Marlene and Tiffany Ch. 07

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Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read my work. I hope I’ve done justice to the adventures of Steve, Marlene, Tiffany and most of all, Sugarbear. Feedback and constructive criticism are always welcome. I hope you enjoy the stories. Thanks again for your time.


Sugarbear’s attempts to seduce her father, Steve had turned into something resembling an erotic chess match. They had developed some ground rules. She couldn’t do anything overtly sexual when her younger sisters were around, but other than that, her father was fair game.

The father and his young daughter were both good sports about it. He didn’t get angry at her relentless attempts to seduce him, and she didn’t get mad when he rebuffed her advances.

The delightful young woman was pulling out all the stops as she stalked her prey. She would expose her tender, young breasts, and ample cleavage to her father at every opportunity. When they went running together, she would sometimes “stumble” and gently fall into her father as they ran so that her breasts would brush up against him. Sometimes, she would sneak Bolero into his playlist and delightedly laugh when he broke stride as it came over his headphones.

She would watch baseball games with her father and lean her head on his shoulder. She didn’t like smoking but knew it turned him on even though he didn’t approve, so she had taken to holding a carrot stick like a cigarette and would put it in her mouth and slowly mimic blowing smoke in his face whenever she saw he was watching. If no one else were around, she would brush her hand against his hardness, and then look in surprise and say, “Did I do that?” in a strange voice that she only recognized from a sitcom her parents had watched as kids.

One time, her father emerged from a shower to see her on the bathroom vanity, her legs spread as she slowly slid the strap-on she’d “liberated” from Marlene’s toy chest in and out. Domino teased herself with the toy molded from Steve’s dick, and said to her father, “Daddy, your dick feels amazing inside me. Why don’t you come here and give me the real thing?” Steve’s flag was flying, but while his body had betrayed him, his will remained strong.

One day, Steve came into the kitchen for breakfast to discover Sugarbear and her six sisters wearing t-shirts that read ‘Team Sugarbear.’ Marlene and Tiffany grinned, as they wore t-shirts that said, ‘Team Daddy.’ Steve groaned as his wives tossed him a ‘Team Daddy’ shirt of his own. Marlene and Tiffany urged him to put it on. “Or would you prefer to be on Team Sugarbear?”, the loving women giggled at their husband’s discomfort.

Marlene and Tiffany were genuinely enjoying Dominica’s efforts, and since it had heightened Steve’s already strong libido to greater heights, were the primary beneficiaries as well. He was generally able to satisfy both women twice before tiring, but since their daughter had launched her campaign, he was in a nearly permanent state of arousal and would please them both once in the morning as well.

In his heart, Steve knew his resolve was weakening. The twinkle in his daughter’s eyes as she teased him secretly thrilled him.

The women were talking one morning over coffee, and Marlene confided that she was secretly pulling for Dominica. Tiffany, her mother, laughed and said, “Lately, Dominica is acting more like you than me. I’m just enjoying all the extra sex. Though if she gets Steve any more fired up, we might not be able to walk straight soon.”

Marlene impishly suggested giving Domino a hand, and Tiffany asked how. “I’m not sure, yet. Let’s give it some thought. Meanwhile, let’s see if she’s willing to put those two delightful hands of hers up our pussies.” Tiffany eagerly agreed, and they went in search of their eldest daughter.

They found her and Steffany still asleep. Waking them gently, they said, “It’s playtime, girls. Your tormenting Daddy has us turned on. So, it’s only fair you get us off.” Soon, the four of them were linked in a daisy chain on the girls’ bed, with four tongues licking four dripping pussies. Sugarbear had raised the lust of every adult in the house, so they got off quickly.

Steffy’s alarm buzzed, and she jumped up, “Time for my weekly pick-up soccer game, I’ve got to go. Save some for me, later.” She dressed quickly, kissed her mothers and sister and ran off.

Disappointed that her sister had to run off, but thrilled that she’d have her moms to herself, Dominica told her mothers to lie down. Eager to see what the lasciviously out of control daughter had in mind, Marlene and Tiffany eagerly urfa escort complied. Their pussies were already wet from the round of oral love-making as they lay down and spread their legs for her attention. Slowly, she began to work her fingers into each woman’s vagina. Sugarbear’s prowess was by now a familiar routine to every woman in their home.

When she finally had her fist in each of her mothers, she slowly pressed in and out. Marlene and Tiffany both moaned with delight. But, Sugarbear had refined her technique. She slowly wiggled her knuckles upward on each woman’s G-spot. The effect was immediate.

“Fucking Mercy,” Marlene shouted.

At the same time, Tiffany bellowed, “Fuck. She’s gotten even better at this.”

The two mothers turned and kissed each other as Dominica bore down and soon, bone-shattering orgasms racked their delectable bodies.

Domino withdrew her hands, and both women kissed her.

Tiffany looked at her daughter, and said, “Marlene and I are going to help you with Dad. We’re thinking of temporarily cutting him off from sex.”

Dominica shook her head, “No, Mom. Thank you. But, I made a deal that I would seduce him fair and square. You denying him sex to help me is cheating. I want Daddy to do it because he loves me.”

Impressed by her daughter’s straightforward reply, she kissed her. “Okay, Domino,” Tiffany responded, “Your call. We’ll respect your wishes.”

“Moms?”, the young girl asked, “Could you kiss each other while I play with myself?”

“Sure, Domino,” Marlene answered and leaned towards Tiffany.

“No, Moms. I mean to kiss with your other lips. I want to see you trib each other, while I put on a show for you. I think you’re going to love what I can do now,” the eager, wanton young woman said.

Intrigued her mothers moved into position and began to rub their pussies against each other gently.

Positioning herself between them, Domino started to insert fingers into herself. She worked slowly, sliding in and out. Her mothers continued scissoring as they watched her. Domino continued to press her fingers inside herself, repeating the process she had performed on her mothers just a short time ago.

“Holy shit,” Marlene exclaimed, “Is she going to…”

“fist herself?” Tiffany finished.

“Yes,” Dominica groaned, as her fist plunged her depths. “I’ve been practicing for a few weeks, and just managed to do it for the first time last week.”

Mesmerized, the adoring mothers continued rubbing their pussies roughly against each other while watching their daughter fuck herself with her hand.

The three of them came almost simultaneously.

The loving mothers kissed their daughter as they recovered from the insanely hot sex. The image of Sugarbear fisting herself seared into their memories.

One hot afternoon, Marlene and Tiffany shepherded all their daughters out to the pool. Steve took advantage of the quiet to take a nap on the couch in front of the tv. Soon, he was asleep, and his dreams wandered to his eldest daughter, “Oh Sugarbear,” he whispered as he slept.

He woke with a start and discovered Sugarbear licking his penis like a popsicle. “Hi Daddy!” she chirped and kissed the tip.

“Oh, Sugarbear,” he whined, “Please stop. I don’t know how much longer I can resist.”

She kissed the tip again, “I’m sorry, Daddy. I know this is hard for you.” She giggled at her very intentional play on words.

Steve couldn’t help but smile at his daughter’s wicked wit. “It’s wrong, Sugarbear. You’re a beautiful woman, but you’re still my daughter. I’m going to resist this as long as I can.”

“I know, Daddy. I understand. You’ve put up a good fight, and I’m impressed. But, you know it’s only a matter of time, don’t you?” She gave his penis one last kiss and hopped up to go out to join the others by the pool.

He sighed and resolved to continue the fight.

That night, as he lay entwined with Marlene and Tiffany, he told the women that he was near his limit, and he needed their help. “Why don’t you both take all the girls to the beach house for a month? I can catch up on some home improvements we’ve been wanting, and some separation might cool Sugarbear’s jets.”

His two loves agreed. The next morning the three of them again made exhausting love before breakfast and then broke the news to the girls. Everyone was excited, even Sugarbear. Steve began to relax.

They had made plans to leave just after dark on Thursday to both avoid rush hour and beat any weekend traffic to the beach areas. uşak escort After dinner, Steve helped Sugarbear and Steffany load the SUV, and once it was ready, he hugged his wives and seven daughters good-bye.

“I’ll see you in a month,” the doting husband and father said.

Marlene, Tiffany and the girls all hugged him. Sugarbear waited for last, and for all the little sisters to be in the car. She hugged her father tightly, “I love you, Daddy. I’ll miss you.”

“Love you more, Sugarbear,” her father said, and then yelped in surprise as she firmly grabbed his crotch. “You’re incorrigible,” he groaned.

“I know, Daddy. See you in a month,” Sugarbear said and got in the back seat.

The SUV pulled out of the driveway and headed down the street.

Steve watched them and waved, and then went back into the house when they were out of sight.

Meanwhile, the SUV stopped once it was out of sight, and Sugarbear got out. “Good luck,” her moms and sister Steffany said, and she started to sneak back to the house.

Steve sat down, put the ball game on and cracked open a cold beer. “Damn,” he thought to himself, “the house is going to be lonely without them. But, maybe some time apart will cure Sugarbear of this insane notion.”

His beautiful daughter slipped into the house through the back door and made her way to her parent’s bedroom. She began to make arrangements, placing candles around the room, and lighting them quietly.

Steve had dozed off during the game and woke to hear his cell phone ringing. It was Tiffany.

He picked up, “Everything okay, Tiff?”

“Yes, love. I just called to let you know we left a surprise for you. Marlene and I wanted to thank you for this ‘girlcation’ for the kids and us. We hope you’ll love it.”

Marlene piped in, “We want you to love it.”

“Ok, I’ll check it out. Love you both,” Steve said and hung up.

He went to the bedroom and noticed the candlelight flickering through the open door.

As he entered the dimly lit room, he heard Bolero start to play. He looked and saw Sugarbear lying on the bed, wearing her mother Tiffany’s favorite nightgown. She smiled as she stood up and began to sway rhythmically to the music.

His cell phone buzzed again. It was a pic of Marlene and Tiffany both smiling at him wearing ‘Team Sugarbear’ t-shirts, followed by a text from Tiff. “We love you,” it read. “Dominica is a grown woman. She knows her mind, and she loves you. Marlene and I wanted you to have this, with our love, and without guilt. We’ll see you both in a month.”

Steve swallowed hard, and his focus switched back to Sugarbear. Her hips moved hypnotically matching the classical music.

He closed his eyes, resigned to the fate his wives and daughters had planned for him. “Okay,” he said in a nearly inaudible whisper, “You win. You’ve seduced me.”

“Fair and square?” she asked with equal parts mischief and relief.

“Yes,” he said. Steve opened his eyes and looked at her, “Part of me is screaming that it’s wrong, but you and your moms seem to think it’s okay. I’ve struggled, but it’s no use. I want you. I love you.”

She moved closer, smiled again, and kissed him gently on the cheek. “Don’t worry, Daddy. I love you, and it will be fun. It’s not a fate worse than death.”

He looked at his beautiful daughter. She was the tallest of the women in the house, just a hair or two taller than her mom, Tiffany. It had been a big day for all of them when she’d grown taller than her mother. He marveled at how much the daughter could resemble mother, with skin tones that spoke of her Italian ancestry. Her blue eyes, which so closely mirrored his own, shone at him.

She draped her arms around his shoulder and kissed him lightly on the lips, “Make love to me, Daddy,” she implored. She turned and backed into him.

His mind raced. The logic behind his objections fading away as he took Dominica in his arms. His hands grasped her hips and then roamed across her firm abdomen. She had trim, athletic body. His hands closed on her firm, bountiful breasts, and she sighed as he squeezed them. They were so soft and full. He nuzzled and kissed her neck, and her perfume washed over him.

“Sugarbear, just one thing. Before we do this, is it safe?” He knew to ask this question meant that he was going to go through with it. There would be no turning back.

“Yes, Daddy. I’ve been on the pill for a while now. I’m not ready to have kids.”

He drank in his daughter’s beauty, and then led her to the bed. He gently van escort guided her down and knelt between her legs. Dominica parted her legs to allow him access, eager to get things moving. Years of hearing her mothers moan on the other side of the bedroom wall had told her that her father ate pussy often and well.

Steve gently kissed his daughter’s thighs. First left, then right. Then, he kissed her pussy lips. She stretched lewdly on the bed, determined to enjoy the fruits of her efforts. The beautiful young girl pressed her legs on either side of her father’s head so that there would be no chance he would escape if he changed his mind.

She exhaled as he got down to business, and lifted her butt off the bed so he could cradle her butt cheeks with his hands as he continued to lick her for their mutual pleasure.

She pressed her thighs more tightly against Steve’s ears muffling her cries of “Daddy.”

Sugarbear convulsed as her first orgasm hit, but her father didn’t let up. She was thrilled that he was living up to the expectations set by her moms, and he kept right on going as his daughter writhed in ecstasy. “Oh, sheee-yyittt…” the young girl cried as an involuntary shudder shook her to her core.

Grinning from ear to ear, she ran her hands through her father’s thick brown hair. “Please, Daddy. Fuck me,” she beckoned and stretched her arms out.

“Not yet,” her father said. “First, let your hair down, and get in the middle of the bed.”

She quickly released her ponytail and laid back down so that her lustrous dark hair splayed out on the pillows.

Steve looked at his beautiful daughter lovingly and positioned himself between her legs. Dominica was her mother’s daughter in every way. She loved the missionary position because, in addition to the penetration, she craved their flesh touching along the entire length of their bodies, and the eye contact with her lover.

Knowing she was no longer a virgin, her father entered her firmly and leaned down to kiss her. Both of them kissed with their eyes open, entranced by looking into each other’s blue eyes that so closely resembled their own.

Sugarbear pulled Steve down so that her breasts were crushed against his chest and lazily rubbed her legs against his. He thrust faster and faster as they kissed, their tongues dancing in each other’s mouths.

He saw her eyes widen a fraction and felt an involuntary tremor in her abdomen as her orgasm swept through her. He kept thrusting like a jackhammer, determined to make her cum a second time before he spilled his seed into her.

She wrapped her legs around his back and kept rhythm with his furious pace. She broke the kiss and screamed, “Fuck, yes, Daddy. Fuck me; I’m going to cum again.” The beautiful young girl spasmed under her father’s relentless fucking and he shot his hot seed deep into her.

He lay on top of her for a moment, stroking her hair and kissing her gently, telling her over and over how beautiful she was. He had never seen her so happy as she smiled back at him.

“I must be getting heavy,” he said, as he started to roll off her, but she clutched at him.

“I want to feel you on me, just a little longer. Please, Daddy,” she implored, and kissed him.

After a few more minutes of playful kisses, he said, “I’ve got to get off you. I’m afraid I’ll crush you.” He rolled next to her, and said, “Catch your breath, we’ve still got a lot to do.”

“Huh?” she said, “We just had amazing sex, what else is there to do?”

He laughed, “Sugarbear, when your moms are here, they take turns.” Grinning mischievously, he sang a line from an oldies song, “But, I think we’re alone now…”

She playfully hit his chest, “I can keep up, Daddy. You wait and watch. My turn to be on top.” and she climbed on top of him.

They made gentle, sweet joyous love until the sun came up, and then curled up and fell into a deep, blissful sleep.

Shortly before noon, Tiffany was Facetiming on Steve’s phone. “Hi, love. So, how did it go?”

Steve sheepishly smiled, “Good, I think. I’m still wrapping my head around all this.”

Dominica sleepily said, “Hi, Mommy. It was great. Daddy and I fucked all night. He didn’t stop until the sun came up.”

Tiffany laughed, “I know what you mean. But, Domino, I left your father in perfectly good working order in your care, and we expect to get him back that way.”

“I won’t break, Daddy,” she laughed, “I promise, Mommy,” and snuggled closer to her father as she fell back asleep.

Her parents both said, “I love you,” and disconnected.

The loving father and daughter settled into a comfortable routine for the next month. She was his running partner, Daddy’s Little Helper with the home improvements, and his lover each night.

Sugarbear hoped her moms’ and sister were having as much fun at the beach house.

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