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It’s Mia’s birthday and Luke has surprised her with cheap flights to San Francisco for a few days. It’s a bit chilly, but the weather is fine and they spend the days walking around the city and the shore, blown away by how beautiful it is. He’s bought tickets to all the sights and made reservations at nice restaurants that overlook the harbour. On their last night, he tells her to wear her black dress and to forget about her underwear.

They get dressed up and have an amazing dinner at a very fancy restaurant. They order delicious cocktails and before she knows it, Mia is buzzed and getting turned-on by how hot they look all polished up. Mia tells him that they need to go back to the hotel room and Luke laughs and tells her that there’s one more activity planned.

On the walk back, they hold hands and kiss on a hill before going back to the room. He runs his hands down her dress and feels her body, nothing separating her skin from the world but a thin layer of cotton. He pushed her up against a small park railing and she feels his hands hike up her hem and explore her. They hurry to the room and when they enter she heads straight to the bathroom. When she comes out, Luke’s not there and she wonders where he’s gone. She assumes he’s gone to get another surprise or something and lies on the bed to wait. After a few minutes, she starts to worry.

Then there’s a knock on the door. A young bellhop hands her a white box tied with red ribbon. She takes it inside and opens it up on the bed. It’s full of tissue paper, but at the bottom she finds a beautiful white mask rimmed with small, elegant feathers. She takes the mask to the mirror and ties the soft ribbon through her curly red hair. The eyes of the mask are slightly slanted, almost like a cat’s and her green eyes pop out luridly from underneath. The perfect button nose fits her face and curves down just above her cheeks, leaving the bottom half of her face exposed. She fingers the small colourful feathers criss-crossed along the top edge, complimenting the red in her hair. Her smile spreads across her face and she feels a warmth come over her that makes her shiver. She returns to the bed and looks in the box. She finds a note that says: I love you, I’ll be watching. On the back, she finds an address. She’s not exactly sure what to do and sits for a few minutes staring at the note. She realizes that Luke’s not coming back and takes off the mask to put it in a little handbag with a change of clothes and other essentials.

In the lobby, Mia shows the concierge the address and he tells her it’s up in the hills of the city, too far to walk. He offers to call her a cab and she hesitates as butterflies fly around her stomach. Finally, she says yes and he leads her outside to flag down a car. He opens the door and she gets in the back. She shows the driver the address and he punches it in to the system before pulling away. Mia feels a wave of relief come over her as she lets go of control and begins to enjoy the ride and mystery of it. She looks out the window and sees a rain cloud forming as the night swallows the setting sun. The car winds up through the hills and all of the beautiful homes while the rain starts to fall softly, spotting the windows. Near the top, the homes become gated and very extravagant. Mia looks out the rear window and sees the lights of the bay and the city below.

Eventually, she arrives at the address, but there’s only a small wooden fence and a long driveway carved into thick woods. A figure stands inside the gate with a large umbrella. She asks the driver to wait for a minute until she lets him know it’s ok to leave. He agrees as she gives him money and gets out to talk to the person holding the umbrella. A beautiful brunette smiles at her from behind the gate and extends the umbrella over her.

“We’ve been waiting for you,” she says. “Come in, please.”

The woman opens the latch and Mia looks over her shoulder at the cab. She hesitates again for a moment, but feels an excitement run through her, and offers a small wave before he pulls away.

As Mia strolls down the driveway, the woman tells her that this would be a good time to put on her mask. They both stop and she smiles at Mia, taking her hand.

“Don’t worry,” she says. “This is the most fun you’re ever going to have.”

Mia laughs and looks inside her bag for the mask. The woman stares at her deeply as she ties the mask on.

“You’re fucking gorgeous,” she says, once she has it on. “I’m looking forward to you.”

The woman grabs Mia’s hips and pulls her in for a kiss. Mia feels her minty lips as she holds her close. She feels her nipples harden and her knees weaken as the woman lets her go.

“Let’s go,” she says, as she leads her around the bend by the hand.

Another beautiful blonde woman with another umbrella walks past them back to the gate. Mia turns and follows her with her eyes and she stares back with a sexy smile.

The forest is suddenly fully lit by a beautiful modern glass home surrounded by flowers and art. The umbrella girl delivers Mia to the door and pushes a button on the wall. Ankara escort She taps her on the ass and begins walking back down the driveway. “See you soon,” she says.

At the door, a tall masked man is waiting, inviting Mia into the warm house. He’s wearing nothing but some loose-flowing pajama pants. His smile is big under his mask and she is caught by his blue eyes watching her, not to mention his bare, muscular chest.

“Welcome,” he says. “Jesus, it’s exciting to have a hot redhead. I know this is your first time, so I’m going to show you around before things start.”

He leads Mia through the amazing home. The art on the walls is captivating and she feels herself wanting to just wander and look. A low music plays that beats and drones in a way that makes her want to move. It’s hot as she follows him down the halls and into a large room.

There’s beautiful wooden furniture and chinese dressing screens all over, dividing up the room so that Mia can’t see into the nooks and crannies. To the side, there’s an ensuite bathroom and she sees into the onsen-like room. There are naked women in the showers, washing themselves or bathing in the small pool. Steam wafts out into the red-carpeted room filled with antiques and hidden lights that keep the room dark. There are lingerie-clad and half-naked female figures walking around with masks on. There is laughter and giggling as she sees shadows attaching or removing bras or pulling on leggings and other fine undergarments. Two beautiful naked masked women approach her. One takes her hand while the other touches the man, kissing him and running her hands down his chest.

“We’ll take it from here,” they say and lead Mia away.

He lets go of her hand and says, “I love your mask, I’ll see you later.”

The girls lead Mia over behind a screen and she sees a set of furniture that she assumes is meant for her. There are plush antique chairs, a large day-bed, and a covered table. Everything looks like something from a Fellini film.

“We need to get you ready,” the blonde says.

“Indeed,” says the brunette. “You don’t seem ready at all. You need to relax. Let’s make you more comfortable.”

They stand on either side of her and she finally gets a glimpse of their bodies in the darkened room. The blonde is quite short, but very curvy, her wide hips leading to a trim middle and small, round breasts. The brunette is taller, but still shorter than Mia, her hair long with braids. She pulls the braids down over her full perky tits and then takes the bag from Mia and throws it on the day-bed.

“Won’t be needing this,” she says.

“Or this,” says the blonde, as she begins to pull her dress up.

Mia lets her pull it up over her head, but then remember that she’s not wearing panties and suddenly gets embarrassed.

“You’ve come prepared,” she giggles, as the brunette bends down to remove her slip-on shoes. The blonde gives the brunette a look and they nod as she leaves. The brunette helps Mia up onto the table and sits her in front of her. She spreads Mia’s legs on the table and steps closer to her. Mia feels her hands on her thighs and feels them move up her body gently. Mia gets shivers as she reaches around and undoes her bra. Her hands move across Mia’s breasts slightly as she helps her remove it. Mia looks into her eyes and sees they’re dark green. She looks back and says, “Don’t you love green eyes?”

The brunette leans in for a kiss and Mia feels their breasts touch. She kisses her softly and holds Mia’s hands. She pulls away and leads her to lie down on her stomach. She rubs some soft lotion on Mia’s body and begins a massage. Mia feels her hands all over her body. She rubs her ass, passes by her breasts pushed out to the side on the table. Mia feels herself opening her legs a little wider with each pass as her fingers get closer and closer to her inner thighs. She rubs her softly and she feels her skin tingle. Mia closes her eyes and imagines the naked body next to her, her dark breasts dangling over her skin.

“You’re late,” she says suddenly. “So we don’t have much time. Do you want a shower beforehand?”

Before what, Mia thinks. And a flourish of excitement washes over her as the anticipation of the unknown dawns on her.

A low bell rings from somewhere deep in the building and the woman says that this is where she has to leave her. She kisses her again and mumbles something about being disappointed that she won’t be able to taste her.

“Just wait here, feel free to use the shower room, but you don’t have a lot of time, so be quick.”

She smiles and darts off into the shadows. Mia finds an opened bottle of wine and helps herself.

She sits for a moment, trying to digest where she is and what’s happening. She listens to the dark, groovy music that seems to surround the house. There seems to be candles everywhere, but she can’t see where the light is coming from. The room sounds more empty now, but she hears movement and realizes there are still other people in the room. She sees a shadow behind a screen and moves on to the bathroom.

Through Ankara escort bayan the steam, she sees it’s a giant, tiled room with a small pool and multiple shower heads mounted on the wall. There are doored rooms off to the side and everything is dripping and warm as if a sports team had just finished up. She uses the bathroom and decides to shower-off quickly. She finds delicious scented soaps and cleans her body in a colder shower, feeling how tingly and turned-on her body is. Everything is on edge and ready, heightened. The water runs down her body and she feels her hands touching herself.

Mia looks up and the second umbrella woman from the entrance is there in the doorway. She’s wearing a beautiful tight dress, her hair long and light. A second bell rings.

“It’s time,” says the woman, handing her a towel.

She watches Mia intently the whole time she dries off. When she’s done, the woman sighs and says, “This is going to be good.”

The woman takes Mia’s hand and leads her back into the dressing room. She leads Mia to enter another room that seems small like a closet. The woman pats her ass as she steps inside. The door closes behind her and she stands there in the darkness.

It only takes a moment for her to realize that she’s not alone in the room.

“Hello,” says a voice, as another voice laughs nervously.

“Hello, Mia says, and just as she is about to ask what’s going on, two large doors open in front of her and a softly-lit room is revealed.

The two women standing beside Mia are also revealed in the light and she sees that they’re masked and naked as well. The room looks like a giant dining room, but the tables and chairs have been removed. The back wall is one giant window, looking out and down over the bay. The rain dapples the glass, but the distant city lights flicker outside. There’s a small fire going and the crackling fills the room with warmth. In the middle of the room, there is a large circular bed filled with pillows. Surrounding the bed are six individual day-beds evenly spaced. On the far side of the room, there is a bleacher-like section tiered with mattresses and cushions.

The second umbrella woman and the male doorman are standing by the circular bed.

“Come in,” they say, and Mia steps through with the two other women. One of the women is Mia’s height with light brown hair in a big ponytail and perfect C-cup breasts. Her eyes twinkle from behind her mask, dark, dark brown. The third girl steps up behind them both and smiles. They turn to her and see that she’s slightly shorter and dark-haired with large round breasts that fold together between her arms.

To the side of their door, they all turn to see that three men have stepped out of three adjacent rooms. Mia recognizes Luke’s firm naked body right away and laughs to see him in his mask, similar to hers, but less stylized. One man has very dark skin and a slightly hairy chest, and Mia feels like he reminds her of a dark, sexy stranger she met on a Turkish train once. The other is taller with a slim, hairless body, like a hot Scandinavian swimmer.

As the six of them approach the center of the room, they see that the day-beds that encircle the main round bed have names on them.

“Please find your bed,” the umbrella woman says with a smile.

The doorman leads them around and assigns each of them a comfortable bed with pillows. They all look around at each other, checking each other out. Mia sees that her name is Abi and that Luke’s name is Mike. She feels a bit nervous and embarrassed, but everyone’s naked and masked and in the same boat. She sees that the light-brown-haired girl’s name is Bri, the dark-haired girl is Poly and that she’s actually Asian. The dark man’s name is Cam and the tall one is Drew.

Another door at the end of the hall opens suddenly and twenty or more masked people filter through in comfy bathrobes. They take their places on the bleacher-beds section off to the side. There’s some muffled talk and laughter as they get comfortable with each other and get settled. They’re all close enough that Mia can see their eyes behind their masks, surveying her body, smiling in appreciation. She lies back, sitting up with pillows, so they can see her, but not all of her. The room gets quiet and she realizes that her five other comrades are drinking wine and smoking vaporizers that are near their beds, so she joins them.

As Mia sips from her glass and begins to wonder what’s next, the two girls who took her into the changing room and the first umbrella girl enter the room completely naked and masked. The room is silent as they step up onto the circular bed in front of everyone. They giggle and laugh at first, nervous to be the center of attention, but soon they are kissing and fondling each other. Mia is immediately turned on as she remembers the kisses they gave her earlier.

The two girls make out intensely while the umbrella girl kisses their bodies and cups their tits in her hands. Gradually, they fall to the bed and begin intertwining, their legs and arms writhing together, parts opening, others tightening Escort Ankara over. Mia watches their lips and their tongues as they suck each other’s nipples and kiss down to their thighs. She looks up and notices that Bri and Poly have their hands down between their legs or rubbing their hard nipples. The boys are hard as they watch intently. Mia checks the crowd in the bleachers and sees that some of them have disrobed while others are simply watching. Some of the women have opened their legs, some have toys that they’re warming up. Some of the men stroke their cocks slowly and she can feel her excitement mounting.

The girls in the center are fully engaged now. The umbrella girl is on her back and the brunette is bent over licking her pussy. Mia feels her wetness almost dripping now. The blonde moves behind the brunette and begins licking and fingering her. She rubs and slaps her ass, fingering her harder as the umbrella girl climaxes. Mia feels herself drawn to the blonde’s waiting pussy in front of her, but instead slides her hands down to her own. Mia looks over and sees Poly doing the same while Bri wriggles on her bed.

After few more minutes and a few more orgasms, Mia notices three masked men have entered the room to stand around the circular bed watching as well. There’s a beautiful man standing beside Mia in the same pajama pants as the doorman. She can see his big cock through the sheer fabric and feels the urge to free him. He unhooks the pants from his stiffness, letting them fall to the floor. He immediately starts stroking himself slowly. Mia looks up and their eyes meet and he smiles. He then steps onto the bed and the girls gravitate towards him. Two get on their knees and begin sucking him while the blonde invites the other two men up onto the bed. They step up to her and she takes turns stroking and sucking them both.

Mia looks to the crowd and sees everyone disrobed in various stages of masturbation. They’re watching the center and looking at the six of them on the bed. As her gaze returns to the circle, Mia sees that things have progressed rapidly. The six of them move from pairs to threesomes and every combination she can think of.

Before she knows it, she’s rubbing her clit and bringing herself to an orgasm. Bri and Poly are in the same boat. Mia looks over to Luke and he’s stroking himself, watching the show, and so are the other two men on their beds. Mia closes her eyes and climaxes with her fingers inside. She opens them to see the umbrella girl stroking cum out of a cock onto her chin and tits. The other two are still getting fucked, one from behind, one on the side of the bed. The men then cum, one and then the other soon after, covering the back and tits of the girls. The whole room catches its breath as everyone in the circle falls onto the bed, spent. There is laughter and kissing as they cuddle up on the bed and cool down together in a sweaty group.

Then the umbrella girl stands up and comes to Mia. Mia looks around to the others, but their looks don’t offer any advice. She takes Mia’s hand and leads her to the bed with the others. She begins kissing her and fondling her body until the blonde gets up as well and gets Bri. She leads Bri back to the bed and begins a makeout session with her as well. Gradually, the umbrella girl and the blonde back away and lead Mia and Bri together. Bri puts Mia’s hands on her tits and Mia feels their weight, her hard nipples between her fingers. Bri bends and sucks on her nipples, pushing them into her mouth with her hands. Mia sits up on her knees and then feels a hand reaching to her from behind. Mia looks to see Poly behind her, guiding her hips back, reaching through her legs to rub her clit and finger her wet pussy. Mia looks around and realizes the bed is empty except for the three girls and everyone’s watching. She looks to the crowd and sees the men stroking, watching their bodies, the women pushing their fingers through their wet mounds, watching Bri and Poly touching every inch of her.

Bri lies back, guiding Mia down onto her body. Mia takes her breasts in her hands and pushes her face into them. With Mia’s ass in the air, Poly bends down and licks her, sucking her clit with her fingers inside of her. Mia works her way down Bri’s body and finds her way. Her thighs are quivering in Mia’s hands as she kisses them and teases her. Poly leaves and comes around to Bri’s face. She straddles her and gently dips herself down to Bri’s lips and tongue. Mia looks up to see Poly facing her, gripping her own breasts as Bri licks her. Mia sucks Bri’s clit harder and feels her as she pushes Poly up from her mouth to breathe in her orgasm. As soon as Bri’s finished, she goes right back to Poly’s clit, sucking and flicking her tongue. Mia moves up and kisses Poly, taking her nipples into her mouth as she climaxes on Bri’s face. Poly catches her breath with a laugh and pushes Mia down onto her back. Poly and Bri fall on top of Mia and she feels their hair and hands all over her body. She feels both of their hands reach down between her legs, taking their turns with her clit. Bri goes down between her legs and returns the favour as Poly straddles her stomach and kisses her breasts. Bri’s tongue flicks and laps Mia’s clit, softly then more quickly and harder. When Poly sits up and Mia sees her round tits above her, she feels herself climax strongly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32