Master Owen’s Pets Ch. 01

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Trying her best to be still, she knelt by the door waiting for Him to arrive. she had been so good this week, and He had called earlier to tell her he was bringing home a surprise today. she heard His key in the lock and her heart jumped, but she did not move. The door opened and Owen stepped inside, smiling at the sight that greeted him. gwen knelt, forehead on the floor, arms outstretched, just as He has trained her to. He watched her for about 30 seconds, His smile deepening as He thought about how hard she was trying not to look up at Him. Finally, He tapped her head lightly, the signal that she could greet Him. She kneeled up quickly and grinned at Him, and He chuckled.

“Eager, are we pet?” He asked, rubbing her head and allowing her to lean her head into His leg. “You’re such a good girl.” He praised. she purred and rubbed her face against His thigh. He could feel His cock hardening but He had other plans right now. He tangled his hands in her long brown curls and tilted her face to look up at Him. “I know you want to ask about your present, don’t you?” He said.

“Yes, Master.” she replied quietly. He pulled her to her feet and swatter her ass lightly.

“Go and see your gift, it’s in the backseat of the car.” He said, smiling as she practically sprinted out to the car, forgetting that she was naked. His home was on a large lot and He had no close neighbors so it wasn’t a problem, but He marveled at how far she had come from the introverted, scared little girl she was when He acquired her 6 months ago.

gwen threw open the back door of the car and gasped, throwing both hands over her mouth at the sight that greeted her. she was so mesmerized that she jumped at the sound of her Master’s voice behind her. Owen put his lips close to her ear and murmured

“Isn’t it a lovely gift, pet?” she nodded and he decided to be gracious and forgive her lack of a verbal response.

Slowly, she slid inside the backseat beside her gift and looked lovingly at her Master. “it is beautiful, Master. Can i touch it, please Master?” she begged prettily.

“Yes pet, but be gentle.” He replied, amused by her fascination but not surprised. He had told her from the beginning that He was considering adding another pet to T/their little family, but He hadn’t mentioned it in some time. Today, at the slave auction at Two Winds, He had been unable Sahabet to resist this tasty morsel. The boy was beautiful, golden blonde hair that just brushed his chin and looked as though it often fell in front of his eyes. Tan skin was pulled taut over hard muscle as he knelt, blindfolded and quiet, on the floor of the backseat. Owen was curious about this one, though. he had been completely silent and totally obedient as Owen purchased him, hustled him into the car, and drove home. Owen could tell he was scared, but He could also sense some relief in the boy. It was against Two Wind’s rules to reveal who his previous owner was or where he had come from, but Owen would make the boy tell Him, one way or another.

“Hands behind your head, boy!” Owen snapped, putting on his Dom voice. “Present yourself to my pet.” The boy didn’t hesitate, placing his shaking hands interlocked behind his head and spreading his knees apart. gwen smiled up at her Master.

“Oh Sir, he’s perfect. Can we keep him?” she asked.

“We shall see, pet.” He replied. gwen reached out her hand and lightly brushed the boy’s chest. he jumped and whimpered, the first sound Owen had heard from him. gwen pulled her hand back quickly and looked at Owen, startled.

“he’s scared, pet. Don’t you remember your first couple weeks?” Owen asked, stroking her hair. gwen winced, she remember all too well the fear, apprehension, and confusion of a new Owner and a new place.

“What is his name Master? What shall i call him?” she asked. Owen thought a moment. The director at Two Winds had said the boy’s name was anthony, but he needed to earn his name.

“you will call him brother, and I will call him whatever I want. he’ll have to earn his name back.” He replied. gwen nodded seriously. For months after Master purchased her, she was called anything except her name. Even now, he seldom used it.

Suddenly, she moved forward and wrapped her arms around the trembling boy. she leaned into him and whispered “Shh brother, don’t be frightened. Our Master is not a cruel Master. you are safe here. Just obey, W/we will guide you.” As she continued to soothe him, Owen watched, amazed, as the boy’s shoulders lost their tension and he visibly relaxed. After a few minutes, Owen wound his hand into gwen’s hair and less than gently pulled her out of the car.

“That’s Sahabet Giriş enough, woman! Both of you, into the house. pet, help your new brother with his form. you may walk up the stairs but you will crawl into the house.” He commanded. He watched them crawl to the front door, with gwen correcting his form every few feet. Owen knew that gwen had been a good purchase, but He never could have predicted how well she would have taken to slave life. He knew that no matter how many pets He added to His little family, she would always be His favorite. He rarely had to punish her, and that was getting boring. It was one of the reasons that He had purchased this new pet. He missed training, watching a slave go from bumbling, scared, and uncoordinated to graceful, obedient, and eager to please their Master.

He followed them to the door, enjoying his view of two swaying, naked asses. He was glad that He had made gwen keep her long hair unbound today. He enjoyed the contrast of the dark curls against her creamy, smooth skin. They entered the door with Him right behind them. As they stood, Owen petted gwen’s hair softly.

“Take him up to his room, gwen. Explain the house rules.” Owen said. gwen nodded but hesitated, turning back towards Him.

“Master, may brother have his blindfold removed? i am worried he may hurt himself trying to get up the stairs without his sight.” she asked, head bowed respectfully.

“Well, since you asked so nicely, pet, I think I can do that.” Owen replied, pulling the blindfold off of the boy’s head. He was glad that He hadn’t needed to gag him, He enjoying seeing that lush mouth and imagining the ways it would soon be servicing Him. When He had purchased the boy, Jenna, one of the owners of Two Winds, had raised Her eyebrows at Him.

“Expanding your horizons, Owen?” She had asked in an amused tone. He had scowled at Her. Owen didn’t consider himself gay or straight, He just enjoyed sex. His mind snapped back to the present as He watched the boy blink his bright green eyes, adjusting to the sudden light. he glanced at Owen and immediately slid His eyes to the floor, but not before Owen had seen the look of terror in his eyes. He frowned.

“Do I look so terribly scary, boy?” He said, maybe a bit more forceful than necessary. The boy began to tremble and gwen looked Sahabet Güncel Giriş at Owen a little too sternly. “gwendolyn, I do NOT like that look.” He warned. she paled and dropped her gaze to the ground.

“i am sorry Master, i was just concerned for my brother. he seems so scared, Sir.” Owen let some of the fire drop from his gaze and looked at the boy.

“Look at me, boy.” He said. The boy began shaking harder as his gaze met Owen’s. Owen thought to himself that he looked like a scared little rabbit. He raised his hand to grip the boy’s chin and the boy flinched as He reached for Him. Owen’s frowned deepened. This would have to be addressed. “I’m not going to hit you boy, at least not yet, and never in the face. Who were your previous owners?” Owen demanded. The boy looked back to the floor before answering in a very quiet voice.

“This worthless slave’s previous Owners were the Masters Jonathan, Jackson, and Jeremiah.” he said. Owen heard gwen gasp and looked at her sharply before dropping his hand from the boys chin. Third person speech, self humiliation, flinching when touched, the silence; yeah, that sounded like the Js. Owen sighed audibly and looked at gwen.

“Take him up to his room, pet. No touching and be in the playroom in 20 minutes, in ‘kneel present’. Don’t bother explaining My rules, I’ll do that Myself.” When gwen didn’t immediately move, Owen swatted her ass. “GO gwendolyn!” He snapped.

“Yes, Master, I’m sorry Master. i was just startled by brother’s answer to your question.” she said quickly. Owen nodded

“So was I, pet. So was I. Now go, do as I instructed. I’ll be in the playroom shortly. Do not be one minute late, girl.” He said, watching as she hurried the boy up the stairs.

Owen walked to his study and sighed again, sinking into his favorite armchair. He had gotten WAY more than he bargained for with this boy. The Js, Jonathan, Jackson and Jeremiah, were considered the harshest Master’s in the local scene. Every slave knew about them and many Masters and Mistresses threatened their slaves with them. The phrase “Behave or I might send you to the Js…” struck fear in every slave’s heart. He got up and walked over to His bar, pouring Himself a stiff drink and downing it in one gulp. He was going to have to untrain and retrain this new boy, this anthony.

He sunk back down into His chair, rubbing His temples and glancing at the clock. In 10 more minutes, He would have two little pets kneeling in His playroom, ready for whatever He chose to give them. He decided He would give them 10 minutes to kneel and anticipate His arrival and then the fun would begin!

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