Mara’s Milk

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As I entered the house all was silent. It was after seven and I knew she’d be upset. She was always eager to see me and as the sun set I knew she had been waiting up for me. When I entered the living room and saw the dark leather couch empty I knew that she was upstairs.

I frowned, knowing that I had disappointed her once again. It was hard for me to balance everything at the moment. Work was demanding as always and I would never say this to her face but she knew I was a successful defense lawyer when she first met me. Nothing had changed and my sixty-hour work week would never lighten.

The kitchen was clean and I knew that after the house was quiet she would have laid out dinner for me then clean up. She was an excellent cook and an amazing housekeeper. I had told her many times that we could afford a chef and a maid. She had only just agreed that a maid was a good idea. The lack of sleep had finally made her realize that having someone else clean your house was not a sign of being a bad wife and mother.

I walked slowly up the spiral staircase. I knew we’d need to move soon as the staircase was a hazard for our young child. I grinned cheekily as I remember not even imagining I’d get married and start a family. I was a lawyer and nothing more. That was until Mara entered my life.

She was laying sideways on the bed reading a book. The king size bed almost swallowed her up, as she was so petite. Her dark hair was in a ponytail and she was wearing one of my button-up shirts. I’m not sure she did that on purpose but she had worn a shirt such as that the first morning we were together and it made me think about how innocent she acted when she sat up on the kitchen counter to kiss me.

“Hi baby,” sakarya escort I whispered.

I walked over and knelt down to look into her eyes.

“Your home late. Again.” Mara didn’t mean to sound upset but she was.

“I know. Let me make it up to you.” I whispered.

I undressed completely and climbed into bed next to her. Facing each other I rubbed her back with one hand as the other played with her hair. I could feel her body trembling and I knew that without trying I was turning her on.

“Darren, don’t.” Mara tried to pull away but it was no use. I wasn’t expecting sex I just wanted to make her feel good.

“I know,” I said quietly. Looking into her eyes she knew exactly what I was thinking. I didn’t need to put into words every thought that I was having. She knew that I would wait until she felt healed from the delivery. She knew that she still turned me on like that first date so many years ago. She knew everything about me and the most important thing was that I knew everything about her.

“He didn’t feed well tonight. I had to use formula.” Mara bit her lip as she pressed herself against my chest. I knew she could feel my hardening cock and I almost apologized but she didn’t give me a chance.

“I know I still turn you on. Don’t apologize. Please.” Mara kissed me to shut me up and soon our tongues were flicking and sucking. We had never been able to just kiss. The moment our lips touched our hands were all over each other. I carefully rolled on top of her, making sure not to press on her belly. As my hands ran up her body I felt wetness on her breasts. Startled I pulled away.

Mara whimpered and bit her lip. I knew she was upset and tonight was not going to end samsun escort in a fight.

“I’m leaking. A lot. And it fucking hurts!’ Mara blushed as she said the f word. It was cute. It just reminded me that she was so very different then every other woman I had dated before her. She was different because she was my wife and the mother of my child.

“Can I help?” I smirk. I had offered before she had given birth to suck on her breasts. When she had hit 5 days overdue that was one of the suggestions in the pregnancy books. Nipple stimulation was supposed to help bring on labour. It hadn’t and all it had done was make her nipples sore. She had even smacked me when I tried acting like a baby to help her along.

“Yeah you can.” Mara blurted out.

I blinked. She was serious. I watched her unbutton the shirt to reveal her breasts. My cock swelled up and I knew it bumped up against her inner thigh. Her breasts were gorgeous. She was a full D cup when we had first met and the pregnancy had made them swell up two cup sizes. They were round and still surprisingly perky. The nipples were light pink and clearly she was aroused as they were hard.

“Are you serious?”

Mara only nodded and ran her fingers along her breasts. I could see the white liquid coating her fingers and when she squeezed her left nipple gently a stream of warm fluid coated the rest of the breast.

I lost my mind at this point. I leant down and sucked her nipple deep into my mouth. Using my tongue I pressed it against the roof of my mouth and felt the warm milk fill my mouth. I swallowed and then sucked again. My eyes were closed as I held her breast with both hands, gently massaging it. I realized that the harder ankara sarışın escort I pressed on the sides of her breast, the more milk would flood my mouth.

I pulled back and opened my eyes. Mara was lying back with her eyes closed. She was grinding her hips in small circles and she was moaning. It was all good sounds. After all these years I knew what made her happy.

I moved to her other nipple and licked gently. I could taste the residue of the milk. I held the large globe in my hands and was shocked when milk spurted out onto my face. I pressed down and sucked. It was easy to figure out the motion of sucking and swallowing. Her breast began to feel different as I drained it. Instead of hard and firm it was soft but still so swollen. I pulled back when the last suck gave me nothing.

By this time she was squirming under me. I was so turned on and didn’t want to stop.

“Tell me how to make you cum baby.” I begged her to tell me as I massaged her left breast again.

“Don’t stop,” she hissed. She gripped my blond hair and pulled me against her breast. It was in that moment that I knew that I could make her cum this way. I latched onto her hard nipple and sucked. The milk flooded my mouth and each swallow just made me suck stronger and harder. Mara’s moans were louder then the sucking and I kept going.

She slid her hand down between us and began to furiously rub her clit. I lifted up to give her room. She worked her clit in circles and then rubbed roughly. My mind was flashing with images.

“Fuck!” she cried out. It was louder then normal and I stopped nursing on her breast to move my mouth up and kiss her. Her fingers stopped touching her clit and she bucked her hips up fast. I held her for almost a minute as she calmed down.

Mara couldn’t even speak. She watched as I lay beside her and held her firmly. I grabbed the duvet to cover us both. It wasn’t until she almost closed her eyes that I got the response that I wanted.

“Thank you.”

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