Mary’s Story Ch. 04

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“Good Morning Master, May Pet please suck your cock. She wants to drink your come for her breakfast,” are the words I spoke as the door to my tiny room opened in the morning to find me waiting patiently on my knees for Master’s arrival. He stood naked framed in the doorway as it opened already prepared to give me my breakfast.

“Good Morning, Pet.”

After enjoying my breakfast Master and I showered together. We both took turns washing and gently caressing each others bodies under the hot soothing water. I explored his entire body while at the same time gentle washing every square inch of it. Master then did the same to my body. Stopping occasionally to fondle my buttocks, caress my breasts then kissing and gently pinching my nipples. His touch was soft, tender, and caring. The loving soft touch of his hands made me feel incredibly safe and secure in his presence.

Upon exiting the shower we took turns toweling each others bodies dry. As we finished Master began speaking, “Pet this morning will be your final training session for the weekend, but your training will still not be fully completed. These last two days will have only been just the beginning. There is still much more that you must need to learn about being a true submissive and eventually becoming my slave. But the progress you have been making so far has been very outstanding. For that it is now come time for me to return to you something that belongs to you.”

“Please follow me,” Master instructed as he lead me out of the bathroom and back into his bedroom.

Master then walked to the steamer trunk at the foot of the bed. Opening the lid he removed a black leather collar. Immediately I could easily tell that it was the same collar that I had been told to buy several weeks earlier. The one Master had taken from me the night we first met promising to return it when I had earned it.

Walking back towards me, “Pet, kneel,” Master said. “Place your hands out in front of you with your palms up for me.”

As I did as requested Master placed the collar on the top of my hands, “Pet it is now time for me to return your collar to you and for you to accept me as your Master.

Looking carefully at the black leather collar now placed in my hands I could see that it was essentially the same one that I had purchased at a pet store several weeks before. But there were also a couple of very subtle changes that had been made to it since the last time I seen it that night after Master had given me my very first whipping. The first change that could be easily seen was the inner lining had been given an extra layer of padding and then that was covered by a layer of soft black velvet. The second small change was a silver metal tag had been attached to the D-ring. One side the engraving read: Pet, in big letters. On the other side the tag read: Property of Master David.

For several minutes I carefully looked over the collar. Holding it in my hands I caressed the leather with my finger tips. I silently read my name engraved into the tag over and over. Then for the first time I truly realized what I was holding in my hands actually meant. I was about to become the owned property of another person.

“Now Pet, It is time for me to place your collar around your neck,” with those simple words Master took the collar from my hands spreading it wide around my neck he then fastened the buckle into place.

“Pet,” Master spoke, “the placing of your collar around your neck means that you accept me as your Master. Do you understand that?”

“Yes, Master. Pet belongs to you now,” I replied.

“From now on you are to be wearing your collar whenever I tell you to do so and when ever I instruct you to wait for me. Whenever you are not actually wearing your collar you are still to keep it always in your immediate possession,” Master ordered. “Is that understood?”

“Yes, Master,” I replied.

“Now Pet, let us go down stairs and have some breakfast together.”

After eating together in the little nook in the kitchen a very simple breakfast of just juice and toast, Master again spoke.

“Now Pet I have your first task of the morning for you. You are to go upstairs to your room and decide which of your new items of clothing you want to leave here and which you want to take back to your home with you. I suggest that you leave a good mix of outfits here. Be sure to leave some outfits suitable for work for when you stay over so that you have something to wear the next day. And also a good selection of other outfits so that you have something suitable for nearly every other occasion that may come up.”

Then after a brief pause, “When you are finished with that task come and find me in the training room.”

Choosing which of the new outfits to leave and which to take proved to be a more challenging task than I first thought it would be. My initial plan was to leave most of the items here since I already have plenty of clothes at my home. Then I remembered one of my new rules. I am no longer allowed Starzbet to wear certain types of clothing items. Most notably that includes no more pants and since most of my current existing work attire consists just about entirely of ladies dress pant suits, I would need to give those away. Finally I decided to leave about a quarter of the outfits suitable for work here and take the rest. I then did just the exact opposite with the lingerie and evening wear. Only taking about a quarter of those items with me and leaving the rest.

Once everything I decided to take with me was all bagged up I went looking for Master in the training room. I assumed he meant the octagonal room since that was where most of the training had occurred so far. Anxiously I walked to the door not knowing what Master might have in store for me this time.

“Pet stand at attention in the center of the room,” Master said as I entered the octagonal training room.

Taking my assigned position, Master began to speak. “Pet this morning you will be taught your final lessons for the weekend.” Then after a brief pause, “When it is over it is my hope that you will be much stronger having gained more confidence in knowing the person who you truly are.”

Master then picked up a thick leather belt from the table which he fastened around my waist. Attached to the belt were two smaller straps. First he took my right wrist and then my left and secured my arms to the belt with the smaller straps. Leather cuffs were than places around each of my ankles.

When he finished Master ordered, “Pet kneel over there,” pointing to a spot on the floor. “And face the wall.”

Once I was kneeling in the designed spot Master unlocked then opened the hidden door in the wall in front of me. Inside was a small metal cage made of flat metal bars about one inch wide and four inches apart. The overall dimensions looked to be between about three to four feet to a side. In the front was a door just big enough for a person to crawl through.

“Pet if you ever severely disobey me or lose my trust I want you to believe me when I say I will take away everything that I have given you and this cage will become your new room. You will only be let out to be whipped or so I can let others fuck you until I feel that you have been punished enough. Once you have lost my trust it will be very difficult for you to earn it back. Is that understood?”

Feeling very certain that Master would do as he threatened I stated, “Yes Master, Pet understands.”

“Very good, let that be enough of a lesson about the future consequences of any disobedient actions, we can now focus on the present and get on with the rest of your lesson for the day.”

As I remained kneeling on the floor Master closed the door concealing the tiny cage hidden behind it. As he did so the words of his threat were still sinking very deep into my mind. I had no doubt that he would indeed follow through on his threat if I ever lost his trust or completely disobeyed him. He then began removing his clothes. Once naked he came and stood before me.

“Pet what is this?” he said pointing at his penis.

“It is your cock.” I said.

“No, Pet, This is your Master’s cock, the most important cock in the world to you. Now you say it.”

“My Master’s cock is the most important cock in the world to Pet.”

“Now repeat after me, the most important purpose in my life is to please Master’s cock in any way that he chooses.”

“The most important purpose in my life is to please Master’s cock in any way he chooses,” Stating it clearly and precisely as I could.

“Again,” Master ordered.

“The most important purpose in my life is pleasing Master’s cock in any way that he chooses!” a little bit louder this time.

“One more time, louder.”

“The most important purpose in my life is pleasing Master’s cock in any way that he chooses!!”

“What is it that you so desire to become Pet?” Master asked.

“My Master’s slave.”

“Is that all?” Master asked.

“No, Pet desires to become his submissive little fuck toy whose most important purpose is to please her Master’s cock in any way that he chooses.”

“Say that again,” Master commanded.

“Pet desires to become a submissive little fuck toy whose most important purpose is to please her Master’s cock in any way that he chooses.”

“Again,” he ordered.

“Pet desires to become a submissive little fuck toy whose purpose is to please her Master’s cock in any way that he chooses.”

“That’s right you are nothing but a submissive fuck toy to use and do with as your Master chooses. Do you understand that?”

“Yes Master, Pet is nothing but a submissive fuck toy for my Master to use and do with as he chooses.”

The insults continued as my Master’s tone became louder and harsher.

“Tell me what you are,” Master demanded

“A submissive fuck toy for my Master to use and do with as he chooses,” I answered.

“You are nothing Starzbet Giriş but a cunt for your Master to fuck,” Master called me.

“Just a cunt for my Master to fuck,” I repeated.

“Fucking is all that a cunt is good for,” came Master’s next insult.

“Fucking is all that a cunt is good for,” I repeated.

“What is Pet?”

“Pet is a submissive fuck toy. Just a cunt for her Master to fuck. Fucking is all that a cunt is good for!”

Over and over Master ordered me to repeatedly degrade myself by having me call myself a fuck toy, a cunt, a slut, and even a whore. I lost count of the number of times he had me repeat it. Soon he had me shouting it at the top of my lungs.

“Pet is a submissive little fuck toy!! A cunt for my Master to fuck!! Fucking is all a cunt is good for!!”

Then standing in front of me with his cock hard and ready, “Pet show your Master how you please his cock with your mouth,” as Master moved forward so that I could take him in to my now open mouth.

Soon Master’s cock my new purpose in life was sliding into and out of my mouth as my lips and tongue swirled around it coating it with my saliva. Then Master’s hands gripped my head as he began thrusting into and out of my mouth. Soon he was fucking my mouth with his cock.

When I thought that he might be close to erupting down my throat he pulled away, “Pet now it is time for you to show me how you please your Master’s cock with your cunt. Get up onto to the table, lie down and spread your legs wide.”

Once laying on the table a strap was placed around my arms and chest just below my tits securing me in place. Then ropes hanging from the ceiling were attached to each of my ankle cuffs. As the ropes tighten my legs pulled apart and rose into the air. Soon my legs spread apart as far as they possible could go before I started ripping in two. Finally Master took two lines with clips on the end which he attached to each of my nipples. He threaded the other ends through small pulleys on the ceiling then attached small weights to those ends pulling my tits harshly upward.

Stepping between my outstretched legs the tip of Master’s cock was soon pressing into the folds of my cunt. With each thrust more and more of his shaft buried itself between my legs. Grabbing my legs he pulled himself harder and harder against me pounding against my uplifted thighs. The pleasure my cunt was giving to his cock was equal to that it was receiving. In and out Master thrust his cock and with each thrust harder than the one before. I had never been fucked so hard before in my life. Soon it felt like a jackhammer was between my legs as Master thrust himself into me. My pleasure increased to heights that I had never experienced before.

When I was close to achieving my release I begged, “Master your slave Pet requests permission to come.”

“What are you?” he asked in very harsh tone.

“Pet is a submissive fuck toy, just a cunt for her Master to fuck.”

“What are you?” Master asked again this time in an even harsher tone.

“Pet is a submissive fuck toy, just a cunt for her Master to fuck!!” I screamed back.

“Does my fuck toy want to come?”

“Yes Master”

“Then fuck toy needs to make her Master to come first. Beg for your Master to come in your cunt.”

“Master please come in my cunt. Fill my cunt with your seed. Please fill my cunt with your seed. My cunt’s purpose is only for giving you pleasure. Use and do with it as you choose.”

Master continued to pound is cock into me without releasing. His stamina was not showing the least bit of slowing down. Again he ordered me, “Pet beg for your Master’s come.”

“Master please come. My purpose in life is to please your cock. Let this fuck toy please your cock with her cunt. Fill it with your seed.”

Finally I felt Master release his seed inside of my cunt. His hot come shooting inside of me. Coating the inner walls of my cunt.

“Pet come for your Master, now.”

The orgasm that had been building up within me for the last two days released with a furry so intense that I nearly passed out from it. My whole body pulled and shook against the restraints holding me in place. When my senses finally regained Master’s cock was at my mouth.

“Clean your cunt juice from Master’s cock.” Then Master’s cock pushed between my lips as my tongue went to work removing the juices left there from my cunt. When it was all nice and clean Master spoke as he pulled his cock from my mouth.

“Always clean you’re your Masters cock after pleasing it.”

He then went over to the wall and removed a riding crop hang there on a hook.

With the crop in his hand Master began by slapping the inside of my thighs, first the left thigh then the right. These hits were not as hard as those to my breasts two days ago but they did still have quite a sting to them. Slowly he increased the force of each blow. Then he switched from alternating his hits between my inner thighs to concentrating Starzbet Güncel Giriş on just one. He worked his way from my right knee down the whole inside of my right thigh until reaching the top of my inseam then repeated the process on the left side. Then he started again on the right thigh then again on the left. The inside of my thighs began turning a nice dark pink then a light red and finally to a dark red. The pain was starting to get to be a little too much for me and quickly turned to a harsh burning sensation. Also as he increased the force of the blows the amount of time between each strike also decreased. He then paused for a moment to reposition himself then took careful aim at the spot directly between my legs. He is not really going to hit me there I thought. Then before I could even anticipate it the strike landed right on the center of my cunt lips directly on top of my clit. Before I could even start to scream he followed quickly with four more. My arms and legs pulled instinctively strong against their bonds trying to break free to escape from the pain. By the time of the fifth strike to my most sensitive of spots I had started to really scream my lungs out in pain.

Then a brief pause while he took aim again. “Please no, not again, stop!!” I begged, but four more quick blows were again landed.

During the next pause, I remembered my safe word just as Master was about to strike once again with the crop, I yelled, “AUBURN!!” as loud as I could.

Master immediately dropped his crop to the floor and began releasing my limbs from their bonds.

“Well it looks like we have finally found your first limit,” Master said as he lifted me from the table cradling and holding me securely in his arms. The pain between my legs still throbbing.

“Pet, please understand that this was a necessary experience in order for you to fully understand how truly you are committed to being a submissive. And for you to learn that you can trust me as I trust you.

“Master please never do that again,” I cried. Trying to hold back my tears from the pain between my legs.

“I cannot promise you that, but if I ever do it again it will be only as the most severe of punishments, one that is truly deserved and one that I hope I never have to administer. Can you live with that?”

“Yes, Master, nodding as I was starting to regain my composer. “Pet can live with that.”

Then Master said, “Your lesson for the day is over. Follow me back to your room. I will clean you up and put some lotion on your legs and thighs to help with the pain and recovery. Then you can get dressed. We are going out to lunch and then I will take you back to your car.

Together we ate lunch on the sidewalk patio of a downtown bistro. Over lunch our conversation was like any two people starting a new relationship together would have. When it was over David returned me to where my Honda CRV had been parked for the weekend in my office building garage.

As David helped transfer the last of the bags containing those clothes I had chosen to take with me from his car into my small SUV, he said, “I am going to be out of town on business for most of this week. This coming Saturday night I will be picking you up at your house. I need you to be ready to go promptly at 8 pm. Later this week you will receive more information and instructions from me.” David then returned to his own car. As he drove past me he said out the window, “Remember Saturday 8 pm,” and left me to return to my own home.

The following week felt like one of the longest I have experienced in my life. Friday could not get here fast enough. Thankfully work kept me very busy so I was somewhat distracted from thinking about what Master had planned for me the following Saturday. There were several meetings on my schedule for the week, most of which were regarding the new Harrisburg Project for which I had been put in charge of. The meeting on Friday would be only the second time my full team met, but throughout the week there would be several committee meetings some of which I needed to attend. Then on top of that there were all my other usual weekly meetings. Thankfully everything seemed to be right on schedule for the Harrisburg project. It being such a big project was going along fairly smooth so far. If this project really went well it could easily mean a big promotion for me.

Finally Friday morning arrived. The meeting didn’t start till 10 o’clock giving me plenty of time to go over the agenda and get organized. When I entered the conference room just before ten I was very surprised to see Rhonda Jenkins the Head of Marketing sitting in the room.

“I thought you assigned Meredith to represent Marketing?” I asked her.

“Meredith is kind of tied up today so I am sitting in for her,” Rhonda replied. “I will brief her in later.”

As each team member presented their report I listened carefully taking notes. Frequently I kept noticing that Rhonda would be looking at me and not at the person who was speaking. Sometimes she would even give me a quick smile when she noticed that I was looking back at her. When all the presentations were finished and the other team members began to leave the conference room Rhonda lingered behind as I finished up some of my notes.

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