Man’s Perfect Fantasy

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What guy’s fantasy isn’t having two girls at the same time? Luckily enough for Steve, his girlfriend, Lori, was also attracted to girls. And she was ready to be with a girl again; only this time she wanted Steve there as well.

So they planed it all out, looked on the internet for prospective girls. Using a friend or someone they both knew was not an option, and never recommended. They used the internet to meet some women who were interested in threesomes. Finally after meeting with a few women, they chose the one they were both attracted too.

They finalized all the arrangements, including the hotel room for the night.

Steve was the first to arrive at the hotel room that night. While he was getting the room ready, Lori walked in. They had about an hour until Kristy would get there. What else would two people do to pass some time?

Steve could see Lori was starting to get nervous, it had been a few years since she had been with another girl. So she took a couple shots of Tequila to calm the nerves. And just when it felt like the Tequila was working, they heard a knock on the door.

Kristy arrived right on time. She was sexy and beautiful with medium length brown wavy hair, deep sexy brown eyes, and lips that you couldn’t help but want to kiss. She was a nice size 38 D, with curves in all the right places.

By now both Steve and Lori were eager to get içerenköy escort started. Kristy and Lori had a few more shots together.

Steve was sitting on the bed by the pillows, with his arm wrapped around Lori, while Kristy was sitting on the edge of the bed. Lori got up and walked over to Kristy; she grabbed her hand and pulled her up off the bed.

As the two girls were standing there face to face, Lori slid her hand up Kristy’s shirt to her nice full breasts, and the two girls began kissing. Soon Kristy’s shirt was falling to the floor.

Steve walked up behind Lori and was taking off her shirt and bra; he didn’t think it was fair for only one of them to get naked.

As Steve whispered into Lori’s ear, “babe, you look so hot and sexy right now. Don’t stop,” Lori took Steve’s hands and put one hand on her boob and the other onto Kristy’s boob.

All three of them were in a slow motion daze.

Lori dropped down to her knees and started taking off Kristy’s pants. When they fell to the floor, Lori saw that she was wearing nothing underneath, and her pussy was completely shaven and smooth. Lori couldn’t help but kiss the soft lips.

Lori took in the sweet smell of Kristy. All she wanted to do was lay Kristy back on the bed, but for now she would wait.

As Lori stood back up she was kadıköy escort again between Steve and Kristy. Lori turned to face Steve. It was his turn to be undressed. First came his shirt and then his pants. For 41 yrs old, he looked damn good. Standing at 6 foot 4 inches, with short brown hair and blue eyes; that turn grayish after sex. He has a nice dark tan with an athletic build. And when his dick stands at attention, like it s now, it is thick, wide, and more than average in length.

Lori immediately dropped down to lick off all the pre cum on the tip of Steve’s dick. She enjoyed the taste, it is almost sweet.

Lori turned to focus attention on Kristy. Lori nudged Kristy back towards the bed and told her to scoot up towards the pillows. For now it was Steve’s turn to watch his fantasy slowly become reality.

Lori ran her hands down Kristy’s body, starting on her neck, working her hands down to Kristy’s soft breasts, leaning in to kiss and suckle each one of her nipples.

Working her way down Kristy’s body, Lori wanted so bad to rush to the lips of Kristy’s pussy. Lori kept her hands dragging slowly over Kristy’s stomach, down to her pelvic bone, and down to both thighs.

As Lori got up to reposition herself between Kristy’s legs, Steve stopped her before she could continue, and dropped her pants kartal escort to the floor. He wanted to make sure he could pleasure and play with his girl’s pussy while watching her please another woman.

Lori was on her knees with her ass sitting against her feet. It made for easier access to Kristy. Lightly brushing finger tips up and down Kristy’s legs; occasionally going across the lips of Kristy’s pussy, until her fingers slid in against Kristy’s clit.

Kristy started moaning with every touch to her clit, moving her hips to push on Lori’s fingers a littler harder for more pressure.

Lori separated the soft smooth lips of Kristy’s pussy, and found a swollen clit and all of Kristy’s juices dripping out. Lori took one finger and slowly, teasingly slid it into Kristy’s pussy. It was so hot and extremely wet. Each slide in and out made Kristy’s hips rise and fall.

Lori leaned in and took one lick against Kristy’s clit. It was like tasting a new candy for the first time. Savoring every lick and not wanting it to be over too quickly.

With each move of Lori’s tongue her hand was working faster, in and out of Kristy’s now soaked pussy. As Lori was working hard to please this woman, she heard Kristy say she was going to cum, so Lori moved her tongue faster and fingered her pussy harder and faster. And just like that Lori felt Kristy’s whole body shake. It had begun convulsing, in the good way that happens when a woman comes hard.

Lori didn’t stop until she felt Kristy come down and calm down. Lori still sat there and flicked her tongue against Kristy’s clit every few seconds.

That was round one, stayed tuned. The journey doesn’t stop there. Next time the rest of Steve’s fantasy starts coming true.

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