Matt’s Cousin Ch. 01

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This is part one of a three part story. All parts have been written and will be submitted in a timely fashion.

If you chose this story hoping to read graphic descriptions of hardcore incest, you will be disappointed. This is more a story of teenagers struggling with their hormonal urges against a backdrop of societal taboos, than it is of incestuous sex.

On the other hand, this wasn’t written as a social statement; the intention was to arouse. Hopefully you will find that the objective has been met.

All characters are 18 or older.


“I got a call from Ned today,” Laura announced. She and her niece Kaitlin had just finished supper and were still at the kitchen table.

Kaitlin thought she knew, but wasn’t really sure, who ‘Ned’ was. She asked, “Your brother? The one that lives in the city?”

“Right,” Laura confirmed, “He’s my oldest brother, almost forty now.”

“The one you used to babysit for.”

“Uh huh. Yeah, Matthew must have been about seven then.”

“So he’s about…” Kaitlin hesitated, thinking through the math. “My age?” she asked.

“A year older I think, but close. In fact that’s what Ned was calling about.”

Kaitlin wondered why her uncle Ned would have called about Matthew, or why her aunt had even brought it up. She planted her elbows on the table, her chin in her hands, waiting for the explanation. “And…” she prompted.

“Well, you know Matthew goes to the University on the other side of town. You remember him, the one that came to visit us last year.”

Kaitlin’s eyes lit up. Yes, she did remember. What she remembered most though was wishing he was not so closely related. She ran her fingers through her hair. “Oh yeah, He’s cute!” she exclaimed.

“Uh huh,” Laura responded noncommittally, not wanting to discuss what she was sure was on her niece’s mind. “Only I don’t think he’d like to hear you say that.”

Kaitlin squinted her eyes and turned her head a bit to the side, inviting Laura to elaborate.

“His father says he insists on being called ‘Matt’,” Laura continued, “Seems like he’s trying to shed the boyish stuff, like ‘Matthew’ and ‘cute’.”

“Ohhkaaay, whatever.” Kaitlin was now even more interested. “But you still haven’t told me why Uncle Ned called you.”

“Well, it seems that Matthew… er Matt… is taking a summer course at the University and needs a place to stay.” Laura saw the squint in Kaitlin’s eyes and being unsure what it meant, hastily added, “He’ll be staying on campus again when the school year starts, but the dorm is closed for the summer.”

Kaitlin’s thoughts churned. “Wow,” she exclaimed, “That would be neat, having him here for the summer.” Kaitlin visualized being at the pool with her cousin, his chest and legs bare and she in a skimpy bikini. However, imagining someone his age who wouldn’t rather have a place of his own was not so easy. “And he wants to stay with us?” she questioned.

Laura shook her head. “I doubt very seriously if this was Matt’s idea.” Guessing, she added, “I suspect his father is just trying to save some money.”

“Whatever the reason. I suppose you said it would be alright,” Kaitlin said, lowering her eyes and spreading her hands on the table, not revealing how she felt about this, one way or the other.

“Nooo… I told him I had to ask you first.”

Kaitlin brightened. “Well sure, of course he can stay.” Kaitlin was thinking that having her good-looking cousin around for a few weeks would be all kinds of fun. “That is, if you don’t mind,” she added.

“I think you’re forgetting,” Laura said, “This is your house, not mine. It’s your decision.” Kaitlin had been orphaned a few years earlier and her aunt Laura had come to live as her guardian. Although at eighteen, Kaitlin didn’t officially need the supervision anymore, the two had become close friends and neither wanted Laura to leave.

“Like I said, then… of course he can stay… if you’re sure you don’t mind, that is. Has to be okay with you, too.” Kaitlin crossed her fingers under the table, hoping her aunt would agree.

“Well it’s definitely okay with me,” Laura replied, “So if you’re sure it’s alright, I’ll call Ned right now. He was wanting to tell Matt something tonight.”

Kaitlin continued to imagine what it would be like to have her cousin living with them. She excitedly urged her aunt, “Call him then. Tell him it’s okay.”

Laura went to her bedroom to make the call. When she returned she was all smiles. “Ned told Matt what you said, and Matt is absolutely thrilled. He’ll be here tomorrow afternoon.”

Kaitlin squirmed with excitement. Laura registered her niece’s enthusiasm and looked at her appraisingly. “I think he’s going to be surprised at how much you’ve changed in the last year.”

The eighteen-year-old recognized that indeed she had changed, and not just physically either. Kaitlin’s aunt had been encouraging her in ways her mother likely would not have approved of. And although she embraced erenköy escort bayan her aunt’s attitude enthusiastically, she still wasn’t entirely comfortable with all of it, but she was working on it.

In line with that, Kaitlin thought about how she and her aunt had gotten pretty careless with the way they dressed at home. She was pretty sure it wasn’t how they should be dressed with a man around. ‘Maybe with Matt being “family” though…’ she thought hopefully, then put it to Laura. “I’ve been thinking,” Kaitlin said, “Some things might need to change with Matt being here.”

“Like what,” Laura asked.

“Like how we dress at home, for instance.”

Laura spread her arms expansively. “Don’t worry about it. A daily dose of male attention will do you good.”

Kaitlin nodded. It was the kind of answer she expected from her aunt. Kaitlin said to herself, ‘And if she has anything to do with it, we’ll be getting plenty of male attention, which I just might learn to like.’ She licked her lips, then responded to Laura’s comment. “Right, but what about you, you are his aunt after all.”

Kaitlin again was not surprised by Laura’s response, “It’s not going to bother me… and I doubt it will bother Matt either.”

Kaitlin put a finger to her lips, appearing to be deep in thought. “Well, I have always wondered what it’d be like to have a brother. I think, I’m about to find out.”


The next afternoon Matt showed up with his things. Kaitlin greeted him at the door in a pair of tight white shorts and a pink peasant top. She had flung the door wide and stood there as a gawking Matt did a hasty inspection of his cousin.

This was not the same girl he had met last fall. The green eyes, cute face and shoulder-length brown hair were still the same, but the rest, well maybe it hadn’t changed all that much, but Kaitlin had definitely changed the way she dressed. ‘This is going to be a fun summer,’ he thought.

He looked up at Kaitlin’s face and knew he’d gotten busted checking her out. He guessed though that as good as she looked, she was probably used to it. “Uh, well I’m here,” he said.

“Yeah, well I can see that,” Kaitlin replied as she looked her cousin over as thoroughly as he had her. “C’mon in. I’ll help you get situated.”

Matt studied Kaitlin’s butt and the backs of her bare legs as he followed her down the hall to the spare room. The shorts couldn’t have been much tighter or much shorter. Matt didn’t see a panty line and guessed she was probably wearing a thong. Kaitlin snuck a peek over her shoulder, confirming that her cousin liked the way she was dressed.

They spent the rest of the afternoon, getting Matt’s stuff out of the car, unpacked and set up in his new surroundings. Their conversation was mostly of the get acquainted type, mixed with a considerable bit of checking each other out type of looks, and even a bit of mild flirtation at times, but definitely nothing serious. They finished just as Aunt Laura got home from work.

Over dinner, Matt studied his two new roommates with interest. He had thought his aunt was pretty when she babysat him twelve years ago. She was probably eighteen then and he made up his mind then that when he grew up he wanted someone just like her. He had especially liked the way she dressed… and so had his dad, he noticed.

Since she had arrived from work he had addressed her as ‘Aunt Laura’, but was having trouble thinking of her as his aunt. She might be dressed in her work clothes, a frilly white blouse and a knee-length skirt, but she was still really hot. Her clothes did a commendable job of hiding her figure but he could still tell she was built like the proverbial brick out-house.

And his cousin, well she’d had him drooling ever since she opened the door that afternoon. Being so close to her while she helped him to get moved in had been almost painful.

But Matt wasn’t the only one doing some checking out over dinner. Kaitlin had been with Matt all afternoon but Laura had just gotten home. From the looks she saw Matt and Kaitlin giving each other, Laura was confident that the two were going to enjoy their summer together.

Laura had seen Matt a year earlier when he came to visit but then he had been just a grown-up version of the cute and cuddly seven-year-old she had babysat. Now though, he seemed more grown-up and was definitely inspiring a few lusty thoughts.

The three sniffed around each other like a pack of dogs. No one paid much attention to what was said among them. Finished with their dinner, they went into the den to watch TV.

Matt plopped down in the easy chair, leaving Kaitlin and her aunt to take up the couch. Although his aunt and cousin were fully dressed, it was a chore to maintain any interest in the television. When the late night news came on, Kaitlin turned to her cousin. “Matt,” she said, waiting for him to acknowledge that he was listening, “If you’re going to stay to watch etiler escort bayan the late show with us, I’ll make some popcorn.”

Matt pretended an overpowering interest in the news but had been hoping that Laura and Kaitlin, especially Kaitlin, would want to stay for the late show. He nodded that ‘yes, he would be staying’. No way was he going to leave now. Kaitlin got up and headed for the kitchen. From the kitchen she called out, “Aunt Laura, come help me find the popcorn.” Laura got up from the couch and went to the kitchen.

When Laura got there, Kaitlin whispered, “Uh… how should I dress.”

“What do you mean?” Laura quietly asked.

“Well, usually this time of night, we get ready for bed, before watching the late show.”


“Well, Matt is here. It doesn’t seem quite right.” She was sure her aunt would not agree.

Laura responded in a low voice. “Like I said last night, take advantage of the situation. He is family. It should be okay for you to be dressed for bed.”

“Right,” replied Kaitlin. She pictured her cousin ogling her unfettered breasts and bare legs. She liked the thought of it, but it was also kind of scary. “I’m not sure I can do it,” she said, “Not tonight anyway.”

“Well it’s not just you. It’s me too,” Laura reminded, “But if we wait… when we finally do it, it’s gonna look like we’re just trying to show off.” She waited until she got a nod from Kaitlin. “On the other hand, if we do it tonight, it will just be what we always do… which of course, it is.”

“Uh huh…” Kaitlin was trying to buy into it. “So you think we should make like it’s no big deal… like he might be a male but he’s still family.”

“Right, and he’s gonna be here all summer, so we might just as well get used to it.”

Kaitlin was still scared but she did want to do it. “Okay, but you go first. It’ll be easier for me if you go first.”

“I can do that. Yep, I’ll do that.” Laura turned and walked into the den. “Popcorn is on the way, Matt.” She had resumed her normal speaking voice. Tugging at her clothes she added, “And I’ve got to get rid of these tight clothes – put on something more comfortable.”

Matt hoped that ‘comfortable’ meant what he thought it did. “Hey, don’t worry about me,” he said. “I’m just happy to be able to stay here.”

“And we’re glad to have a man in the house.” Laura smiled as she paused. “Be right back.” She walked off toward the bedrooms.


A few minutes later Matt’s head jerked in Laura’s direction as she re-entered the room. She had indeed gotten ‘comfortable’. She was wearing a black silk shorty robe held together by a single tie at the waist.

It was so short, baring nearly all of her legs, that Matt guessed she was at least wearing panties. However, the vee of bare skin between her breasts, and the points being made in the robe’s fabric by her nipples, made it almost certain that the panties, if she was wearing any, were all that was under the robe.

Matt quickly crossed his legs to hide his reaction, but Laura was looking right at him. “No need to hide it,” she said.

Matt’s face reddened and he stammered out an apology, “I… I… I’m sorry.”

“No need to be,” Laura quipped. “Actually, I’m flattered. I’m thirty this year and it’s nice to know that my nephew still uh…” She looked again toward his lap. “…finds me interesting.”

“Yeah, but… uh… uh -“

“Right, I am your aunt. Doesn’t mean you can’t notice. Just means it doesn’t go any further. Okay?”

“Okay… of course.” Matt replied sheepishly.

As Laura sat down, Kaitlin returned with two bowls of popcorn. She handed the smaller of the two to Matt, then sat down on the couch next to her aunt, putting the larger one on the couch between them.

Laura whispered, attempting to keep Matt from hearing, “I thought you would change before you brought the popcorn in.”

“Yeah, well I thought I would wait until you were situated – make sure everything was okay,” Kaitlin whispered back.

“Everything is just fine. Now go change,” Laura commanded, still in a whisper.

Kaitlin looked at her aunt. It was now or never. She stood up, and in a normal tone of voice, said, “If you guys will excuse me, I’ll be right back.” As she headed toward the bedrooms, over her shoulder she said, “I want to get dressed for bed before the late show comes on.”

Matt pretended to be watching the sports but he heard what was said, and what had been whispered. ‘Kaitlin, dressed for bed… Mother of God,’ he thought, ‘My 30 year-old aunt and my 18 year-old cousin… and I’m going to be here all summer.’


When Kaitlin returned she was wearing a t-shirt barely long enough to cover her panties when she was standing. Her legs were bare, as they had been previously, but now were exposed even more than they had been in the shorts. In the afternoon, Matt had decided that Kaitlin’s breasts were not very large. He saw now florya escort bayan however, that they were still big enough to jiggle quite invitingly when she was not wearing a bra, as was now the case.

Kaitlin knew that Matt was getting an eyeful and although his gaze did make her somewhat nervous, it was kind of fun to be the center of his attention. As Kaitlin sat down, Matt watched as the t-shirt rose up enough to expose her cotton panties. Laura looked from her niece to her nephew and whispered quietly, “I’m sure you know you’re being watched.”

“Uh huh,” Kaitlin whispered back, “Yes, and I’m trying not to panic.”

“No need to do that,” Laura said, “But I did think you’d be wearing a robe.”

Kaitlin looked in Matt’s direction, then cupped her hand around her mouth and replied to her aunt, “Yeah, well you took my good robe. The only thing left was that old moth eaten thing that used to be Mother’s”

Continuing in a confidential tone, Laura responded, “Well, I was sort of expecting you to be a bit more modest, not that there’s anything wrong with what you are wearing.” Matt’s eyes continued to roam over his cousin’s tantalizing display. Laura, inclining her head in Matt’s direction, whispered to Kaitlin, “But it doesn’t look like he minds terribly.”

Kaitlin watched as Matt continued to look her over. “No, I don’t think so either,” she whispered to her aunt. Then looking at her cousin with a courageous smile and raising her voice a bit she asked, “You don’t mind do you Matt?”

Matt was seriously distracted by how Kaitlin was dressed – bare legs, panties revealing a hint of camel-toe, and a t-shirt encasing her obviously bra-less breasts. He missed what she said.

When it dawned on Matt that Kaitlin was talking to him, he tried to respond. “Uh… yeah, it’s okay with me… how you’re dressed, I mean.” Matt’s eyes went back to the spot between Kaitlin’s bare legs. Not really sure what she had said, he added, “No, it’s definitely not bothering me.”

Laura hoped that a little levity might reduce the awkwardness being exhibited by her niece and nephew. “Be careful what you say, Matt” she warned with a wide grin on her face. “You’re supposed to be bothered. In fact…” Laura paused, shaking her head at the bulge in Matt’s pants, “You might even tell her she’s making it hard for you.”

Matt chuckled as he turned red. He understood that he was being told to lighten up a little. “Right…” he said. Then turning to Kaitlin he said, “Uh, yes… you are bothering me…” He stared at the spot where Kaitlin’s legs came together, “In fact, you’re making it very hard for me.”

Kaitlin relaxed her attitude and smiled slightly. “I have an old robe I could put on,” she offered teasingly, “If you think I need one, that is.”

“No… its alright… I’ll suffer,” Matt said with a smirk on his face.

“I think it’s going to be fun having you here,” Laura said.

“I think so too,” Kaitlin echoed.

Matt looked at his cousin. She was clad only in panties and a t-shirt, and it was still his first night. He looked at his aunt, and saw that the robe was now gapped open even more. “I think I’m going to have a good time, too,” he said.


When Kaitlin awoke the next morning, her aunt had already left for work. After showering, Kaitlin proceeded to dress in her usual at home alone attire, panties and a t-shirt. Then she remembered she was not alone. Her cousin Matt was also there.

She mulled over the situation. Last night she had watched television with Matt and her aunt, dressed as she was now, panties and t-shirt. Today however, at least for a while, she and Matt would be alone. Kaitlin was concerned that Matt might get the wrong impression about their relationship. Her attire today needed to be more modest.

Kaitlin decided on cutoffs and a man’s button front shirt. She also picked out panties and a bra to wear as undergarments. When she was dressed, she went into the kitchen to fix something to eat.

Matt came into the kitchen while Kaitlin was fixing breakfast. He was wearing cutoffs only. His feet, legs and chest were all bare. Kaitlin considered teasing him about his look. She decided however, that it would not be wise to do so, as her own legs and feet were also bare.

“Breakfast prepared by my sexy cousin. Helluva way to start the day,” Matt said.

“Just don’t get used to it, because I don’t often do this,” Kaitlin snapped. “I’m only doing it today because it’s your first day here.”

“The warning has been noted,” Matt said with an official sounding tone. He continued more conversationally, “You know, I used to fix breakfast several times a week for mother and me. I’m really pretty good at it. So if you want, I’ll fix the breakfast tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow is Saturday. Aunt Laura likes to fix breakfast on the weekends,” Kaitlin rebutted. ‘She also likes to lay out in the back-yard, topless,’ she thought, ‘I wonder how Aunt Laura will handle that with Matt here.’ Then Kaitlin remembered Matt’s offer to fix breakfast. “I’ll take a rain-check for Monday, though,” she spit out.

“Deal. Monday it is.”

Kaitlin put a platter of toast, eggs and sausage on the table. Before sitting down she poured coffee for each of them. Matt looked across the table at Kaitlin as he ate. She returned the gaze. Neither said anything though, until after the food was gone.

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