Mark and Dinah: Skiing

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Jan waded through the lodge cafeteria, holding her tray high to avoid bumping into people sitting at the tables. The snow, still falling outside, had forced everyone inside, causing a quite crowd. She’d seen an empty table near the window and was making her way towards it. When she was a table away a man and women sat down at her destination table and began striping off their goggles, gloves and hats. With a groan she again looked around for an empty table.

“You can sit here,” Jan heard behind her. She turned and realized it was the woman at the table speaking to her. The man had set off towards the cafeteria kitchen. “There’s plenty of room,” the woman continued when she had Jan’s attention.

Jan smiled gratefully and set her tray down opposite the red-haired woman. “Thanks, it’s so crowded today.”

“I know, I didn’t expect this on Friday,” the woman said, “By the way, my name’s Dinah, Mark’s off getting lunch.” Jan guessed she was in her forties, she looked fit and had a broad smile. Her skin was fair, corresponding to her red hair, and her bright green eyes sparkled.

“I’m Jan,” Jan said.

“Were you meeting anyone here for lunch,” Dinah asked. “We can probably fit a couple of more here but if you’re a crowd …”

“Nope, just me,” Jan said. “Everybody else was working or busy for the weekend.”

“It is kinda fun skiing by yourself,” Dinah said, “You don’t have to wait, or feel like you’re holding anyone up.”

“Yeah,” Jan replied, thinking back to the note she’d gotten from her boyfriend a week before, breaking off their relationship. It turned out he was now going out with her best friend… She looked out of the window at the falling snow. “It’s such a great view of the lake from here when it’s not snowing.”

Mark was finishing the same trek through the throng of people Jan had when he heard the woman sitting with Dinah mention the snow. He had seen Dinah talking to the brown haired girl as he had wove his way back. Now closer he could see she was older than he had first thought, late twenties to his and Dinah’s mid-forties, and remarkably attractive. She was about Dinah’s height and weight; her skin, at least her face and hands, which was all that was showing, were tan and smooth. She had a big brown eyes and a nice smile showing startlingly white teeth.

“The view is nice,” he said, “but sign me up for the snow anytime.” He stuck out his hand and she shook it, “I’m Mark.”

“Jan,” Jan said looking up at him. He was around Dinah’s age, with blue eyes in a tanned face, brown hair showing some gray.

Mark dolled out the food to Dinah who eagerly took the proffered cup of hot chocolate, wrapping her hands around the warm cup. “I love the snow, I just hate the cold, I’m done for the day, I think.” she said to Jan.

Jan smiled, “I know what you mean,” and went on to list the layers of clothes she was wearing.

Dinah nodded knowingly and described her layers. “I wish I could wear my dry suit,” Dinah sighed, referring to her scuba diving dry suit.

“Oh, do you dive?” Jan asked. “I learned a few years ago and dove in Hawaii a few times and once in Mexico. I need to try it again, now that I’m single again.”

The conversation veered into Jan’s relationship. Mark broke in to say he was going to make a few runs. Dinah kissed his cheek and told him she’d be right where she was sitting when he was ready to go. After he had geared up and left the two women continued their chat, running from relationships to diving, skiing, and other activities Dinah engaged in with Mark.

Dinah was describing their dive trip to Tahiti the previous year when she mentioned a woman they had met, Janet, and how close they had become. Not exactly how close, Dinah left out the sex part, but she did brush on it.

“That’d be great,” Jan said, “I’d love to go on a trip like that.”

“The hardest part is signing up,” Dinah said.

Jan looked at her watch, “It’s a long way back to San Jose, I should probably get started. I’m going to be sore tomorrow.”

“That’s a long drive,” agreed Dinah. “Hey, you could stay with us tonight, we have a cabin a few miles from here. You could ski again tomorrow or leave for home in the morning when there’s not so much traffic.”

“That’d be nice,” Jan said, “but I don’t want to impose. And I don’t have pajamas and stuff.”

“I have some sweats you can wear,” Dinah said, “You’re welcome to join us if you want.”

Mark had come back in, his hat and shoulders covered in snow. “It’s snowing good now,” he said excitedly, his little boy side showing. “You wanna come out again.”

“No, I’d done for the day. I told Jan she could join us at the cabin tonight, she has to drive all the way back to San Jose otherwise.”

“Sure,” Mark said. “That’d be fine. We could try out the hot tub in the snow.” He looked at Jan, “We just put it in this summer.”

Jan looked from Dinah to Mark, “If you’re sure it’s not a problem, I’d love to.”

“I’m going for a few more runs,” Mark gaziantep escortlar said, “Then I’ll be ready to go.”

“How about if we head out now,” Dinah asked Jan. “We could shower and relax, then start dinner.”

“Fine by me,” Jan said.

“I’ll see you guys in a few hours, then,” Mark said, kissing Dinah before heading back out.

Jan stood with a groan, “I’m sore already, I’ve only skied a few times this year.”

“Mark’ll give us massages tonight if you’d like.” Dinah said. “He gives great massages. Janet loved it.”

The women gathered their gear and set out for the parking lot. They loaded their stuff into Jan’s SUV and Dinah directed her towards the cabin,

“Janet was that woman in Tahiti?” Jan asked and Dinah nodded. “Do you mind that he massages other woman.”

“Not too much, I know he loves me and I get massages frequently at home. I keep him happy in … other ways.” Dinah said with a knowing smile.

“Do you get massages from other men?” Jan asked.

“No, I wouldn’t be comfortable with that,” Dinah answered, then added, “Janet did give good massages, too, though, after Mark showed her how. We traded massages sometimes when he was off diving or something and we didn’t feel like going,” Dinah silently added, “like now,” to herself. A momentary image of her and Jan trading massages flashed through her mind.

They drove on and the conversation changed to dinner. Jan found herself looking at Dinah. ‘She was an attractive woman,’ she thought. The image of Dinah enjoying a massage by another woman floated through her head also. They stopped at a grocery store and got a take ‘n bake pizza and salad fixings. A few minutes later they pulled up in front of the cabin. It took two trips to get the wet clothes and groceries in the house.

“Lets get this stuff in the washer and dryer,” Dinah said, referring to the wet ski clothes, “I’ll go get you some sweats.” When Dinah returned, Jan was dropping her sock into the washer, standing only in her panties and sports bra. She had the smooth, lithe body of an athlete, Dinah noted, reminded momentarily of Ivana.

Dinah set the sweats on the counter, “Here you are.”

“Thanks,” Jan said, pulling her bra over her head and dropping it in the washer. She then pulled her panties off and stepped out of them. Dinah noticed the nipples on Jan’s breasts were erect.

“No tan lines,” Dinah said. “Of course I don’t have tan lines either, I’m just all white.”

Jan pulled the sweatshirt over her head, it was huge, coming down to midthigh.

“That’s Mark’s,” Dinah said, “I only brought one of my own. Is it ok?”

“As long as he doesn’t mind.” Jan answered.

Dinah stripped out of her clothes, feeling a little self-conscious and more than a little excited when she caught Jan’s eyes looking at her body.

“You can take a shower in there,” Dinah said, pointing down the hall. “I’ll take one in my room. Don’t take too long, we don’t have a lot of hot water.” “Towels are in the cupboard,” she added as Jan turned.

Both women took a quick shower then met again in the kitchen. Both were wearing one of Marks oversized sweatshirts. Dinah had only a pair of panties under it, she wasn’t sure what, if anything, Jan had on under. Dinah looked into the ‘fridge, “We have …margaritas, mudslides, and some wine.”

“I’ll have a margarita,” Jan answered and Dinah had the same.

They went in and had just sat down on the couch facing the fire when the phone rang. It was Mark, he was going to stay a little longer than he had planned, he’d be home in a couple of hours.

“I’ll go first,” Jan said, sliding off the couch and kneeling before it.

“Doing what?” Dinah asked.

“I’ll massage you, the you do me.”

Dinah took a long drink then lay on her stomach on the couch. Janet began rubbing her shoulders, then down her back. Dinah moaned in appreciation as Janet continued down. “Would you scratch my back,” Dinah asked. Jan slid her hands up the older woman’s back under sweatshirt, feeling a tingle in her hands at the feel of another woman’s skin.

Dinah said “That feels wonderful,” then reached down and pulled the shirt up exposing her back and panty clad butt. As Jan continued alternately scratching, stroking and rubbing Dinah felt herself becoming aroused, her nipples hard, her pussy soft.

“You have beautiful skin,” Jan told her as she pulled the shirt back down, recovering Dinah’s back, and began kneading the muscles in Dinah’s butt and upper thighs. Dinah moaned when Jan’s hand slid under her panties and stroked the smooth soft skin of her butt. She could feel her arousal grow.

Jan continued down Dinah’s legs, her hands alternately stroking and kneading as she went. She could hear Dinah’s breathing become deeper.

“OK, other side.” Jan said and Dinah rolled over. Jan started back up the front of Dinah’s legs and Dinah felt her legs part of their own accord at Jan’s slight touch to the inside of her thigh. Jan’s fingers stroked near the edges of Dinah’s damp panties but didn’t touch them. She skipped over the panties and moved up to her tummy. Dinah’s eyes closed and she took deep breaths as Jan’s fingers swept across her abdomen, fingertips occasionally slipping just under the waistband of Dinah’s panties.

“Pick up a sec,” Jan said. Dinah arched her back and Jan slid the sweatshirt up to her chin, exposing Dinah’s pale breasts and hard dark pink nipples.

“Beautiful skin, and no tan line,” Jan repeated as she rubbed up, her fingertips sending shocks through Dinah’s system. With agonizing slowness Jan stroked spirals around Dinah.s hills. A great moan escaped Dinah when she felt Jan’s warm tongue stroke across the top of her straining nipple before sucking it into her mouth.

“That feels so good,” Dinah panted as Jan repeated on the other side. After a few minutes Jan’s tongue began tracing a path down across Dinah’s stomach. When she reached the top of Dinah’s panties she had her rotate so she was sitting with her back to the back of the couch. When Dinah felt Jan’s fingers on the waistband of her panties she lifted her butt and allowed them to slide off. Dinah’s legs rose and spread in response to a light pressure from Jan who now saw Dinah’s pussy open before. The pink lips were swollen, damp, and open, cleanly shaven except for a small patch of light red hair at the top.

“A natural redhead,” Jan said as she lowered her face towards it. She kissed and licked Dinah’s inner thighs, brushing the outside edges of the labia and bringing a gasp from Dinah. Jan licked across the top of the lips then plunged her tongue deep into Dinah’s pussy. Looking up from her position Jan watched as Dinah pulled and squeezed her own nipples. Jan’s tongue began dancing through Dinah’s pussy, remembering the spots she’d learned with her roommate in college.

“That’s good,” Dinah moaned with her eyes closed, “really good. You’ve done this before.”

“A few times,” Jan lifted her face momentarily to speak. “It’s been a while,” then she moved back in, intending to get Dinah off quickly now. She sucked and lapped at Dinah’s clit, bringing a fresh batch of moans from the older woman. Dinah began taking deep breaths, trying to relax, forestalling and intensifying the climax. With a jerk of her body she came, grabbing the back of Jan’s head who continued her pleasurable assault, stretching the climax out until Dinah pushed her face away and collapsed sideways onto the sofa, breathing deeply.

When Dinah had recovered she sat, then stood up. “Your turn,” she said as she rose. Dinah went into the kitchen and turned on the oven in preparation for the pizza. Upon her return she found Jan stretched out on the sofa on her stomach. Dinah sat beside the younger woman and began massaging her shoulders and back. “That does feel good,” Jan said. Dinah continued down her back and over her firm buttocks until she reached the bottom hem of the sweatshirt. Jan lifted her body without being asked and Dinah drew the sweatshirt up, revealing Jan’s pantyless behind. Dinah ran her palm over the woman’s back and butt, stroking in circles, switching now and then to scratching with her fingernails.

Jan shivered with pleasure, “That feels so good”

Dinah continued down, firmly kneading Jan’s smooth muscular legs before stroking the length of them, too. “Roll over.”

Jan rolled onto her back, leaving her shirt pulled up to under her chin. Dinah began the front by lightly scratching the tops of her feet and moving up her shins. Once at the knees she began rubbing more firmly, pressing into Jan’s sore quads with her thumbs. Jan moaned, “That feels good, it hurts a little because my legs are sore, but it feels good.”

After firmly massaging Jan’s legs Dinah again ran her palms and fingertips over Jan’s skin. With fingertip pressure on the inside of Jan’s knee Dinah parted her legs, exposing Jan’s pink pussy. Dinah ran her finger around the outside of the labia; the sensation caused the labia to part and a small amount of fluid slid out. Dinah continued to tease, moving her fingertip around the sensitive skin if Jan’s pubic area, causing Jan to hold her breath. Dinah moved her hand to Jan’s stomach and lightly stroking her palm in circles over Jan’s flat stomach, causing Jan to smile and take a deep breath. “Tease,” she said.

Dinah smiled back as her hand moved higher, occasionally moving back down and lightly running around, but not touching, Jan’s pussy. Finally Dinah’s fingertips reached the bottom of Jan’s firm, rounded breasts. She stroked the sides of the mounds, smiling as Jan arched her back trying to get some more stimulation. Jan’s nipples had hardened into little pink pebbles, the areolas wrinkled and raised. Dinah took a nipple in each hand, rolling them between her index finger and thumb, slowing increasing the pinching pressure. Jan moved her hand to her own pussy and slid a finger into her very wet vagina, then joined it with another. She fingered fucked herself then extracted the slippery fingers and rubbing her clit.

“Slow down,” Dinah said, lowering her mouth to whisper in Jan’s ear, then moved to her mouth and kissed her. As their tongues explored Dinah’s hand left the Jan’s heaving breast and started back down to Jan’s pussy. She replaced Jan’s hand with her own, beginning a slow stroke. “Relax,” Dinah whispered as Jan’s hips moved up. “Breath slowly, relax ….” Dinah continued, trying to mimic Mark’s very successful seduction techniques.

Dinah slowed her fingers motion, kissing Jan again. “If you’d like, Mark will fuck you later. He’ll fuck you good, while I watch.” Jan moaned a little. “He has a nice cock …, it would feel good in your pussy.” Dinah sped up her finger; Jan was close, whimpering she couldn’t relax.

And then Jan came, Dinah watched in amazement as Jan’s stomach muscles rippled, her legs clenching and relaxing in rhythm with the waves of pleasure being generated by Dinah’s slowly circling finger. After what seemed a lifetime to Jan the orgasm subsided and Dinah withdrew her hand, kissing Jan on the forehead and pulling her sweatshirt down with Jan’s help.

“Rest a bit,” Dinah said to the reviving Jan, “I need to put the pizza in the oven.”

Dinah had just put the pizza in the oven when Mark walked in. He removed his shoes and came into the kitchen and kissed Dinah lightly. “Man, I’m beat,” he said. “I’m going to get out of these wet things and take a shower. Where’s Jan?”

“She’s taking a nap on the couch,” Dinah said, trying to suppress a smile. “The pizza should be ready in about 15 minutes. Do you feel like watching a movie?”

“Sure,” Mark said as he ambled into the bathroom. Dinah heard the shower start then Jan walked in from the den.

“Wow,” Jan said, “That was amazing,” then she kissed Dinah deeply, “Thanks so much.” Dinah could taste herself on Jan’s lips.

By the time Mark emerged from the bathroom in his baggy sweatshorts and pajama top the women were chatting about other subjects and the pizza had been cut up and the salad dished up. He kissed her again then looked at her quizzically, licking his lips.

Dinah handed him his plate and pushed him out of the kitchen, telling him to pick a movie to watch as he headed into the den.

“Were you serious about what you said?” Jan whispered. “I mean, about Mark …”

Dinah smiled, “I was serious, lets play it by ear for a while. I’m sure we can work something out.”

Mark had selected Jackie Chan movie, a mixture of action and comedy, and was sitting in the middle of the couch when the two women entered the den. They plopped down on each side of him and a half hour passed as they ate and watched the movie. Mark got up, gathered the dirty dishes and asked if they wanted anything else to drink.

“I’ll have another margarita,” Dinah said and Jan seconded the request. Mark disappeared into the kitchen and emerged a few minutes later with the two drinks. He went back into the kitchen and the sounds of running water and dishes being washed made their way back to the den.

“Do you want to try it?” Dinah asked.

Jan looked pensive, “Yeah, if you’re sure you don’t mind.”

Dinah answered with a smile, “Go sit in the chair,” indicating the overstuffed chair and ottoman across the room nearer the fireplace. “When Mark gets back, slowly show yourself to him. I’ll get him going.”

Mark returned and saw Jan had moved to the chair, her legs demurely drawn up under his sweatshirt she was wearing. He sat down next to Dinah who covered their legs and laps with a blanket. “Jan was getting cold and I told she’d be warmer by the fire,” she told him.

Mark redirected his attention to the movie and missed the wink exchange between the two women. After watching the movie for a few minutes Jan shifted in her chair, bringing her legs out from under her, keeping her knees bent but together. ‘Nice legs,’ he thought to himself. A few minutes later he felt Dinah’s hand move over his crotch and idly begin rubbing. He was beginning to harden when Jan, apparently still intently watching the movie, shifted again, allowed her knees to part slightly. It didn’t look to Mark like she was wearing anything under his sweatshirt. This fact, combined with Dinah’s more insistent rubbing, had him at full hardness. He leaned over and kissed Dinah, who returned it with somewhat less passion than he delivered it.

Jan moved in her chair again, apparently oblivious to her knees opening more, allowing Mark to see between her legs. With just the light from the fire and the TV, and his trying to keeping his ogling inconspicuous, he couldn’t see much definition, but he knew he definitely saw pink. Dinah’s hand slid up under his shorts and she was stroking his balls with her fingertips. Mark kissed her again, “Ready for bed?” he asked hopefully.

“No, not yet,” she said deadfaced. “I need a drink of water though.”

“I need to use the bathroom,” Jan said, standing.

Jan went to the bathroom then joined Dinah in the kitchen, who whispered to her, “Time to change seating arrangements if you’re sure you want to through with this.”

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