Marie’s Perfect Breasts Ch. 03

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Big Dicks

It had only been a few hours since Marie had learned that her OB/GYN, Paul, and his wife, Nancy, shared her breast obsession. She was now their guest for the evening at their condo.

Marie and Nancy were having some wine and getting to know each other. Shockingly, this was after they’d just had a three way sexual experience. Marie was mellow but still unsettled by the sex which had exceeded her expectations for the evening. She’d expected to talk about sexy interests they shared but thought it would just be talk. Each of them had described some of her past breast centered activities to the delight of the other woman and Nancy’s husband, Paul. Paul had encouraged them to touch each other and things had evolved from there. There hadn’t been any vaginal penetration but being tit fucked by Paul and the kinky breast play had made it quite an evening.

Nipple pumping was their common passion; each had pumped in quest of more prominent nipples. Nancy had done it daily for an extended period in the past. She was now doing it only on Sunday mornings to maintain her large nipples while Marie was pumping her nipples every day but had only started recently.

Marie had perfect “DD” breasts and a tall athletic body on which to display them. Nancy’s breasts had been surgically enhanced but looked great. Marie guessed they were also Double Ds. Nancy had pierced nipples which seemed very erotic to Marie but she couldn’t imagine doing that to her body.

Because of their shared focus on breasts, Marie was looking forward to their new relationship. Nancy was a few years older than Marie’s 22 and had more experience. Paul had seen to that. Nancy had described several sexy leather garments that Paul had bought to accentuate Nancy’s breasts and the two women had just used some breast bondage cuffs and straps he’d gotten for Nancy.

As the evening was drawing to a close, Nancy said, “Marie, why don’t you come over on Sunday morning? Bring your nipple pump and we can drive Paul crazy by pumping together. Strike that; let’s say, ‘pumping each other’.”

Marie smiled and replied, “Wow, that sounds so nasty. What time?”

“Nine o’clock”, said Nancy, who hesitated and then continued, “I think we should have some ground rules. Paul can tit fuck you and do anything he wants with you but I don’t want his cock in your pussy or ass. Okay?”

Marie nodded her agreement. Nancy asked Paul if he’d heard that and he confirmed that the limitation was fine with him.

Nancy then said to Marie, “Come with me. I have some lingerie to show you; you might want to buy something similar before Sunday.” Nancy showed Marie two cupless corsets. One was thin and stretchy with no boning; the other had much more structure and laced up the back. Nancy pointed out that neither of their bodies needed a corset for slenderizing. The corsets were all about the missing cups that left the wearer’s breasts exposed while covering the torso in black. Nancy said,”It makes your breasts really stand out. I have black but I think red would also work.”

Marie handled both garments and said, “Thanks. I’ve never thought a lot about lingerie and never had a serious lover who bought things for me. I can visualize the contrast you described and I’m getting excited thinking about buying red and black- with and without boning.”

Nancy said, “On Sunday we can match in black or contrast in red and black. I usually wear a corset and three inch heels for my Sunday pumping; it sets the mood as sexy. I remember when I was pumping every day; it sometimes seemed clinical so I make sure my Sundays are sexy.”

Marie replied, “You’ve gotten me all excited again. I can’t wait for Sunday.”

As Nancy and Paul kissed Marie good night, Nancy whispered, “On Sunday, wear a skirt and heels with your new corset under a top that’s easy to remove. Knowing you’re dressed like that while driving over should have you nice and horny by the time you get here.”

Marie bought a tight red cupless corset on the Internet and had it delivered by an overnight courier so she’d have it as soon as possible. When it arrived she couldn’t wait to try it on but forced herself to bring some champagne to her bedroom, remove the tags from the corset, and light some candles. Çankaya Escort She was already aroused as she slid the stretchy garment up her body. She smoothed the garment and made sure it was properly positioned around her breasts before looking at herself in the mirror.

When everything was right, she raised her eyes to the mirror. Her breasts stuck out through the holes of the corset and looked incredibly large. They also looked as if they were being offered to whoever might be standing nearby. Marie was thrilled by the blatant look.

Her hands cradled her breasts as if accepting their demand to be handled. They felt as great as they looked. Marie’s fingers soon concentrated on her nipples- feeling them as she wondered how big she’d make them through her pumping. This all excited her tremendously. She continued to lust for her breasts in the mirror while pinching her one nipple with her thumb and forefinger. Her free hand was soon playing with her pussy and driving herself to an inevitable orgasm. She thought of pumping Nancy’s nipples and that pushed her over the edge to ecstasy.

When Sunday morning finally arrived, Marie dressed as Nancy had told her. Because her breasts were so large, leaving the house without a bra was a rare experience. She could feel them swaying with every step she took as she walked to her car on her 3.5″ inch heels. She felt like a hooker and wondered if anyone would pass her and know her tits were bare. Knowing that her tits were showcased by the red corset made the whole scene much more arousing. Of course, carrying a briefcase with her nipple pump inside also added to the sexual charge she was feeling.

Arriving at Nancy’s she was greeted by Nancy wearing the same silk robe and high heels she’d worn when they’d last met. They hugged and Nancy whispered, “Red?”

Marie nodded with a smile. Paul greeted Marie with a hug and kiss. He said that usually he helped Nancy with her pumping but she’d told him the ladies were going to pump each other so he’d just be an observer unless called for help.

Nancy said, “Marie, since I have more experience let me do you first. Get your pump out for me. I’ve been dying to play with you.” As she spoke Nancy was unbuttoning Marie’s blouse. When it was open Nancy pushed it down on Marie’s arms to expose her chest saying, “Beautiful. The corset is great You’ve got absolutely perfect breasts begging for my attention.”

Nancy then finished taking off Marie’s blouse and removed her skirt. She stepped back to view Marie’s whole body. “With your height and chest you could be a centerfold model.” Nancy then added, “I think the cylinders for your pump will work with mine. My pump has a pressure gauge so it’s easier to get both nipples equal.”

Nancy fitted a 3″ clear vinyl cylinder to her pump and confirmed that there was suction. She then put the pump down and picked up a tube of cream saying, “This is the part I’ve been looking forward to. I get to rub cream onto your nipples and get us both excited before putting the cylinder on you and stretching you.”

Marie groaned with arousal as Nancy lubed first one and then the other nipple. She teased with gentle touches mixed with firm grabbing and twisting. Each touch was softened and made more sensual by the slippery lube.

Nancy then picked up the pump, positioned the cylinder over Marie’s left nipple and squeezed the pump handle gently. She watched the pressure gauge and Marie’s face as she increased the suction. Marie squirmed and Nancy said, “Tell me if it hurts; I don’t know how much suction you’ve been using.”

Marie soon raised her hand signaling Nancy to stop. Marie panted a little and said, “That’s more than I’m used to but it feels wickedly good. Paul, is that okay?”

Paul got closer to look at the gauge and Marie’s nipple and then said, “It’s okay as long as there’s no significant pain.” Marie looked at Nancy and said, “I could use some more lube on my right one. It felt great when you played with me; do it again and then make me big!”

Nancy smiled and was to quick disconnect the pump, squeeze some lube onto Marie and play roughly with her right nipple. She then got the pump ready and sucked Marie’s Cebeci Escort right nipple into its cylinder stopping when the pressure gauge reported the two nipples were under equal suction. The pump was removed and Marie sat with the two cylinders sticking out from her chest.

“My turn,” she said.

Marie removed Nancy’s robe and told her how great she looked in the black corset. Nancy reminded her that the rings had to be removed first and showed her where the seam was. She winced as Marie twisted the first ring but assured her it was okay. The second one came out with less discomfort.

Marie took her time applying the lube to Nancy for their mutual pleasure. It was the first time she’d really felt Nancy’s nipples since the rings prevented it. Marie liked playing with the rings but this was more sensuous. After teasing Nancy for at least a minute, Marie picked up the pump. She wasn’t too dexterous with the pump but soon had the first nipple under suction. Nancy told her the target pressure on the gauge and Marie stopped pumping when it was reached. Marie lusted for Nancy’s nipple as it expanded far into the cylinder.

Nancy noticed Marie’s stare and said, “You’ll find that after you’ve trained for awhile, your nipples will respond very dramatically when sucked on. Paul enjoys that. When they’re in his mouth he says they’re twice as big as they were before I started pumping.”

This excited Marie as she visualized her own nipples expanding like Nancy’s. Marie soon was getting the pump ready and applying it to Nancy’s other nipple. Marie said, “I’m so horny. I can’t believe I’m doing this. Your nipples look huge. I can’t wait to suck on them.”

After the pump was removed the two women hugged. Nancy said, “It’s nice to share this with another woman. I feel incredibly close to you right now even though we’ve just become friends.”

Marie replied, “Yes,” and leaned in to kiss Nancy. Their cylinders bumped together interrupting the kiss. They adjusted their bodies.

Nancy said, “They won’t come off but bumping into things can really hurt so I try not to move around too much.”

They resumed kissing and Marie’s hand explored Nancy’s Venus Mound. “You’re so smooth,” she said.

“Waxing,” explained Nancy. “It hurts but it’s worth it since it lasts for two weeks and you never have any harsh stubble. I’ll make an appointment for you at my salon.”

Both women were getting very aroused as they explored each other’s body. When Paul announced that they’d been pumping for ten minutes they ignored him. After another three minutes, he noted it was time to stop.

Marie said, “This has been wonderful but I’m ready to stop so I can feel those big nipples in my mouth.” Nancy replied, “I’ll release your suction in a minute and you release mine at the same time but before we do, I have a suggestion. I’d love to have you suck on me and bring me off. Then, you remember my telling you how Paul sometimes forces me through multiple orgasms? I suggest you let Paul and I give you that experience. Paul will bind your wrists and you’ll be at our mercy until we decide you’re totally spent. You’ll want us to stop after your first or second orgasm but later you’ll look back and be glad we didn’t.”

Marie smiled and said, “Oh, I can’t refuse such a decadent idea.”

The cylinders came off and Marie filled her mouth with each of Nancy’s swollen nipples in succession. Nancy loved Marie’s feminine but passionate assault and was cumming in less than a minute. As Nancy recovered, Paul encircled each of Marie’s wrists with leather cuffs and each of her thighs with a leather strap saying simply, “Thigh cuffs.” He then snapped a clip on each wrist to connect it to the thigh cuff.

Paul then moved Marie to a sitting position on the edge of the bed with Nancy on one side of her and him on the other. They each grabbed a breast and attacked the nipple. Paul was probably rougher than Nancy but Marie felt she was being sexually assaulted by two very horny suitors and it felt great. Marie came very soon- being overwhelmed by the whole pumping session.

Nancy said, “You were very excited the other evening seeing the latex cuffs on my breasts. I Çukurambar Escort think you should experience them yourself. Paul, please do the honors.”

Paul quickly approached Marie with a circle of latex- perhaps 2″ wide and having an un-stretched diameter of less than 2″. He used both hands to stretch it and slid it around Marie’s left breast.

Nancy lifted the breast so he could get the cuff to the base of the breast. Paul then removed one hand and smoothed the cuff out using one set of fingers inside and another outside while gradually extracting his hand.

Marie gasped and winched as he manhandled her sensitive flesh. They then applied another cuff to Marie’s other breast leaving her with her tits jutting out obscenely.

Nancy said, “Your breasts are so beautiful. I feel very perverted in abusing them like this but it is exciting. Look at how hard Paul’s dick is. My clit is smaller but just as hard.”

Marie could see the big tent in Paul’s boxers. She too was very excited. The heat and pressure in her breasts was very intense; they felt like they might explode. Nancy toyed with a nipple and Marie squirmed. Paul teased the other nipple with his teeth causing Marie to pant. She couldn’t decide if she loved their attention or hated it.

Nancy told Marie to stand and walk over to the full length mirror so she could see herself.

Marie did and was aroused with each step as her tortured breasts bounced slightly. She gasped at the slutty woman in the mirror with huge, distorted breasts sticking out from a skin tight red corset. Nancy told her to return and stand in front of Paul.

He gently fondled her breasts which were now at the height of his face. He gradually got rougher. He then gently pushed Marie to stand a little to one side and Nancy moved over so the husband and wife each had a swollen breast near their faces. They each reached a hand to her waist to hold her close and assaulted Marie’s breasts. Paul soon had a hand in her pussy. She moaned and again wasn’t sure if the sensations in her breasts were pain or pleasure. Her pussy soon clamped around Paul’s fingers and she climaxed violently- practically falling as they guided her back to the bed. She was almost in tears as Nancy and Paul removed the latex cuffs from her overly sensitive breasts.

They then moved her further onto the bed and Paul moved between Marie’s legs so that he could eat her pussy. Marie thrashed about and then had her third orgasm.

She was out of breath and asked for a rest. Nancy said she could have about 30 seconds. Nancy then climbed onto the bed beside Marie and began sucking gently on her right nipple.

Marie shook her upper body saying softly, “No, please; I’ve had enough,” but Nancy didn’t stop. Marie’s protests trailed off and her excitement rose slowly. Paul lay down on Marie’s other side and started sucking gently on that nipple while pressing his hand on Marie’s Venus mound. She ground her hips to rub herself against his hand. After several minutes of ever increasing passion Marie screamed with another orgasm.

Nancy looked at Paul and said, “Enough?” I’m sure you want her to have enough strength left to squeeze her tits around your cock. Get your shorts off and I’ll release her wrists and lube her up for you. Actually, no; I think I’ll give her a full oiling.”

Nancy pulled Marie’s corset down to her waist and unclipped her bound wrists. She then applied heavy oil all over Marie’s breasts-feeling her up boldly as she spread the oil over her big tits.

Paul straddled Marie and leaned forward on his hands lowering his cock to her chest. Marie pushed her breasts up and together but found her hands slipping too far forward. She pulled her hands back to her sides and pushed them into her breasts more carefully to squeeze them in toward each other. Paul thrust between them. In a minute he was cumming all over her neck.

All three friends lay next to each other relaxing. Marie’s hands now explored her breasts. She reached up and mixed Paul’s cum with the oil and spread it around her tits. She’d never experienced the softness of her breasts so much; it was incredibly sexy to feel her flesh slipping between and under her fingers. She teased her nipples only to have them slip away. Repeatedly grabbing the slippery nubs and allowing them to slip through her fingers was another new experience.

Finally, Nancy said, “Marie, Do you have a pair of tall sexy boots? I think we should schedule a visit with Mary at the leather shop. Paul and I are going to treat you to a custom fitted body harness.”

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