Massaging a Muscleman Pt. 01

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My massage therapist, Linda, is a beautiful woman who has a great touch. I’d been going to her weekly for about six months. I started working out more diligently with weights to try and put some even bigger muscle on my lean frame. I was already pretty muscular, and ripped, but nonetheless wanted to get more muscular. I actually looked a lot more muscular than I really was because I was so lean and somewhat thin. For example, my waist was really narrow and tight and I had a very well-defined “six-pack.” Linda was great and would address any soreness or injuries I had, alleviating my discomfort and getting me back in the gym.

Linda observed my improvements and complemented me frequently. She said my muscles were getting so big and so well defined. Not only that, she said I had perfect body proportion and shape. She even suggested I should shave my body to emphasize my physique. I gave it a try and really liked how it made me look, and feel. The first time Linda massaged me after I shaved myself she said, “Wow, you look so great Tom! Don’t you like your smooth muscleman look now?”

“Yeah, I really do Linda, it sure makes me seem even bigger. Thanks for suggesting it.”

“Tom, you look pretty sexy, I better control myself.”

“You’re sure doing a good job feeding my ego today, Linda.”

“Well, it’s true!” She laughed.

Linda was always trying to make me feel better about myself:

“Don’t you worry about getting super-big muscles. You look overpowering like this, believe me. Some guys just can’t get “monster massive,” but they can still get awfully big and ripped up like you are.”

Not surprisingly, I would normally get a little turned on when Linda massaged me. Actually, I think she liked toying with me sexually by way of what she would say, and how she would massage me. It was all very subtle and never overdone. Linda made things stimulating and established a friendly sort of sexual energy between us. I respected Linda so much and never lost control or disrespected her.

She was a very sexy woman, with short light brown hair. Not only that, she was also a yoga instructor and had a fantastic body. Adding to her allure was that fact that she was highly intelligent and perceptive. Linda always placed a towel over my crotch and ass, albeit somewhat small, and neither of us ever removed it. Furthermore, she never did anything overtly sexual to me and I would never disrespect her. Linda was adept at titillating me with her words…

“Jeez Tom, your muscles are getting so big, look at you!”

Every so often Linda would ask me to massage her upper back for a few minutes as she sat up on the table. She would get muscle spasms, and I could help alleviate her tension. She always raved about my skills and joked that I should go to work for her part-time.

Then one day, she asked if I’d be interested in massaging a new prospective client. She explained he was such a big bodybuilder that she wouldn’t be strong enough to be effective…

“You should try it Tom, you’re certainly strong enough, and he might be able to give you pointers so you can build more muscle. Besides, you might really enjoy it.”

I said that I’d give it some thought. As time passed I began to think it might be fun and interesting to massage a super-big muscular guy. Linda asked again, but this time I accepted. Linda was thrilled and explained the procedure is basically the same as when she massages me. We went over a few techniques and some administrative stuff.

Two days later she called to inform me that my appointment with the bodybuilder, named Brad, was scheduled for the next day at noon after his workout. I was excited and curious at the same time. In addition, I wondered just how muscular he would be.

I wasn’t so much nervous, as I was titillated. Not only that, I had some sexual feelings but figured that was normal, and innocent. Arriving a little early, I got everything set up. I remember that Linda said not to wear anything loose or baggy so my cloths wouldn’t interfere, and get oily. She also said to wear something thin and light, “It’s gonna be a lot of work, especially with him, and you will get hot in this little room.”

I ended up wearing a tight and thin yellow V-neck T-shirt, and black yoga tights. Brad arrived just a few minutes late. Wow, he was so much bigger than I imagined, and my imagination was already assuming he would be real big. He had a handsome face, not super masculine like I expected. I introduced myself, and he was very cordial.

I asked if he had a good workout and he said it was excellent. Then I said he could remove his workout cloths and hang them on the door. I also gave him the same type of towel that Linda used with me. I left the room and said, “Just let me know when you’re settled.”

I was in the adjoining small office area, waiting. I thought about how some perspiration showed on his sweatpants and sweatshirt, and how I could smell his strong scent right away. I thought that he should have at least taken a shower. In any event, I figured I could Beylikdüzü Escort deal with it and didn’t say anything. Actually, it sort of reminded me of how I smell whenever I work out hard and hadn’t showered for a while, only he was more intense.

Brad called out, letting me know that he was ready. I entered the massage room and barely stopped myself from gasping. He was on his stomach with the little towel over his butt, and the sheer size of his muscled body was astounding. The towel looked tiny on him and didn’t even cover the sides of his hips. His back was like a massive slab of dense muscle forming a V-shape down to his small waist. His shoulders were like bowling balls, and his triceps were almost as big.

The room was already full of his manly scent. It smelled very strong, and I just told myself to ignore it and do my job. I tried some small talk, “You must have had an arduous workout because you look totally pumped.”

“Yeah, I worked out real hard today, felt good. You look like you know what that’s like.” Brad answered.

I appreciated the acknowledgment from a fellow bodybuilder, albeit one who is much more muscular than me. At that point I started in working on his massive back, taking my time, and trying to do my best. He was shaved smooth like me. I really liked that and was pleased that I wouldn’t have to deal with massaging a hairy body. My hands glided over his ulta-smooth skin. I forgot to put the massage oil on him, but it wasn’t even necessary because he had a pretty thick natural oily sheen.

I could really smell his body now. It was getting warmer in the room, and I was getting hot, so I said, “You’re big body is sure a lot of work for me, and I’m getting hot from exerting myself.”

Hearing that, Brad said, “Look, feel free to take your shirt off, that should really help.”

I asked, “Are you sure you don’t mind?”

“Tom, I really don’t mind, and besides, I can see you have such a pretty ripped muscular body there,” he replied.

I was very flattering by his response, but figured it was natural to expect that from someone like him, given his interest in athletic bodies. In any event, I actually wanted to take off my shirt, and show him more of my physique. I felt good about being well-built and wanted to show off a little. I took off my top and felt sensual. Brad looked up and immediately said, “Tom, you do look very muscular, love you’re hairless and smooth body.”

Wow, a muscle monster like him thinks that I look good! I started to feel more confident and manly. Then Brad changed the subject and said, “Man, you’re very good at this, I’ve finally found my massage therapist.”

“Thank you Brad, that means a lot. I’m new to this and wasn’t sure you liked it.”

“Tom, you’re a natural at it, and you make me feel very special.”

“You’ve got to know how special you are Brad, don’t you?”

“I understand that I’m unique and unusual, but you know Tom, a lot of people see me and tend to think I’m just a freak.”

“Brad, let me be very clear….I don’t think you’re a freak, on the contrary, I think you’re amazing. I mean, look at you! You are the biggest and most impressive bodybuilder I’ve ever seen. You should be very proud of your amazing body.”

“Thank you, Tom.”

“Seriously Brad, I’ve never seen anyone this muscular, anywhere, anytime. Your small waist makes everything else look even more humongous.”

“Well Tom, I’m happy you like my body so much, probably motivates you to give a better massage.”

“That’s the other thing Brad, it’s such a pleasure, professionally, to work on someone so big and muscular. It’s exciting to be able to touch you, and make you feel better.”

I was massaging his massive back as we talked, and he said, “I know you’re working very hard to please me, and I really appreciate your considerable efforts.”

I felt more motivated to make him feel good, and hopefully it will show when he goes back to the gym. At that point, I realized his strong smell wasn’t bothering me anymore. I was actually getting used to it. In addition, I really liked the natural oiliness that built up on him from his hard workout. It’s much better than any massage oil. It even crossed my mind that his smelly and oily body was sort of erotic. At any rate, I figured if he ever returned he would have time to shower next time.

Realizing that I was spending too much time on his mammoth back and I needed to move on. I moved down to his massive legs and quickly got into massaging them just as much as his back. I was blown away with how muscular his big thighs were. I positioned myself on the side of the table next to his thighs and focused my efforts. God, I’d never imagined that thighs could get so big and muscular.

While I was massaging the back of his thighs, I noticed that the little towel over his butt had moved up higher. I went to move the towel back in place, and couldn’t believe what I saw…. His big balls were visible from between his legs. They were enormous and shaved smooth! After Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan a quick consideration of my options, I left the towel where it was so I could keep admiring them.

The massive gonads made me pause and stare. I couldn’t believe how plump and heavy they looked. Not only that, but I could smell them. They were so musky, with elements vinegar, braised pot roast, and slab bacon. Their scent intermingled with the already strong manly smell of his heavily muscled body.

I lost focus of the massage. I couldn’t take my eyes off of his massive testicles. Telling myself that I had to get my act together, and trying to continue the massage as diligently as before, I heard Brad say, “Everything OK back there, Tom.”

“It is, I’m just not sure how to massage such large thighs, Brad.”

“Well, you’re hands are amazing on me, just keep going Tom.”

I was so transfixed, and as I massaged his giant thighs, my hands worked between his legs. I remembered how Linda always massaged me there, and her kneading technique felt so good. I tried to get my hands up higher on the inside of his legs, and as close to his big balls as possible, without touching them. Then Brad said, “Mmmm, that’s so nice Tom.”

I continued kneading the inside of his thighs, probably a lot longer than I should have. Frankly, I kept at it in large part because Brad obviously loved it and I liked hearing his approving moans. Then, I got too carried away and accidentally touched his big left nut. The touch was significant enough for me to discern that it was very heavy and dense. A little panic hit me thinking I went too far, so I worked my way down to his knees and finished up his legs.

After that I asked him to roll over. As he did so, I helped keep the little towel in place by holding the two corners closest to me as I looked up, trying to be professional. This was exactly how Linda did it when she had me roll over. At that point, something very big and powerful hit my hand with a thud as he rolled himself over. The impact briefly knocked my hand away. I assumed it was one of his big strong arms.

He got settled and I could see that the little towel was far too inadequate. His massive balls were clearly outlined in the towel’s fabric. Not only that, but judging by the outline of his cock, it too was enormous and super thick. In fact, it flopped down across his upper leg, wrapping over his hip. Incredibly, I could see the massive head of his cock sticking out the end of the towel, and the entirety of the big knob was protruding beyond the side of his hip. At that point I understood it wasn’t his muscular arm that knocked my hand away. The towel looked like it was covering the fat end of a baseball bat.

I didn’t know what to do, but ended up carefully moving the towel, shifting it to the side that his cock was lying on, and covering up what was showing. I heard Brad say, “Sorry about that.”

“No worries Brad, but my God, guess you need a much larger towel.” We both snickered.

He seemed to smell even stronger lying on his back. When I studied his body to figure out how to proceed I was overwhelmed with how muscular he looked. I just couldn’t believe how big and dense his muscles were, like big slabs of lean meat. As I massaged them, I realized how thick and heavy his chest, shoulders, and arms felt. My hands rubbed up against his nipples as I massaged his massive pecs. They were hard and sticking out so much. I loved running my hands over them, and every time I did I could hear him moan softly. He even involuntarily flexed them as I did so, and bands of ripped muscle fiber made them look so hot.

My hands looked tiny on his big muscles. I was sweating from the considerable effort needed to massage his giant body. In addition, I realized that I was instinctively starting to feel him up, more so than just massage him.

I continued feeling him up, caressing his muscles lovingly. At that point we locked eyes for at least five seconds, and it seemed magical. Unfortunately, I felt way too shy and intimidated to continue my gaze, so I refocused on his enormous muscles again.

At that point I realized I had an erection but didn’t think Brad noticed. I worried how awkward it would be if he got one too. On the other hand I would have loved to see it engorged and hardened. I wasn’t sure what I would do in that case. The image in my mind was that of an utterly gargantuan rock-hard cock with super-big veins. I kept massaging him for a few more minutes trying to get myself under control. Once I calmed down I decided it would be appropriate to wrap things up and said, “Brad, our time is up, and I truly hope you enjoyed your massage.”

“Tom, that was great, thank you very much.” He sat up, making sure the towel covered his immense package, and took a good look at my shirtless body with my black tights, and said, “You sure have a great physique, and those little tights look just amazing on you.”. I loved showing him my body.

Unexpectedly, as Brad sat there, he held his Escort Beylikdüzü arms out, wanting a hug. I instinctively quickly went to him, and positioned myself standing between his knees as we hugged each other tight. I could feel his naked muscled up body on my exposed bare chest. I rested my head on his shoulder, turning my head to the side. His oily skin felt and smelled so good on my cheek and head, and on my exposed upper body. I liked being skin on skin and muscle on muscle with him. My nipples felt stimulated pushing up against his giant muscles.

At that point, I did something I didn’t fully understand: I lifted my head and kissed his cheek, twice. I could tell Brad was so pleasantly surprised and grateful that I did that. Then, somewhat awkwardly, and very reluctantly, I separated myself from him. I was rubbing his massive shoulders lightly as I pulled away, looking into his eyes admiringly to acknowledge my powerful attraction to his ultra-muscular body.

His gym cloths were hanging on the door hook, and I told him to take his time getting dressed, and I left the room. He came out five minutes later and thanked me, placing a wad of cash in my hands. I looked at it and estimated it was three times more than what Linda charged me. I started to say that this was way too much, but he interrupted me and explained, “You earned it, and besides I don’t have a girlfriend to spend money on.”

He asked if he could return the next day for another massage. Wow, he really did like the massage. I said that I’d check with Linda and would get back to him “tomorrow morning, first thing.” He gave me his cell number, smiled at me, gave me a quick hug, and left.

I went back in the massage room to clean up. I was on cloud nine. Pulling the dirty flannel sheet off the massage table I could smell him. I liked it. Then I picked up the little towel and brought it up to my nose, smelling the manly scent from his enormous cock and balls.

After that, I turned and noticed his jock strap was still hanging on the hook. I grabbed it, thinking I could catch him before he drove off, but realized it was too late to do so. The jock was still somewhat damp from his sweat. I raised it to my nose and lightly sniffed it. It had a profound impact on me.

Instead of holding back like I did when I could smell his big package on the massage table, I brought it back up to my nose and thoroughly took in the ultra-manly scent. Not only that, I found myself pushing down my tights and grabbing my now rock hard cock. When I looked closely at the jock strap, I could see it was only a size 32 inch waist, but the pouch itself was sized as “XXXL,” and it was all stretched out and very distorted. I was getting very close to orgasm and knew I couldn’t stop myself…

Unfortunately, and very embarrassingly, Linda showed up unexpectedly and innocently walked in on me! She saw what was going on, apologized, and quickly left the room. I felt just terrible and called out to her, trying to explain. I was absolutely embarrassed. I pulled up my tights and not knowing what to do, dejectedly sat on the massage table, hanging my head in shame.

I called out in distress, “Linda, I’m so very sorry.” Eventually, she returned to the room and was so cool, saying, “Look Tom, don’t worry, I share some of the blame here.”

“Linda, what does that mean exactly? I’m so confused and mixed up right now. It was all me, you had nothing to do with it.”

“Allow me to explain Tom. I figured you two would hit it off. You both are lonely, and very nice people. I knew you admired super-muscular men. When I suggested that you should keep your body shaved and smooth, you did it and you liked it. I just had a feeling you would get into Brad, and from what I gathered from Brad, I assumed he would be very attracted to you.”

“Linda, tell me, did you assume I was gay? Is that it?”

“Not necessarily Tom, but under the right circumstances I believed you could be sexually attracted to someone as phenomenal as Brad, being that he is such an extreme stud, in every way imaginable.”

“I have to be honest with you Linda, I might be confused about my feelings, but I was definitely overwhelmed by his body, and his pleasant personality. I admit it.”

She glanced down at my tights where my erection was evident and said, “I can see that Tom!”

“Now I’m really embarrassed, Linda”

“You shouldn’t be embarrassed about that impressive cock,” she said looking down at my crotch, then continued, “I’m gonna leave now, why don’t you pick up where you left off?”

She got Brad’s smelly jock strap and was about to hand it to me. But before doing so she took a quick whiff of it, and said, “Wow, that’s powerful and look how stretched out it is.” Then she winked at me, placed it in my hand, and left.

Even with all the stress, confusion, and embarrassment, I was still as horny as I’d ever been. I did a deep dive into Brad in my imagination as I kept sniffing his jock strap. I edged myself by moving the jock strap from my face to calm down, but after several times I didn’t want to remove it. Instead, I took in deep breaths through my nose and even licked on it. It was all too much for me, and I came so hard that I collapsed on the floor afterwards. It wasn’t until after I stopped unloading that I realized how big my wad was. What a mess!

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