Matching To-Do Lists

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“Oh my. So good.” My mom sighed as she put a paperback novel down on the table. We were sitting on the back deck of our home on a warm May afternoon. I had just graduated college and had no idea what I was going to do with my life. The job market wasn’t exactly hopping with opportunities for an political science major.

My mom picked up her phone. I knew she was calling her best friend Carol. “Yes, I just finished it. So good!” She paused and listened to Carol gush over the same trashy novel.

“Oh sure! She can come pick it up this afternoon. If I’m not home, Jeremy will be here. I’m sure he’d love to see her. Ok. Bye.”

“That was Carol.”

“No shit,” I thought to myself.

“Kathleen is going to come by this afternoon and pick up this book.”

Kathleen Anderson. I’d gone months without so much as a passing thought about my mom’s best friend’s daughter, but unbeknownst to me, I was just a couple hours away from fucking her in the ass.

While we were the same age and our moms spent countless hours together, we were never close. She was the kind of girl who couldn’t spell “fun” if you spotted her the F and the N. I’d seen her only a few times since high school, never saying more than “Hi” on those occasions. Now we were both home from college, starting the next chapters in our lives.

“I’m off to the grocery store,” my mom said. “If Kathleen comes by, just give her the book.”

Easy enough. After my mom departed I cracked open my third beer of the day. You could argue that I should have been spending my time looking for a full-time job, but I had my parents’ roof over my head and enough random projects to provide me with spending money. The real world could wait a few more weeks.

About an hour later, the doorbell rang. I wandered bahis siteleri off the back porch in my athletic shorts and dry-fit t-shirt, cutting through the house to see who was at the door. As promised, there was Kathleen.

“Oh, hey Jeremy!” she said with excessive cheer. “I’m here to pick up the book. Our moms sure do like to read.”

I invited Kathleen inside. She was wearing a floral print sundress that fit her surprisingly toned body perfectly. As a teenager she wasn’t much to look at, but I was impressed to see that she was all woman now.

“How’s your summer going?” she joyfully asked. In most cases, chipper people bug the hell out of me, but there was something about Kathleen’s happy personality that felt so genuine that I started to warm up to her.

“Ok. I’ve got a bunch of odd jobs until I find a real one. I’m going to start caddying at Falcon Valley next week.”

“Falcon Valley,” she said with slight disdain. “My boyfriend’s family belongs there. Well, ex-boyfriend. Fuck him.”

I raised my eyebrows. I didn’t think Kathleen Anderson even knew any swear words. Perhaps she was no longer the Miss Goody Two Shoes I remembered. We chatted briefly about her plans for the summer. I handed her the book and she prepared to leave.

“Did you do everything you wanted to do in college?” she asked, putting the book in her purse.

“I dunno. I guess so. I had a good time,” I replied. “Maybe not everything. What about you?”

“Not all of it,” she said. “Hey, we should compare lists!”


“You know, compare lists of anything we didn’t do in college. If anything matches, we’ll do it together this summer. Deal?”

Her idea struck me as kinda stupid, but she was so excited I didn’t have the heart to say no. I tossed canlı bahis siteleri her a pad and pencil from the kitchen counter.

I scribbled down my list. I wrote that I wanted to finish the James Bond movies and start drinking wine. I don’t remember what else was on my list, but my last item was intentionally designed to get a reaction out of her. “Fuck a girl in the ass.” I figured at worst she’d be offended and leave. At best, she’d laugh and reveal herself to have a better sense of humor than I thought.

We exchanged lists. I scanned hers quickly. “Smoke pot, go skinny dipping…anal sex.” Holy shit! I looked up to see Kathleen’s eyes bulging as she reviewed my post graduation to-do’s.

“Looks like we have a match,” I said with a sinister chuckle.

“We do,” she replied, nervously nibbling on her fingernail. Both of us stood frozen, just a couple feet from one another. Neither of us knew what to say next. Suddenly a wave of confidence crept across Kathleen’s face.

“I’m ready if you are,” she said, swaying her hips seductively.

I smiled and edged towards her, slowly lifting up the edge of her dress. She moaned lightly as my hands traced across her thigh. She was already sticky and warm and I inched my fingers higher, expecting to find wet fabric. I found plenty of wetness, but no fabric. I gave her an increasingly satisfied smile.

Kathleen didn’t need any encouragement. She slid her fingers along the front of my shorts and my cock grew thick in a hurry.

“Looks like you’re ready to go,” she said, and with that she yanked down my shorts. My stiff cock popped free like a spring. Kathleen simply mumbled “Jesus Christ,” as her eyes examined my pulsating rod.

I spun Kathleen around and she put her hands on the kitchen canlı bahis counter. I lifted up her dress to get a look at her ass. Damn! So tight; so perfect. My hands slid along her cheeks, which were smooth as glass. From behind my fingers slipped between her legs. Her sticky juices covered my hand as I moved back and forth. Her moans and squirms got me increasingly excited.

I brought my fingers to my mouth and licked them. The taste of Kathleen was intoxicating. Now with my fingers covered in both her juices and my warm saliva, I ran them along her asshole. She was incredibly tight and twitched at the feel of my fingers, but her moans of “Ohhh, Jeremy!” left no doubt that she was ready to take me deep inside her.

Pressing my cock head against her ass, she whimpered with the nervous excitement that accompanies new sexual experiences. She looked back at me, her smile conveying a sense of determined eagerness. With our eyes locked, I pushed my cock inside her her. She trembled and gripped the counter firmly, grunting with pleasure as I pushed further.

“Fuck me, Jeremy,” she cried. “Fuck me in the ass!” Our hips moved in unison. She thrust her body back towards me to meet every push I gave her. The tight grip of her firm ass around my dick sent shockwaves through me beyond anything I had ever experienced. We rocked back and forth with a pace that continued to build.

With my hands on her hips I could feel the orgasm growing inside me. I steadied myself. Our delighted groans filled the room and I could say nothing more than “Oh shit!” as I exploded in her ass. She squealed with excitement as I pumped every last drop deep inside her. Sliding my slick cock out, my fingers returned to her aroused clit. She was so excited that only a few seconds of pressure pushed her over the edge as well.

Laughter accompanied our attempts to recover. I was too stunned and drained to say much of anything. Kathleen simply looked and me, smiled and said “I can’t wait to see what else is on your list.”

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