hands wandering. Liz’s body was warm, her skin was soft, and my erection was most definitely rock hard and pressed against her tummy.

Liz’s hand found my cock. “Oh my,” she murmured. “Is that for me?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” I replied.

Soon my mouth went to Liz’s neck, then gently pushed her onto her back and went down to her breasts, first visiting her right nipple then her left. Liz groaned and wiggled her body in response. Further south, I slowly kissed down her chest to just below her belly button. Liz was breathing noticeably harder and her body was squirming. I maneuvered my body between her legs and finished my mouth’s journey to her now inflamed and fragrant pussy.

“Oh yeah,” she groaned. Should I be subtle and give her the slightest of licks? No, she’s beyond that. My tongue gave her an upward swipe deep between her lips, from her opening to her hardened clit that jutted between her swollen labia. That elicited a loud, excited squeal above my head. Clearly it was the right choice. The scent and taste of a woman’s pussy is always intensely arousing to me, and Liz’s was no different. My erection felt like a tree trunk.

Every woman has her own preferences for receiving oral, and I tried to learn what those are for Liz. After she warmed up and her inner labia swelled and open wide, and her medium size clitoris hardened and jutted out, and a combination of my saliva and her own juices made everything deliciously sloppy and fragrant, what seemed to work the almanbahis adres best was a teasing penetration of her opening, then firm swipes of my flat tongue upwards to her clit, where I’d briefly linger with side to side movements and an occasional suck. Liz’s hands alternately held and caressed my head as her hips undulated in rhythm to my mouth. She murmured and grunted and groaned her sounds of pleasure. “Oh yeah, oh yeah don’t stop. Like that.” And I didn’t.

When I slid my right hand beneath her butt and inserted left forefinger and middle finger inside her vagina to stroke her distinct g-spot, Liz’s squeals got louder and louder until she almost shouted a loud “Oh fuck!” and her body stiffened, her hands pulled my face solidly against her pussy, and I paused my licks as she exhaled a long, noisy groan and her kegels clenched around my two fingers for a second or two.

Liz hyperventilated and growled “Don’t stop!”, and I restarted my swipes. Her thighs soon muscled against my ears and she climaxed again, this time with a longer clench of my fingers. During the next hyperventilating she groaned “Oh god, again!” and she had a third shuddering explosion.

Then her body relaxed. Her hands gently pushed my head away from her drenched pussy. “Too sensitive” was all she could utter. I moved up to lay beside her, caressing her breasts and kissing her neck. “I want you inside me,” she told me, and she make motions to pull me on top of her. I held my body above hers with my outstretched arms on either side of her head. Her legs spread wide and her knees bent, and her lower body cradled me. My cock stroked in the wetness of her open vulva as our eyes were glued to each other.

“What are you waiting for?” Liz asked with a frustrated tone. I nudged my cockhead inside her vagina. She inhaled a quick gasp. Then ever so slowly I slid deeper and deeper into one of the most delightfully snug, silky, furnace-hot vaginas I’d ever encountered. Her kegels nibbled at my shaft as I gradually slid inside. Liz put a hand on each knee to raise them higher and higher to allow me to bury my cock as deep as I could go. Her eyes stared at mine and her breathing quickened.

And when I was completely, totally, deliciously buried in her grasp, my pubic bone pressed against hers and the tip of my cock just barely grazed her cervix. Her kegels signaled their welcome to my intrusion. “Oh yeah,” she panted. “Now fuck me.”

“You’ve got me really turned on,” I told her. “I don’t want to come too quickly.”

“Maureen said you can do it two or three times in an afternoon.”

I chuckled. “Yeah. Usually.”

“So just fuck me. I want to feel you come. We can go slow the next time.” She pulled my face down to kiss me. “I can taste me on your mouth.” Her fingertips brushed across my lips.

“Is that okay?”

“Of course.” Her hands found my butt and her hips began to rock against me. “Just shut up and fuck me.”

And so I did. I gave her slow, full length strokes, and we got into a rhythm. “Faster,” she grunted, and I obliged. “Harder,” she urged, and I did that, too. Her ankles hooked together behind the small of my back, and her hands roamed between my face to my back to my butt. It was as if we were slow dancing, with her hips and legs and hands responding effortlessly to my changes in tempo. Even better was her vagina that felt alive with its little nibbles, and her subtle pelvic undulations that made changes to my angle of penetration to get my shaft grazing and stretching everywhere.

Soon my pubic bone was thumping against her exposed clit, and we were both moaning and groaning with increasing pleasure. “That’s it,” she said. “Like that.” As my orgasm made its inevitable buildup, our eyes were locked together. “Do you feel what you do to me?” I asked. My cock was throbbing inside her, ready to burst.

“You’re so hard,” she replied. “Give it to me. Fill me. I want to feel you.”

My tempo quickened. “Just like that,” she gasped. “Come for me!”

“I’m going to come,” I announced.

“Do it! Fill me! Let it go! Let it go!”

I surrendered whatever restraint I was managing to maintain and I let it happen. “Here I come,” I managed to groan as I thumped into her. “Oh!” I gasped, “Oh! Oh!” that was matched by Liz’s similar noises, and I drove deep, ever so deep into her slick heat. And I was there, with every muscle in my body stiffened and holding myself buried inside her as my climax exploded.

Liz’s eyes and mouth opened wide. Her chin lifted and her fingers dug into my buttocks. Time was frozen and my spurts began. One, two, three. I took a quick breaths. Four, five, six. “I felt you get bigger, right before you came,” Liz whispered. “I felt you cock pulsing.”

And when it was finished, when my muscled paralysis relaxed and my release was completed, I remained buried inside her as I softened. Liz’s clenching nibbles resumed her “I like feeling you there” message. When I made a subtle motion to pull out, Liz’s hands almanbahis adresi and ankles pulled me closer. “No, not yet. Stay inside me.”

“Okay.” When my erection finally disappeared and Liz’s final squeeze popped my penis out of her vagina, she sighed. “That was really nice.”

I moved my body to lay beside her. Liz reached a hand between her legs. “Geez, do you always come this much? Maureen didn’t tell me about that. I guess that’s part of the ‘getting to know you better’.” Liz laughed.

Is that a problem, leaving that much inside you?”

“Of course not. I take it as a compliment. It’s really… I don’t know…” She paused, then added, “It really turns me on to feel a man shoot inside me. Without a condom, I mean, or me wearing a diaphragm. It’s a primal thing, I guess is the word. Instinctive. It doesn’t happen often. I need to trust the man.”

“But you didn’t come when I did.”

“No. Not this time. I was focused on you and your climax this first time. She continued, “So, is there more where that came from? So to speak.”

“I just need a little time to recover,” I said. Liz rolled to face me, and we embraced and kissed with lingering mouths. “You really shouldn’t compare yourself to Maureen. You are a wonderful lover.”

Liz smiled. “Thank you. You’re pretty special, too.” We kissed, then she added, “Should I go clean myself up?”

“Not on my account! I like you wet and sloppy.”

“Let me go pee. I’ll be right back.” Liz rolled to the edge of the bed and walked out the door with a hand cupped around her mound. A few minutes later I heard the toilet flush and Liz returned. “Okay,” she announced, “I’m still wet and sloppy!”

Liz crawled back into bed and we resumed where we left off. Embracing, kissing, caressing, exchanging murmurs and whispers. When my erection began to reappear, Liz was clearly aware. “Oh there you are,” she whispered. “Excuse me while I go say hello to my new friend.”

Liz slid lower, leaning over my hips and taking my partial erection into her mouth. “You’re sloppy, too.”

“You said you like that,” I responded.

Liz was silent and took my penis into her mouth. She was gentle and, I should say, effective. Soon I was fully erect. She looked up at me, then moved on top of me, centering my shaft in her wet cleft. She reached a hand between her legs to aim my cock at her opening, then settled her weight down and took me inside her. Her sheath was silkier and hotter than the first time.

“Ahhh,” she said. “There you are.”

“There I am,” I replied.

“Just lie there,” she said. And I did. Liz leaned forward, pressing her breasts against my chest, and gave me a long kiss. I caressed her ass and her back. Then she sat upright, wiggled her hips to get my penetration buried deep, Then she began to work her pussy against me. Liz didn’t stroke her vagina up and down my cock as much as she pressed, rubbed, scrubbed, grinded her vulva against my pubic bone. Some women on top are strokers. Others are grinders. Liz was a grinder.

Liz closed her eyes and just seemed to go into her private world. Back and forth, back and forth, her face advertised the pleasure she was giving herself to her clit against my pubic bone and her vagina full of my cock. Not that I complained in the slightest. I just watched her and enjoyed her body and enjoyed her gentle “Oh! Oh! Oh!” sounds as her hips scrubbed back and forth, and her vagina asserted its temporary ownership of my hardened flesh.

We went on like this for what seemed like 10 or 20 minutes. I stroked her breasts and pinched her nipples, I caressed her face, I thumbed her clit, and it all seemed to be what Liz wanted. Her arousal built, and her noises increased in frequency and volume. I wondered if the sounds of the squeaky bedsprings and the squelchy clickety-clack of our connected flesh was as arousing to Liz as it was to me.

Liz was a joy to watch and to experience. Gone was any subtlety, gone were the kegel nibbles. Everything seemed to focus on what she was doing to her clit as she grinded herself against my body while the thickness of my rigid cock stretched her vagina. Her head tilted from side to side, her breasts danced in front of me. I held a breast in each hand, caressing them and feeling each turgid nipples against my palms.

When Liz got close, she opened her eyes and focused on my face. I raised my hips as best I could to get my already buried cock as deep as I could manage. That seemed to work. Liz closed her eyes again, sped up her grinding hips and pressed her whole weight on my pubic bone until she bent her head back, groaned loudly, and froze her movements. “Come for me, come for me,” I told her, and she did. Her exhaled “Argghhh!!” burst out as her vaginal opening clamped down around the base of my cock for a few seconds.

Liz’s orgasm continued for almost a minute. Again and again her body froze, she loudly announced her climax and gripped my cock, then relaxed her grip and resumed her intense grinding. Three times, four times. I lost count.

When she was done, Liz’s flushed face had a sheen of sweat and her hair was thoroughly tousled. She opened her eyes and again found my face. “Wow,” she said. “Did you come again?”

“No. Not yet.”

“Do you want my mouth?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32