MarynWood: The Introduction

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When I woke up I thought for a second that I was in a hospital – an operating room, perhaps, because all around me was clean and blinding white – white walls, white ceiling, and from what I could see from the table I was lying down on, white tile floor. I was naked and felt drowsy, heavy, and drugged. The cool metal pressed against my back sent tingles up and down my spine, and I shivered. My nipples were painfully hard little knots sticking up from my chest, my round and proud breasts shoving them skyward.

Wary of my nudity, my sluggish mind tried to comprehend it’s surroundings. I could remember very little – what had I been doing before I fell asleep? I moved to sit up but was abruptly pulled back. My hands had been restrained – tied with silken black straps to the eye hooks at the top of the table, near my head. I couldn’t move them more than a few inches. I attempted to kick, and felt the press of more metal, surrounding my entire calf on both legs. I wiggled my body, squirming to test the hold of my captors, but it was futile.

Having always been a brave and incredibly calm character, I relaxed and re-examined my surroundings. There was a door in the wall that my feet were pointed towards, and I could hear no sounds coming from behind it. I smelled fresh soap and the faint odor of perfumed hair products, and realized after a moment that it was coming from me – apparently whoever had put me here had cleansed me thoroughly.

Suddenly I heard panting and moaning above my head. I looked up at the ceiling and saw a large portion of it above me was in fact a flat screen television, and it was playing a graphic recording of a woman being fucked. She was blonde and tan with large breasts that were jouncing up and down each time the man beneath her squatting form shoved his pelvis upward, burying his large and rigid penis in her pussy. I could not see his face but his hands were wrapped around her waist from behind, shoving her roughly down onto his cock to meet his thrusts. Her obscene position and wide spread legs allowed the camera a crystal clear view of her glistening shaved pussy lips as they swelled to swallow the large member invading her. Her eyes were closed tightly, bee-stung lips parted, and her cries became increasingly intense.

I was very aroused by this and despite my situation felt heat pooling between my legs, the beginnings of desire tugging low in my abdomen. I watched the screen above intensely, and was shocked when I heard the door in the wall open. I jumped skittishly but was held down by my restraints. I was surprised and – oddly enough- comforted when a woman entered.

It was not, however, just any woman. It was the woman whose image was being played over head, getting fucked into joyous abandon on tape. She was even more gorgeous in the flesh -a true toned and tan goddess. She was also wearing an incredibly -delightfully – shocking outfit. It was a little nurses outfit – a one piece white dress with a white cap on her head with a red cross on it. The dress was buttoned at the collar but was open below that flaring out wide enough to expose (and push forward) both of the beautiful globes on her chest, then meet again at her waist, a few inches below her pierced belly button. the small skirt ended just below her crotch in the front, leaving her long and shapely legs entirely free. She had a big smile on her face as she walked light-footed towards me, her breasts bouncing with each step she took on her tiny white tennis shoe adorned feet.

“Hey there, darlin’!” She grinned even wider at me, sparkling white teeth glowing. I noticed a name embroidered on the shirt next to the collar – Jenny. She was pushing a big metal cart that had a huge assortment of what looked like part gynecological tools, part porn movie props, as well a bucket of water, towels, and razors. She stopped beside the table I was laying on and glanced toward the ceiling.

“Ohh, I remember that – the head of Johnny’s cock was soft as velvet. Mmm, he was so good. Take it from a fellow lady, Alice. He is not one to pass up!” She smiled. “Not that you have a choice!” I would of been nervous at what she said except for the cheerful lilt in her voice, and the obvious enjoyment on her face in the movie.

I attempted to speak but had to clear my throat first. “How do you know my name is Alice?” I asked.

“Oh, it’s not Alice? They must of gotten the papers mixed up again at the registration office. Sorry about that, sweetheart. They do it all the time – damn computers ain’t been updated in years!” She giggled. “I’ll go tell them about the mixup. You wait right hear, darlin’!”

“No, no.” I said, not wanting her to go…not just because she was sexy. I didn’t want to be alone again. “My name IS Alice. But how did you know it?”

“Ohhh…” She smiled. “Drugs must not of worn off yet. Don’t worry. Just relax.”

She was interrupted by a sudden increase in gasps and moans from above. Jenny was cumming on the cock that was impaling her, a flush burning red between her breasts and a look of extreme concentration on her face. She screamed, and a male voice could be heard in the background, moaning as well.

I looked at her, and she just grinned. “Let’s turn down the volume on that, shall we?” Akbatı escort bayan She turned around to face the cart behind her and bent over to get something off the bottom shelf. I looked at her incredibly round and perky bottom and realized the little dress only covered half of her ass in back! Her puffy pink pussy lips poked out from below her ass, and as she bent over the site was too delicious too ignore.

She tuned back around with a remote in her hand, and hit what must of been a mute button because though the fucking continued overhead, there was no sound.

“Now, we have to get you ready for Dr. James, Alice. Your body has to be prepared for the tasks it will have to perform here.” I must of looked worried because she added “Don’t worry, this is the easy part! It’s just us girls anyway.”

“Why am I restrained?” I asked.

“To ensure the Doctor has full and complete access to all parts of your body. He always does a very thorough job. We have a lot of doctors here at MayrnWood, but Dr. James is the supervisor. He’s very well respected.”

“MayrnWood?” I asked, but she just smiled in response, and retrieved the bucket of water, some towels and a razor from the cart. She moved down to the bottom of the table, between my legs, and hit what I assume were buttons because several beeps followed, and suddenly the table I was on began shifting.

The cuffs on my lower legs spread apart and the table bent and molded until I felt like I was on a birthing bed – my legs spread high and wide, bent at the knee. I felt the cold air hitting my crotch and I shivered. Jenny was staring quite obviously at my pussy.

“Hmm..” she said. “We’ll definitely start with a shave, then a cleansing. First though, we’ll need one more restraint so I can finish positioning you.”

From the side of the table near my waist she pulled a long leather strap out and pulled it over my body, tying it on the other side, so it held my torso down flush with the table. She then moved back between my legs and, using a towel, began splashing lukewarm water all over my pussy and the sides of my thighs. I felt soap being rubbed in and felt her gently massaging my thighs, and enjoyed it so much I closed my eyes to savor the feeling. I then felt her begin to shave, pulling my pussy lips in whatever position better enabled her to shave ever inch of skin between my legs. I had never been excessively hairy but apparently here, nobody had any. I heard her click her tongue and opened my eyes to a frowning expression on her adorable little face.

“I have to get a little lower.” she said. “Hold on.” She pressed a few more buttons and I felt the bottom edge of the table pull back, until only the very top of my ass was resting on it, and the rest of it hung over the edge, leaving me fully suspended in air, open and accessible through all angles. “Perfect!” she said.

Jenny finished shaving me, and dried me gently with a towel, patting my now completely smooth pussy. It sent her breasts jiggling again, and I couldn’t stop looking.

She went back to the cart and pulled out what looked like a giant syringe with a tube at the end with an opening about a centimeter wide. The plunger was pulled all the way out, obviously filled with something.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Enema.” she said, dropping to her knees between my legs so only the very top of her head was in view. “Just relax and try to hold it in as long as possible. Then, when I tell you, push out really really hard.”

She didn’t wait for my answer, and I felt a very small and cold plastic protrusion push it’s way in my asshole about an inch. It was too small to hurt but I tried unsuccessfully to wiggle, nonetheless. I then felt cold liquid squirting up into my bowels, making me feel fuller and fuller, going on forever till I wanted to bear down so badly I had to bite my lip. It felt like my very stomach was swelling. I clenched my ass cheeks together hard, and when she finally emptied the syringe and pulled it out, I had to grunt and squeeze hard to keep it in.

“That’s it Alice, keep it in!” Jenny squealed, and I noticed through my squinted eyelids that her nipples had hardened to dark and tiny pebbles. “Hold it in!” she said again.

“I can’t! It’s too much, I’m going to explode!” I told her.

She reached for the bucket and held it beneath me.

“Keep it in…just a moment longer….”

I took a deep breath and squeezed as hard as I could to keep the fluid in.

“That’s it…that’s it…” she was panting now. “Now push! PUSH!” she practically screamed at me.

I bore down and felt a flood of sweet relief as the liquid flowed out of my ass in a high pressure wave. It kept flowing and flowing until I pushed the very last of it out, feeling clean and deflated.

“Ohhh you did so good, Alice, your all clean up inside now…Mmmm” she murmured as she used another towel to gently wipe my ass clean of all traces of water.

“One last part, now. After all that shaving and cleansing you need to be moisturized.” She grabbed a bottle of baby lotion off the cart, and then to my surprise climbed up on top of the table and straddled me! She was facing my feet and her ass was rubbing against the Escort Aksaray bottom of my breasts. I heard her squirt a hefty amount of lotion onto her hands and then she leaned forward and I could see her pretty pink pussy lips up close, right through the valley of my breasts. They were pressing against my skin and I could see little droplets of moisture and smell a faint musk that was incredibly sexy. They were swollen and slid around on each other as I felt her begin to massage the lotion into my thighs and pussy lips, even down between my ass checks. She slathered it heavily all over as my eyes feasted on the delight of her beautiful round ass and temptingly ready pussy. As she continued to move back and forth and massage I even caught a glimpse of the entrance to her pussy, and felt a strong urge to bury my face in it, but I was too well restrained. Finally her massage finished, and I knew my own juices must have mixed in with the lotion as I was well aroused. She got up off of me and stood beside the metal table, rubbed lotion into my breasts for a few minutes, pinching and flicking my nipples as I alternated between watching her breasts jiggle next to my face and watching her get fucked in the silent movie in the ceiling.

All of a sudden the door opened again and in walked a beautiful middle aged dark haired man with a few sexy streaks of silver at his temples. He wore black pants and shoes and a white doctor’s overcoat, with a name tag that read “Dr. James”. He was incredibly sexy and there was a charismatic charm in his eyes the practically screamed intelligence, wit, passion, and skill. He smiled at me and I blushed, a heat crawling up from my breasts to my face, and he smiled even broader. I felt self conscious all of a sudden, practically spread eagled and on display. He stepped up beside Jenny, who had stopped massaging, and surveyed my body.

“Is she fully prepared?” he asked her in a deep and confident voice.

“Yes, Doctor.”

“Good. I’ll buzz if I need you.”

Jenny winked at me then walked primly out of the room, leaving the doctor and I alone.

My pussy felt swollen and heavy and was crying out for attention and penetration, and looking at such an attractive men was setting it on fire.

“Have you been enjoying yourself?” he asked me. Not trusting my voice, I nodded.

“Good.” he smiled, then settled down on a stool between my legs so I could only see his face and shoulders when I peered down between my spread thighs. He pulled the cart over closer to him, in reaching distance, and then pulled on some plastic gloves. He pushed a few buttons and the table began tilting forward a little bit, the part supporting my back rising so that I was angled and could see him and my crotch easily.

“Now Alice” he said, “I’m going to be conducting a procedure on you and as I am doing it I will be telling you everything that is happening. Tell me if you have questions or concerns. I must complete the procedure but I will try to accommodate you if possible. Now I am going to examine your pussy now with my hands and observe your response. I am going to spread your lips open and insert several fingers.”

As he said it I could fill the slippery latex on his fingers pull my pussy open, one hand on each side, and I felt my pussy contract, aching for something to be inside it.

“You are very slippery with natural lubrication but to be sure you are ready I am going to add some more.” He leaned his head down close to me and caught me by surprise when I heard him spit and felt a glob of saliva hit my opening, causing my hips to convulse unexpectedly. My restraints held me fast, but a quiet grunt escaped my lips.

“I am now going to slide two fingers inside your pussy. I want you to relax and accept them. Do not push against me, understand?”

I felt his two fingers push down inside me, gliding along in his saliva, and concentrated hard not to clench down on the wonderfully thick intrusion. He pushed them in as deep as they would reach and my pussy involuntarily contracted around them.

“You are displaying strong muscular convulsions inside your pussy.” I noticed he was becoming breathy. As my pussy molded itself tightly to his fingers I felt my clit begin to swell, poking out of it’s hood and aching for touch.

“We need to loosen you up.” he said, and reached over to the table with his free hand and picked up a long and thin object. He fiddled with a dial on the end, and it began humming as it vibrated.

“I’m going to use this to help prepare you for bigger intrusions. Try and accept it, Alice.” He spread the two fingers that were inside me slowly and gently, and slid the thin tapered end of the vibrator inside, pulling his fingers out as it slid in deeply – all the way. I began shivering and panting as the vibrations sent wet shivers through my groin.

I bit down on my lip, trying not to whimper. “Don’t worry,” he said. “Sound proof walls – it’s important you let it all out – pleasure and pain.” He turned the dial on the vibrator, setting it higher and I began moaning. He began slowly moving it in and out, fucking me with it, and I bucked my hips as best I could, loosing myself to pleasureful abandon.

Suddenly he Ankara escort pulled it out. “Alice, I need to make sure your other openings are ready for use.” I was panting and could see wetness glistening on my thighs. I looked back up at him and he was wiping the thin vibrator with a moist towel. He glanced at my face, then directed his gaze down at my groin.

“I need you to take several deep breaths now, and relax yourself as much as possible.” I closed my eyes and instantly became aware of the sweat on my skin and the heat creeping up my face. It was unbearably warm.

“What are you going to do?” I whispered, half in fear and half in tingling anticipation.

“Shhh…” I heard him murmur. “This is one of the most delicate parts.” I opened my eyes to see him leaning his face close to my pussy. He turned his head and laid a gentle kiss on the inside of my thigh – he was so tender.

I felt his hand reach between the cheeks of my ass and massage me, softly at first but then with more insistence. His finger danced around my entrance, teasing but never entering. “Oh…” I whispered, and felt the cold tip of the vibrator begin to push against my asshole. It wasn’t vibrating but it was slick and frighteningly hard. “Bear down against it, Alice…” said Dr. James. “Feel yourself spreading…yes, that’s right…” The tip broke through my tight ring and he slowly slid it in the rest of the way.

“Good girl…” he said. “Good girl…just relax and breath deeply, feel it inside you. Don’t push it out… I’m going to start vibrating it now…”

As it began to hum inside me my clit began to twitch and pulse, and sensations shot up and down my spine. I cried out weakly as he continued to turn the dial, until it was vibrating strongly inside me.

“You’re pushing against it, Alice. Don’t worry, it’s normal. I’m going to strap it inside you so we can complete the procedure without having to worry about it.”

He pulled something from beneath the table between my legs – what looked like the front half of a black leather thong, and tied each of the side straps to the hooks on either side of my hips. He unbuttoned the flap of the top portion so my pussy was fully exposed but my ass and the vibrator protruding slightly out of it were covered, kept snugly in.

“Alice, I need you to test the restraint. Bear down as hard as you can…” I followed his orders and pushed down against the vibrator, causing my body to convulse in pleasure. It remained firmly lodged inside me, held in by the leather.

“Good…” he said. “It stayed inside.” He reached over to the cart and picked up something else, and held it up for me to see. It was huge… a life-like cock-shaped dildo that had to be more than three inches in diameter at the base. I gasped.

He kneeled now between my legs and shoved three fingers roughly inside my pussy and finger fucked me quickly, jamming them in and out of my swollen lips. I cried out first in shock and then in ecstasy, wanting more. He added a fourth finger, shoving them deeper with each thrust, and I tried in vain to buck my hips against the restraint. I could feel my juices oozing out of me coating his fingers and wrist. He shoved them in one last almost painful time and then slowly pulled them out, observing my reaction. I shivered and whimpered, my clit aching painfully for attention as it had not been touched.

“Now…” he said, wiping the lubricant which coated his fingers all over the cock-head of the dildo, “just relax.” He put it aside for a moment and picked up a tube. He unscrewed the cap, inserted the end of it into my pussy, and squirted the contents inside of me. All of it. A whole tube of slippery gel. I felt wetter than ever before, and empty, wanting so badly to be fucked, even by this giant of a cock. He picked it up and rested the head of it against my pussy entrance. He cleared his throat, reaching up with one hand to loosen his collar, and I could see his skin was flushed and his eyes were cloudy with lust. He then began with slow and steady, relentless pressure to push it inside. It was enormously huge and I thought for an instant that it would never fit but it began to ease inside millimeter by tight millimeter. He began rhythmically shoving, pushing it past the tight resistance of my inexperienced pussy, and with each push I screamed, wanting so badly to feel it in – inside me, all the way. The delicious wide span of my legs and the sweet vibrations in my ass only fed my hunger and a cacophony of moans and cries spilled out of my throat. Finally, after several long and torturously pleasurable minutes, it was in, all the way. I saw, through my hazy eyesight, him push a button on the bottom the dildo, and it began vibrating inside of my pussy, just like the one in my ass, and I screamed, my pussy convulsing tightly around it, pushing it out. “No, no Alice…” said Dr. James, and he reached for the unbuttoned portion of the leather strap and secured it to the top portion, successfully holding the gigantic intrusion inside of me, vibrating so much I could hardly bear it. I looked down and realized that in the leather there was cut a small hole, perhaps half an inch in diameter, right over my clit. It was so swollen and red it protruding outside the hole, and I shivered in anticipation. I looked up at the doctor, only to find him staring intently at my breasts as they heaved, covered in a sheen of sweat, and undoing his zipper with one hand. With his other he reached over to the table and hit a buzzer. Moments later, Jenny popped back in the room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32