Marty Discovers Men Ch. 09

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A short but smokin’ hot encounter with Marty…enjoy and let me know what you think! I always love the feedback.

We both had the day off and planned to volunteer at a state forest preserve, helping with trail work. We were going to widen a couple stretches, build a few steps and repair some eroded areas. It sounded like a lot of work, but there was going to be 8-10 volunteers and a ranger. (Yeah, I know…hot forest ranger, but that’s not where things went.)

Marty was just out of the shower, and toweling off, when I smiled, “Here’s some coffee.”

Taking a sip from my cup, I sat his next to the underwear and socks on the vanity. Working the bath towel over his hunky body, the effort to dry himself made his arms and muscles ripple. God, he looked good!

My eyes quickly found their focus, but it wasn’t anything above the waist. His dick was both handsome…and breathtaking…just like everything else about Marty. Crowned with a stout plum-shaped head, it had some length and girth, even when it was flaccid or semi.

He caught my gaze and teased, “I see you’re…uh…preoccupied.” He smirked, “It’s just over eight inches, and exactly like yours, but you’re welcome to take it for a spin. If you were to give it a little attention, you’ll get all eight, rock-hard inches to play with!”

He started stroking it for me, and it was well on its way to the big, manly erection, I couldn’t resist. I knew what he wanted (what we both wanted) and I was more than happy to comply.

Mmmm…nice and thick…with handsome veining, that rippled over your lips. I gripped the base of the shaft and felt the head stiffen, pulsing against my tongue. It’s not like it was new or unfamiliar; I’d worked his cock a thousand times, but I explored the ridge and then those beautiful veins…they felt amazing under my tongue.

I pushed him back against the sink and took as much as I could. Poking my throat, with the tip, got him moaning, “Mmmm…fuckkkk…that’s good…ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh yeah…that’s what I need…right there!”

His big dick was totally hard now, and it felt amazing passing through my lips. It wasn’t long before he took over, grabbing my head with both hands and fucking my mouth.

That’s when I felt his balls, bobbing up against my chin…and that was heaven. My hunky boyfriend was using my mouth…using it for his pleasure…and things just couldn’t get any better.

I worked his cock till he was on the edge, breathing hard, and humping wildly into my face. I wanted to feel that warm rush, explode over my tongue…filling and coating my mouth, but my lust for something more took over.

When I pulled off, I admired his body as he protested, “What…Rob, kolej escort don’t stop!”

His shoulders were broad, and his rippled abs were even more enticing under the bright lights…by any definition, he was hot as fuck. I handed him lube, “Just changing the plan a little. I know you’ll like it, though.”

I’m know he thought it was for his ass, but before he could answer, I had spun around, dropped my pants and leaned over the vanity. Spreading my legs, and shoving my ass up towards him, I turned to look back, into his eyes.

He grinned, “Dude, I do like where this’s going…and that ass is a great change of plan!”

Still grinning, he slapped his big, greased shaft over my ass, “I’ll give’ya what you want…but let me work some inside, though.”

I felt his fingers push inside me, coating my hole with lube…and then I felt something much bigger, but very familiar, pressing against the muscle. In anticipation, I threw my head back and closed my eyes, anxious and ready to savor the penetration.

Fuck! I was ready to have him inside me…and that big, stout head was feeling like beer-can ecstasy. Marty’s usually where I’m standing…but you know, sometimes I just needed to be fucked, too.

With a low, animal grunt, he gently pushed inside, and my whole body shuddered with a nearly overwhelming wave of pleasure. He leaned forward, and slowly pumped it deeper…mmmm…yeah!

Pressing his body against mine, and pushing my thighs against the vanity, he got it all inside. The feeling, deep inside, was incredible, but immediately started pulling out. He backed it out, till I felt the ridge of that big head, tugging and straining my muscled ring’s grip.

Then grabbing my waist with both hands, he shoved it back inside…going a little harder this time, but still going easy, till I was ready.

In a pleasured moan, I told him what I needed, “Ahhhh yeah…that’s it, Marty…fuck…fuck me…fuck me harder…fuck me good…harder!”

I held on to that sink as he gave me exactly what I wanted…his beefy dick hitting all the right spots.

When he began fucking with long, rhythmic strokes, he reached up with both hands and gripped my shoulders, pulling me back onto his big dick. It was hardly necessary, because I was more than willing to push back and grind. I was more than willing to fuck myself on his big, gorgeous dick…you know?

I moaned as he bottomed out, “Oh god…oh my god…yeah…yeah…fuck me with that big dick!” Savoring the intimate caress of the manly flesh, I took every inch he had, as he satisfied my needs…and his.

My legs were spread wide, and he pounded maltepe escort his cock into me. Each penetration brought more pleasure, pushing me closer and closer to release. I thought he was going to fuck the cum out of me, but he was moaning loud and close to release himself. It couldn’t have been more than five minutes, at most, before he was cumming.

His breathing had become labored, and his grip more intense, “Oh fuck, Rob…Rob…I’m gonna shoot…shoot my load…fuckkkkkkk!”

Wildly…desperately he slammed his hips into me, as he shot a hot, creamy load deep inside. In the final throes, he humped forward and moaned, giving me the last of the steamy release. I felt every last drop and loved every second, closing my eyes, and savoring my man’s cock, as he fucked the warm creampie.

Eventually, I looked back, grinning, “Guess somebody was a little horny.”

“Yeah,” he grinned, “I guess I was…still am. It’s not really goin’ down much…at all.”

“Let me ride it…I’ll give it a good workout…just lay back and let me ride!”

He smiled and rolled his head back, as I dug my hands into his brawny chest. Rocking back and forth over his dick to sink it deeper inside, some seed trickled out around the big shaft, and I came to rest in his lap.

Sitting atop that beautiful, big, girthy cock, remanent creampie coated his cock, and the hard flesh filling me was absolute bliss…rock-hard, manly bliss.

Looking into my eyes, he moaned, “Mmmm…that’s what you want, isn’t it?”

I started fucking myself, “Yeah…yeah, that’s what I need…so horny…so fuckin’ horny…uhhhh…uhhhh…need that…need that dick!”

Th seed slurping and slapping was a turn-on and a satisfying reminder that I had just pleasured my boyfriend…but…I was about to do it again. I was squeezing and grinding on it, but with something that big, that’s just a given…lust just takes over.

“That’s it, Rob…fuck Rob, grind it…grind me…yeah grind me,” he smiled, “yeah, grind me like a horny slut…a horny cock slut…grind me!”

I rode for a long while, lifting myself up and down over his big dick. It was steady…and incessant; I took the very root of his dick, then raised up until only the tip remained. I loved my boyfriend’s dick and it showed, riding cowboy, just like some fuckin’ hot pornstar.

I felt myself getting closer and started pumping my dick. Raging with an imminent release, it was steely hard in my fist, and I groaned, “Uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…oh fuck…fuck Marty…fuck me…oh god, fuck me!”

He started humping up into me, while I totally focused on my cock, jacking wildly mamak escort and moaning. “Yeah…yeah…fuck…fuck me…fuck me…fuck me…fuck meeeeeee…yeahhhhhhhhh, I grunted, jacking myself over the edge. It sprayed out over his muscled torso, leaving glistening strands of warm pleasure.

“Ahhhh…ahhhh…yeahhhh…that’s good…feels so…so fuckin’ good to cum…fuckkkkkkkkk”

“Oh Rob…Rob…that ass…that tight ass’s gonna make me…oh god…gonna make me cum…ride me…ride me…yeah…yeah…yeah, ride me…ride me!”

I kept riding but he, sort of, took over, humping up into me. I urgently worked my ass up and down his aching shaft, until I felt him shudder…and shoot another load into me.

Breathing hard, I sat in his lap, impaled on that big dick and catching my breath. I enjoyed the sensation of having him imbedded, deep inside…but I know he did too.

He grinned up at me with a sexy smile, “Glad we both got the day off…we can spend more time doing that.” He smiled. “I know we’re doing trail work, this afternoon, but we got all day to do that, again…you know?”

I laughed, “I was thinking the same thing.”

“I like having a day together,” and then I grinned, “and I wouldn’t mind doing that…three…maybe four times, at least.”

When I rolled off to pull his dick out, I heard a wet slurp, as it popped free and flopped onto his belly. My muscles contracted from the absence, and I felt a trickle on my thigh. I grinned, “Guess I need a shower.”

He grinned, scooping the release from his belly, and licking it from his finger. “Not yet…let me help get you cleaned up…let me suck it clean first.”

I helped him off the floor, but we stayed right there in bathroom, and I was the one sitting on the vanity.

This time he was on his knees and pushing it through his lips. Mmmm…I felt his lusty moans humming through the flesh.

Marty had just satisfied himself twice, but he still yearned for more…he wanted that taste…the hot flesh, and the girth, stretching his lips. I knew it wouldn’t take long for it to get hard again, but it might take some time to work up another load.

I grinned, feeling the reviving pulse between my legs, “Oh yeah…yeah…yeah…suck that cock…the shower can wait…but we may be here for a long…long time. At least, I hope so!”

He pulled off, grinning, “Me too…I could suck you all day,” but pushed it back between his lips.

I brushed my fingers through his hair, as he started bobbing…working his mouth up and down the shaft. His tongue swirled all over my cock, till it was steely hard, again. I saw a look of manly pride, lust and submission in his eyes and grinned, “Marty, maybe we should do Vegas, again…or go somewhere…or just hang out here?”

I joked with him, “You know…we’ve never taken the time to do that threesome with Heidi…she’d be fun…and easy.”

While he worked my cock, his seed was trickling out of me, and I thought…mmmm…we do need more time together…definitely more time.

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