Master and Tears in Virginia Pt. 02

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Ava Addams

My warm, wet mouth was doing its job. His fingers reached down to stroke my hair. Then my Master moved his fingers to his clit so that he could tease me. I moaned and came up off his cock. “Master, do you want me to lose my concentration?” He stopped and I went back to his cock.

Trying to devour it, I took the entire dick into my mouth and gagged myself. I moved more slowly down on him after that. My fingers moved up and down on the shaft when my mouth wasn’t covering it. I also massaged his balls. He grabbed my ankle tightly and I knew he liked what I was doing.

It wasn’t long before I heard “Give me my tits girl. Hurry.” His cock squirted cum over my left breast and into my hair. “Good girl.”

“Thank you Master.” I bent my head back down to lick his cock clean and then bounced off the bed and into the bathroom. I turned on the hot water and while it was warming up, I washed off my breast and my hair. I returned to my Master and washed his cock with the washcloth and then wiped cum off his leg which I missed licking up. I returned the washcloth to the bathroom and then returned to his side.

“You like black cock don’t you, mine?”

“Only yours my Master.”

“That’s how I want it mine. Lay down with your head at the end of the bed. No, slide down more to me.” I slide further toward the head of the bed with my legs open and bend at the knees. He reached between my legs and slowly pulled the string of balls out of his pussy. I squealed as they popped out of me. “Not bad for the first time mine. You’re going out tomorrow with them inside you. “

“Yes Master,” I said as he handed them to me to wash off. I got off the bed and headed to the bathroom again while he gave me directions on how to clean them properly. Then I returned to bed and climbed back in. He pulled me close so that my head rested on his chest. I drifted to sleep. I remember putting feather like kisses on his chest and belly, sliding down in the bed to do it. Then he pulled me in tightly to him and we both drifted to sleep.

We slept until Master woke me again and pulled me out of bed. “Time for lunch mine.” Grumbling I got out of bed and padded to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and washed my face. “Come here mine.”

“Coming Master.” I reached the bed and he pushed me down.

“Roll up in a ball.”

“Yes Master,” I said as I rolled up so that the string of ben wa balls could go back down into his pussy.

“Now roll over, butt up.” I rolled over and up on my knees, whereupon my Master popped the lavender jeweled butt plug into me. Slapping my ass, “Good girl. You take that very well.” We are going out tonight so those must stay in.”

“Yes Master,” I said as I got dressed. Once dressed we left the hotel and drove through town to find an interesting looking restaurant, that Master and I had seen earlier. We entered and after being seated, we ordered lunch with tea. Lunch was very good and then Master drove us out to Maymont. I was overwhelmed at the beauty of the 100 year old Victorian Mansion and estate.

We walked all through the mansion and heard the story of the family which had lived in this beautiful home. From the outside you see the turrets and windows which are both large and small. The dining room is set for 5 for dinner. There is a sitting room set for tea. A drawing room. All of which are set with antiques, tapestries and beautiful paintings and statues.

There was a lady’s bedroom with had a rocking chair with swan shaped arms. It also had a swan bed. The swan felt like it was carved out of ivory and had a blue bed with two tubed shaped blue pillows. There was also a gown on a dressing manikin and a dressing table for the lady of the house to put on her makeup and perfume. Master took pictures of each room with me in the pictures.

Then we went out to the barn which held a carriage room for the horses as well as a very old horseless carriage. We strolled down to the gardens. There were swans and ducks on a lake, a Japanese garden Starzbet and a waterfall. We sat down under a large tree. I lay back in my Master’s arms as we kissed and rested a little. It was a very large mansion and we needed to rest in order to make it back to our car.

After our rest, we rose and returned to our car. The Maymont estate is on hundreds of acres of land. It was just incredible. We got back to our room and Master wanted to watch television so I curled up under his arm, quickly falling to sleep with my head on his belly. Master didn’t wake me until late.

He gently roused me with “get up mine. Time for dinner and I have something for you to wear tonight.”

“Yes Master,” crawling out of the bed and heading to the bathroom to brush my teeth.

“Fix your face and eyes, mine.”

“Yes Master.” I retrieved my makeup mirror and makeup from my bag and set about getting ready. I put on my lavender eyeshadow and long lashes, then the base makeup and blush. Red lipstick was requested by my Master. I fixed my hair pinning it up so that I can put on my blue wig. I let the long bright blue hair fall down to my waist.

“That’s my imvu Tears. You match yourself perfectly. Now let’s suction up my clit and nipples.”

“Yes Master.” Master had me lay back in bed with my legs spread and he began to suction up his clit with the pump. The more air was removed, the more I felt the pull on my clit as it rose and rose. I came once squealing loudly.

Then he put the suction on each nipple. They rose significantly too. “That’s just how I want you tonight my girl. Put on your black leggings mine.”

“Yes Master.” I pulled on my leggings and my high heeled boots. “Am I wearing my bra tonight Master?”

“No bra mine. Come here.”

“Yes Master.” I stood in front of him with only my leggings on. He handed me my silver lavender earrings and put them in my ears. Then he removed a silver chain from his luggage. It had a small circle at each end.

“These circles go around my nibbles and then close around them. They will stay on my nipples even if not suctioned since you are always aroused. But now they will stay even better.”

“Yes Master.” I went to the bathroom mirror to admire the chain that draped down across my chest as it was held at each nipple. The chain bounced against my chest as I walked. It was a distance away from my skin since his breasts are enormous and the nipples were too having been suctioned. “Am I to wear a top Master?”

“No girl. Here put on your coat.” Master held my coat so that I could put on my new winter coat. We headed to the car. Master drove us to a club he knew in town. After we parked and got out, he came around to attach a collar and leash around my neck. We walked up the steps and the girl at the door took our coats. I was then topless in this club with only the silver chain attached to each nibble.

Master walked me around; introducing me to the men he knew and in turn their subs. Finally the balls began shifting inside me and bumping into my g spot. I squeezed his arm. “Something going on my girl?”

“Oh just a small …ohhhh god.”

“Are you cuming mine?”

“Ye…yes Master.”

“Good girl.” He got us drinks and we sat down. Dinner was a buffet and we went through the line to get dinner. We sat down to watch the show on the stage while we ate. I was enjoying myself and trying to keep my salacious breasts out of my plate. Master chuckled as each breast would fall forward into the plate if I leaned over in the slightest. “Shall I feed you babygirl?”

“It might help Master.” He fed me a few bites and then got distracted by conversation with others at the table. So I was back to feeding myself and trying to keep my tits out of my dinner.

After the meal was done, Master talked to his friends and occasionally reached over to pull on his nipples, making me squeal. Finally he reached between my legs to rub his clit and forced me to orgasm with was a real loud squeal Starzbet Giriş which I tried to stifle in my hands. “Is this the one you told me about Hawk?”

“Yes, this is her.”

“She sounds like she’s easy to orgasm. Is she?”

“Tears cums in a heartbeat and she gets loud as hell.”

“You know we have a demonstration night with new members who want to show off their girls. Think you might be interested?”

“Show off their girls how exactly?” Master was interested but not in sharing me with others.

“We have the table cleaned and you or whoever you want fuck her and make her cum.”

“Like I said, she’s very loud and I don’t share her with others. That gonna be a problem?”

“Not at all. Wanna do it?”

Master’s head turns to mine and I can tell by the look in his eyes that he wants to fuck his in public again. “If my Master wishes it.”

“Tears go with Eve, remove your leggings but keep your boots on. Then return. Understood?”

“Yes Master.” I rise from the chair and Eve takes my hand to lead me to the ladies room. I remove one boot and leg. Then I put my boot back on. Remove the left boot and remove the leggings completely and replace that boot. Then I walk back to my Master. Eve is carrying my leggings folded over her arm and I’m naked other than the silver chain attached to each nipple.

“There’s my precious girl,” Master says as I approach. He has me sit on the table with my feet in the chair. Then the men lay me back gently on the table. There is a loud announcement made: “We have a new member who’s going to show off his girl’s fucking skills if anyone wishes to watch.”

Master in the meantime is playing with his clit and making me very wet and mewing softly. The men take my hands and hold my arms down on the table. At first they try to put them over my head but Master said “Angle her arms men. She has permanent shoulder damage from an accident so over her head will hurt her.” The men shift my arms so that I’m not straight over my head. They hold me down so that I can’t get up. Master lifts my legs up in the air, holding them by the ankles.

Eve offered Master an open pat of butter which he used to oil down his already rock hard cock. He reached inside to make sure I was good and wet and slightly buttered too. Then he shoved that thick black cock up inside his pussy. I jumped up slightly by pulling up by my legs. “You trying to buck on me girl?”

“Master, I can’t help it. May I have a pillow?”

“No pillows here mine. Just let it go when you get there.”

“Yes Master.” I nod as I begin twisting and trying to roll on the table but I can’t being held down by two men. It’s not long before I squeak. A min or two later, I cut loose with a loud scream. This attracts a group of men and their girls to the table. They stand around the table watching me twist and squeal.

“That’s my girl. Who owns you? Who’s pussy is this?”

“You own me Master. It’s your pussy. Oh god don’t stop. Please don’t stop. I need your cock so badly.” Master pounds into me hard and deep.

“Where do you feel me girl?”

“Here Master, your cock is here.”

“Tell me Tears, tell me.”

“My belly Master. I feel you all the way to my be…another scream…lly Master.”

“What do you want Tears? Tell me what you want.”

“Harder Master, please harder and don’t stop, please.” Master pulls my legs and my hips lift off the table as he pounds me like jackhammer breaking cement. I scream again.

“Fuck you got a loud one, Hawk.”

“I know. Usually I smother her with a pillow or the cops show up.”

“Can I take a turn?” asks a Master I can’t see since he’s behind me. He leans over and pulls on my right nipple. I squeal.

“Sorry this one is private property. Keep your hands off her, she’s mine.” Master’s voice sounds angry now, which he takes out on his pussy by beating it harder and faster. Soon I’m throwing my head from side to side and squealing loudly between swearing and Starzbet Güncel Giriş begging for him never to stop.

Master cums deep inside me and as he lets my legs down into the chair. “You alright Pet?”

“I think so Master.”

He smiles softly. “You did good mine. Rest a little before you sit up and don’t try to sit up without help. I don’t want you getting dizzy and fainting on me.”

“Yes Master.” Eve brings over to my Master a wet wipe to clean off with. The men are talking among themselves about how quickly I cum and how loud I am. The men holding my arms down, release me but hover over me.

“You ready to sit up Tears?”

“I think so.” The men help me sit up and Master makes sure that my chair is there so if I get dizzy I can sit. I sit down in my chair after getting off the table. “She’s a wonder. That is a good one Hawk.”

“I know she is. She’s never leaving my steel.” I smile and kiss my Master, and then I have a drink so that I can recover. Master talks with the other men about me. My blue wig is still in place.

Eve checks for me. “Where did you get this wig, Tears?”

“I bought it to match the hair of my avatar, Master owns on imvu. In fact we have a daughter on imvu and she’s got my blue hair in pigtails. Master says she’s going to make him grey before she’s six.”

“Is it an adult playing your daughter or a child?”

“She’s an adult and married. She just wanted to play our daughter for us since we decided in game to have a family.”

“I love the color of that wig.”

“You can find it on Wish in all sorts of colors.”

Master finishes talking with the other Masters and then asks me as the music starts up again, “Tears, you want to dance?”

“I’d love to Master.” He takes my hand and leads me to the dance floor. In his arms we dance to the slow romantic song. We dance for a short while and then I’m getting tired.

“My girl ready for bed?”

“Yes Master and I have meds to take.”

“Then let’s say our goodnights and you put your leggings back on.” We say goodnight to the others and Eve goes with me to help me dress. Then I put on my winter coat and Master puts on his leather coat and we make our way to the car.

We get back to the hotel and my legs are being to give out on me. Master picks me up and carries me to the hotel door. He sets me down long enough to open the door and hit the light switch. Then he scoops me up in his arms and carries me to bed. I take the meds on the bedside table and remove my wig. He removes the silver chain and pulls the ben wa balls out of his pussy.

Master undresses as do I. Then he slides into bed beside me. I slip down under the covers. We drift quickly to sleep as we had a busy day. The next morning is time to go home for both of us.

Master wakes up early and packs. Then he uncovers me. He takes a video of me sleeping. I move from a curled up body to a stretched out body with my long legs stretching down to the end of the bed. He videos me sleeping so that he has this to take home until our next vacation together. He wakes me up with a slap on my ass.

“Up girl. Time to go.”

“Yes Master.” I get up and brush my teeth and wash my face. Then I dress quickly, packing quickly and pulling on boots. Once we are ready, we go down to the car. Master goes into the hotel to turn in the key and pay the bill. Then he drives to the train station. I get out as my Master removes his suitcase and fixes my seat back. Then I kiss him goodbye, moaning softly. I cling to him for another kiss since I don’t want him to leave me.

“Don’t worry Pet. Calm down Tears, don’t cry. Make sure you text me as soon as you get home, so I know your safe. Also text me every time you stop on the way home.”

“I can’t help it. I don’t want you to leave. Yes Master, I will.”

“I know my girl but I must go home and you must get on your way.” He gets my gps to start talking and giving me directions. Soon he disappears inside the train station and I drive away. Soon I’m back on the highway for the long drive home. I don’t stop until I’m home other than to drive through a MickyD’s to get tea. My mind is on our vacation and all we did and saw and how he used me over and over while we were there.

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