Mature sisters

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The following story is fiction, and contains descriptions of female bodily functions.

If this offends, then don’t read any further.

Once upon a time, there were two sisters….Brenda and Elsie….for the purpose of this story, Brenda is 48 years of age, and Elsie is 54 years of age.

Elsie had been married, but quite a long time divorced, he had been a bit of a bastard to her.

Brenda never married, but she would tell you that she’d had her share of cocks and pussies!

However, they were always close to each other, even from an early age, despite the six years difference between them.

Elsie wasn’t the the best looking sister, and over the years had become a bit chubby, 42″ breasts, sagging down, and long nipples…… mousy coloured hair, cut just above her shoulders.

Brenda was not unattractive, and fairly slim, but was beginning to show her age, with a slight rounding of her stomach, and her 38″ breasts had a slight sag, with nipples to equal Elsie’s, very suckable.

Both of them had labial lips to die for, slack and very long.

From a quite early age, they had enjoyed a ” closeness”.

They had watched each other using the toilet, and when Elsie started menstruating she was quite open about what was happening, and taught Brenda the facts of life.

Brenda took it all in, and watched as Elsie changed her sanitary pads.

It was the 1950’s, and most women used pads, and sanitary belts back then, tampons were not much used then.

As they grew up, they enjoyed boys, and men, and as I said Elsie got married, but it ended in divorce.

Whenever the opportunity arose, they would spend as much time together as possible, often engaging in intimate fun.

They always kissed, as most sisters do, but these kisses eventually became more than just sisterly.

One time in their late teens, they looked into each others eyes, and engaged in a sisterly kiss, but this time it was different.

Suddenly there seemed to be a spark somewhere inside them, and the kiss became more passionate.

Mouths opened, and tongues entered each other mouths, and saliva began to mix.

They were falling in love, more than just sisterly love!

They had played with each others nipples over the years, sucking and pulling, and both had been blessed with generous teats, long and sensitive.

Pretty much as the other sexual parts of their bodies, which received a lot of “attention.”


Now into the 1990’s, the following account takes place over a weeks vacation from their work, both of them working at the same place, a medical manufacturing,research and supply company.

They lived together in a small, but comfortable, and private apartment.

They agreed that this week was going to be a memorable one, from when they got up on the first morning of their vacation.

As usual, they both needed an early morning pee, and they watched each other regularly using the toilet.

Over the years, they had put up the pretence of being very ladylike,and to all intents and purposes, thats how their collegues saw them, in fact they were quite respectable, but at home when things got intimate, they used ” naughty ” words quite often.

Elsie was first to sit on the toilet, and soon her urine was gushing into the water below in the toilet bowl.

“You cow, I’m bursting to piss,” said Brenda.

“You’ll have to sit on my lap then,” said Elsie,” It’s never stopped you before, you dirty fucking slut.”

Brenda lowered herself onto Elsie’s lap, facing her, her own legs open, either side of Elsie’s meaty thighs, their bodies pressed together.

She started to pee as well, and her hot urine gushed out underneath her, soaking Elsie’s thighs, before trickling into the toilet.

She looked up to Brenda, and opened her mouth, she hadn’t put her dentures in yet, and Brenda pushed her lips between Elsie’s wide open lips, and began to dribble saliva into her mouth, something they did regularly.

Exchanging saliva was just one of their favourite fetishes, they would often dribble or spit into each others mouths, and pass it back and forth.

When they had finished peeing, they stood up, urine trickling down their thighs.

Elsie told Brenda to bend over and knelt behind her.

“Let me lick your cunt,” she said, and proceeded to bury her face into her wet, dripping crotch, lapping the salty sweet taste of Brenda’s pee.

“I’ll lick yours too, then we can kiss again,” said Brenda.

She returned the favour, sucking at the last drops of pee, and then they stood kissing, tasting each others pee, and exchanging saliva, mixed with the urine.

After several minutes of passionate kissing, they had a shower, washing each other, with lots of touching, and feeling between the legs.

Normally they wouldn’t have bothered showering, and enjoyed being sticky, but Elsie suggested that they go to the local shop down the road.

“We need some foodstuffs, veggies etc., and we need some tampons, you’ll be on your period soon, and you know me, I’m in my change, I could bleed anytime,”said Düzce Escort Elsie.

“Yes, that’s true,” Brenda agreed,” and I love having a tampon up my cunt.”

“You’re a fucking whore,” said Elsie.

“Let’s have some bum fun when we go out,” suggested Brenda.

Elsie agreed,” Sure, I know what you mean, you naughty girl.”

They had several cups of tea, and some breakfast.

They got dressed.

It was summer, so they put on their panties, and summer dresses, not bothering with their bras.

Before they left the apartment, they both pulled their panties down, and bent over.

Over the years, they had obtained loads of sex toys in a box they had.

Brenda had fetched two large butt plugs.

They inserted them into each others anus, and they pulled their panties up, smiling at each other.

“Nice,” said Elsie.

“M’mmm, yes,” said Brenda,” we haven’t had a shit yet, these will keep it in ‘eh,” a broad grin on her face.

“It’ll be nice, walking down the road with the plugs up our arses, and no one knowing we’re enjoying ourselves,” said Elsie.

When they reached the shops, they walked around with a trolley.

They got all the food they needed, and in the vegetable section, they smiled at each other, and picked up two of the biggest cucumbers they could find, then four boxes of tampons.

They paid for their goods, and left the shop.

“All that drink this morning, I’ve wet my panties,” said Brenda.

“You fucking would while we’re out, you dirty girl….very much?” asked Elsie.

“Not much, just enough to dampen them, it feels nice,” she replied.

“I know,” said Elsie,” I like wet ones as well.”

“Oh! Dear,” said Brenda, as she walked in front Elsie, who noticed straight away that her sister had lost control, and was peeing more, and a trickle was running down her legs, leaving a wet trail on the path, a good job it was summer, and it would dry quickly.

Not to be outdone, Elsie joined in, and wet herself, with pee running down her legs as well.

Brenda saw it, and said,” Ooooh! We are naughty aren’t we.”

They hurried back to their apartment, as quickly as possible, and inside they made their way to the lounge, where they sat down on the sofa, by now their summer dresses were soaking wet.

Fortunately they were always prepared, and their sofa had a waterproof sheet on, covered by an old blanket, likewise, their mattress on the bed also had a waterproof sheet under the cotton one.

They were never quite sure when their sexual desires would arise.

So, on the sofa they cuddled up, and began a long, protracted kissing session.

Tongues explored each others mouths, and Brenda dribbled as much saliva as she could into Elsie’s mouth, which she passed back.

There was so much, they occassionally swallowed some, it was a fetish they really enjoyed.

“I’m pissing again,” said Brenda.

“Well, sit on my lap,” said Elsie,” do it on me.”

She climbed onto her lap, kneeling either side of Elsie’s thighs, and they resumed their passionate wet kissing.

Brenda was soon in full flow, despite having wet herself on the way home, all the drinks they’d had before going out had taken effect.

Her pee soaked through their dresses, and Elsie felt the hot urine seeping down between her thighs.

She made the situation twice as exciting, and wet herself as well.

“Oh! I’m soaking,” she said,” lets get on the bed, and lick each others cunts.”

In the bedroom, they removed their wet dresses, and panties, and stood naked looking at each others naked bodies.

Both of them had erect nipples which were certain to get a lot of attention soon.

They got on the bed, and assumed a 69 position, and holding their ample lips apart, they proceeded to lick each other.

It wasn’t long before they were both having violent orgasms, and they were tasting their vaginal juices, mixed with yet more urine.

The taste for both of them,was salty-sweet, and they drank, and swallowed all that was oozing, dripping, and spurting from their swollen, sensitive vulval valleys.

Exhausted,they eventually lay next to each other, kissing again, this time, tasting each others body fluids, and of course, loads of saliva.

“I think I’ll keep my butt plug in, I love having it up my arse,” said Brenda.

Elsie agreed,” Yes,I am feeling rather full, there’s quite a lot of shit in me.”

Brenda nodded in agreement, but it felt so nice wearing it.

“Let’s get some lunch,I’m hungry,” said Brenda.

Naked, they went to the kitchen, and had a salad, followed by a lot of cold drinks.

Still wearing their butt plugs.

“Sitting with it still in, pushes it further up my arse, I love the pressure,” said Elsie.

Brenda agreed,” That full feeling is fucking lovely, but I’ll have to go soon”

“You know I like watching you have a shit, so I’ll come with you,” said Elsie.

“Yes, sure,” replied Brenda.

They finished their meal, and drinks, and headed for the toilet, where Brenda stood holding onto the toilet seat.

Slowly Düzce Escort Bayan Elsie eased the butt plug out, and inserted her middle finger into Brenda’s anus, feeling the warmth inside, and her next bowel movement.

She stood up, turned round, and sat on the toilet, her legs open, and sat foward so that Elsie could watch her going.

Slowly her anus opened, and her poo started to slide out, accompanied by spurts of urine.

The scene for Elsie was very satisfying, and she reached between her thighs, her legs apart, and masturbated herself, rubbing her still sticky clitoris, until she had an orgasm, her thighs quivering, as she sighed with the pleasure, a trickle of urine running down her legs onto the tiled bathroom floor, from her weak bladder.

Brenda was still relieving herself, when she pulled Elsie closer, and pulled on her already erect nipples, sucking hard on each one in turn.

This just resulted in Elsie coming even more.

“Oh! Fuck….yes….yes,oh!….yes, I’m fucking coming.”

Eventually she finished coming.

“Oh! That was so fucking good, my turn for a shit now, or I”ll burst.”

Brenda stood up without wiping herself, and removed Elsie’s butt plug, just in time, as her poo was coming out as she sat down, assuming the position, so that Brenda could watch.

Elsie pulled her close, and reached through her legs, and inserted her finger into her unwiped anus, returning the favour by sucking her nipples.

They must have spent half an hour in the toilet, after Brenda had fingered Elsie’s sticky anus.

They wiped each others anus, and washed.

“That was fucking great,” said Brenda,” what else can we get up to?”

“Anything you want, you fucking slut.”

“You’re a fucking whore,” returned Brenda.

They loved insulting each other with verbal abuse.

“Let’s get the “toy” box out,” said Brenda, “and the bits and pieces box, you never know what fun we can have.”

Besides the sex toys they’d gathered over the years, they also had a box of odds and sods they’d found at work.

They were both diy freaks, and did their own decorating etc., and some of the assorted things in that box might be useful for sex games.

“What have we got then sis?” said Elsie, when they’d fetched the box.

Brenda pulled out a vibrating love egg,” That’s going up my cunt,” she said.

“There’s a couple of them,” said Elsie,” I wouldn’t mind one of them up my cunt as well, maybe we could go for walk with them switched on.”

“I like that idea,” said Brenda.

They kept rummaging through the odds and ends box.

“What about this,” she said, pulling some tubing out.

It was an eight inch length of poly tubing that was fairly stiff, but also slightly bendy.

“I’ve got a way out idea,” said Brenda, as she rummaged through the box, where she found a plastic ring, just the same width as the tube, ( about an inch across ).

She found some super glue, and attatched the ring half way along the tube, about four inches.

“What have you got in mind sis?”

“Bum fun!” replied Brenda.

“M’mmmm, sounds interesting.”

“I’ll tell you tonight, I’m still working it out, and if you agree,” said Brenda.

“Yes, anything,” said Elsie.

“Anyway, let’s go for a walk, but we’ll need to wear tight panties to keep the love eggs in, don’t want them slipping out of our cunts eh!”

They got ready to go out, again, summer dresses, no bras, and the tightest panties they had, made of Lycra.

They inserted the eggs into each other, and pulled the skin tight panties up, tucking the varyable speed controls, and attatched wire into the waistband.

They went out, and began their walk, heading for a nearby park.

They walked along the park pathway, and Brenda decided to turn her vibrating egg on.

She pressed the button through her dress, and smiled,” Ooooh! This feels good.”

Elsie followed suit, and smiled as well,” Oh! Yes, yes, it does, oh! Sis, it does.”

They continued walking, until they had to sit down on one of the park benches both of them having an orgasm.

“This is fucking fantastic, my cunt is throbbing,” said Elsie.

“Mine too, Ooooh! Yes, it’s a good job we wore tight panties, Oooh! I’m coming.”

Brenda had to put her hands on her knees, they were quivering so much.

“I’m wetting myself,” she said, her urine soaking through her panties, and her dress.

Elsie looked under the bench, and saw her pee dripping from the painted wooden slats onto the grass underneath.

She was coming too, and unable to hold back, she wet herself as well.

They both orgasmed so much, they emptied their bladders.

Fortunately there was nobody about, or they’d have been seen, I mean honestly, two women wriggling about on a park bench, pee dripping down under them.

Eventually, they had to switch off the vibrating eggs so that they could walk home.

“Oooooh! That was a fucking fantastic come, “said Brenda.

They headed home, soaking wet, and urine seaping down their inner thighs.

“I love walking Escort Düzce with damp panties, a lovely feeling when they rub against my clit,” said Brenda.

“That’s true, and sticky with cunt juice as well, m’ mmmmmm!!”, agreed Elsie.

“Well it won’t be wasted, ” said Brenda,” when we get home, we can lick each other’s cunts, and pantie gussets.”

“Oh! Yes.”

Once indoors, they undressed, and licked each others panties, which were indeed sticky, finally kissing, and dribbling the salty sweet taste into each other’s mouths.

They ended up on the bed in a 69, licking their innermost private parts, deep into their vaginas, as far as their tongues would go.

Urine tricked from their urethral openings, and was eagerly swallowed.

Brenda made the first move, and licked Elsie’s anal entrance, and she in turn followed suit, and found Brenda’s, who pushed down on her sphincter muscles, so that Elsie”s tongue could stroke the sensitive inner wall just inside the entrance.

Elsie did the same, something they’d done so many times before.

They’d both had a lot of anal attention, with each other, so their anus’s were quite slack.

“I’m looking forward to tommorrow morning,” said Elsie,” I like the idea of bum fun, what is it you’ve got planned?”

“Well, it’s something new, and I thought it might be fun, especially as we both like shit games.” replied Brenda.

“Ok, anything,” a broad grin on her face.

They’d had so much fun that day.

They had tea, with a lot to drink, and Brenda gave Elsie a Senna tablet, and took one herself, “Just to loosen us up a bit,” she said, “enough to make our shit a bit softer.”

They watched the television for a while, occassionally kissing, and as they sat naked on the sofa, playing with each other’s breasts, and nipples, sucking them to their full length, sensitive, and tingling.

They’d been pulling, sucking,and squeezing them for years, so the length,and sensitivity didn’t need explanation.

Later they went to bed, kissed, holding each other close.

“I love you sis,” said Elsie.

“I love you too, so much,” replied Brenda.

“So, you were going to tell me about your idea tonight,” said Elsie,” though I think I have an idea where your going, or should I say, where it’s going, up our arses.”

“Yes,” said Brenda,” and the Senna tablets.”

“Say no more, you fucking whore,” replied Elsie.

“I don’t know if anyone has tried it, but I can’t see any harm, ” said Brenda.

They fell asleep cuddled up to each other, and during the night, Elsie needed to pee, but stayed in bed, and let it flow.

Brenda didn’t wake up, but the following morning, found herself laying on a wet sheet.

Knowing she hadn’t done it, she shook Elsie…..”You’ve wet the bed, you fucking slut.”

“I know, I couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed,” she replied.

“I bet you taste lovely down there,” said Brenda, and throwing to duvet off, went down between Elsie’s thighs, and licked her open labial lips, indeed she tasted of sweaty, salty urine, something she loved.

After a good few minutes of sucking the swollen urethral opening, and licking along the sticky vulval valley, she went back up the bed, and kissed Elsie fully on the mouth, dribbling the juices from down below with loads of sa!iva.

If there was one thing they both loved, it was tasting their own sexual secretions, and urine, as well as each others.

“Let’s get up and get some breakfast, I’m starving,”said Brenda.

They went to the kitchen, and had several cups of tea, toast,and muffins.

“I’m nearly ready for a shit,” said Elsie.

“Hold on,” said Brenda,” while I get our new “toy”,and some gel.”

But, Elsie couldn’t hold on too long, and shouted for Brenda go hurry up.

She returned with the toy, and a tube of gel.

“Where shall we do it,?” asked Elsie.

“In the bathroom I think, just in case we mess up,” replied Brenda.

As Elsie got up from the chair, she looked down, and saw she had left a deposit of poo on the plastic covered seat.

Brenda smiled, and Elsie felt very sticky.

“Couldn’t hold on eh! “


They finished breakfast, and headed for the bathroom.

In the bathroom Brenda got down on all fours, knealing on a towel on the shower tray.

She lowered her head onto the towel, making her bottom point upwards.

“Use some gel on my arsehole,” said Brenda,” and put the tube in.”

She couldn’t remember where the tube had come from at work, but someone had intended it for a project, and rounded the ends, making them smooth, fortunately.

Elsies squeezed some gel onto Brenda’s anus, and eased it in with her finger.

“Oooh! That feels so good sis, m’ mmmmm..!!”

After a few minutes of anal stimulation, Elsie placed the tube against her sticky opening,and gently slipped it in, about 3 inches, up to the ring Brenda had stuck on the night before.

“You won’t need any gel,” said Brenda,” you could use the shit around your arse, you dirty cunt, now stick the tube up your arse.”

Elsie got into a suitable position, crouched, legs apart either side of Brenda’s hips.

With a shower chair behind her to rest her arms on, she inserted her end of the tube into her anus, and moved forward till went as far as it would go, about 3 inches to the centre ring.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32