Mardi Gras Rock

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Riding in the cab with Kate from Louis Armstrong Airport to downtown New Orleans, Lily realized Mardi Gras had become her favorite holiday. Mardi Gras had none of the familial demands and restricting obligations of the more traditional holidays. It fell perfectly in the long lull that stretched from Super Bowl Sunday through the Memorial Day start of summer. Its modern day incarnation of pure bacchanalian freedom and delight matched Lily’s need for a periodic outlet to cut loose and press the limits of sexual experimentation.

Glancing out the window and pushing her auburn hair behind her ear, Lily said to Kate, “I love this town.”

Without skipping a beat, Kate replied with a laugh, “I love the sex in this town.” She was nothing if not direct. “I can’t wait to hit the clubs tonight.”

While not as overtly demonstrative as her friend, Lily shared her anticipation.

Their first visit to Mardi Gras had been a spring break road trip with a van-full of girlfriends. That alcohol-drenched, long weekend was largely a blur. However, what they could remember was universally favorable. Not only great memories of memorable sex and shared adventures with intimate friends, but of a warm and open and unjudging city. Very different from the more constricted atmosphere in their hometowns further North.

“I’ve got a new dress that’s so short their eyes will pop out.” Kate said with clear enjoyment at the thought of a group of fawning suitors.

“Very classy, dear.” Lily said with a giggle. “We’re young professionals now. We need to act a little more upscale.”

With mock horror, Kate answered, “Oh please. People don’t come to New Orleans for class. They come for trash and for fun. That’s what brings me back each year. And you, too.”

Lily nodded in agreement. After graduation, their jobs took them to different cities. While they talked frequently, they both missed the daily contact of college. Two years ago, Lily had suggested a vacation together. Kate had jumped on the idea and they settled on Mardi Gras as much for the cheap airfare as for any logical reasons.

This would be their third trip. The first two had exceeded expectations. Being together in the other-worldly charms of New Orleans was intoxicating. They reconnected as they splurged on all the delights of shopping, food, music and galleries. But they both acknowledged it was the thrill of sexual opportunities that addictively lured them back.

Kate reveled in being the ‘wild one’ in their group of friends. However, their previous trips included fiery, sexual flings for both of them. New Orleans’ almost tangible decadence fit their vacation mood. It reinforced their occasional need to escape the constraints of their mundane, daily existence. The Mardi Gras festivities took the sense of illicit freedom to an even higher level and was a license to leave all inhibitions behind.

The taxi dropped them at a small hotel just outside the French Quarter as dusk settled over the city. They paused on the stairs to breathe in the palpable atmosphere. Then, exchanging excited glances, they bound inside to check-in.

With their jobs providing more resources, they had decided on nicer accommodations for this trip. Standing on the wrought iron balcony of their suite, Lily gushed, “This is fabulous, Kate. You found a great place.”

From inside, Kate shouted, “That’s nice, but it’s not why I picked it. Look at these bedrooms.”

As Lily joined her friend, Kate fell back on the high four-poster bed with arms spread. “This bed is luxurious. And bouncy! I’m going to give it such a work-out this week.”

“Is sex all you’re thinking about? Think about the Cajun food. Think about the casinos.”

Kate rolled her eyes. “I’ll think about those later, girl. I haven’t had sex in weeks. If I don’t get some soon, I won’t be able to think at all.”

“Alright, alright. Let’s get changed and get you a fix before you jump someone. You shower first. I’ll check out room service for a light dinner”

Two hours later they sat at the balcony table and finished nibbling light salads. They were a study in contrasting styles. Kate’s outfit exuded sophisticated, sensual desire. For all her talk of ‘trash’, her look was pure, urban professional. It was black from head to toe. The centerpiece was a classic, little black dress. It had long sleeves, but was low cut at the bosom and barely reached mid-thigh. It was tight everywhere emphasizing her thin, but compelling curves. Her hi-gloss, black high heels and dark stockings drew attention to her long legs. The dress complemented her short dark hair. A simple gold necklace and earrings were ideal accessories. The only color was a blood red scarf casually wrapped at her waist and matching lip gloss.

“You were right about that dress.” Lily said in admiration. “You really pull off that look.”

“You’re no slouch yourself.” Kate returned the compliment.

To kick off the week, Lily had chosen to go soft and feminine. Her white, sleeveless blouse was frilly and loose, intentionally revealing her white bahis firmaları lace bra and full breasts. A deep pink skirt, with a hint of gypsy, fell in layers to flare inches above her knees. Its thin material moved easily accentuating the natural sway of her hips. Underneath, Lily wore a garter and stockings in a pink floral design and hot red, high cut panties. Colorful bracelets jingled on her right wrist and her necklace held her lucky, silver unicorn charm. Her hair was pulled back off her face, but then fell softly to her shoulders. Lily’s lips were shiny pink and her perfume was strong. Altogether, she projected an aura of wanton innocence.

Lily asked, “Are you ready for some fun?”

“You know it, girl.”

“Then, it’s time to toast and go” Lily said. She lifted her champagne glass for their ritual salute, “To life and lust.”

“To life and lust.” Kate repeated and added, “To a great start to a great week.” They both downed their champagne.

They brushed their teeth, touched up their make-up and left to hail a cab in a warm glow of giddy anticipation.

They had chosen one of their favorite dance clubs. It was known for loud bands and dark corners. In a nod to Mardi Gras, each had brought a fancy mask that covered the top half of their face. Lily’s was silver, Kate’s was gold. Entering the club, they donned the masks and felt a rush of party frivolity and an additional level of liberating anonymity.

The club was in a converted warehouse. Its main stage was set in a medium sized room with a dance floor which could hold several hundred. The room was noisy and crowded. It had high ceilings, balconies, and lots of nooks and crannies. The dancers moving to the pounding beat of recorded music before the band came on. They were an eclectic mix. The guys wore everything from jackets and ties to fancy t-shirts and jeans. The girls spanned a wider mix from high fashion, to slinky and revealing, to Goth and piercings. For both sexes, there was a liberal sprinkling of revelers in full-blown bizarre costumes.

Kate led the way through the gyrating dancers to one of the bars and ordered two wines. Lily surveyed the scene, then leaned in and spoke into Kate’s ear, “I feel lucky tonight.”

“No more than me, dear. Happy hunting.” They clinked their glasses and headed in different directions. Their standard procedure was to split up so they didn’t cramp each other’s style or inhibit their creativity.

Lily moved with an open and flirty ease. She made occasional eye-contact that hinted at availability, but broke it off before anyone could connect. This first circuit was simply reconnaissance to check the dynamics and scope out prospects. She was too experienced to get locked into the first guy that approached.

She finished her wine as she completed her tour of the first floor. The crowd was alive and she had noted several possibilities for the evening. Lily picked up a second glass and moved upstairs to scope out the balcony as the band was tuning up. The movement of her hips up the stairs swung her skirt and elicited obvious glances and a couple of appreciative comments from those she passed. She gave them warm smiles from behind her mask, but kept moving.

The stairway ended at a balcony open space serviced by it’s own bar. No one was dancing here, but the floor was only slightly less packed. As the band started to play, Lily walked along the wall to where the balcony wrapped around the room toward the stage and narrowed.

She found a spot behind a waist high wall and next to a pillar. It had a great view of the stage and the dance floor below. Lily sipped her wine and leaned forward on her elbows while mindlessly fingering the unicorn medallion dangling from her neck. Scanning the dimly lit scene for Kate, she spotted her dancing close with a tall blonde in a dark sport coat. Smiling, Lily realized Kate wouldn’t have any difficulty ending her recent dry spell. Bringing the medallion to her lips, she kissed it and whispered, “Bring me luck.”

Since the night was young and she felt confident in her prospects, Lily decided to enjoy the band and soak in the scene before trying to hook up. She started to sway slightly to the pulsing rhythm of the rock group. The band was very loud and the room seemed to vibrate. Although the noise inhibited conversation, people communicated their emotions and desires with glances and touches and body language. Some of the dancers faced the stage. However, many couples were absorbed between themselves and the music was merely a background cocoon for their independent trysts.

While Lily enjoyed the show on the stage and on the dance floor, she noticed the crowd was still increasing. A few people joined her narrow perch on the balcony. She turned to check out the arrivals. As she did, her hips bumped into someone standing in the cramped space behind her. He was average height with neatly cut, longish dark hair. Even in the shadows, she could see he wore an open-neck, dark blue shirt and light pants. Lily silently mouthed, “Excuse me”.

His eyes kaçak iddaa checked her out and a smile crossed his tanned and attractive face when he caught sight of the mask. He nodded and said, “No problem” then his eyes returned to watching the band over her shoulder.

Lily turned back toward the stage conscious of his close physical presence. Liking the beat of the current song, on impulse, she started to move in a slow, solo dance, hoping that it was also an alluring performance for the dark stranger behind her.

Although they weren’t touching, after a minute, she sensed that he was swaying in rhythm with her. Lily felt a thrill at the incipient connection. With a slight turn of her head, her hair swung to the left and she flashed him a smile as their eyes met. Continuing to move, he returned the smile and cocked an eyebrow in acknowledgement that their individual dances could become one.

With her eyes still fixed on his, Lily shifted her weight slightly back so their bodies momentarily touched. His eyes widened slightly and then he responded to her invitation by moving his hips forward and allowing his body to caress her buttocks.

Lily laughed at the ease of the silent offer and acceptance and the quick sealing of the deal to explore each other further. Turning back toward the balcony railing, Lily dropped her hands to her sides. Grabbing material between her fingers, she accented the movement of her body with an additional flare of her skirt.

Rolling her head back, she let her mind absorb the sensations. The penetrating beat and physical presence of the music. The collective vitality of the packed bodies. The colorful tapestry of decorations and clothing. The heady mix of aromas – alcohol, perfume, sweat and desire. The edge of mystery from the semi-darkness, her own mask and the intimate closeness of strangers. The sensual feedback of her dance and the massaging feel it generated in her sexy attire. All combined to energize and erotically stimulate her.

Lily’s next deliberate bump lasted longer. She lingered and applied pressure from her ass to his groin. He held his position and they moved back and forth as one. When she separated, he leaned in and asked, “What’s your name, pretty lady?”

She turned her head only a bit, intentionally forcing him to pull her body even closer so he could hear her over the pounding music. She lifted her lips to his ear and said, “Tonight I’m a Bayou Princess. You may call me, Lily.” Then, she placed a soft but full kiss on his ear and continued, “And what should I call you?”

He gently rubbed his smooth cheek against hers as he sought her ear. He returned the kiss and said, “My name is Etienne, my Bayou Beauty. My friends call me Teni.” Then, he moved his head away.

“Teni.” Lily repeated, but only she could hear it. She liked his unforced ease and his willingness to slip into her playful cat and mouse. It spoke of class and a patience to see how things developed rather than to push too far too fast. It sent the perfect signals and allowed Lily to set the direction and pace. It both warmed and relaxed her. It was the most arousing thing he could have done.

Tight behind her, Teni’s hands rested lightly on her hips. Lily encouraged him with a long grind of her softly gyrating body. She was getting excited and could feel he was aroused. Covering his hands with hers, she brought them around to rest on her stomach at the top of her skirt. While he tightened his grip, she slid her palms back to stroke the outside of his thighs.

The band changed songs and began banging out a fast-paced Meatloaf cover. Etienne’s hands stroked her stomach through her delicate blouse. They soon moved to the bare skin of Lily’s arms.

Lily’s breathing deepened. She felt an excited flutter in her stomach. This was exactly the type of flirtation she had traveled to New Orleans for. Rubbing her legs together, Lily enjoyed the thrill of her stockings stimulating her skin. Her fingers squeezed Teni’s thighs and kept him tight against her.

Responding to her arousal, Teni moved his hands to cup her breasts. He hesitated to gauge her reaction.

At his touch, Lily’s eyelids fluttered and she inhaled sharply. She acquiesced to this advance by moving her torso forward so her breasts rested more heavily in his palms.

He immediately started to move them around her excited mounds. His fingertips traced the outlines of her bra and began a series of light and playful gropes. When he touched the skin above her bra, Lily tensed…then continued to move to the music. Etienne expertly opened the top two buttons on her blouse and slid his hand inside to continue his sensuous foreplay.

Nestling his neck against hers, in his deep Cajun accent, he said, “You are warm and fleshy and delightful, sweet Lily of the Bayou.”

Lily glanced around to see if anyone noticed what was going on. Their corner location concealed them from most people. The darkness was another protective shroud. But mostly, people were focused on their own plans and play. Still, Lily felt visible kaçak bahis and vulnerable. Nonetheless, she found herself caring more about how to continue the building pleasure than whether anyone saw her. In fact, the public location brought forth the additional stimulation of long-held fantasies. She felt a combination of giddy and scared and excited and willing.

While these thoughts raced through her increasingly fevered mind, Teni’s right hand continued to work her heaving breasts. Lily returned the favor by resuming her tease and accelerating the movement of her ass across his excited organ. When Teni released the clasp on her bra and fingered her hard nipple, she turned, blew him a kiss, and said, “You’re very good.”

He laughed warmly and with a gentle forward thrust of his hips said, “And you are very, very bad.”

Feeling a warm glow, Lily gave herself over to his fondling. They did a bump and grind for a few minutes and got hotter. As she luxuriated in the intoxicating massage, her eyes swept the floor below. She found Kate and stared in a dazed-like state.

Kate sensed eyes upon her and finally located Lily in the balcony. Her first reaction to her friend’s loose-limbed movements was concern. Over her dance partner’s shoulder, she silently mouthed, “Are you alright?”

Smiling foolishly and with an exaggerated nod of her head, Lily replied, “Oh, yes!”

Teni mistakenly took this as further encouragement directed at him and dropped his left hand to Lily’s leg and began to stroke her thigh.

With her eyes adjusting to the light and seeing Etienne’s move, Kate realized what was happening. She watched the lecherous display for a few moments and then with a jealous expression silently mouthed, “You lucky, slut”.

This time Lily didn’t understand the exact words, but she caught the sentiment and laughed.

Transfixed by the open, but somehow private, show, Kate held her date close and positioned herself so she could watch the unfolding spectacle. The salacious performance made her vicariously excited and her partner noticed an increasing heat to Kate’s tight dance movements.

Lily was aware her friend was watching and it added a new dimension to the experience. Soon, her eyes lost focus on Kate and her thoughts returned completely to her rising passion. As the warmth and dampness spread in her panties, she was determined to drive this seduction to completion.

Shifting forward slightly to separate their bodies, Lily lifted the back of her skirt to her waist. She could feel Teni’s warm breath on her neck and the pace of his breathing quickened. Her stomach tightened and her heart raced as Etienne moved his hands under her dress and rested on the exposed panties covering her derriere.

Closing her eyes and focusing on the music, Lily arched her back as Teni began to caress and explore. A low moan began in the back of her throat. She sensed the pleasure as his hands found the garter and blindly followed them down to the top of her stockings. After playing there, he reached around and started to rub her inner thighs. Lily involuntarily began to rise and fall on her toes. The movement was a bawdy signal for him to move quickly to her eager pubis.

He took the clue. His fingers reached the edge of Lily’s panties. Etienne lingered there a moment to savor the sensation and to build the anticipation for the final push.

The delay seemed interminable for Lily. She was flushed and ready and needy. Biting her lip and with an almost irritable shrug, she gave her fanny a hard wiggle in an attempt to move his hands onto her genitals.

Teni complied. His hand moved lightly across the front of the moist and flimsy fabric of her panties. Lily gave out a grateful sigh and settled her weight to increase the pressure. His skillful manipulations continued and pushed Lily to the breaking point. Licking her lips, she said, more to herself than to him, “Oh Teni!”

Unable to wait longer, she pushed her panty-covered cheeks hard against his zipper daring him to go further. Teni answered by pressing his bulging penis against Lily’s ass and they rocked in unison. After a few moments, Etienne fumbled with his zipper and released his penis. His thumbs caught the waist of Lily’s panties. The head of his excited penis pressed tightly into her underwear. Lily leaned forward to rest her arms on the railing and lifted her ass in brazen invitation.

He lowered the back of her panties just enough and maneuvered his cock to the opening of her vagina.

Lily was simultaneously frightened and overcome with desire. Even in the dark corner, they were only feet away from hundreds of people. She barely had time to consider the thought. Etienne pushed forward and entered her. Her breath caught. Then she gasped as he continued inside in a slow thrust.

Lily tried to brace herself, but she was off balance. Her stomach was leaning on the railing with her toes barely on the floor. She had never been so excited…sexy clothes, public place, wine, aroused stranger, dripping vagina and the erotic beat of the music. Lily screamed with excitement. The sound was lost in the bedlam. He continued in and in. Press against the rail, she could hardly breath with the passion and the mystery of how deep he would go.

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