Marlene Teases the Boys Ch. 1

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I’d like to tell you a story about the night that my wife got what she really deserved (and turned out to want) even though she wasn’t looking for it. To make a long background story short, my wife can sometimes be a tease. She is a beautiful five feet two inches of curves and long blonde hair and flashing green eyes, and chock full of sex appeal. Men (and women) can’t help but look at her when she wants them to, and she certainly likes it that way. Although this skill had attracted me, I wondered if one day it would get her into trouble. I certainly never expected what occurred that night.

You see, my wife had won a bet with me (what about is unimportant). What was important was what she wanted for winning. She had recently lost a little weight, was looking good and waiting for a chance to show it off. Tonight was my monthly poker night, and as I had never let her come along before, now she wanted to come to the game as her prize. Another guy’s wife had hosted a game once (quite innocently), but it had made her jealous when I told her. I knew that she liked the idea of being able to tantalize a room full of guys without any complications. She said that she wanted to wear something cute and slink around the room teasing the hell out of them. I told her that that might not be a good idea, as she can get men pretty worked up, and she accused me of not giving her freedom to make her own decisions. We went back and forth, and I relented.

I had arranged hotel suite with for the game. When you enter the room, the living area is open and inviting with a fabulous view through opposing windows. A marble fireplace on one end is glowing with an early evening fire. A small stereo provides the tunes. On the other end is an open kitchen with bar facing living room. In the living area, we arranged a table set up to play cards. Several snack bowls were readied, the vodka was the freezer, and everything was in order. The accepted practice was for drunken players to sleep over, and that’s what we planned. Marlene looked stunning as she put on her makeup and painted her nails, pampering herself. She seemed to be excited, but resisted my advances when I tried to get a little cuddle in before the game.

You see, she was a little mad at me because of my reluctance in letting her come, and we had had a few sharp words over it. We never usually fought, but this time, I remembered that Marlene had once told me that women get even later. Tonight was evidently her later. She intended to really put on a show. Little did she know that things were not going to turn out the way she envisioned: that is, four guys with blue balls going to go home to dream about her.

I went to the bar to meet the others while Marlene wanted some time to get ready. When the four of us got up to the room an hour later, we walked in after knocking and hearing Marlene call out “Come in.” When we entered the living room, we stopped dead in shock. As I looked to my left and right, I noticed that all of the guys had the same expression, one of absolute slack-jawed amazement.

Marlene posed casually by the poker table, wearing an outfit that I had never seen before. The little minx had gone out shopping for a special outfit just to tease these total strangers! The black leather and lace French maid suit was stunning. Her ample breasts spilled out of he black lace top, and we could almost see her nipples through the top and lace demi-cup black bra. The short leather mini skirt and tiny lace apron swirled around her, giving glimpses of the tops of black fishnet stockings and garter straps. Little black fishnet fingerless gloves and lace bow over a long sexy braid set off the outfit. As one, our eyes traveled down her shapely legs to the strapped-on spike heels. I finally recovered enough to notice that she had on a leather collar that I had never seen to complete the look.

“Good evening gentlemen” she said in a sultry voice “my name is Marlene, and I will be your server for the evening.” OoooKaaay, we all thought. This was looking pretty antalya escort good, but she had sure surprised me – this was pretty raunchy, even for my babe.

“Do you all approve of my attire?” She did a slow twirl. All we could manage were appreciative man grunts. She went on: “The rules are simple; you can look, but not touch.”

“That doesn’t sound like much fun,” said Adam quickly.

She fixed him with an even glare. “I’m not here to for your ‘fun'”; she said with a look up and down of distaste. “You’re lucky I’m giving you a look.” With a smirk of triumph, she swirled around and stalked off to the kitchen, with all of our eyes glued to her swaying ass. I could sense the disappointment in the room. As the guys sat down I thought I heard a whispered comment like “I’d like to touch the little…” but wasn’t sure who said it.

I headed to the kitchen to see Marlene. Certainly the rules didn’t apply to me. As I walked up behind her to put my arms around me, she turned. “You can’t touch me either.” As I groaned, she smiled. “I want you to treat me just like the other guys tonight, and not interfere. Understand?” When I didn’t reply, she insisted: “You promise? You won’t interfere; I’m gonna enjoy this.” What could I say? I agreed, and she slid past me with a smile and a brush of her breasts on my arm, not knowing that that extracting that promise was going to backfire on her.

We sat down, Adam across from me, Chris to the left, Brian to the right, and started the game. All of us were enjoying the scenery. Marlene was in top form. She seemed to slide around the room with a delicious sway, and my pants got tight just watching her work. We all ordered drinks, and as she brought them back to serve she would put her hands lightly on their shoulders an lean over, giving each guy a great view down her top. She smiled sweetly at them and chatted flirtatiously with all of them. As she served me, I tried sliding my hand up her leg but she pulled away. “You can look, but not touch.” She said loudly, and swayed away. The guys snickered. Damn!

A little while later, a high-stakes hand came down to Chris and Brian. As Chris considered a bet, she plopped down in his lap! She wiggled and peered at his cards, and when he couldn’t stand it and put his hands on her, she slipped away laughing: “You can look, but not touch.” I could plainly see the tent in his lap.

As the game wore on, we all started to get a buzz, Marlene was drinking vodka, and looked to me that she had better slow down. I got up to use the restroom, and when I got walked back into the room, I caught sight of Adam grabbing Marlene’s ass as she walked by. She scooted forward and said, “You can look, but not touch.” As she walked away, she flipped up the back of her skirt, flashing her cute ass – barely covered by black panties – at him. She didn’t see the dark look that crossed his eyes, and that was when I first wondered if there was going to be trouble.

We played a few more hands, and our sexy waitress kept drinking, and began to get more brazen. When Brian stretched and said that his back was stiff, she quickly moved around the table to stand behind him. She rubbed his shoulders as we played, and all of us noticed her hands sliding down across his chest as she swayed to a reggae song she had put on. She was really enjoying herself, and her tits were practically falling out as she leaned across his shoulders. He reached back behind his chair to touch her legs, but she twisted away again laughing out “You can look, but not touch.”

When Adam spilled a drink, she made a show of wiping his lap too much, and when he grabbed at her boobs, she smacked his hand. “You can look, but not touch.” He lunged for her – grabbing her ass hard and pulling her toward him. For a moment she looked just a little nervous, but managed to struggle free.

“You guys need to learn to behave,” she said, “no more service for a while.” and sat down on a nearby chair with a sexy pout, carefully letting us get a peek up her antalya rus escort skirt to her black-panty covered pussy. She was driving us crazy, but seemed oblivious to the rising tension in the room. She writhed on the sofa while we stumbled through a hand, and by now the guys were not even bothering to conceal their hungry looks.

As we took a ten-minute break, she put on a new song and started dancing to the thumping beat with her back to us. I went up behind her and whispered in her ear: “You are so sexy. I can’t wait to fuck you; I bet you are so wet right now.” She leaned over close, her lips brushing my ear, her breath tickling my neck. “I am so wet, but you can forget it. Tonight you are just one of the guys – you can look but not touch, you aren’t getting any tonight, just to teach you a lesson.” I couldn’t believe it. As she walked away, she flipped her skirt at me and said over her shoulder “I hope you like the sofa.” As I turned back to the table, I caught Adam looking at her ass with animal lust. What the hell, I thought; I look at her that way, and now I’m in the same position as him. I raised my glass and caught his eye. He looked straight at me with a level gaze before turning away.

Chris cornered me in the kitchen. “You wife is really throwing it around tonight. I like a beautiful babe as much as the next guy, but she better watch it around Adam.” he said.

“She is feeling pretty hot, but she made me promise not to interfere, so she’s on her own. Look I know how you feel, I’m not getting any tonight either.”

Chris looked thoughtful for a moment, then said “wait here, I’ll be right back.” He went out to the living room and huddled for a long while with the other guys. Marlene was fiddling with the stereo, happily bombed and loving her role as the untouchable sex goddess.

Chris came back with the others, and they crowded around me as he told me his plan. I listened for a couple minutes as he told me what they had planned. They all looked at me hard, and calmly explained that they wanted me to be aware that there were three of them, and they would be able to have their way with or without my OK. I thought about it, and then nodded slowly. I started to tell him that he wanted to go too far, but Adam pointed out that she deserved some punishment for the way she was behaving. I wasn’t sure I liked the way he said it, but then I thought about sleeping on the sofa with a hard-on. I spelled out a few basic rules, hoping they would be followed, closed my eyes, and said “Yes.” I wasn’t precisely sure what was in store for my unsuspecting but deserving wife, but I thought at least this way I could keep it from getting out of hand. I hoped.

When we walked back into the living room to sit down, Chris whispered something to the guys that I couldn’t catch. The gleam of sexual excitement burned in Adam’s eyes, and the others became still and serious, the body language was powerful. I began to be concerned for Marlene, and was about to try to call it off, when she walked back into the room. She passed behind me and said under her breath “I bet you want me, but you can’t have me,” then walked off laughing softly.

She put on some sexy music, dancing tantalizingly in front of the fireplace, ignoring us completely. She had just sealed her fate. I sipped my drink and sat back to watch how she handled it…

** Part 2 **

She put on some sexy music, dancing tantalizingly in front of the fireplace, ignoring us completely. She had just sealed her fate. I sipped my drink and sat back to watch how she handled it…

Adam, Chris, and Brian walked over by the fireplace where Marlene was dancing, and perched on the sofa to watch. She seemed to ignore them, but even from across the room, I knew that she was aware of there hungry eyes on her. “Boombastic” by Shaggy came on next and she really was “shaking it loose.” The guys started to chant “Strip – Strip – Strip,” and Marlene smiled slyly at them. As she danced, she unzipped antalya ucuz escort the top of her outfit, and slowly peeled it away to reveal her bra. They cheered for more. She tugged playfully at her skirt, then slid it down and kicked it at Adam. Now they called out for “Tits, Tits, Tits!” I thought, no way would she go that far. She was intoxicated with her power over them, and turned her back on us, as if to prove me wrong. She spun around just as the song was over, opening her bra to them as they got their first sight of her beautiful boobs. But just then, the music ended, and she snapped her bra back together, turning for the kitchen. “Shows’ over guys; remember” she said, “You can look, but not touch.”

Adam jumped up from behind and grabbed her. “I don’t think it’s over just yet” he said. She struggled to pull free, and just as she was succeeding, he shoved her toward Chris, who pushed her into Brian. She went back and forth between them, and it kept her off balance. She was strangely silent, and wrestled with them as she had done with me before in a fit of passion, fighting hard, but hoping to be overpowered.

Gradually, they controlled her. Brian and Chris each got hold of an arm, and Adam grabbed her by the braid, and swung her around to face him. She looked suddenly small in front of him, and everything got quiet.

“We’ve decided on a new rule for tonight. That is: Look and touch all we want.”

He kissed her, hard. When stopped, he spun her around and, holding her arms up behind her back, marched her over to the table. Firmly, but gently, he pushed her down face-first, and spread her legs out sideways, leaving her hanging on the table. She looked up at me, but strangely said nothing. I looked into her eyes and said: “I don’t think I could stop this now, and besides, you made me promise not to interfere.”

Adam said “This is what happens to little cock-teases that forget their manners” and brought his hand down hard to smack on her ass. A low moan escaped her as he continued with ten slow strokes. She was ordered to call out the numbers, and resisted at first, but soon gave in.

Then the other two gave her the same treatment, with Marlene’s struggles tapering off to moans. As they spanked my naughty wife right in front of me, Adam slid his fingers right past her panties, slipping them into her sopping pussy as the others worked. When they had finished, the three of them flipped her over onto her back. Chris and Brian each had an arm, and they held her down. She was breathing hard, and thrashing, but they held her fast. Adam reached up from his position between her legs and pulled the top of her bra down, letting her breasts spill out. The two holding her soon found a spare hand to grab a tit and they squeezed and rubbed, making her nipples stand out hard. Adam grabbed her chin, and pulled her face close to his.

“Now you will serve us the way that we deserve to be treated, with respect. You will call each of us Master, and immediately do what is asked of you, otherwise, we will punish you again. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master,” she said meekly.

As the three let go, she bolted from the table toward the bedroom. “Get her!” Adam shouted. Chris cut her off, and she was forced to retreat behind the sofa. There she stood, panting, sweaty, her breasts heaving, wearing only stockings, heels, panties, and a garter. Any man would be crazy with desire for her. The three spread out, and she broke for the door. Brian grabbed her, and the three forced her over the sofa to repeat the spanking. She screamed that she agreed, she would obey, but the men ignored her pleas, turning her ass into a bright red mosaic of handprints.

As they pulled her to her feet, Chris asked her if she was ready to obey.

This time, the “Yes Master” real. She walked unsteadily back to the table and whispered to me that I should do something, save her. I reached out and squeezed her breasts roughly. “I’m just one of the guys, remember?”

We all ordered drinks, and Marlene brought them quickly. She looked even better half-naked, and this time every guy put his hands on her as she served. She served Adam last, and as she did, he reached out and violently tore her panties from her body. “We won’t be needing these any longer. Now, let’s play some poker.”

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