Mandy Does More Than Ever

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It was a bright morning at Lambert Field when the love of my life stepped off the plane. JoAnn wore a print sundress, sandals, and a straw hat, and I had to think fast to subdue the boner I popped on seeing her again. She is perfectly proportioned: her legs strong and supple, her shoulders proud, her breasts delicious mouthfuls, her ears graceful scallops. It took a second for her to find me, and the huge smile that lights up my life broke across her face. When she reached me, she put her carry on bag down, threw herself into my arms, and kissed me like she did when I proposed to her. We broke after a few people cleared their throats around us, and I murmured: “Hi.”

“Hi yourself, Sweetheart. Is that a banana in your pocket, or did you miss me?”

“What do you think?” And I kissed her again.

We broke contact and she hitched up her purse. “I gotta go pee. Be right back and we’ll pick up the bags.”

“Okay.” As I stood there, my happiness was mixed with fear. It seemed like she gave me permission to play with Mandy while she was gone, but it felt wrong and I wasn’t sure what would happen next. She got back quickly and we went down to the carousel to fetch her bags. There was enough to keep me occupied until I could dump the load in the back of the SUV, and get on the road out.

It wasn’t long before we were out of the metro area and running down a rural Interstate on cruise control. JoAnn never stopped smiling at me as we chitchatted through the airport and the first stage of the trip, but as we settled into the long drive, she started playing with my ear and broke the subject with her customary directness: “I talked to Mandy this morning.”


“Yeah. I know you’re nervous, and I don’t want that. You don’t know what’s been going on the past few years, and I’m glad we’ve finally broken the ice.”

I shook my head. “What the hell are you talking about?”

She pulled her left leg up underneath her. “I’ve been worried about Mandy. She’s a good girl, not very ambitious, not very wise in the ways of the world. When she started dating, I was worried she’d get stuck with one of those losers and her life would be the same kind of horrible soap opera Bethie’s kids go through.”

Bethie is JoAnn’s sister, and her girls have all been married and divorced, the oldest twice. Their choice of husbands has been universally appalling. “Yeah, every time one of her girls brings home a new boy I want to shoot him. Not that Bethie did so hot herself.”

JoAnn nodded in agreement; Bethie’s husband had been sitting around the house for three years unemployed after getting laid off and didn’t get motivated until he wandered away with a high school dropout his youngest daughter’s age. “Mandy’s a hard worker, and her heart’s in the right place. Steve, she’s been hot for you a long time, and when we moved into the new house, I was happy she wanted to live downstairs. You’ve kept her heart from getting stuck on some worthless boy, and we were able to draw up rules that didn’t let her bring any kind of boy over. Her friends probably won’t ever find anybody either, so they’re not going to get her sidetracked. I knew she wouldn’t be in our pocketbook and she’d be safe.”

“That’s fine, honey, I see your point. I’m glad Mandy didn’t hook up with some loser, either. But. . .”

“Mandy has told me everything ever since she could talk. I know what you were doing when I called Wednesday morning, and I’m all right with that. Steve, I don’t mind sharing you with her. “

There was an awkward moment of silence as I passed a string of eighteen wheelers. We went through a short shower that made me turn on the wipers. She took a sip from the diet Coke we’d gotten just after leaving Lambert and continued: “I put her on the Pill, I helped her cut the hole in the rug knowing she could pull your dick through it. I bought the little bottle of vanilla flavored lube you saw on her pool table. It’s okay, Steve. You can suck and fuck Mandy any way you want, any time you want. She wants it and so do I.”

“I don’t know what to say. My feelings for Mandy have changed, but I’m not comfortable with them yet. I don’t want to lose you.”

She smiled. “You’re not, and I guess I’m gonna have to show you.” Reaching over, she unzipped my fly and started pulling down my shorts. I shifted my hips to let her expose my package, and she started moving her soft hand over my skin: she knows exactly how to turn me on. “Hi there, big boy. God. I’ve missed you,” she told my cock, and licked it like a lollipop. “Got something special for me?” she asked in a little girl voice before engulfing it in her warm mouth. Her timing was perfect: I was just aroused enough to have fun without being so aroused I couldn’t pay attention to the road. Traffic had thinned out, and there was a lot of room on the road. I had no problem driving straight, and a lot of practice driving while JoAnn sucked my cock over the years.

I reached down to the hem of her short sundress, and quickly discovered she’d taken off her erenköy escort panties in the airport restroom. Her legs parted, welcoming my hand, and I found her slit slick and ready. After 35 years I know what turns her on as well, and I inserted my thumb long enough to get it lubricated before moving it to her asshole, putting my index and middle fingers in her cunt. Sometimes I call her my Bowling Ball, and she loves this little double penetration. She hummed on my cock in delight, and ground her hips in welcome to my fucking fingers.

She brought me off before we got to our exit, and I gasped as I shot my load between her loving lips. Her orgasm was almost at the same time: she shuddered and stopped with my cock in her mouth until she came down enough to finish sucking it. When she sat up, a trickle of white goo lingered on her lips as she took a sip of her soda. We were now on two lane roads, and the rest of the way home we listened to the radio.

We got home just in time for me to go to work, so there was no time for what I really wanted to do. It was a calm shift once again, and I whistled as I went home in the early morning hours under the stars. My star was waiting for me at the back door when I got there, wearing nothing but a smile.

Mandy was at work, so we had the house to ourselves. I shucked my clothes and got comfortable; we shared an ice cold beer in the TV room. It was a time to be silly: I poured a little golden nectar on her nipples and licked it off; she did the same. We wrestled on the rug, straining against each other, pretending to compete until I pinned her shoulders and shoved my cock between her legs. Laughing, she opened up for me and I was home. Her rock hard nipples danced for me as I fucked her, wobbling in their random dance as her breasts jiggled under my thrusting. We rolled over and she rode me; I held her dear jugs in my palms as she pumped up and down on my pecker. Sitting up, we approached each other as a couple of crabs, on our hands and feet, our hips joining and backing against each other until our joy was complete. It seemed like hours, and I didn’t want it to end.

The next day was Saturday, and I got up before dawn to Harry’s house. His wife Julie was waiting there with homemade biscuits and gravy, and Bob joined us for a hearty pre-dawn meal. My boys were in good spirits: they had a good week and were looking forward to some quality time with their old man. I looked around and asked: “Where’s Frankie?”

“His kid Marty got into the playoffs. They’ve got to run down to Springfield all day. Says he’s sorry he can’t make it.”

“Oh well. Your mother’s doing all right, resting after helping Jenny and the babies for three weeks.”

“How’s Mandy doin’?” Bob asked.

“All right, I guess.”

“She find a boyfriend yet?”

“Nope. Don’t see that happening soon.”

“No, me neither,” Harry cut in. “She never talks about boys. Coulda been a nun if we was Catholic. Do ya think she’s sleepin’ with that friend of hers, Lucy?”

“I don’t think so,” Bob cut in. “Lucy was pretty popular with the football team for a while, and got her supply of weed without money. Got her lipstick on my dipstick a time or two. Hope Mandy’s not doin’ that.”

I shook my head. “No, your Mother follows her, Lucy and Fran on Facebook and Twitter pretty close. Fran’s livin’ with the administrator of the nursing home your sister works at, and she always knows when the examiner comes around. Besides, the administrator likes to smoke weed, too, and the examiner’s a buddy of his. So Mandy always gets enough warning to detox before her screenings.”

Harry snickered around his breakfast, and stopped when he saw his wife giving him a dirty look. “This is really, really great, honey,” he said to his wife.

“You’re welcome, dear. Just remember, my folks are comin’ by tonight, so don’t get so drunk while you’re out fishing you can’t function.”

“Yes, dear. I don’t drink that much with Dad and Bobby.”

Julie went around the corner and then stuck her head back around. “No, you usually don’t, but there’s always a first time.”

“Spoilsport,” Bob whispered. “Guess you’re the designated driver.” Harry punched him hard on the arm, and Bob was going to retaliate until he saw my look. I swear, those boys will never really grow up. They went back to eating and stayed sullen until we’d pulled out of the driveway and were on our way to our fishing hole.

It was a glorious day, and we loaded up the boat at first light with our gear, our beer and sandwiches Julie made to spend a day on the water. After a short cruise, we dropped anchor and got our lines in the water. The fish were biting as day broke around us and in a half hour, we’d caught our limit. The sun rose over the horizon, and we settled back with Bob’s iSomething or other to listen to some good music while we enjoyed our refreshments.

The lake was pretty empty, and the boys got to speculative topics after a couple of beers. “How much action do ya think göztepe escort Jenny got in High School?” Bob asked.

“None, if Dad had anything to do with it,” Harry replied. I nodded and Harry smiled with me. “She was pretty picky anyway. Liked to look nice and be nice and use her looks to get what she wanted, but never made much of a promise and kept all of ’em boys at arm’s length.”

Bob popped open his third beer and said: “I used to dream ’bout her all the time. My God what a body.” He gave me a worried look and added quickly: “Ya aren’t gonna whup me for that, are ya Dad?”

“No, son. Statute of limitations, and besides, I can threaten to tell your wife Wendy if you piss me off.”

He gulped, took a sip, relaxed and settled back again. “Damn, she had such a killer body. Used to beat off thinkin’ about her tits. All that blonde hair and those tits. Her butt was pretty good, too, used to help her wash the cars just to get a look at it.”

“You weren’t the only one,” Harry cut in. “When she got all wet it was like she didn’t have any clothes on. You weren’t the only one thinkin’ ’bout her. Course, Dad woulda whipped our asses if he knew.”

I took a sip of my beer and laughed. “I think Jenny would have whipped them harder than me. She could still take both of you when she left home. Coulda whipped both of your asses at the same time.” I snickered, and we spent the rest of the day talking about politics and religion. When we got back to Harry’s house, I played Grandad to a seven and three year old, which is the best.

Dinnertime found me at home, and my dear one was waiting for me with grilled steak and baked potatoes. JoAnn wore a blue tube top and white shorts, her nipples almost poked holes in the fabric of her top, and I could see her pussy lips through the material of her shorts. Life couldn’t be better.

Baseball was on the agenda that evening, and I was in my favorite place: sprawled naked on the rug in front of the TV, my package comfy in the indentation, a cold beer at hand. We jumped out to a lead, and JoAnn sat behind me on the sofa, knitting for the new grandchildren.

About 9:00, I felt something open up underneath me. The air was cool, and I was touched with a slick hand. “Something happening, dear?” JoAnn asked from behind me.

“I think so.”

“That’s nice, dear. Go with the feelings.” The needles clicked, and kept up their work.

A hot draft touched my cock, then a slick hand. A pair of fingers started tracing the ridges of my corona, and my cock quivered in response. I took a sip of beer and gulped it as a tongue started playing with my balls. JoAnn changed the channel during a commercial to see what the weather was doing, and flipped it back after the radars paraded by. Mandy took my cock in her oiled hand and started pumping it slowly, blowing streams of cigarette smoke on it from time to time. It was wonderful, but I didn’t feel good about it.

“Something bothering you, honey?” JoAnn asked, her needles still clicking away.

I took a deep breath. “It doesn’t seem right.”

“How? Are you enjoying the game and my company?”

“Yeah, sure, but. . .”

“What’s Mandy doing?”

“She’s. . .stroking my cock and licking my balls from time to time.”

“You object to that? I’d think you rather like it.”

“But she’s down there and you’re up here and I just don’t know what I think about it.”

She stood up and there was a rustling. After a moment, her hands were on my ass, rubbing and teasing my crack; she laid down beside me and rested her chest on my back. Below me, Mandy took my cock in her mouth and her tongue was working magic on the end. “It’s all right, Steve. We just want to make you happy. Just relax. Nothing’s changed between us. Tell me what she’s doing.”

“She sucking my cock, her tongue is working the end of my cock and it’s fantastic. Her oily hand’s playing with my balls.”

“Do you think you’ll come soon?”

“Not too far off.”

“Let me keep you occupied so the moment will linger.” She moved around in front of me and parked her hips directly in front of my face. Her clothes had disappeared, and my favorite dessert was staring me in the face. “Momma wants a piece of this action. Lick my cunt while our daughter’s sucking your cock.”

I’ve always loved JoAnn’s taste, ever since I discovered it in the back seat of my Dad’s Buick in 1976. Running my tongue along the ridges, I found her clit and began sucking it into my mouth. It had the usual effect on her: she buried her hand in my hair, closed her eyes, and played with her nipple. It was a sensation I’d never had before. JoAnn and I were into 69s, but licking her clit while another girl sucked my cock was beyond my imagination, it was so good. Underneath the floor, I heard Mandy: “Daddy, give me your yummy cum. I want it.” Her hand started stroking me hard, and I could imagine her pink nailed fingers wrapped around my rod. “My mouth is open for you, Daddy. Ready for you.”

As I got close kadıköy escort to blowing my wad, I started working JoAnn faster, which started bringing her close to her orgasm. I couldn’t reach her tits, so I started rubbing her clit fast while I tongued her love canal furiously. A hurricane started building in my balls. JoAnna screamed and started orgasming, and it was long after that my cock started spewing; Mandy swallowed it immediately and milked it dry deep in her throat.

Rolling over on my back, I started at the ceiling, overwhelmed with how I felt. JoAnn crawled beside me, and we held each other. The light through the hole in the floor went off, and a door slam told us Mandy had gone to work. We lay there a long time in silence, before moving to bed and falling into a deep sleep.

As daylight arrived, a rumble of thunder growled in the distance, and flashes appeared through the windows. I’ve always enjoyed listening to a storm approach, to see and hear the great drama as it draws near, wondering whether it’s going to hit or miss my location. Even when I’ve been camping with the boys, I can’t help but be amazed at what nature has going on despite the threat we’re going to end up drenched and possibly fried.

Mandy was curled up in front of me again, naked, and my arm was draped around her waist. JoAnn was spooning behind me, her arm around my waist. I must have been in a deep sleep when she got in from work and crawled in with us; it was just like when she was little. It was nice being in the middle of this sandwich, and my pecker nodded at the thought of what might happen. The storm was getting closer, about five miles away.

I drifted off again a few moments, and in the meantime the girls woke up. JoAnn was playing with my dick while Mandy wiggled her ass against it, while my hand had moved up to Mandy’s breast. The energy from my morning erection was waking me up. “Good morning, Sweetheart. Sleep well?”

“Yeah. You?”

“Oh yes. Did you have a good night at work, Mandy?”

“Yeah, it was pretty quiet. Hung out with Lucy afterward.”

“I thought so. Ready to wake Daddy up?”

“Yes, Momma.”

“Good. I’ll take the high road.” They rolled me on my back, and JoAnn took the lead. She took my semi hard dick and stared to lick around the head; Mandy got on her knees and came up to lick my balls. I never realized what heaven two tongues could be. It didn’t take my long to get hard again, and when I did they traded places: my daughter slobbered my knob like an expert while my wife bathed by balls with her tongue. The storm came closer, and it seemed it would run right over us. I started shaking and JoAnn gestured to stop. “Do you think he’s ready?” she asked.

“Yes, Momma. I’m ready, too.”

“All right, Steve. I want to break a foible of yours. Mandy’s going to lay down on her back, and I want you to fuck her face to face. Don’t be afraid, just look into her eyes while you’re inside her. If you do, you’ll get a big reward. Whatcha say?”

I looked at my daughter’s eager face, and nodded. “Lay down, Baby. Daddy’s ready for you.”

Mandy scooted on the bed, laying on her back with her knees in the air. I came over her, and JoAnn guided my dick to its new lodging. Mandy winced when I hit bottom, then a huge smile came over her face. I started thrusting slowly, watching her reactions. Her eyes were locked on mine, dancing dancing with their own electricity, pleading and coaxing, a little moisture at the edges and a trickle sneaking down from one corner. JoAnn’s hand was playing with my ass, reaching down to tease my butthole and balls, encouraging me to pound our daughter hard. Mandy’s eyes closed of their own free will and as the storm passing directly overhead, shaking the house with its thunder, she gasped and had a huge orgasm. I stayed with her, slowly down and remaining inside as her cunt pulsed its way to peace, soaking the sheet beneath it.

JoAnn smiled when I pulled out, and gave Mandy’s right breast a gentle stroke. “She’s so happy. One more thing, and I’ll do anything you want. Tell Daddy what you want, Baby.”

“Fuck me up the ass, Daddy. I want you to fuck me up the ass.”

My dick was still hard as an iron bar, reluctant to send out its load after yesterday’s exertions, and slippery from Mandy’s juices. “All right. We’ll get you ready.”

I stuck my fingers in her cunt to move some of that liquid downward, but JoAnn put two well greased fingers in her little girl’s butt first. She turned to give me a few licks to keep me hard while scooping lubricant into her chute. Mandy flipped over, and JoAnn scooted underneath her, mouth to cunt. “Okay Daddy, stick it in,” Mandy said.

It took a little effort to slide it in. Fucking a girl up the ass was something I’d never done since I met JoAnn, and I’d forgotten the sensation. Her rectum held my cock hard, and she hummed as I worked it. The sounds were a trio of squishy delights: Mandy slurping on JoAnn’s clit, JoAnn dining on Mandy’s cunt and my cock slithering in and out of my daughter’s butthole. My sperm factory started to kick into gear again, and before it blew I was treated to the sounds of the two girls having a wonderful pair of orgasms. JoAnn pulled herself out and sat on her heels “You ready to shoot your load, honey?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32