Mary and Me – The First Contact Pt. 02

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The First Encounter

This is a true story. The names of the characters have been changed but all the events are true.

Sometime after that last story Mary and I lost touch. We had a disagreement about meeting each other and just stopped talking to each other from one day to the next. 2 years went by and I randomly found her profile on Facebook. The moment I saw her picture my heart skipped a beat… “Should I try talking to her again? Will she even remember me?” I messaged her, she replied back, from my photos she didn’t recognize me, but after talking like strangers for a week I told her who I was. She did remember me… She was still upset but gave me another chance.

Our conversations continued, the sexual content wasn’t there in this new beginning, she was afraid she’d fall again for the same things as before and so was I. Little by little our confidence grew again and after a few months I felt like we trusted in each other completely again. The talks were the same but different, she was no longer a virgin, innocent girl I had once talked to, yet she still felt like the insecure young woman she was once before. Her body was also different, her chest had grown a bit making her breast more appealing but the best part was her hips and ass. The curve of her hips was beautiful, her body begged to be grabbed, to be felt up. Below a nice ass, not exactly round but very sexy. One you just wanted to grab tight all night.

She confided in me daily, although we’d never met we became best friends. Not talking to her for a day felt bad to me… like something was missing in my life. Our talks slowly became deeper, we discussed everything. And I mean everything from what major she should choose in college to what guy she should try to date. We told each other our sex lives from the moment we stopped talking to the recommencing. I was older, but she was more advanced, she was the dream girlfriend in the bedroom or at least so it seemed to me. She liked sex, not just sex but giving her partner pleasure. Once we reached the confidence level we had before the sexual talks flowed back to our daily schedule. Our desire grew strong again. She had a boyfriend yet she masturbated at least once a week with me. We sent daily pictures to each other, some sexual, others not.

The taboo subject came up again, “we need to meet,” but this time I couldn’t say no… I needed to be with her, I needed to hold in my arms… to kiss her lips… A devilish invitation came in the form of a lovely picture of her living room mantle, with a lit fireplace, a heart drawn on top of it and in the middle saying “will you have dinner with me?” and this is the story of our first date.

We made arrangements for dinner, the deal was I would get her from school eskort topkapı then we’d hang out for a bit. I would drop her at the usual meeting point for her parents to pick her up, later after they went out I’d go to her house and we’d have dinner there together.

I skipped my classes for the night and went up to Coimbra to meet Mary. I was nervous, to be honest I’d never felt like this before when going on a date. GPS guiding me since I’d never made this journey on my own. Once I reached her school I texted her, she said she was close by, I went to meet her. I finally saw her on the sidewalk and stopped beside her, my heart pounded hard in my chest. She opened the door and said – “Hey” – She smiled and I finally relaxed a bit, I said hi back and we drove off. She guided me through the city streets to our destination. As I drove we made small talk, but nice small talk like old friends. It felt nice to be with her after talking to each other online for so long. We reached our destination, it was a gas station near the bus stop she would normally take to get home. We talked for about 30 minutes until her mom called saying she was close. While talking I finally was able to touch her, nothing sexual. My hands touched her thighs, her arms and hands, it felt so good.. Mary explained to me the way to her house. Then they kissed each other on the cheeks and she went off to meet her mom.

I waited for over an hour close by, we talked on the phone and I played some random video game on my phone. I was getting more nervous as time went by. Then she said to me – “Pay attention now, a silver car is going to pass you by, when it does, you’re clear you can come up to the house,” – I almost had a heart attack, I wanted everything to go well that night.

The car went by and I moved along, it was only a 2 minute drive to her house. I got there and saw her stand at the front gate of her home. It was white house, detached and very beautiful. It was a quiet cul-de-sac, she hurried me inside saying – “Move, my neighbors might see you and call my parents!” – I walked fast, once we were inside the front gate, we kissed on the cheeks again and started talking. The topic was obvious, “What’s for dinner?” We decided on pizza, there was free delivery so we would be more comfortable than having to go out again. I think she was afraid that someone would see her with me and say something to her parents. We ordered on the phone, tuna and bacon, and then started our wait. She wanted to show me her house so I went with her. We started in the garage, a big space for a couple of cars and an area of leisure with a foosball table and some other things. It was a very nice space. and moved back to the ground floor, the kitchen was large with a nice table bayan escort in the middle and a big sliding door to the living room. We proceeded through this door and there was a nice couch and that lovely fireplace I had seen in her pictures. The mood was becoming lighter between us, we felt more comfortable, I started to feel more at ease to touch her as we walked the house. The tour continued, next was the first floor which had the bedrooms. wood stairs lead the way upstairs, first she showed me her bedroom. She was a bit embarrassed about it because her bed wasn’t made but I liked it anyway, next she opened the door to her parents and her sister’s bedrooms, we didn’t go in, we just looked from the door. To finish was the guest bedroom, there was a queen size bed in it, a desk where did most of her studying. It was very nice. A big window next to the desk to let natural light in and a small balcony. The tour was over and we went back down to the kitchen.

We talked for some time sitting around the table, I played with her hands until the pizza finally arrived. She answered the door, got the pizza and we sat together on the kitchen table having dinner. To be honest it may possibly have been the worst pizza I ever had in my entire life, but we ate anyway not wanting to spoil the moment we were having. Once we were finished we cleaned up and Mary suggested we go to the spare room so that we would be more comfortable there. I followed along because in reality I just wanted to be closer to her so I’d be comfortable even sitting in the cold.

There we sat on the bed, it felt natural to lay down comfortably. She got her feet in my direction and I started touching her feet and legs gently. Time went by, I needed to use the bathroom, I spoke and she pointed me in that direction and I went. I needed to poop… So embarrassing, I didn’t want to take too long so she wouldn’t suspect it. As soon as I sat on the toilet there was something that caught my eyes, there was a bra on the towel rack. I recognized it immediately.. It was hers… She had sent me a picture wearing it and after taking it off just a few days before. I wondered – “Did she forget this here? Or is it on purpose? Did she want me to find this here?” – I finished my business there, washed my hands, but there was something I could not hide anymore. I was horny, my dick was semi-hard and you could see it in my pants especially after wondering about the bra and remembering the pictures she had sent me. I tried to adjust it as best as possible and went back to the room.

She was still laying there, I got back to where I had been and we kept talking. I wanted more… I wanted to hold her, to kiss her, to touch her but I didn’t know if she wanted the same. After about 10 minutes escort mecidiyeköy she said something that made me kind of sad – “It’s getting late, you should go before my parents get home…” – There was a sound of disappointment in her voice. I got up and so did she, but before starting to move I held her hand and said – “There’s something I promised you I wouldn’t leave here without doing…” – She was puzzled and said – “what?” – I answered getting closer to her – “Giving you a kiss.” – she smiled at me and without one more word we kissed. I thought she’d go for a small kiss but she wanted this as much as me. A short but heartfelt kiss, our tongues met I was in heaven. My hand moved to her waist and grabbed her, pulling closer to me and she did the same. I was finally relaxed, when our kiss broke she told me she’d been waiting for me to do that the entire night. I smiled from ear to ear and regretted not having done it sooner. My horniness had only grown from the kiss but again she kept her feet on the ground and said again “C’mon they’ll be home soon, you need to go”. I felt that she wasn’t as sad this time, but more disappointed.

We came down the stairs, she asked if I could take the trash with me so nobody would suspect someone had been there. I accepted and went to the kitchen to grab the bag where the pizza came in, she asked me to leave the soda cans behind. Later she sent me a picture of both cans on her bedroom shelf where she kept them to remind her of our first kiss. She accompanied me to the door, once there we said our goodbyes and kissed once more. Another heartfelt kiss on both parts, it was amazing, our tongues immediately met and we got closer and closer to each other. My hand on her hips slid under her shirt and I felt her body for the first time. Her skin was amazing, it wasn’t smooth, it felt a little harsh like goosebumps were all over it.

As we kissed I pushed her slowly to the door frame, I dropped the bag in my hand and now both my hands were under her shirt and on her hips. I grabbed her tightly, but softly between my and the frame. We kissed for some minutes until she stopped us saying “We have to stop… Or you won’t leave anytime soon and we’ll definitely get caught…” I think both of us knew that if we didn’t stop now we would be losing our clothing very very soon and we definitely didn’t want to be explaining to her parents why their daughter was having sex with someone she had only met that night. So we stopped, now both sad and horny, I picked up the bag, went to my car, I started it and called her up as I was leaving and asked “Can I go back and kiss you again” and got the most amazing answer back “I’ll dream about it tonight for sure.” I passed her parents’ car only about 10 minutes after leaving the house so we were very close to getting caught. Mary talked to me while I drove home. She fell asleep while I drove home. I wanted to talk to her before falling asleep but I couldn’t… I just wanted to tell her that those were the best kisses of my life.

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