Mature Couples First Foursome Pt. 02

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Prior to reading Pt. 2 I recommend reading “Mature couples first foursome Pt. 1” as a way to introduce yourself to the characters, and to set the stage for the ending of our first foursome. Thank you.


In Part 1 of the story describing our first foursome I ended with my husband Walter taking one of Cindy’s pretty feet in his hand. No sooner than he did he began sucking and licking her cute toes. First one foot, then the other.

When sucking her big toe, which Walter often singles out, Cindy couldn’t help but say that he was damn good at sucking her toes and most definitely would be just as good sucking cock. I laughed, then explained to Cindy, that I’ve told him that more than once when he sucks my toes.

David then asked if he could do my toes. Not to be left out I said please do as I would love him to. It wasn’t long from them both sucking and licking our respective toes that their cocks were once again hard and erect. Upon seeing that, Cindy got the baby oil Walter left on the night table after he used it to ass-fuck her earlier. Then she applied some to both cocks so we could massage their rigid manhoods with our feet.

After about ten minutes of sensuously foot massaging their cocks I suggested since they were both rip roaring hard that it might be nice to put their cocks to better use. As for me, I asked David to fuck me in the ass since he hadn’t yet tonight and his cock was lubed and ready to go.

Before Cindy could speak, Walter asked if he could go down on her cleanly shaved pussy.

“I’ve been eye-balling that beautiful bald pussy of yours it all night Cindy, and been waiting for the chance to feel your smooth cunt and pubic mound against my face.”

“I thought you would never ask Walter. Please do. I was hoping before the night was over you would eat my pussy. I’d be disappointed if you didn’t since I shaved it just for this evening.”

Cindy then lied down on her back and put a pillow under her ass. She spread her legs wide, pointed to her pussy and said with a big smile…”My clit is begging for some stimulation Walter, and post haste. Otherwise I’ll have to begin things without you.”

Walter didn’t need to be asked twice before positioning himself between Cindy’s legs. Then he immediately began feasting on her hairless pussy like a hungry animal.

In the mean time I got on all fours next to them at a 90 degree angle so both David and I could watch Walter and Cindy while he did me in the ass. Thanks to the king size bed I could. With a queen or regular size bed it would have been difficult, if not impossible.

David as I’ve mentioned before has a relatively short cock, but very fat. A good 2 inches in diameter. And even thicker at the base. His cockhead is relatively small, but what’s nice about it is it’s pointed or cone-shaped. Which makes it inserting in one’s asshole easy compared to a large cockhead like Walter’s that requires a little more care and finesse when inserting it.

Although David’s cock was already lubricated with baby oil he wanted to lick and tongue my asshole Ankara escort first to lubricate it a bit with his saliva. I was hoping he would before inserting his cock in my ass since getting ass-fucked wouldn’t be the same without some oral stimulation of my butthole first.

The feeling of his tongue on my “brown-eyed girl” was awesome. Especially when he would tease it by wiggling his tongue while the tip was inserted in my asshole. The sensation my anus was experiencing when he did was incredible. I think I could have orgasmed just from my asshole being stimulated by his tongue. But it wasn’t to be.

Once satisfied I was ready for his cock he positioned his cockhead at the entrance to my anus and in one smooth motion inserted his cock balls deep. When he did, and as with the one other time he ass-fucked me, he stretched my sphincter muscles to the limit because of his cock’s wide girth. And like before, it hurt slightly at first, but in a pleasurable way.

Unlike Cindy with her tight asshole I can easily take his insanely fat cock. Plus it made for a more pleasurable ass-fucking experience for David since he didn’t have to worry if I was in pain and/or uncomfortable as Cindy usually is.

Then David slowly but surely began fucking my ass with a steady humping motion while holding firmly onto both my butt cheeks. Wasn’t long before I started bucking backwards to meet each of his forward thrusts so every inch of his cock would fill my ass. And each time I did his huge balls would slap against my pussy. So hard I thought it might be hurting him, but apparently it wasn’t.

In the mean time, Walter was going at Cindy’s smoothly shaved pussy like there was no tomorrow. He had his arms wrapped around both her legs while licking her cunt and clit. As a result, it required Cindy to hold her pussy lips spread apart so Walter had clear access to her clitoris. Plus her doing so made it clear her clit was what she wanted licked first and foremost. And lick it Walter did. Over and over in between taking it in his mouth and gently sucking it.

Wasn’t long before Cindy started moaning, and pretty heavily, which indicated it wouldn’t be long before she would orgasm. With her orgasm fast approaching Cindy said…”Walter, I want your cock filling my pussy with your hot load when I cum. So please fuck me, and now!”

Walter reluctantly obliged. Reluctantly because he was enjoying going down on her cleanly shaven pussy more than he thought he would. So much so that there was no doubt in my mind that I was going to be asked to shave my pussy for him.

Walter repositioned himself so he could insert his cock in her now soaking wet cunt. He held her legs straight up in the air by the ankles and then while on his knees inserted his long cock slowly into Cindy’s pussy until his balls were up against her asshole. By doing it slow at first assured him that his cockhead wouldn’t reach Cindy’s uterus as it often does mine. Last thing he wanted was for his cock to be banging against Cindy’s uterus while fucking her. Which can be painful.

Once he determined it Ankara escort bayan wouldn’t Walter began fucking away at her wet hole. Slowly at first and then with increased energy as the glorious feeling and especially the sight of her bald pussy wrapped around his cock was quickly taking a toll on him.

Cindy couldn’t move much because of the way he was holding her legs high by her ankles so she decided to let Walter do all the work. All except for her vigorously rubbing her clit with two fingers. Which indicated she was a lot like me in that without clitoral stimulation it’s rare to have an orgasm from vaginal intercourse.

In the mean time David was nicely pounding away at my ass. Steadily and smoothly. Not like the one and only time before when he went at my ass like a jack hammer. No doubt he learned something by watching Walter ass-fuck yours truly and Cindy. Good for him. And me as I was enjoying him fucking away at my ass way more now since his humping motion and tempo were perfection.

David’s steady rhythm was achieving it desired effect on both of us. His balls consistently slapping against my pussy indicated his cock was being fully inserted on each forward thrust. David’s fat cock felt wonderful doing me in the ass and It wasn’t much longer before I was going to orgasm.

Realizing I was about to orgasm I said to David…”I’m going to cum David, and I want you filling my ass with your hot cum when I do.”

“Have no fear Lacey. I’ll be sure to cum just when you do.”

It wasn’t much longer before my orgasm hit and I yelled…”Now David! Now! Fill my ass with your hot cum!”

No sooner than said, David let out a loud groan, shoved his cock as far as it would go in my ass, and unloaded his entire cumload deep in my rectum. I could literally feel each load of hot cum shoot from his throbbing cock. An easy half dozen loads in all, which felt like heated whipped cream filling my ass.

In the mean time I released a flood of pussy juice along with numerous cunt farts as the orgasmic spasms rippled through my body. As noisy and embarrassing as my cunt farts are when I orgasm from being ass-fucked, there is no way I can subdue them once I start cumming.

When we both recovered from our respective orgasms I said to David…”WOW! That’s was simply awesome David. Timing when you cummed was perfect. Made my orgasm so incredibly good.”

David then withdrew his still hard cock from asshole, which was immediately followed by a steady stream of semen.

It couldn’t have been seconds later when Cindy while still furiously rubbing her clit all but screamed…”I’m cumming Walter. Fill my pussy with your hot cum NOW!”

And he did as he let out a number of loud groans with each load of hot cum he shot into her pussy.

Cindy bucked and shook for what seemed like five minutes before her orgasm subsided and she stopped trembling. When she did, and was somewhat composed, Walter withdrew his spent cock from her now cum filled pussy. Then he lied down on his back next to her to catch his breath.

Cindy continued Escort Ankara to lie with the pillow under her ass and her legs spread and I couldn’t help but notice Walter’s cum slowly oozing from her pussy. I don’t know what came over me, but I was captivated by the sight and positioned myself between Cindy’s legs for a better view. Then I got what can best be described as an uncontrollable urge to lick and suck Cindy’s pussy clean of Walter’s cum.

I couldn’t imagine what David and Walter would think if I did, but I was more concerned about Cindy. So I figured I better ask…”Cindy, I would love to lick your pussy clean. Would you mind if I did?”

“Mind?”…she asked. “Are you kidding. I would love you to.”

Which I began to immediately after getting Cindy’s blessing.

While Walter and David might have thought it was a bit kinky for me to clean Cindy’s pussy with my mouth, lips and tongue, I wasn’t really concerned about it. As for me, I was glad I let my perverted desires over take me because Cindy’s pussy juice mixed in with Walter’s cum tasted simply delicious. But what was more intoxicating was the thrill I was experiencing from licking Cindy’s pussy. A first for me…going down on another woman, or performing cunnilingus.

The cum and pussy juice mixed together tasted like lightly salted honey, and Cindy’s soaked pussy smelled just as sweet.

While I was licking Cindy’s pussy clean, she was running her fingers gently through my hair and moaning softly. She was truly enjoying me licking and lapping her cunt as much as I was. Maybe more since I was sure she had another orgasm before I was done. Albeit a very subtle one.

Once done licking Cindy clean I softly planted one last kiss on her pussy and clit. Then Cindy said…”Please kiss me on the lips Lacey. I want you to kiss my mouth!”

Without hesitating I lied on top of her and did. Passionately, as she did me along with sticking her tongue in my mouth to taste what she could of her own love juices and Walter’s cum.

We embraced and kissed for what seemed like 2 to 3 minutes before Cindy whispered in my ear…”You going down on my pussy and licking it clean after Walter filled me with his cum was the most erotic and sensuous thing I ever experienced. It was wonderful Lacey. I can’t begin to tell you how good it made me feel in so many ways. Thank you.”

I didn’t reply, but just lied on top of her for a few more seconds while we warmly embraced.

Then I got up and was greeted by Walter and David staring at me. I was anticipating the worse with what they might be thinking before David surprised me by saying…”That was just awesome ladies. Especially you Lacey. I don’t know about anybody else, but it is a great way to end what has been a fantastic evening for everyone I’m sure. That was no better way in my mind to wrap up what has been a night none of us will soon forget. And speaking for both Walter and myself…thank you ladies for a wonderful evening and terrific sexual experience.”

The End.


PS…before Walter and I left for home we set a tentative date for another foursome. We also agreed that each of us would come up with something new to try or experiment doing during our next get together. The one proviso was we had to keep it secret until then. Even from our spouses.

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