Mary Jo and Her Ah-Ha Moments Ch. 02

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This is a continuation of the story of Mary Jo. It is not a standalone story. To appreciate it fully, you should read the prior chapter first.


Mary Jo asks Cindy to teach her

When Mary Jo awoke she was confused. Where was she? Why? And then the events of the night before came rushing back to her. She was overwhelmed by it all.

She extricated herself from Cindy, eased out of bed, gathered her clothes and went into the outer room to dress. In doing so she had awoken Cindy.

Suspecting the state of mind that Mary Jo might be in, Cindy feigned sleep and eventually turned over onto her side with her back to the door. She was wide awake listening.

Mary Jo dressed quickly, quietly opened the front door and left closing the door quietly behind her. She went to her own apartment. She had classes to attend. She showered, changed clothes, grabbed a quick bite and was out of the door within 30 minutes. She would be late for her first class.

As she walked to the campus she asked her: “Why did I do that? What prompted me? What enabled me?”

She thought of answers to these questions off and on all day. She had difficulty at times concentrating in class.

On her walk back to her apartment after classes the answers seem to come to mind but from where she didn’t know. The Rights of Self opened her mind to the capability. The Subtleties of Evolution could explain some inherent inclination to experiment bi-sexually. She, being the person who she was: self-confident, smart and open-minded, was not hesitant to explore. She awoke this morning with no rashes or blisters or pimples or any other outward signs of her adventure. What she realized was that she enjoyed it. It felt good. She wanted to do it again. Next time, though, she wanted to play with Cindy’s breasts and lick her pussy.

Arriving back at the apartment complex she recognized Cindy’s car in the parking lot.

She showered and changed into a loose t-shirt and a tennis skirt. She wore no underwear. “Why impose unnecessary obstacles if an opportunity presents itself?” she thought. Then she went to knock on Cindy’s door. Open opening the door and seeing Mary Jo, Cindy smiled broadly and invited her in.

As soon as the door closed behind her Mary Jo reaching out simultaneously moving forward and bringing Cindy towards her, embraced Cindy and drawing upon all her limited experience that she had, kissed her as passionately as she could. When they broke the kiss they hugged. Mary Jo whispered: “Will you teach me?”

Cindy pulled back a bit and looking Mary Jo in the eyes, replied. “I would love ataköy escort to teach you.”

Cindy took her hand and led her into her bedroom. Standing next to the bed, Cindy moved in and kissed her.

Cindy caressed Mary Jo’s lips with hers. She would occasion reach out with the tip of her tongue to wet both Mary Jo’s and her lips. She was tuned into Mary Jo’s body language. When she felt Mary Jo push forward to increase contact, she herself applied more pressure and allowed the tip of her tongue to be ever present> She would push it into Mary Jo’s lips but not to penetrate her lips into her mouth. She was teasing Mary Jo.

It was Mary Jo who opened her mouth wider to take as much of Cindy’s mouth as possible and her tongue. Mary Jo began “caressing” Cindy’s tongue. Cindy, sensing Mary Jo’s rising lust, reached down and pulled Mary Jo’s t-shirt up, over her head and off. Mary Jo reached up high to help. When she saw that Mary Jo was not wearing a bra she said “Nice puppies.”

“I’m not wearing panties either.” Mary Jo responded.

“How accommodating.” replied Cindy smiling as she reached under Mary Jo’s tennis skirt to feel. “Hmmn, I like that but you need a shave. Later.” She undid the clasp holding the skirt closed and let it slide over Mary Jo’s hips down to the floor.

She returned to kissing Mary Jo while caressing her sides from her hips to the sides of her breasts. She parted a bit to give her room to access Mary Jo’s breasts. She rolled her nipples with her fingers, squeezing them gently from time to time in response to Mary Jo’s whimpering. When they were hard and Mary Jo would moan, she would pinch them, Cindy opened their position to a “V” so that she could readily move her hand to Mary Jo’s pussy. She did it in several strokes moving her hand down just a little bit lower each time, caressing Mary Jo until her hand rested on Mary Jo’s pussy.

She quickly found Mary Jo’s clit. It was aroused like a nipple. She played with it, pinching it lightly; rolling it between her fingers. She took her index and middle fingers together and dragged them up between Mary Jo’s labia collecting as much nectar as possible and then brought her fingers to where they were kissing. She inserted them into the kiss. As Cindy felt Mary Jo’s arousal build, she started gently caressing g around Mary Jo’s clit in a circular pattern with the flat of her wet fingers. When Mary Jo orgasmed she continued adding pressure until Mary Jo had another. Mary Jo collapsed onto the bed, brought her knees up and turned on her side in a fetal position.

Cindy avcılar escort lied down beside her, spooning her and holding her firmly, lightly kissing her neck and shoulder across her back.

When Mary Jo recovered sufficiently she straightened out and turned over towards Cindy, pulling her into a hug and kissed her long and tenderly. When she broke the kiss she asked “Can I do you now? I want to lick your pussy and play with your breasts. That is all I’ve been thinking about all day.”

Cindy smiled. She stood, opened her robe and let it fall to the floor. She moved to sit on the edge of the bed near the night stand. She turned on the lamp to its highest brightness. She placed one foot on the floor, the other on the bed opening herself fully to Mary Jo. Her arousal was evident. Her labia were swollen slightly apart and her nectar sparkled in the light. She grabbed a pillow from the bed and placed it on the floor. Mary Jo kneeled immediately and began to lean her face in. Cindy put her hand to Mary Jo’s forehead and stopped her. “Explore first.” she said.

“Take your fingers and spread my labia wide. Some say it looks like an inside-out tulip. See where the nectar collects. Drag two of your fingers in the valley and collect as much as you can and taste it. It has a subtle taste.”

Mary Jo did. She pushed her fingers deep into her mouth and cleaned them with her tongue. With a hand behind her head, Cindy guided Mary Jo’s mouth to her pussy, “Now, do it with your tongue.”

When Mary Jo began to explore towards Cindy’s clit, Cindy stopped her. “Explore more. Study my clit. Some clits are like the nipple of an adolescent girl or a blossoming girl or of a woman. Some can look like small penises. You can tease a clit like you tease my nipples with your fingers, tongue and lips. Feel the hood. You can excite the clit by grasping the hood between your fingers and moving your hand back and forth.”

Mary Jo looked carefully. She poked and prodded gently with her fingers. Cindy guided Mary Jo’s mouth to her clit telling her “Now explore with your mouth.”

Once Cindy felt that Mary Jo was sufficiently familiar with the basic skills she pushed Mary Jo’s head back. “Start with stroking my labia valley with the flat of your tongue, caressing the walls until you reach my clit. Be aware of how it feels and tastes. Listen to my breathing. Be aware of my body language. You’ll learn how I react to what you are doing and that will guide you in what you do and how.” This time Cindy let Mary Jo move her head forward herself.

Mary Jo heeded Cindy’s beylikdüzü escort instructions and quickly learned what to do bringing Cindy to a very satisfying orgasm. “That was excellent.” Cindy said. “Now lap up all my nectar and relish it. Seek out the very light flavor of it. A woman’s nectar is very special. It is the food of the Gods. God is a woman.” Aside from what her tongue was touching and tasting, Mary Jo was awed by the fact that she had her face buried in a woman’s pussy.

When Cindy was satisfied she said: “Time for a shave.”

They adjourned to the bathroom. It was very accommodating. Cindy began running a shallow bath. While waiting for it to fill she had Mary Jo sit upon the toilet seat and she began shaving her with electric clippers. She wanted to remove as much hair as possible before shaving her with a razor.

The clippers were operated by a vibrating motor. The first time it past over Mary Jo’s clit, Mary Jo flinched. Cindy chuckled. “Feel good?” she asked.

“Different.” responded Mary Jo. “Do it again.” She smiled broadly.

And Cindy did, teasing her, arousing her but not to the point of satisfaction. When the water was deep enough, she had Mary Jo sit in it.

After several minutes passed Cindy had her again sit on the toilet seat with her pussy hanging over, legs wide apart and drawn up. She applied shaving cream around the labia and mons using a shaving brush. As Mary Jo became aroused Cindy would draw the brush along the gap forming between her labia lips. Mary Jo would twitch. After a few minutes Cindy took the razor in hand and in several strokes she shaved Mary Jo’s pussy to be “baby” smooth. While shaving Mary Jo she took every opportunity she could to touch Mary Jo’s clit and fondle her labia lips. Mary Jo’s pussy was leaking even after she wiped and dried her with a towel.

Cindy leaned back and holding a hand mirror, asked: “Do you like the look?”

Yes,” Mary Jo responded, “Is it really “baby” smooth?”

“Let’s see.” responded Cindy as she leaned forward and with the flat of her tongue explored Mary Jo’s pussy paying special attention to the labia and clit. She gave special attention to Mary Jo’s labia lips sucking on them deeply. She left hickies. She pushed an index finger, palm up into Mary Jo’s vagina and sought out and found her G-spot. Mary Jo’s orgasm was two-dimensional, vaginal and clitoral. Mary J attempted to push Cindy away but Cindy insisted. Mary Jo’s resistance faded and shortly she experienced a second orgasm. She slumped down.

“Yes, it is “baby” smooth.” Cindy said getting up smiling.

They showered together. Cindy realized that Mary Jo was different. She wasn’t submissive. She wanted the sexual experience. She liked sex very much. While she seemed hesitant to reciprocate, she was doing whatever Cindy guided her to do. Mary Jo was always a good student, a fast learner. Cindy was satisfied.

[To be continued.]

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