Manly Persuasion Ch. 02

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Author’s Note — There are moments of dubious consent or non-consent in this part of the story. If that type of element offends you, or is problematic, do not read.


“Maria, c’mon . . . I told you this already.”

I held my cell phone as the sound of my girlfriend’s voice reverberated in my ear.

“I TOLD you that I have a meeting to go to. It’s required by the company and I HAVE to go!”

Between Connor, work, the gym, and Maria, it seemed as if all of them wanted more time than I could give. I wondered sometimes if all of it was worth it.

“Look, we’ll go do it this weekend. I promise. But I just got home, so I’ve got to go, or I’ll be late . . . okay?” There was a click and the phone went dead.


I had left the gym earlier after a quick workout and had come home to shower. Maria had been after me to pick her up and go shopping before I went to work that day. But I already had plans and going shopping wasn’t on the list.

My sessions with Connor had become more intense since he first milked me, and I was enjoying them more and more. It was always something different and new. Sometimes we’d watch gay porn, which excited Connor but only bored me. Other times, he’d suck me off for two hours, telling me he needed more and more of my cum.

Connor was always buying me protein, supplements, and anything else he could think of. He claimed they would help me produce a larger and more potent amount of semen. Every time he’d suck me, he’d want me to get off several times. He loved that my cock would stay hard and he’d keep sucking me until I had to push him away!

When I asked him why he was so obsessed with draining my nuts, he said, “That sweet milk of yours is full of protein. The more I drink it, the more muscle I gain at the gym.” Shit. Talk about a crazy motherfucker!

Many times, we’d end up taking a shower together, like we did the first time. He’d soap me up, jack me off, and I’d do the same to him, as we enjoyed touching each other.

In fact, I grew to where I was used to his cock touching me or being in my ass crack. And Connor continued to milk me relentlessly. Sometimes I was a little scared that I’d damage my nuts because they shot so much jizz.

My sexual curiosity was growing as Connor thought of new things to do. And my barriers kept getting lower as my fears diminished about trying them. He had started jerking off and dropping his load on my chest during our time together. And just two weeks earlier, he wiped his finger in his cum and smeared it on my lips.

If he had done that to me before, I would have been very angry and lashed out. But as it was, I just opened my mouth and sucked his finger. When I did that, I remember thinking “how the mighty have fallen” and wondered if there was anything I wasn’t willing to do.

I was soon to find out.

After my shower at home, I pulled on a pair of loose gym pants and a muscle tank top. As I drove to the mall, I smiled when I wondered if Connor would have any new things for us to try today. As usual, he was in the parking lot waiting for me, and we made our way to his house.

When we got there, we went in to the kitchen and started our usual conversation about the gym, work, and the world in general. I was sitting on a barstool, drinking a Diet Coke, and Connor was leaning against the counter. After a few minutes of conversation, Connor walked behind me and started massaging my shoulders. It felt great and I leaned my head back and closed my eyes.

“Relax,” Connor whispered.

I started taking deep breaths, letting the pleasure of Connor’s strong hands knead the muscle. I moaned slightly and said, “That feels good.”

As he rubbed, my head lolled around on my neck and I felt my body start to drift.

“I needed this. It’s been kinda stressful at work.”

Connor started working my neck and back. He leaned down to my ear and quietly breathed, “I . . . want you . . . to relax.” As he felt my body sag, he leaned closer and murmured, “That’s it. Let go. I’ll take care of you.”

A calm feeling descended over me. I felt one of Connor’s hands move from my shoulder, go down my chest, and cup my pec. My body arched as he squeezed my pec and my cock started to get hard. After a moment, he reached down with both hands and started rubbing my cock through my pants. As my cock lengthened, it came out of my briefs and was clearly visible down my thigh.

Connor whispered lightly in my ear. “Let’s go upstairs,” and proceeded to pull me with him as we left the kitchen.

I walked up the stairs behind him and as we got to the top, I was surprised to see him head towards his bedroom. Because of his boyfriend, we had always used the guest bedroom. But today, it seemed something was different.

I went in the bathroom to piss and when I came out, Connor was gone. I took off my tank top, sat down on the bed and could hear him talking on the phone in the exercise room. After a few minutes, I heard him walking towards the bedroom and I looked towards the door.

Connor came in the kağıthane escort room naked, his cock and balls swinging as he walked. He stopped next to me and I stared at his crotch. He had a short bush with trimmed pubes and his balls were completely hairless. For some reason, his balls seemed bigger than usual, like two large eggs hanging between his legs. It was like they were full of cream that he had been storing up for a while. I don’t know why, but the thought that he might have been saving up a big load excited me.

As I stood up, Connor walked towards me and grasped my gym pants. He slowly pulled them down and off, leaving me standing there in my briefs, my cock hard as hell. As he rose up, he leaned forward and kissed me on the lips.

“I’ve missed that,” he said, and kissed me again tenderly.

I hugged him tightly, enjoying the feel of our bare chests touching. Connor grabbed me around the waist and pulled me tighter against him, pressing his cock into mine. I could feel its hardness, the heat radiating from it. We ground our cocks against each other, letting our lustful feelings grow.

I could feel Connor’s hands move to my ass, squeezing it, and pulling me closer to him. As he seized my ass tighter, he grabbed the sides of my briefs and slid them down. As they reached my feet, I shook my legs and kicked them off, our bodies completely naked now and grinding together as one.

As the minutes went by, Connor started squeezing our cocks together in his hand, rubbing and jerking them both at the same time. He kept kissing me over and over. Deeply. Passionately.

I felt a wet sensation from Connor’s cock and saw him smile as he rubbed the head of his cock against mine, smearing the fluid around my foreskin. I glanced down and saw a string of precum, connecting our dicks together.

While Connor had rubbed our cocks together before, it was somehow more carnal . . . more sensual . . . this time. It felt fantastic and I didn’t want it to stop.

We continued to hug and hold each other for a long time, getting lost in the heat as our bodies writhed together. While stroking my cock, Connor slowly went to his knees and we both watched his hand work its wonder on my dick. I could feel my nuts start to tighten, closed my eyes, and moaned.

“Suck it. Please. Just suck it.”

While he kept stroking, I could feel the tip of Connor’s tongue reach out and touch my cock head, tasting the mix of our precum on my piss slit. I moaned deeper as he continued dipping his tongue in and out of my slit, his other hand gently tugging on my balls. I started grinding my hips, fucking his hand with my cock, and growled, “Oh yeahhhh . . .”

Suddenly, I felt Connor’s lips around the head of my cock and slowly slide all the way down. His whole mouth enveloped my prick and a wave of pleasure shot through me. Reaching out, I ran my fingers through his hair and grasped the back of his head, pulling him towards me so that I could control the tempo of his sucking.

As the rhythm grew, Connor would bury his face in my pubes from time to time, my cock all the way down his smooth throat. He inhaled deeply, smelling my scent, and the aroma of sex on my body. I could see his cock get harder and the excitement arouse him even more. The odor of testosterone permeated the room as our bodies prepared themselves for the sex to come.

If it was possible that cocks have their own brain, mine was thinking about all the possibilities ahead, especially those I had never thought about before. My dick was hard as a rock and, in its own mind, I’m sure it thought that it would soon be fucking a wet and willing pussy. I looked down at it, saw the wet saliva dripping off it, the veins pumped and strong. Chuckling to myself, I thought ‘sorry dude. You not gonna get in the game you want today.’

I looked at Connor’s cock and saw it was leaking a continuous string of precum. It was hard and thrusting, dripping in anticipation of . . . fucking.


Connor’s cock fucking.

Fucking . . . my ass.

Fucking my straight ass.

All of a sudden, my mind was a jumble of thoughts . . .

Massages . . . cock sucking . . . rimming . . . fingers up my ass . . . milking my cum . . . watching porn . . . kissing . . . the closeness and sharing . . .

All of them coming together, working through my mind, tweaking my feelings, lowering my barriers.

It was if all the time Connor and I had spent together was leading up to this moment.

Through my haze of feelings, I heard his voice in the distance.

“Javier, lie down on the bed.”

I was so lost in thought, I moved obediently. As I lay down on my back, Connor pulled my ass to the edge of the bed, placed my arms under my legs, and pushed them back to my chest.

“Hold your legs,” he said.

As I pulled back on my legs, I could feel my crack and asshole completely exposed to his gaze. Connor kneeled down, pulled my muscled ass cheeks apart and buried his face in my ass.

His warm tongue was running up and down my ass, paying particular attention to my tight, virgin hole. My body shuddered each time his tongue swiped my hole, and all I could concentrate on, was how good it felt.

Connor started swirling the tip of his tongue around my asshole in slow circles, teasing my hole, kissing it, blowing air over it. I moaned uncontrollably, as I felt my hole spasm and then relax.

Connor’s tongue was like radar. As he felt my hole relax more, he started running his tongue inside, darting in and out. The more my pucker relaxed, the more he shoved his tongue up inside, getting it more pliable. More open. More fuckable.

It was if I was in a trance. Little by little, Connor had managed to knock off every defense, every mental block I had ever had. In the past year, he had stripped off all the layers of fear, of doubt, and of pride that a straight man could have.

I knew he wanted to fuck me. I knew he wanted to fuck my tight straight ass bad.

But I also knew, that I was ready to let him fuck me. Ready to let him fuck my straight ass. And fuck it hard.

More importantly, Connor knew I was ready.

And that all his months of preparation . . . of persuasion . . . were finally going to pay off.

As Connor tongued my whole, he could sense my body’s acquiescence. All the tell-tale signs were there.

My ass completely wet and lubricated. My asshole’s lack of resistance. My cock rock hard and leaking. My moaning as he got more and more tongue up my ass.

More telling was that the more he manhandled my ass, the more I gave in, the more I seemed to want it.

After thoroughly tonguing my hole into submission, Connor pulled back and looked at his completely open and exposed prize.

My straight virgin asshole.

He brushed his fingers over it again and again.

“I wish you could see your hole, Javier. It’s so tender and pink.”

I lay there, moaning louder the more he touched it. I did want to see it. But I was so far into the moment, I said nothing.

Sensing it was time to take his hard-won trophy, Connor pressed the tip of his middle finger to my hole. It resisted only slightly and then opened easily, letting his finger slide in deep. Twisting and turning, to loosen it up more.

I groaned as I felt my ass spasm around the intruder.

Connor slid his finger in and out slowly, preparing my ass for fucking. Moments later, I felt it hit my prostate. My cock, which had gone down slightly, started getting hard again. As it lengthened, Connor stroked it slowly, constantly pounding my love nut with his finger. Thick, white drops started coming out and he quickly leaned down and licked them off.

“That’s it, baby. Give me your Latin cream. Every single drop of it.”

After a few minutes of milking me, Connor removed his finger, got on the bed, and said, “Move up here.” We moved to the middle of the bed and I got on my back again. Connor inserted his finger and started fucking my hole with it. My body arched, and I started moaning as my ass prepared to get its first hard fuck.

Connor leaned in close to me.

“Javier . . . your ass is so tight and wet. I want you to know how those guys felt in the movies we watched. You remember. Let me do it this time. Let me milk you with my cock.”

Even though I was groaning loudly, one thing rang in my ears clearly. Cock. Milking me with a COCK. My eyes shot open and I looked intently at Connor.

“Hey . . . have you ever fucked a straight guy before?”

Connor’s finger stopped. A look of surprise came over his face and he said, “Mmmmm, yeah.”


“Do you remember the guy I told you about that worked at the tanning salon? The one that I massaged before?”

I thought back a moment.

“Yeahhhh. I sorta remember you telling me about him.”

Connor smiled.

“I fucked him.”

My eyes opened wide in surprise.

“HIM?!! That Latino guy you told me about?”


“He’s married! And has two kids!”

Connor started laughing.

“Yeah, so? You think married guys don’t get fucked?”

I was silent for a moment and Connor continued.

“It happens more than you think, Javier.”

I knew the guy he was talking about. We used to play soccer with other guys in our neighborhood. He was like me. Very masculine, muscular, and had a nice personality. Just an all-around good family man. It was hard for me to believe he would allow Connor to take his ass. But, if Connor was telling the truth, evidently, he did.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that if that masculine straight guy could do it, then I could too.

Connor noticed that I was still thinking about it.

“Why do you ask, Javier?”

I kept looking at Connor, and then finally shrugged.

“No reason. It just surprised me.”

Connor kept smiling and looked amused.

“Straight men have sex with other men more than you think, Javier. It happens frequently. Trust me . . .”

As he began fingering my hole, I started twisting and moaning again. He leaned closer and whispered in a deep, sexy voice.

“Sooooo . . . are you going to let me fuck you?”

The final battle in my mind was ending. Lustful feelings began taking hold of me. I knew it was time.

Time to let a man take my ass.

I nodded slightly.

“Okay, man.”

I could see the smile cross Connor’s face.

“But with a condom.”

Connor’s smile broadened.

“Sure. And don’t worry . . . I’ll go slow.”

As he said that, he leaned down and kissed me, inhaling deeply and capturing the scent of my body.

“Turn over.”

I turned over on my stomach, thinking about what was about to happen.

I had suspected from the beginning of our massages that he was interested in more than just making me “feel good”. But I never thought it would come to this moment. As we became more and more intimate over time, I thought I could control the flow of things and this moment would never happen.

But I underestimated Connor’s perseverance, his ability to make me feel good emotionally and physically, his patience in working me step by step, dissolving my ability to control.

I underestimated his strength and will to do whatever it took to fuck me.

“Your ass looks so sexy and inviting,” Connor murmured as he got on his knees and straddled my butt.

I had to smile, as it conjured an image of a victorious Roman gladiator straddling a defeated opponent. He pulled my cheeks apart and put his cock in my crack. I could feel his pubes scratching my ass.

After a moment, Connor lay down across my back, the full weight of his body on mine. I felt very vulnerable, but excited as well. He started humping my ass and his cock moved smoothly with all the lubrication from his earlier rimming. From time to time, I felt the tip of Connor’s cock prod my asshole, teasing it, getting as close as he could without penetrating it.

A cool stream of air blew across the back of my neck. Seconds later, his lips were close to my ear.

“Are you ready?”

I didn’t answer.

After a moment, I slowly nodded my head.

“Yeah. Yeah, I’m ready.”

I couldn’t see his face, but I knew he was smiling.

“I’ll go slow . . . I promise”.

I moaned as he started sucking my ear lobe. He seemed to know just how to press my buttons and get what he wanted from me.

“Just relax. You’re gonna feel something you’ve never felt before.”

Connor moved my arms so that they stretched to the sides, away from my body. Slowly, he lay his arms along mine, intertwining our fingers. I could feel his knees push down between my legs, separating them, and laying his legs over the top of mine.

We lay like that for several minutes, as Connor kissed my neck and licked my ears, his cock now firmly wedged between my cheeks.

My whole body was supporting him, and I felt very submissive. Because of the weight, my breathing was a little forced, but I could handle it.

“I like to feel your body like this. It’s so erotic. Your body moves with every breath you take.”

My eyes were closed and despite everything, my masculine pride was still struggling.

But in that split second, my lust overpowered my pride. I realized that this was only sex. Two bodies taking and receiving mutual satisfaction.

As the struggle ended, I waited to feel the first sensation of being . . . fucked.

Suddenly, I heard him say, “Turn back over. I want to see your face when my cock is inside of you.”

He got off me, and with no hesitation, I turned over on my back and raised my legs. Connor squeezed lube on his fingers and ran it over my hole. It was cold, but I hardly felt it.

While Connor put on his condom and lubed himself up, I stared at the blue sky and clouds that were painted on the ceiling of the bedroom. I thought it rather ironic that I was going to get fucked under a sky filled with clouds.

As he finished putting on his condom, he pushed my legs back to my chest, and aligned his cock with my hole. I felt it poke me slightly and a chill ran through my body.

Connor looked at me, a mixture of lust and care on his face.

“I always wondered how it would feel to be inside you. Now I get to find out.”

I looked back at the clouds and knew the moment of truth was here. I felt the pressure of Connor’s cock pushing on my asshole and I started to tense up.

“Relax, baby. Just breathe.”

I tried to relax and felt Connor’s cock start to penetrate.

While his cock was the same length as mine, it was definitely fatter, with a large mushroom head. When it went in my hole, a searing pain ripped through my ass. I thought at first, he had hurt me, and I might be bleeding. I cried out and Connor stopped moving. After about thirty seconds, he pulled his cock out.

I was breathing rapidly, the pain subsiding. Connor put more lube on my hole and then on his cock. After a minute, he looked at me.

“You okay? You want me to go on?”

I nodded quickly.

“Just go slow.”

Connor pushed the head of his cock back inside. True to his promise, he went slow and pushed his shaft in a little at a time, so I could get used to his thick cock.

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