Marie’s Submission Ch. 03

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Big Dicks

Since I had first given in to the outrageous demands of my daughter, Paige, I had become obsessed with my sexuality. I continually thought about my degradation and breathlessly looked forward to whatever new humiliation she could dream up. I had never before in my life thought of other women in a sexual context and certainly didn’t consider myself to be lesbian. But now I was forever watching other women, wondering if they were bisexual, thinking of them in sexual situations, picturing myself in servile slavery to them. When these thoughts first started I tried to resist, but with the daily abuse I received from Paige, it was hopeless.

I found myself increasingly attracted to the nurses and aides that reported to me, wondering which ones might be receptive to sexual involvement. It wasn’t just the employees. Some of the patients were fairly attractive and most, particularly the younger ones, were quite vulnerable. One that I felt drawn to was a 20 year old Chinese girl, Mai ling. She had an exquisite Chinese face with a sassy expression that never seemed to go away. Though somewhat flat chested she had a beautifully toned body and rare for a Chinese, a lovely, full and well rounded bum. The day before her surgery she was a little flirty with me [my imagination?], but I maintained a professional aplomb and pretended not to notice anything amiss. After being prepped for surgery she asked for me and once the ward seemed to be well under control I walked down the hall and entered her room.

“Could you check were they shaved me, I think I have been cut”, she said.

I lifted the sheet and looked at her shaved groin. “You look all right on top,” “bend your knees and let me look underneath”, and gently spreading her legs I gazed at the most beautiful vagina I had ever seen. I couldn’t help myself. I swallowed and licked my lips.

Looking up I saw that she was studying my face through narrowly slitted eyes. Trying to keep any tremor out of my voice, I said “It looks alright, I can’t see any cuts.”

“But it hurts”…”maybe if you look a little closer you can find the sore spot.” Mai ling spread her legs a little wider in invitation. I leaned closer and put one hand at the junction of thigh and pelvis.

“Does this hurt you?” I said as I slowly dragged my finger tips along the side of her vulva.

“Mmmm.”…A pensive no? I continued to move my hand, applying light pressure and repeating the same question, “Here?”… “No”…”Here”. Her eyes never left my face.

I knew I was blushing. Finally she reached down and firmly grasped my wrist, moving my hand to the centre of her now wet and swollen vagina. With a determined thrust she forced my fingers inside and held me there. For several moments neither of us moved. I stepped back and removed etiler escort my hand from her grip, my eyes never leaving her face. She wore a confident and knowing smile, and I realized that she knew. No matter how I might try to save face she knew what I was and had every intention of having me. With a whimper I turned on my heel and fled the room.

Retreating to the utility room, I closed the door and tried to catch my breath. My panties were wet and I had that sick feeling again in the pit of my stomach. How could she have guessed? Did my face give me away to other people? Did my nurses know? A surge of shame shot through me. Paige’s constant predation was turning me into a public slut… an object for humiliating sexual exploitation, a plaything for any man, woman or child that wanted to use me. How could I face that young woman again? Thankfully, Mai Ling’s surgery was scheduled for this afternoon.

After work I went directly home, still thinking of my young patient and what she had done to me. I tried desperately to get her out of my mind, throwing myself into the preparation for supper and cleaning up the apartment. My preoccupation didn’t go unnoticed by Paige.

“What’s going on with you? You’re acting like you’ve got ants in your pants.”

“Something happen at work?”

“It’s nothing.” I replied, but from her suspicious scowl I could see she wasn’t convinced.

“Come here.” she said.

I approached with trepidation, half expecting to be slapped as she so often did now. Instead she took my face in her two hands and lovingly kissed me, her lips gently nibbling mine and her tongue lazily pushing into my open mouth. I trembled as she nuzzled my cheek, one hand softly palpating a breast. As I had been taught I stood stock still, hoping that she would use me and still these thoughts of Mai Ling. It wasn’t to be.

She moved back a step and put a hand up my skirt, her fingers quickly pushing aside my panties and finding entry to my weeping sex.

“Why Mommy, you are soaking wet…now what was it that caused this?” all said with a sultry smile. I knew better than to try to hide things so quickly told my daughter what had happened with Mai Ling.

“Will she be out of surgery now?” Paige asked. “Yes,”… “But she won’t be conscious for another hour or two” I replied

“Where does she go now, to ICU or back to your ward”. I suspected where Paige was taking this but answered honestly anyway, hoping that I was wrong… “ICU is overloaded; she will be brought back to her private room.”

My worst fears were realized when Paige said “Get me a lab coat, you and I are going to visit your little chink friend before she wakes up”.

Thirty minutes later we were walking down the corridor to Mai fındıkzade escort Ling’s room. Paige was wearing my lab coat and carrying a clipboard as disguise.

When we entered the room, Helen, the duty nurse jumped up spilling her wool and knitting needles on the floor. Crestfallen at being caught doing something that was forbidden, she blurted out “I was just putting this away”. “It’s ok” I said, “I’m relieving you…I want you to do your meds. I can look after Mai Ling”. She left the room.

Paige approached the sleeping girl. She had an Oxygen tube in her nose and was sleeping with her mouth slightly open. Paige leaned over her and kissed her on the mouth, her hand creeping under the hospital gown to cup the girl’s vagina. She raised her head and with an evil gleam in her eye she crooked a finger at me, beckoning me forward. I was excited but at the same time terrified. I knew that my degradation was about to enter a new phase…surely Paige wouldn’t force me to violate my professional integrity!

But she did. Within seconds she had pushed my face into Mai ling’s exposed vagina, and with a guilty eagerness I was sucking and licking that beautiful treasure. Paige nudged me over until I had to crawl onto the bed, my mouth never leaving Mai Ling. Crouched on hands and knees; Paige placed the girl’s legs on my back and started whispering in my ear.

“You like sucking chinks…don’t you?”… “What a slut you are”, “I should have brought a cam to take pics that I could show her”… “Guess I’ll just have to tell her what you did, you fuck mouth.”…”Get your nose in there you disgusting cuntlapper”.

Every filthy word that was uttered was like another thrust in my sex. I had never been so aroused. When the first orgasm came, Paige gave an evil little chuckle and spurred me on to a second and a third. She no longer had to hold my head down. I was completely dedicated to my task. I trembled violently with every soul shattering erotic wave. I wanted to remain forever with my mouth pressed to this sweet girl’s sex.

When I felt a feeble humping of the girl’s hips into my face, I knew that she was coming to and tried to raise my head. With her hand tangled in my hair, Paige forced me back down. I could only continue, all the while feeling Mai ling’s body responding with a weak but growing enthusiasm. My terror at impending discovery only seemed to feed the flow of juice from my vagina. I was lost in erotic compulsion, a slave to the hand in my hair and the vulva at my mouth. Nothing else mattered to me in those moments. The thoughts of losing my job, being bared from the Order of Nurses and even criminal prosecution were dismissed from my mind; tossed lightly away for these few minutes of ecstatic humiliation.

When göztepe escort Mai Ling moaned I dared to raise my eyes and saw that Paige was kissing her. With a burst of energy I rose and got off of the bed. Sense returned to me and pushing my daughter aside I moved forward and spoke to my patient. “Are you awake now,” I said.

A low “Mmmmnn” was the only response.

My professional training had taken over. I quickly embarked on the process of bringing her around, interrupted only by an urgent command to Paige; “Wait for me downstairs.”

Once Mai Ling was half awake I ordered tea for her and helped her sit up. In her weakened state she leaned against me, her head against my shoulder and I cuddled her gently. Thinking of what I had been doing to her only minutes before, I wondered if she had been sufficiently conscious to know. She must have read my mind because she looked up at me and said in a feeble voice “sank you”. I was struck dumb.

When I was sure she could sit up by herself I rang for the floor nurse, handed over my charge and fled with as much false dignity as I could muster. I was floored. I had committed the cardinal sin of any health care worker. I had been guilty of the sexual exploitation of a helpless patient. My shame and feelings of self loathing filled me with disgust…then why was I so totally aroused? My panties were soaked to the point that I could feel the fluid running down my leg. Getting into the car with Paige, her evil chuckle made it clear that my condition was obvious. As I drove home she held me by the scruff of my neck with one hand while the other masturbated me. I had an almost continuous orgasm. Thankfully the short drive [at a very slow speed] was otherwise uneventful.

Once in the apartment, Paige wasted no time in asserting full control over me, making me strip down to a pair of high heels and fetching the monstrous strapon that she loved to use on me. She posed me on hands and knees on the coffee table and placed the bulbous head of the dildo between the cheeks of my bottom. My anus was so completely wetted from my orgasm; I knew that no lubrication would be needed. In silence and with a persistent pressure my daughter entered me. Only when she was ensheathed did she speak.

“Look at me” and I cast my eyes over my shoulder. The look of wicked delight on her face filled me with dread. “I want you to call me Daddy while I fuck you”, and when I hesitated she slapped my hip viciously.

“Yes Daddy”, with tears in my eyes. I felt filled and as Paige moved from side to side I could feel my organs being pushed around.

“You really enjoyed yourself tonight, didn’t you?” And again a “Smack” to the other cheek.

“Yes Daddy, I really enjoyed myself tonight.”

“Smack”, “I want you to bring Mai Ling to me…invite her to supper when she gets out” and again, “smack”, and “Yes Daddy”

By now I could no longer feel pain in my bottom. Only the twisted sick pleasure of my debasement filled my senses. A renewed orgasm clutched me in a heartless grip and I was lost in this new hell.

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