Masturbation Club

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One night when Lisa and I were fucking, she asked me if I masturbated a lot. I told her I did jerk off whenever she wasn’t around to fuck. I then asked if she did and she said she did, usually at night when she could not fall asleep.

She then asked if I used anything to help me. I was getting a little uneasy as to where this conversation was going but I told her I used an anal vibrator. She said she had a bunch of toys she used on herself.

After we finished fucking, Lisa said that there are probably a lot of people who masturbate by themselves and it would be interesting if we had a group of people that would do it while others watched.

I looked at her strangely and said to her, “So, basically, you want to watch people pleasure themselves in front of you and others.” With a big grin on her face, she said “yes.”

She then told me she knew a couple of women who would do it. She would do it and she knew that I would, but we needed a few more.

After shaking my head in disbelief, I asked her if she were really serious and she said she was. She even said we could take videos and do it monthly at alternate houses.

I asked her when she thought about all this and she said that masturbating in front of people would turn her on and she was sure it would do the same for others and it would be fun.

I shook my head but told her I would see if I could get some people to join her group. She gave me a big kiss then said she wanted to fuck again to celebrate.

The next day I talked to a couple of my friends and asked if they would be interested in the group. Their immediate reaction was that if Lisa kozyatağı escort masturbates for everyone, they would join, since they knew Lisa.

By the time I got home, I had three men and a couple that wanted to join. When I told Lisa, she was thrilled. She told me that she found two more women to join the group.

We now had a group of eleven people in the masturbation club, five men and six women, which included two couples.

Lisa, the ringleader of this group, made arrangements for all the “members” to be at our house in two weeks for the first masturbation party.

The night of the event Lisa made sure she had snacks and wine for everyone. She would go over the rules when everyone was there. It was like she was throwing a fancy ball together; she was so excited.

Before the members arrived, she put on this very sexy mini dress on that was very revealing. I knew then that this was going to be some night.

She had a bunch of vibrators, dildos, anal toys, and other items on a table for the members to use.

Members started arriving and everyone introduced themselves and they seemed very relaxed and eager.

When everyone was there, we gave everyone some wine and Lisa then started the evening off.

Lisa welcomed everyone to the first get together of her masturbation club. She explained the rules and how she expected the evening to go.

Lisa told them:

that each person had to masturbate at least once during the night, in front of everyone,

that they could masturbate while watching another member, but they küçükyalı escort had to masturbate again,

that each person had to be fully nude when they masturbated,

that if they needed help in cumming or reaching an orgasm, that person could ask another member for help, and

that the entire evening would be video taped.

She also told them that, after they came or had an orgasm, they were free to use a bedroom with a member of their choosing.

She then asked the members if they agreed and they all agreed.

Lisa then said to them that the party is now started.

Lisa stood in the middle of the room and dropped her mini dress to the floor. Everyone applauded as she got on the floor. Her smooth pussy was glistening from her juices already.

Lisa spread her legs and everyone could see how wet her cunt was as she started fingering herself. As they watched, Lisa was playing with her swollen clit and rubbing it. Her body started to rise and fall ad she was nearing her orgasm. We could all hear her moaning and that she was going to cum and finally, her hips rose off the floor and she had orgasm after orgasm as her body convulsed. Everyone applauded as she got the night off to a great start.

My friend Bob said he wanted to go next. He dropped his clothes to the floor and his big cock made its appearance. His cock must have been eight inches long and about five inches thick.

He started jerking his cock slowly as he looked around at the members. As he picked up the pace, we could all see his big balls tightening as he was mutlu kent escort getting ready to explode. In a short time Bob announced that he was ready and shot his load of cum all over his stomach, cock and balls. One of the female members went over and helped him clean up his cum by using her tongue, which everyone appreciated.

The night went along without a hitch. The bedroom was used often. The women eagerly cleaned up the men’s cum with their tongues.

One of the couples got on the floor together and started to masturbate together. As they were ready to cum, one of the men dropped his clothes and stood in front of them and was jerking off.

As he was jerking off, he asked them if he could cum on them and they both said yes. His pace quickened and as the couple were coming, the guy shot a huge load of cum on them, stream after stream of cum went all over them.

The couple were literally covered in the guy’s cum. The four women, including Lisa went over to lick up the cum mess.

One by one, men and women took their turn and masturbated in front of the members. The ones that finished, hooked up with another member and went into the bedroom.

A couple of the women used the bedroom for themselves while two men and two women went into the bedroom after the women finished.

As the night was coming to an end, Lisa told them she had a surprise for them, a special performance.

Lisa laid down on the floor and invited all of the men to fuck her in front of everyone. By the time the men were finished, Lisa was covered in their cum, which she left on her as a proof of how well things went.

Everyone had a great time and wanted to have another party.

One of the women volunteered her house for the next meeting which was scheduled for three weeks from tonight.

After everyone left, Lisa looked at me, smiled and said to me, “I told you so,” and walked into the bedroom with five guys cum all over her, and ready for more

More to cum…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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