Mark , Chris: Laughter After

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The fact that the apartment was aligned to the east meant that the sun came through the windows of both Mark and Chris room at the same time. Which meant that Reba and Cassie woke up at roughly the same time. And both noticed that they where alone in bed. And that something was smelling good, especially in their ravished state after being fucked all night.

So they both stumbled into the living room at roughly the same time, to find their respective boyfriends (and in Reba’s case, brother), standing in the kitchen dressed only in shorts, with the radio blasting at a level that was completely unacceptable for the early morning, and arguing in the way they always seemed to be, even though they would finish each others sentences.

“The two of you sound like old women.” Reba shook her head, and dropped into one of the chairs at the dining table, while Cassie decided the couch, with Cartoon Network on the TV before it, looked like a better idea.

“We cook like it, too. With lots of greens.”

“For breakfast? God, Mark you are disgusting.” The boys shook their heads, and went back to arguing about guns, one of the things they could fight about for days. Reba in the meanwhile decided it was time to compare notes, and joined Cassie on the couch.

“So, spill it.”

“You first.”

“Whatever, he’s my brother, I want to know what he does.”

“Shouldn’t you not want to know?”

“Don’t get smart with me, bitch.” The clanging of plates from interrupted their laughter, and they joined the guys for breakfast.

“Cassie, your mom called this morning. She said you had to be back by 12, your dad wants to go do something or another. I’ll take you after we are done. Assuming you clean up, and earn me taking you.” She gave him the finger, something he was quick to explain was inexplicably rude.

After brunch, Chris and Reba retreated towards the showers first, and not wanting to strain the hot water supply, Mark decreed he would help clean up.


“Hey, I don’t have to do this. I screwed you, fed you, and took you out last night. My glass is full.”

“Fuck you.”

“Yeah, did that, too.” He walked up behind her, and wrapped his arms around the young girl, kissing the back of her neck, and squeezing her tight.

“Love you, babe.” She leaned back against him, and closed her eyes. His hands slowly began to slide across her body, one going up, one going down.

The top one got there first, cupping her left tit, and squeezing it gently. The left was quick to catch up, sliding into her panties, and caressing her shaven mound. His middle finger was first to enter, and found her clit the second it did. Pressing down gently, his index finger followed, and together they began to squeeze in that rhythm she had fallen in love with last night. His right was not idle, though.

First it dashed down again, then up under her shirt. Making contact with her nipple, he squeezed, twisted, pinched, and pulled on it. Her moans turned him on even more, and he could not stop any more then he could change the weather.

Her hands grabbed the countertop, knuckles turning white. Her feet pressed apart, and his body surged forward, his crotch grinding into her ass. Another moan pressed past her lips, as his teeth closed down on her neck, dragging up and down the tender skin.

“Don’t do this to…” His fingers closed down on her clit, as another one pushed into her, filling her, and teasing her lips, cutting of her voice, as she began to fall. She knew the feeling by now, and did not fight it anymore. His fingers, in her pussy, his teeth on her neck, everything combined to form the maelstrom she was in love with.

Slowly his fingers opened her up, and began to massage, stimulate, and tease her clit. His middle finger began to rotate in pressure circles, and her hips went with them. Then he slowly pushed past it, and found something…different! And it felt good! His finger began to press on whatever it was, and suddenly she could not hold it back anymore. Her lips rolled up first into a kiss, then a moan, and ended in a short squeak, as she orgasmed all over his hand.

His teeth closed down on her neck, and his body bent at the waist, pressing her tits down on the counter. One hand gripped her panties, and ripped them away, as he held her down with one hand. Squeezing her clit with one final thrust, he spread her lips out, and pressed his hard cock all the way into her. His hands slipped up her body, squeezed her tits, and gripped her.

Their moans grew in unison, as he began to pump in and out, harder and faster with each thrust. Pulling out almost all the way, he rammed back in, the head of his cock spreading out her lips every time, and dragging across her most sensitive parts. Kissing the back of her neck, his teeth dragged across her spine, as he felt the familiar tightness come on. Cassie could feel it as well, and pushed herself back against him. Then she tried the one piece of advice that Reba had been able to impart. She did not really know what she was doing, but she squeezed.

Mark aydınlı escort did not know what she was doing either, except all of a sudden he was feeling heady, and could not hold back any longer. With one hard thrust, he exploded in her, feeling his cum splash into her womb, as his body collapsed over her. His tongue began to gently lick her sweat off, as his arms wrapped her up, and cuddle her tight.

“What where you just doing?” Cassie was still breathless, and the weight of her boyfriend on top of her was not helping the cause.

“Fucking you.”

“Besides that, smart ass.”

“Thinking of which other friends of Reba I might want to run up in.” Cassie tried to kick him and push up, but he was stronger.

“No, I mean with your fingers.”

“Oh…that’s my secret. Ask Reba, maybe she knows.” Standing up, he lead her towards the showers, singing some song about a G thing.


When they first moved in, Mark and Chris had decided that since Chris hated cleaning more then just about anything, he would have the second bedroom, and the bathroom attached to it, since it was smaller. After breakfast, he carried, pushed, dragged Reba that way, as they undressed each other, starved for each other as if they had been apart for years, not hours spent sleeping.

Once they got into the bathroom, Reba first lit several candles she had scattered across the counter top on her last visit, then they turned off the light, and climbed into the shower. Their naked flesh collided under the hot water, and Chris pushed her up against the wall, picking her up, and dragging her back up the cold tiles. His hands went under her ass, and he squeezed it, as his tongue invaded her mouth.

Her arms wrapped around his neck, holding herself up, as her legs tightened their grip on his hips. Pushing herself up the wall, she let him switch to her tits, which he inhaled, sucking on her left nipple, biting it gently, then switching to the right one. His teeth held the nipple, while his tongue flicked it. Reaching down with one hand, she grabbed a hold of his hardness, and slowly guided it up to her wet slit.

Their lips meet again, and he pushed her up. Their eyes meet, and he dropped her down onto himself, impaling her on himself. Her cry filled the room, as the light from the candles flickering their shadows against the wall.

Two tongues wrestled for dominance in the opposing mouth, as Chris began to bounce her off his hips. Her groans and moans drove higher and higher, as his fingers began to press against her ass. Alternating fingers between pressure on her ass, while he pounded into her. He knew it would not take long, he could feel her clit throbbing against his cock.

Reba herself could not believe how fast it was going, as her back was smashed up against the wall again, again, again, his cock driving into her like a piston, working in and out like a engine in overdrive. She threw her head back as it became to much, orgasm exploding through her body, and her voice rising to crescendo along with her body.

But he did not stop. Her orgasm only drove him higher, and he really began to hammer into her now. She screamed again, as he smashed his hips against her. Her fingernails left trails of red on his back, as she clawed for control over her body, but not finding it. His head came up, smacking hers back against the wall, and his tongue pressed into her mouth, savagely taking a kiss from her. She knew he was close, and squeezed herself down on him. His body seemed to spasm, as his head flew back, and he screamed like a crazed animal, his orgasm surging from his brain to his nuts, and shooting into her in a torrent of cum. Reba came again, as she was flooded with his cum. Her scream mingled with his, as her body collapsed atop his. Gently he eased her to the floor, wrapping her up in his arms. Holding tight, they kissed and caressed each other, their eyes meeting, and conveying the message only teenagers can see.

“I’m gonna have Mark beat your ass.”

“What?” His eyes locked open in surprise.

“My head hurts like crazy.” Her hands caressed his face, and they kissed.

“I mean god, Chris, you are a damn good lay, and for a first, I don’t think I could have picked a better, but try not to damage the goods to much.” He pulled her into his lap, and cradled her like a little child.

“I’m sorry baby, you ok?” Softly he kissed from her face to the back of her head, and held her tight.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” She smiled as she buried her head in his chest. He picked her up, and began to wash her, wondering just what about her it was that made him go crazy when he fucked her.


Cassie had always loved the way Mark drove. Ever since he had had his license, and been assigned the task of driving around Reba, and her friends when necessary, she was fascinated by the stone faced way he would sit in the driver seat, only his eyes, hands, and feet moving, while the car would smoothly shift from lane to lane, sliding around other cars, bağdat caddesi escort flipping front to back, left-right, in a smooth flow that he always described as “water-over-rocks.”

Which was one of the reasons she was in such a state of bliss as the jet black Camaro pulled into the street, the engine roaring, and that rap music that Mark was so enchanted with blaring out of the customized sound system. The T tops where down, and the wind whistled through her hair as he smoothly crossed across the lane to go left, then left again at the intersection, and let the engine howl as they shot down the Highway.

“What does your dad want to do?”

“I don’t know. You gonna be home later?”

“I should be…don’t see a reason why I should not be. Why, you coming back?” She smiled.

“Ya never know.” He went right, then right again, and right again. Slowing down, he rolled through her neighborhood, stopping at her home, and jumping out. He was around the car before she had even undone her seat belt. She pushed the door open, and by the time she was standing next to the car, he had reappeared from her neighbors yard, holding a freshly cut red rose. Now she understood why he always had a knife in his pants pocket.

“For you.”

“You are to sweet.” They walked up to the door holding hands, that was until her mother appeared in the door, and fired off several shots from her camera. Mark went into slow boil.

“I’m gonna get tired of that real quick. And if we ever break up, so will you.”

Cassie just shook her head, as they walked up the steps, and Mark held the door for her. The second he walk in, he started yelling.


She knew her face was beet red, as her mother appeared from behind the kitchen door, laughing so hard she was holding her stomach. Her father could be heard laughing upstairs, and as he came down the backstairs.

“Lets go Cassie, we are on a schedule.” He always was. Cassie kissed Mark on the check, as she headed out the door.

“So…where are they going,” Mark asked as he sat on a stool at the kitchen bar.

“I honestly don’t know. But I think they might be going car shopping for her.” He shrugged, rolled his shoulders, and looked at her mother. It was obvious where his girls looks came from. The same hazel eyes, the same hair, just that her mothers reached to her waist. And the same show stopping body.

“You need help with anything?” He really had nothing better to do, and this way he could get on the good side of the mother of his newest girlfriend.

She waved towards the dishwasher, and he went to work. Silently they passed each other for about 4 minutes, as he searched through her kitchen, looking where to put what, until she finally had to ask.

“You had sex with Cassie last night, right.” Mark did not answer for a second. Actually, he was debating if he should lie and evade, but he decided to fight it out right here if he had to.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“What all did you do to her?”

Marks head spun around

“Say what?

“I mean…what did you do to her. Are you into oral, or did she go down on you, you know…tell me the details. I have a right to know what my daughter is up, don’t you think. And besides,” a sly smile crossed her face,” she’s almost still a minor, and you are known for your exploits.”

Mark nodded, even though he was pretty sure she would not charge him with some of the rumors that had always swirled around him. And probably every other high school football player.

“Ok…well…she went down on me…I went down on her…and we had sex. You know, the normal.” He shrugged.

“I introduced her to orgasms, and she introduced me to a woman that has sex with you as if nothing else matters.” He leaned back against the fridge, and shot her a look. He could see that her chest was rising a little faster. She was excited. A smile crossed his lips, and he pressed his luck.

“It started out on the way back to the apartment, from prom, she just went down on me right there in the car.”

“No she did not.”

“Yes ma’am, I swear she did.”

Sylvia walked over, and rested her forearms on the counter, leaning over to get closer to the story that Mark was now telling. He could see down the front of her shirt, and he was certain she wanted it that way. From the view he was getting he figured she had nice tits concealed in that tight white top. What was it with women wearing those, anyway, he thought. He told her everything, and it would have been hard for a third party to tell who was more stunned, he at telling her all this, or she at hearing it.

It ended with their rump in the kitchen that morning, and when he looked at Sylvia, her face was flushed. He could tell through her thin shirt that her nipples where hard, and she was pushing her hips against the counter. He leaned forward, and their faces where about a inch apart.

“You didn’t think your daughter bahçelievler escort was like that, did ya?” A sly smile spread on his face.

“I don’t believe you are that good.”

“Believe it.”

“You’re full of shit, Mark.”

He pushed his face forward, their noses almost touching. Mark did not know what it was, but something was pulling him forward. Something was attracting him.

If he would have stopped to think about it, he would have realized that his sense of confidence was driving him forward. If anybody ever challenged Mark to anything, it was all over. All his friends knew that. Mark would die before he would fail, or back down from a challenge. So now he had to have her. But he did not realize that yet.

“You want proof?”

“Like what?”

Their lips meet, and his tongue invaded her mouth like light into darkness. His hands came up, and took a hold of her hair, running his fingers through it, and caressing her neck and ears. Their lips devoured each other, as her hands came up, and ran up his chest, until they gripped his upper arms, her nails digging in. When he finally released her, they where both out of air. But he was controlled enough not to gasp. She was not.

Mark looked at her, and smiled.

“There is your evidence.”

“Ok, so you can kiss. Big deal, if you have a pencil dick.” A evil grin spread across her face. She knows what she’s doing, he realized all of a sudden. But two could play that game. He was around the counter in a flash, his arms wrapping around her, and pinning her down. A short shriek escaped her lips, before their mouths locked again. His hands dipped to her ass, and lifted her onto the countertop. His lips moved down her neck, biting gently, kissing and nibbling. His hands pushed up her skirt, as his teeth found her left nipple, and bit it through the shirt material. She moaned, her hands on the back of his head guiding him. Once her skirt was around her waist, he realized two things.

One, she was not wearing any panties.

Two, she was shaven between her legs. And as soon as his lips got there, he realized she was wet. His hands took over on her tits, as his tongue flicked her lips. Slowly, teasingly, he spread them with his tongue, and pushed in. Licking up and in, he pulled back, and then pushed to flick her clit. Wrapping his tongue around it, he squeezed it, as he worked one hand under her ass. She began to squeak and moan, as he started to eat her in earnest. His tongue licked across her lips, teased her labia, and flicked her clit. He held her lips with his teeth, and flicked them, then he bit her clit gently, squeezing it, and flicking the held tip with his tongue.

While his tongue went to town, one hand massaged her tits, twisting, pinching, and pulling her nipples. His other hand had found her ass, and slowly, slowly, slowly, he worked one finger into her ass. It was halfway in before she seemed to realize what was going on. She began to move on it, trying to pull away, but all that accomplished was to get it all the way in. He pushed her back slightly, and flicked his tongue through her ass. She moaned out loud, as he took her clit in his mouth, sucked, nibbled, and flicked it to the same rhythm as he moved his finger in and out of her ass.

It did not take long, and she began to came into his mouth. He kept it up, and she came again. He put another finger up her ass, and spread them, then worked them in and out in a slow, steady pace equal to the way he was working over her clit. She screamed, and came again.

But now it was time for act two. He stood up, and grabbed her shoulder with one hand. His hand withdrew from her ass, and grabbed her hips. She opened her mouth to speak, but all that came out was a explosion of air as he pushed his cock all the way into her.

With one smooth push, he filled her tight cunt, and figured that that was another trait his baby had gotten from her mother. She began to moan, as his hand pushed her down on him, and his hips began to hammer into her. She cried out each time he would thrust into her harder, and harder, and harder. Like a sword sliding into a sheath, he worked back and forth across her tender clit.

After a short while, he bent forward at the waist, and locked his lips down on hers. She wanted to scream, as his cock now pressed against her clit even more. But she couldn’t! And then she came again. He slowed down, and reached down. Grabbing her right leg, his eyes took on that sly smile again.

“You used to be a Cheerleader in the NFL, weren’t you?”

“Yeah…why,” her answers where weak from exhaustion, just like he had hoped.

“We’ll see.” Slowly he moved her leg up, and over his head, kissing it when it passed his face, so that she was now on her stomach, and he did not even have to pull out. That would come in a second, in act three.

While putting away the dishes, he had seen the drawer he now pulled open. He grabbed out a dish towel, and quickly tied her hands behind her back, before she realized what was going on.

“Since you don’t believe I know what I’m doing, I have to go all the way on you, and show you just what I can do.” His teeth locked down on her neck, and he held her in place as if they where to mating animals. His hand retook its position on her ass, and he slowly began to spread it out. A moan escaped her lips, then she suddenly realized what he was going to do, and she began to plead that he not do it.

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