Massage for a New Friend

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My wife recently bought a new iPhone and was having some difficulty setting things up. I suggested she look for a class as it seldom works out well when I try to offer her technical support. She found a user group that meets at the local library on Thursday nights and she decided to go.

When she got back I asked her how it was; she said, “Great, oh and the instructor is HOT!”

I looked at her intently trying to read her; she and I have long-fantasized about a threesome with another man and she knows it turns me on. She continued, “his name is Phil, he reminds me of a guy you’d see on the college rowing or lacrosse team, sandy blonde hair, brown eyes.” I rolled my eyes but she knew I was intrigued but then the she changed the subject to the class itself and that was kind of the end of it.

The next Thursday night, I noticed she wore a sexy pair of tight-fitting pants, I think they’re made of Lycra and they showcase her nice ass. I also noticed she must have not been wearing panties “oooh, no lines!” I said as I rubbed my hand over her firm ass. I gave her a smile and teased, “dressing up for Phil?” We hadn’t talked about him since last Thursday. She blushed and smiled and pushed me away.

The next morning I woke up with a super hard erection pressed up against my wife’s ass. She ground back into me and moaned. She was still half-asleep. Knowing she often has sex dreams in the morning, I took a chance, “Do you like grinding against Phil’s cock?”

She moaned “yes, I like his cock”. I continued to pretend to be him as she got more and more turned on. This turned me on too; I’ve often fantasized about sharing my wife with a hot young guy.

“Grind Phil’s cock baby!” I encouraged her as though I was a spectator. She moaned louder and her body shuddered, my cock pounding against her as my shaft slid back and forth, the head of my cock rubbing over her clit. She was so turned on! I liked that we were sharing this fantasy and that she was so into it. I turned her over, lifted he legs up and slowly pressed my cock into her very wet pussy. She closed her eyes and gasped as I slowly entered her. She usually looks me in the eye but this morning her eyes were closed and I think she was thinking of Phil as I thrusted deeply into her. This made me even hornier and we fucked harder and longer than we had in a long time. It was amazing. Afterward, we gave each other a passionate kiss and started our day, not saying anything more about our ‘imaginary’ friend.

This half-dream state fantasy repeated a couple times. I would say something like, “Phil’s here, do you want to play with his cock?” She would invariably moan and say yes. Our sex life was better than it had been in years. bahçeşehir escort

I would ask her what she would do with two hard cocks and she would say “I want to grind on Phil’s cock while I stroke yours, then I want you to fuck me while I suck his hard cock”. This made me super hard and horny and she knew it.

The next Thursday, as she got ready to go to class, I asked her if she was going to talk to Phil that night? She just said “probably” and left it at that. We hadn’t discussed turning our fantasy into reality. “I could talk to him” I told her. “You better not!” she quickly shot back. “OK, well tell him I say hi,” and I kissed her as she walked out the door.

Weeks went by and I we continued our fantasy role-playing. I would tease her about asking him to join us for dinner. I eventually realized that she would not make the first move with Phil, so I did. I’d never met him but knew his name and found him on Facebook. I sent him an innocent message about my wife, whom I described, needing some one-on-one support and asked if he’d be willing. He is a consultant so this wasn’t a strange request. Fortunately, he said yes. I hadn’t told my wife at this point.

I set up an appointment for late on a Saturday afternoon for him to come to our house. When I told my wife I had made an appointment with Phil, she was momentarily annoyed but at the same time she was excited about the possibilities.

As the time approached my wife got ready; she came out of the bedroom wearing a thin summer dress and she looked super sexy. She came up to me and gave me a deep kiss and put my hand on her ass so I could feel she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. She winked at me and waited with her iPhone on the sofa for Phil. He arrived right on time. My wife was right; he is a great-looking guy, one of those guys who doesn’t even try to look good, or worry much about his looks. He reminded me of model from a J. Crew or an REI catalog.

As they sat on the couch trying to fix a problem with iCloud backups, I went to the kitchen and brought out a tray of cheeses and appetizers. Phil turned down a glass of wine but when my wife said she’d have one, he recanted. As they sat on the couch drinking wine and talking, I was in the kitchen preparing to make dinner. I walked in and noticed my wife’s hand on Phil’s thigh as they looked at her iPhone screen. He didn’t seem to pay any attention. She and I made eye contacted and gave me a sly smile. I refilled their wine glasses and then sat across from them, opened my laptop and checked my email. I noticed Phil was rubbing his neck and asked, “sore neck?”

He said he’d had a bakırköy escort stressful week. I told him my wife gave an amazing back rub, and that he should let her see what she can do. “Really, yeah, that’d be great, if it’s OK”. We both said sure at the same time and smiled at each other. My wife stood up and had him sit at the edge of the sofa so she had better access to his broad shoulders. She started massaging his neck, shoulders and the back of his head then worked her way to his strong hands. She ran her hands down his back and worked her way outward, then up to his neck again, stretching his tight muscles. I could tell he was really enjoying it by the oohs and ahs he was making.

“You have some pretty good knots, why don’t you take your shirt off and I’ll get some proper lotion?” she said quietly to him. He was hesitant at first but took his shirt off as my wife retrieved the body lotion she likes to use on me. She worked her lotion covered hands all over his back, neck and shoulders and moved around to his chest. He was like putty in her hands. My cock was now straining against my jeans as I watched my wife with this handsome younger man.

“You’re really a mess, I think you need a full body massage”, my wife offered innocently, “we have a massage table in the spare bedroom.” Phil was definitely into it, he looked at me for any signs of disapproval and got none.

“I’ll start making dinner, Phil, can you join us?” He said he could and I told him to enjoy his massage.

My wife led him to the spare bedroom and told him to undress and get under the towel. As he did this, she came to the kitchen and gave me a deep passionate kiss and grabbed my swollen cock through my jeans. “I’m going to rub my hands all over his hard body and then I want you to come in and watch”. She didn’t wait for a response and went back to the bedroom. Phil was lying face down with a towel covering his muscular ass.

My wife started with his neck and broad shoulders and worked her way down his arms to his fingers. She came back to his shoulders and rubbed up and down his back, just brushing up against his muscular butt still covered by the towel. She worked slowly and seemed to relish each moment.

She eventually moved to his feet and slowly worked her way up his calves and legs, staying away from the inside of his thighs. She got to his ass and pulled back the towel enough to expose one cheek which she skillfully kneaded and stroked. I was watching from the kitchen and saw Phil rotate his ass to meet my wife’s moves. He was obviously getting turned on. She covered him back up and did the same thing to the other cheek. My wife başakşehir escort then folded the towel lengthwise leaving just a thin strip covering his ass. I was now standing in the doorway; my cock now fully hard.

I watched as my wife oiled up her hands and ran her fingers up the inside of Phil’s legs. He spread his legs subtly as my wife massaged his ass with her thumbs. She finally removed the towel completely and was now working her hands all over his ass and lower back. She gently wrapped her hand around his balls and tugged gently which made him moan. While continuing to massage his ass and balls with one hand, she stripped out her dress and let it fall to the floor. She told him to turn over.

Without hesitation, he got on his back. His semi-hard cock flopped against his leg. He was, I’ll just say ‘gifted’. My wife stared at his thick, handsome cock for a moment, smiled at me and then gently stroked his hair and kissed him gently but briefly on the lips. She filled her hands with oil and massaged his chest and shoulders. As she did this he reached back and ran his hands up her legs to her ass which made her moan quietly. He gently squeezed her firm ass as she rubbed his pecs and shoulders. She slowly worked down to his abs but intentionally avoided his cock.

She moved to the side of the table and ran long strokes with both hands down his legs to his feet then back up the inside of his thighs. She ran her thumbs under his balls moving back and forth to his ass. He spread his legs and moaned. His cock was now rock hard and a large drop of pre-cum had formed and dropped to his abs. Seeing my sexy naked wife working her hands all over this hard young guy was so sexy. I now had my hard cock in my hands and was gently stroking it. My wife continued to gently work on his ass and balls. She got more oil and dripped it over his aching cock finally wrapping both hands around it. Phil moaned and thrust to meet her hands. My wife is an expert at this. She worked the shaft of his cock with one hand and the head with the other. She then kept one hand circling the thick head of his cock and massaged his balls with the other. I saw her move one hand farther down and I knew she was teasing his anus with her oily fingers. This made Phil moan the same way it does me.

This went on for a surprisingly long time. Finally, Phil moaned, arched his back and thrust his hips into my wife’s hands as one hand tightened around his balls and the other stroked then entire length of his meaty cock. He launched what must have been a dozen thick streams of white cum that seemed to go everywhere. Some of hit my wife’s chest and dripped down her hard nipples onto his chest, some of it landed on his neck and chin. She then rubbed her tits all over his cum-covered chest and abs while continuing to milk his thick cock. He panted heavily and had a huge smile on his face as he struggled for words. She kissed his neck and picked up some of his cum on her lips then kissed him deeply.

My wife handed Phil a towel and he left to take a shower.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32