Mark and Friends Ch. 02

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We slowly woke together on Friday morning and laid there just talking a bit before we got up to shower. I told her I had to go piss, as everybody does first thing in the morning. My cock was hard as Hickory wood first thing that morning. Lori laughed at me as I walked across the room toward the bathroom with my cock standing out like a lance pole in front of me.

Just as I finished and started to shake it dry, Lori let a scream that scared the shit out of me.


I dashed back into the bedroom and she was lying there on the bed, the covers kicked to the foot of the bed, her legs spread wide, a big “shit-eating” grin on her face.

“What baby?” I said as I came back into the room, not yet fully registering what I was seeing on the bed.

“One more time, Mark, fuck me like you mean it, and I mean I want it hard, before we leave, OK? She asked.

I jumped onto the bed, grabbed her and rolled her over and smacked her ass hard for her. She just moaned and bit her lip. I smacked her ass on each cheek about 6 or 7 times and her cheeks were turning red. Still I got nothing from her but moans. I rolled her back over onto her back and got between her legs. I looked into her face and there were big tears in her eyes and she was still biting her lip. I said “Dammit Lori, you scared the hell out of me! I thought something or someone had come in here! …… Now I am going to fuck you hard. That ass spanking was just to make your ass hurt a little more every time I drive your ass into the bed, Bitch!!”

“On the floor Mark. Quick, before I change my mind!” She cried.

“What? Why?”

“”Just do it Mark. Get on your back big man! I’m going to show you how to fuck!!” She said, gritting her teeth.

I rolled off the bed and onto the floor and she just pounced on top of me and said, “Now I am going to break that fucking thing Mark!” as she took hold of my cock. She had a look in her eyes that was somewhere between love and absolute hate! I’d never seen a look like it before. My mind rocked back to last night.

Lori held my cock under her and looked me in the eyes and eased down till our skin made contact. She turned loose of my cock, leaned forward and put both hands on my chest and that look still in her eyes, her lips opened slightly, and her teeth clinched together, she kind of ‘hissed’ at me and slammed her pussy down on my cock. Our pelvic bones crashed together and she hissed again and quickly raised her ass up and slammed it back again, crashing our bones together again.

I reached up and took one of her nipples in each hand and took the nipple between my thumb and curled fingers and pinched slowly to see how far she would take this. We never lost eye contact. I could see the pain start to show in her face as I pinched her nipples. The tears came again but she just continued to slam her pussy down on my cock.

I released her nipples and raised up a little and took one in my mouth and sucked it in hard. Then I bit down on it . I heard her gasp for breath in between the moans and the slamming that she was doing. I released it and said, “Oh you want to be fucked that hard huh bitch?”

I rolled over and she crashed to the floor and I rolled on top of her. I put my hands on the floor by her shoulders and raised up and looked down at her. “You want that pussy bruised Honey? Is that what you want? You want it to look like it was fucked hard? How is it going to feel tonight when you are working? Well, I am going to show you how to fuck hard baby! Put your hands up over your head and don’t bring them down unless I tell you to! I’m going to show you what a hard fucking is!!”

She moved her hands and arms up between my arms and stretched them above her head. I pulled out till just the head was in her and I slammed it forward as hard as I could. Our bones crashed and I slid her on the floor about an inch. I drew back and did it again and moved her another inch or so. I said “Is that hard enough cunt? Is that how you want it?”

“Yes Lover!! Oh god Yes Mark baby!! Oh fuck!! You are the first one to ever hurt me this way!! Oh god Mark, I’m going to cum. Drive me into the floor honey. Break my fucking pussy bone!! Goddamn it feels so good!! Markkkkkkk!! Oh BAAABYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!

I was close to cumming but I slammed her until she was finished and then I grabbed her hair and raised up on my knees and shoved her head down on my cock. She gagged hard but she held it and as soon as I felt it go into that beautiful throat of hers, I shot cumm deep into her gullet!!! Then I released her hair and let her fall back to the floor.

She laid there looking up at me with a wonderful look on her face. Slowly a smile spread across her fabulous lips and she licked them with her tongue and said “Now that is how to get fucked!! Jeez Mark, I never thought I would ever get to fuck someone like that!! Dennis wouldn’t do it at all. He said he was afraid that he would hurt me. But You!!! You fulfilled a long time fantasy today Mark. WOW!!! That was the best trabzon escort orgasm I ever had!! Thank you lover! I love you Mark, you’re a good man. I see why Angie was always bragging about her sex life now!!”

I got up off her and helped her get up and she went to the bathroom and came back with a wet washcloth and looked at the carpet and said “Jeez, I did cumm a lot didn’t I!?”

I said “Lori, baby, Be honest now, did I hurt you more than I should have? I want to know!”

She came over and kissed me on the lips and said “Mark, you did a great job honey. It’s just what I needed! Although the spanking was not in my plan, I got into it!! It did hurt, but I was dripping wet when you finished!! Look at the bed! See the spot where I dripped?”

“Damn, I wish I had that much of your juices to suck up baby!! We’ll have to get a waterprrof towel before we do that again, so I can drink it all up.” I said, laughing a little.

“OH NO, Mark, I told you last night! This was a one time thing!! I had never planned on fucking you, and I still plan on keeping it that way. We won’t be doing this again, unless you rape me again!”

“OK, OK, I’m sorry, once more. But damn you were a great fuck!!! I ….. never mind” I said laughing.

“Yes, you’re right! That was undoubtedly the best fucking I ever had! But we are not going to repeat that Mark. I love you honey, and I always will, but we are friends and we aren’t going to do it anymore, OK?” She said hugging my neck, and kissing my cheek.

I held her and said “Lori, we are a strange couple, you and I. I think if I had met you first, I would have married you instead of Angie. But …. who knows. Anyway, let’s get cleaned up and get you home and I have got to get to the restaurant.” I kissed her again, holding her like a lover should and kissed her for a long time.

We broke the kiss and she said “WOW, Mark, that was some kiss honey!! Be careful now. I like to be kissed!”

She started toward the bathroom again and I said “Wait a second hon, let me see that cute butt of yours.” I got up and stepped up behind her and looked closer at her butt, and then up her back to her shoulders. “Hmmm I think you are going to be sore honey. That looks like carpet burns on your butt and shoulders. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do that honey.”

“Oh, I’ll live Mark. Don’t worry about it. It was the best ever, so it was worth it!” She said and went on into the bathroom.

“You want me to come wash you off baby?” I asked, sticking my head around the door facing.

“No, if you get in here with me, we are just going to fuck again, and we need to go! But it would be fun, Lover!” She answered.

“Ok, I’ll fix us some coffee then.” I said. I went to the kitchen and brewed up a pot of coffee. I looked around for some pastry of some kind, but I didn’t have any.

By the time the coffee finished brewing, she was out of the shower and came strolling into the kitchen in just her panties and bra, like she was at home. Damn she was so pretty, so well built, so …. Well, beautiful!

“You sure are beautiful, first thing in the morning honey!” I said, smiling and pouring her a cup of coffee.

“What do you mean ‘first thing in the morning’? Hell this is about the fifth thing in the morning, isn’t it?” She said, laughing.

“Well, I guess it is, isn’t it! Anyway, you really are Lori!” I said.

She laughed and said, “Thanks Mark. A girl likes to hear that now and then.”

I got up and went to the shower and when I got out, she was dressed and ready to leave. I dried myself off and hugged her and kissed her again and said “Lori, I am sorry about how this started, but I am not sorry about how it finished up! I had a wonderful night honey!”

“Likewise, asshole!! Ha Ha!! See you later honey, at work!” She said as she left.

I dressed and went to the restaurant. Most everyone was there and working, getting ready for tonight. This was a big, important party. I was in my office working on scheduling the wait staff and buss staff to the dining rooms when the phone rang. I picked it up and answered it.

“Daddy-Kins!! Hi!”

I thought “Oh shit, she hasn’t called me that in years!” It was my oldest daughter, Deanna.

“Hello Dee-Baby! What’s up?” I said back to her. She had made me stop calling her that when she was 14, I think.

She said, “Daddy, is it necessary that I work tonight? I have a chance for a hot date tonight if you don’t need me!”

“I do need you honey! Remember tonight is the Senator’s party!” I said.

“Oh yeah, That’s right, I forgot, sorry daddy-kins, I guess it’ll be another dry weekend! I’ll see you at three then Daddy-kins! Bye!”

I said “Bye” and she was gone. Now I wonder what she is up to, calling me ‘daddy-kins’ again. I am going to have to watch myself or she will con me out of something!

There was a light knock on my office door and I yelled “Come in.”

A young waitress that has been on my mind a lot came in tunceli escort and said “Mark, there’s a girl at the door asking for you and she looks like she has been crying an awful lot. Should I let her in or do you want to come out here, or what?”

“Let her in and bring her back here. Thanks Tina.”

Tina brought her back and showed her into my office and I stood up and said “Mark Thomas, have a seat, what can I do for you ……?”

She reached her hand out to shake mine and said “Angela Deakins, Sir. I’m your neighbor, 4 houses down the street from you. I was talking to Mrs. Haskins this morning, and she recommended that I come and see you. She is a very nice lady.”

“Ok, I think I have seen you on the street, and yes, Mrs Haskins is a nice lady. Sit down and tell me how I can help you Angela.”

She sat down, but not before I checked her out. She was a very good looking young lady in her late twenties, I’m guessing, light brown hair, brown eyes that were big, (but they looked bad right now because she had been crying a long time, obviously) and just a hint of a tan. Her breasts and hips were just right for her height of about 5’4″ and 120 pounds or so.

“Mr. Thomas, I have a problem. I am in some financial trouble I think. My boyfriend, that I had been living with, found himself a 20 year old nympho and walked out on me, and he cleaned out our little bank account too! The house is in my name, my dad insisted on that, thank goodness. But now, I am in trouble because I am a student and my boyfriend was paying for everything till I finished school. My Dad was giving me an allowance but he cut me off when I moved in with the asshole, so Mom has been sneaking me some money out but it won’t cover my tuition and the mortgage and all those bills that come with a home. Mr. Thomas, I will do anything, anything at all, so I don’t loose my house and my education. I would just die if I had to move back home and listen to my parents remind me daily that they told me so. Mr. Thomas, I’ll wash dishes, mop the floors, whatever, if it will save my house. Please, is there anything I can do here that you will hire me for? I promise you, I will do anything for a job!” She started sobbing again.

I got up and took the box of tissues from my desk and gave it to her.

“What are you studying in college Angela?” I asked.

“Finances, Sir. I know that has nothing to do with a restaurant, but I need a job so bad, I’ll do anything! Mrs. Haskins told me you are single too……” She looked up at me, with more hurt in her young face than I had seen in a long time.

“Oh but money matters are very much a part of a restaurant Angela. How much longer do you have till you finish?”

“I need to finish this semester and one more semester, and I’ll have my Masters!”

“Alright Angela. Anything huh? Alright. Can you start today? I mean like about three PM today?”

I was standing in front of her. When I said that about “anything” she jerked her head up and looked at me kind of funny, but never said anything. Then she said, “Yes Sir!! Three PM would work nicely! What shall I wear? I saw everyone out there in the dining room had on the same thing.”

“I assume then that you don’t think you have a navy blue skirt and white blouse and red bra that will come close to matching those?” I asked.

“Can I see one up close sir?”

I reached over to the phone and hit the intercom button and said “Tina, would you come in here please?”

“Tina is the young lady that let you in a while ago.” ….. “Ah Tina, she needs to get a closer look at your uniform for a second.”

“Sure, Is she coming to work with us?” Tina asked with a smile.

Angela said “Mr. Thomas, I don’t have anything to match this. Can I wear something else till I can get something?”

“Ok Tina, Thank you hon, you can go on back to work now. And to answer your question, Yes she is, if we can work it out.” I said smiling at her, hott as she is!!

“Angela, I’m sure you know where Macy’s and Dillards are, don’t you?”

Her head dropped down and she softly said “Yes sir, but I don’t have any money or gas or anything. Sir, I am so sorry to have wasted your time. I was really hoping to do something where no one would see me and I could wear my school clothes.” Then she sniffled again.

My office door was open, per my instructions to everyone, if anyone is in my office, the door is open…always.

I stepped back to her and put my arm around her and pulled her to me. She snuggled up like she had done it a thousand times. As I reached into my pocket for my wallet, I said, “Angela, take this and go get your car filled up, go shopping and get what you need and get your pretty face fixed back up and be here about three PM, ok?”

She wrapped both arms around me and hugged me tight, tears started flowing again, and said “Thank you Mr. Thomas. I’ll get this back to you as soon as I can, I promise! Mrs. Haskins said you are a good man, she was right. My own zonguldak escort Father wouldn’t do this much for me, Mr. Thomas. You are a good man, and handsome too! You won’t regret this Mr. Thomas, I promise you.” She smiled a coy little smile at me.

I walked her out into the restaurant and toward the door. Tina yelled at her “Welcome girlie! Are you working tonight?”

“Yes, oh Yes, Thank you Tina! Will you be here too?” She asked.

I broke in and said “Tina, you want to work over tonight and train Ms. Angela?”

“I’d love to Mark! Thanks!” She said, and then to Angela she said “See you at three honey!”

Angela went out the door and I went back to my office.

We worked our way through lunch and then about 2:30, Lori showed up and I told her about Angela and gave her the schedule for the wait staff and the bus staff for tonight.

At about 10 minutes before 3, Angela walked in and seeing me headed straight to me. When she was in front of me, she stopped and twirled and said, “Do I look ok Sir?”

“Oh yeah Angela, You look better than ok!” I said.

“Mark, stop that now! Put your eyes back in your head, you old pervert!” Lori said and hit me in the ribs with her elbow.

“Angela, I’m Lori, I am in charge of all the wait staff and the dining rooms. Mark tells me that Tina is going to work over tonight and will train you on how we do things around here. She’ll be a really good teacher, and she is so friendly too. But if you have any problems, you come straight to me.” She said, smiling big at the pretty girl standing before her.

Angela was digging in her purse and came out with some receipts and some money. “This is the receipts for my clothes and your change, Sir.” I took the receipts and said “You keep the change, just in case you need it for something before you get paid.”

“Thank you sir, so very much. You’ll get it all back, I swear Sir!” she said.

Deanna and Courtney showed up late, about 7 minutes, as always. I think they do it just to let everyone know they can get away with it because they are Daddy’s little girls. Anyway, Deanna came across the floor and threw a big hug around my neck and kissed me quickly on the lips and said, “Hello there Daddy-kins!”

Of course Courtney hugged and kissed me and said “Hi Daddy! I love you!”

“Ok girls, what is going on? I haven’t been called ‘daddy-kins’ in quite a few years, so I know you are up to something, so out with it!”

Courtney spoke up and said “Dad, I see a new girl out there! You sure can pick them Pops!! She is a real looker, Pops!”

“Yeah, her name is Angela and she lives just down the street from me. You’ve probably seen her in the neighborhood. Her boyfriend just skipped on her for a younger woman!” I said.

“Younger woman?? How damn old can she be? She’s not over 30 Pops!!” Courtney said loudly.

“True! But he did. So if she needs help, Tina is training her, give her any help she needs. OK?”

Both girls said “Sure Daddy.”

Then Deanna said, “Old softy daddy-kins.” She laughed and they both walked away.

Dammit!!! I still didn’t get an answer to why she has started calling me that again!

Later in the evening, as the party was in full swing and the dining room at near capacity, the girls and guys were running a damned good show! I found Lori and asked how it was going in the party.

She replied, “Good as could be expected Mark. The staff is doing an excellent job! The senator seems to be well pleased. He hasn’t had one complaint yet! By the way, I owe you one, asshole, I have some serious pains … carpet burns … on my tender ass and back!! You warned me, I know! But still, I loved it!!”

“Why is that my fault? You were the one that wanted it on the floor!!! So you got it!! Heh heh!!” I turned and got away from her before she could hit me!

When the evening was over and we were closing up, Tina came over as asked to leave and said “Mark, she has taken to this job like she was born here! I don’t think she needs any more training! She’ll do fine. And by the way… I think maybe you now have an adopted daughter on your hands.” She laughed and hugged me and said “Goodnight Mark!! You really are a good man!!” She turned and left.

As we finished up, the staff was leaving one by one and soon there was just my girls, Angie, Angela, and Derrick left. I had a cup of coffee and was sitting at a table near the entrance to the office. Lori got her a cup and joined me. I asked her if she had a good amount of gratuities to divide up between the wait staff and buss staff tonight.

“Oh yes, the Senator left a good sized tip and some of the folks left some on their own because the staff really treated them good tonight. They were all happy and swore they’d all be back. I think we made a home run with that party Mark!” Lori said as she sipped her coffee.

I noticed Derrick was making checks of everything in the dining room, then he came over just as Deanna and Courtney came over. The girls got a soft drink and sat down with us. Derrick asked if there was anything else he needed to do before he left.

We told him there wasn’t and to go home and get some rest after the evening we’d had.

He made a point to say goodnight to all of us, and then to Deanna and Angela individually. That was curious!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32