Man’s Best Friend

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Mitch was an average thirty five-year-old man, or at least he considered himself to be. Divorced and living alone in a comfortable two bedroom apartment, he lived his life from one day to the next, just taking things as they come. The only real love in his life was Taffy, a pedigree scottish terrier who had come into his life when the lady down the hall passed away, leaving the pup homeless. She was the best thing that had ever happened to him.

Every morning he would take her for a walk but today was Saturday and that meant an afternoon walk as well. The weather did not look good, with dark clouds coming over and the wind picking up, but with a bit of luck they could make it to the park and back before the rain began.

The park was all but empty, everyone leaving to seek shelter from the impending storm. Taffy yipped excitedly and pulled on her leash, her little tail wagging furiously. Mitch looks to see the cause of her excitement. Shaking his head, he thought he should have known. Not far up the path a lady was walking another Scottish terrier, and he didn’t need a lesson in anatomy to know it was a male dog. When the woman turned around he was a little stunned. It was Robyn, one of the women who worked in his office building. They had talked occasionally, even sharing a table in the crowded café every now and then, but didn’t know each other well. Both were surprised to see the other, and even more surprise that that had the same breed of dog.

“Well I’ll be, how are you Robyn?”

Her smile was warm and welcoming. Before she was able to answer, her dog illegal bahis Timmy was trying to mount Taffy. It hadn’t occurred to Mitch that it would be time Taffy to come into season again. A little embarrassed Robyn tried in vein to pull the two dogs apart. Mitch could see she was becoming a little distraught and he laughed.

“Quite the little stud you have there. I guess the call of nature was just too strong to be ignored. You got any friends that are going to be in need of a puppy?”

Mitch’s smile and wit was more than she could resist. A beaming smile lit up her face and they both burst into laughter. Leaving the dogs to sort them selves out, they sat together on a bench just a few feet away, chatting and laughing about their current predicament.

A flash of thunder lit up the sky followed by the crash of thunder. Both dogs yipped in fright and ran off before either owner had a chance to grab for the leashes. With a curse, they ran after the dogs, but when it began to rain, and then pore, they gave up the chase, opting for the shelter of a hedge instead.

Huddling in the bushes, soaked to the skin, Mitch looked at Robyn and found his eyes glued to her saturated form. Her white blouse had become completely transparent and her skirt clung tight to her thighs revealing a shapeliness he had never noticed before. Her nipples were hard and dark from the cold, pressed tight against the wet shirt. She looked up and caught the direction of his gaze, blushing hotly. The wind grew stronger and she began to shiver with the sudden cold.

Moving to sit behind illegal bahis siteleri her, wrapping his arms tightly around her shaking form, he sort to give her warmth. At his touch she became ridged and nervous. It had been a long time since she had felt the touch of a man, her husband leaving her for a younger woman some five years ago. Another crack of thunder and she jumped back against him in fright, wrapping her arms around his neck and hiding her face against his broad chest. He held her tight against him, waiting for the noise to subside.

Robyn felt a stirring with in her as she smelled his sweet, spicy cologne combined with his masculine scent and sweat. She hadn’t noticed that the thunder had died away, all she could feel was his warmth, his strength, and her own long neglected need. She lifted her head and their eyes met. Without a word spoken between them their mouths came together in a hungry kiss. Their lips melted together as their tongues danced and explored in each other’s mouths.

Breaking free of her kiss he sort out her small tender breasts, kissing and sucking them through the fabric of her shirt, running his powerful tongue over her rock hard nipples. She moaned as the heat in her body increased, no longer aware of the storm raging around them. Her fingers fumbled with the front of his shorts, releasing the button and sliding the zipper open. Forcing her hand inside his cotton boxers, she took his already hard cock in her hand, stroking it with the same eagerness he showed towards her aching tits.

Pulling her blouse free of her skirt he canlı bahis siteleri lifted it high giving his hungry mouth full access to her hot flesh. Taking his free hand in hers, she guided it up the inside of her thigh, taking him to the place where her need was the greatest. He needed no help pulling her silky lace panties to one side and spreading her hot lips. His fingers probed and stroked, forcing a heavy moan to escape her luscious mouth.

Freeing his throbbing cock from the captive confinement of his shorts, she lay back on the wet ground, pulling him to her. She didn’t want to make love, she wanted to fuck, and he was all too eager to oblige. Pushing up her skirt and pulling her panties aside, he was inside her, driving his cock hard and deep into her hot hole. Her head was thrown back in ecstasy, he fingers digging hard into his shoulders, her legs wrapped around his ass, puling him harder against her, into her. Over and over he pounded into her, fucking her with a need all his own, yet a need she shared. As more thunder boomed and rumbled around them their passion rose, releasing in a surge as wild and furious as the storm it’s self.

Spent and panting Mitch collapsed on top of her, her arms and legs still wrapped tightly around him as he kissed her again, this time with gentle tenderness. Looking into her eyes he whispered,

“My place is close by, come with and I’ll help clean off the mud.”

She smiled and took his hand as he helped her to her feet. Looking at each other they burst into fits of laughter. What a sight. Drenched to the bone and covered in mud, their clothing screwed up and their hair tangled. Holding hands they ran laughing through the rain, making their way across the pack. The sight of two very wet terriers racing along behind them was cause for another burst of laughter.

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