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Here is my second story. Thank you to all who gave me feedback on the first story! I hope this one is better. And, please, I love the feedback!


The freight elevator seemed to be taking forever. Not that Alex was really in that much of a hurry. After all, he wasn’t going anywhere for Thanksgiving. Home was too far away and he just couldn’t to go home for Christmas and Thanksgiving. No, after work, all Alex had to look forward to was an empty dorm. His roommates and most of his friends that lived in the dorm had already left for their respective homes earlier in the day. But he didn’t mind. Alex was actually looking forward to having the room all to himself. He liked his roommate quite a bit, but having a roommate meant having to be considerate of the other person. Little things that he did not have to worry about when he had his own room in high school became part of his normal routine. He kept his side of the room tidy. He emptied the wastebasket when it got full. He made sure not to plug in his earphones when he wanted to listen to music. And of course, he and his roommate relied on the rubber band system for the ladies. Whenever he or his roommate wanted to have sex in the room, they would leave a rubber band on the doorknob to let the other one know to not come in the room until they got a text message.

Truthfully, neither roommate actually had to use the rubber band much. There were a few random hookups here and there, but nothing more than a blowjob. And again, Alex didn’t mind. It was his first year in college and he was having lots of fun. Not having a steady girlfriend meant not getting any action on a regular basis but classes and his social life kept him pretty busy. Alex was indeed enjoying college life.

The only problem that Alex had with college life and not having a steady girlfriend was that he couldn’t keep himself satisfied as often as he liked. Having a roommate, while lots of fun meant that he just couldn’t jerk off whenever he wanted to. It was the polite thing to do, and he knew that he didn’t want his roommate jerking off in his room while he was there. There was many a night when Alex would take an extra shower at night to stroke his cock in the privacy of their shared bathroom, which because they shared the bathroom with another set of roommates, was not often as Alex wanted. Perhaps he would take advantage of his roommates absence this weekend to get some quality jerk off sessions in. That sounded nice. Maybe he’d rent some pornos and spend the weekend making up for lost time. All he had to do was finish off this last mail run and he’d be free for rest of the Thanksgiving holiday.

Alex had gotten the mailroom as part of his work-study financial aid. The job didn’t pay that well, but he liked his job all right. All he had to do was sort the incoming mail and then make a couple of mail runs a day to deliver mail to the various departments at the university. It was pretty mindless work and he was thankful that he didn’t get assigned to cafeteria duty to help pay his way through college. “Seriously,” he thought to himself, “why is the freakin freight elevator taking so long to get here on the Wednesday afternoon before Thanksgiving break?”

“Ding!” The elevator had finally arrived and the metal doors slid open. Alex pushed his cart inside. He had an extra long mail run today as many of his co-workers were gone. He figured that since he was going to be stuck on campus, that he’d make the most of it by taking extra mail runs. He could use the extra money to pay for his plane ticket home for Christmas break.


Professor Vanessa Diaz went through the latest draft of an research article that she was going to submit to a journal. As the newest junior professor of the accounting department faculty, she knew that she needed to publish as much as she could during her first few years. As the old academia adage goes, “publish or perish.” Fresh out of grad school, Vanessa really wanted to make an impression on her colleagues. It was hard enough being a first year professor, but being a female in a male dominated discipline made it doubly hard for her. Several of her colleagues were older men who held outdated beliefs about gender and did not take her seriously. She was a bit resentful as she had to deal with this in grad school as well. But she was determined to show that she was a serious scholar and was working extremely hard to start her academic career on the right foot.

She did not necessarily mind because she knew that once she got tenure the workload would lighten considerably, and then she would not have to spend her holidays cooped up in her office. Maybe then, when she had secured her career with tenure would she be able to have time to find a man and have a normal relationship. But that would have to wait. The Journal of the American Accounting Association did not care that she wasn’t getting laid and she wanted to get the revisions of her article done so that her colleagues could review them when they got back from break, and then she could send off gaziantep evi olan escort bayan her submission and enjoy her Christmas holiday.

But she had been at it all day. She could literally feel the life being sucked out of her by the glow of her computer screen. Her eyes were getting extremely tired, and she decided to take a break and checked her email. There were some department announcements from the chair of the department, an email from a colleague at another university with whom she was working on another article, some spam, and at the bottom, she perked up as she saw an email from an old college friend. Bob and her had a great romance in college. He was a sociology major and they were a great couple. There was even a time when they had even talked about getting married. But like many college romances, when graduation came, they both had been accepted to different graduate schools and after attempting a long distance relationship for a few months, they both decided that they should move on with their lives. Their relationship was still good though and she considered herself lucky that they were still good friends.

She clicked on the email. It was just a standard catch up email. Bob wanted to say hi and wish her a happy Thanksgiving. He updated her on her life and included pictures of his son who was now 5. “Man, that kid is cute,” she thought as she flipped through the pictures on her computer. There was one of the kid in his pee-wee football uniform, another one of him with his grandparents, and another one of the kid in the his Halloween costume. The last picture caught her a little off guard however. It was a picture of Bob and his son at the beach. They were building a sandcastle and they both looked so cute playing together. But that’s not what caught her eye. Bob had his shirt off in the picture, it looked like Bob had kept himself in fairly good shape. “Still a hottie,” she thought, and let her mind drift to her college days.

Sex with Bob was great. She thought back to when they were both young and inexperienced, and how they spent a lot of time exploring each others’ bodies, and how they had both turned each other into pretty good lovers. Sex with Bob was passionate, playful, and energetic. They were both each other’s first long term sexual relationship and both wanted to explore their sexuality. Bob was pretty open minded and was just as eager to find out all the wonderful nuances of sex.

She thought back to one particular day. It was their junior year and they had just gotten back from taking a biology exam that they had spent the whole previous night studying for. They were both exhausted from the all nighter but they were ecstatic to finally get the test over with. Walking back to the dorm, they were both ready to crash. They had talked about celebrating with some fucking, but she was so tired that she just wanted to go back to her apartment and get some sleep. Bob surely needed some sleep too, and he would sleep at her place and when they woke up, she was sure that they’d fuck each other’s brains out. But Bob had other ideas.

Bob told her that he needed to get a book from the library and that he needed to just make a quick pit stop before heading to bed. Too tired to even think, she said to him, “Bob, I’m so tired. I really just want to get to bed. I’m going to go on ahead. I’ll leave the door open, and you can let yourself in. I’m sure I’ll be asleep by the time you get there.” As soon as she said, a wicked image flashed in her head. She pictured herself on her bed, naked and on her hands and knees. Bob would get to her place, open up her bedroom door, see her nice tight little butt sticking out towards him. He’s take off his pants, and rub his cock until it got hard. She’d be all ready for him by rubbing her pussy and getting it nice and wet until he got there. He’d jump on the bed and stick his cock in and then he’d fuck her nice and good until he came and then they’d fall in a pile on top of each other and then fall asleep together, letting the combined exhaustion from the lack of sleep and the great fuck that they’d just had take over. She’d wake up and feel his sticky cum dripping out of her pussy, and then while Bob was still asleep, she’d wake him up by sucking on his cock, and when he was hard, they’d fuck again and then pass out again.

It was a delightful little scenario for her and she was proud of herself of thinking up of it so quick, and a satisfied smile flashed across her face. This feeling of satisfaction and anticipation was soon rudely interrupted by Bob. “Come on baby, it’ll just take a second. I’ll just get the book, check it out, and we can go home and crash.” She began to protest, but Bob was getting whiny. “Come on Vanessa, we’ve been up for over twenty hours now, you can wait a couple more minutes.” She sighed with resignation. “He’s right, maybe I am too tired to have good sex right now,” she thought to herself. She would just have to save her little scenario for another exam.

They walked into the library and started to walk to the gaziantep fetiş escort bayan elevators. All of the sociology books were on the fourth floor of the library. Bob, however, grabbed her hand and said, “Come on, the book is on the second floor. Let’s just take the stairs.” Vanessa’s mood turned from tired and horny to tired and annoyed. “I’m exhausted, the elevator’s right there,” she complained. But Bob, only got whinier. “Come on, you shouldn’t take the elevator for one set of stairs, it pisses other people off.” She couldn’t stand it when Bob was whiny, so she just gave in. “If he keeps this act up, maybe Bob wasn’t going to get hot sex from her tonight,” she thought to herself. She had made up her mind right there, he was going to pay for his bitchy whiny behavior.

Vanessa leaned back in her chair, and her hands idly moved up and down her legs as she thought about how pissed off at Bob she was that day. She threw her head back and laughed out loud in her office as she remembered just how wrong she was about Bob that day.

“I don’t know why we just can’t take the elevator once. You know how tired I am. If you were a good boyfriend, you would have just let me go home,” She figured that she would beat Bob at his own game and see how much he liked whining. She continued, “It’s not like I want to take the elevator to the second floor every time. It’s just that this is a special circumstan….” As she started up the stairs, Bob cut her off, by pulling her hand away from the stairs and to the little bit of floor next to the stairwell. “What the hell is your prob…” She was cut off again, but this time by Bob pushing her against the wall, holding her hands against the wall above her head, and pressing his lips against hers. He kissed her hard, snaking his tongue in and around her mouth. “What are you doing?” she asked, out of breath.

What Vanessa didn’t know is that Bob had seen that little satisfied smile on her face before and recognized it as what she found out later Bob had termed her “horny smile”. He knew that she was cooking up some sexual shenanigans for him when he got home. And while that thought was nice, it only filled him with lust and desire. Bob couldn’t wait to get home, he wanted Vanessa now. They had talked about having sex in a public place, but before both of them just considered it fantasy talk. But Bob delirious from the lack of sleep, and horny from seeing Vanessa’s horny smile, decided to seize the opportunity that had presented itself to him. “I have to have you now, baby.” he said quickly.

Hearing those words got Vanessa’s heart pumping a little faster and she kissed him back. However, at the same time, she was nervous. They were in the stairwell of the library! Anyone could catch them at any time. Vanessa and Bob had been very good about trying new things sexually, but up to this point, all the craziest thing that they had done is tie each other up and blindfold each other. This was completely different. They could get caught! What if they got arrested? What if they got kicked out of school. This was definitely the riskiest thing that they had tried so far. And while it made her nervous and scared, she couldn’t deny that it was turning her on as well. “Baby, I’m totally hot for you, but are you sure, we could get in trouble.”

Bob responded by reaching up her shirt, under her bra and giving her nipple a good tweak. With his other hand, he cupped her pussy under her skirt and gave her pussy a few good rubs, sending little jolts of pleasure. She couldn’t believe it. Bob and her enjoyed good caveman sex as much as the next couple, but this is the roughest that Bob had ever been. This only added to her excitement. He looked Vanessa in the eye and whispered, “Do you want me to stop?” Returning his gaze, she saw the look of lust in his eyes, and she could feel her pussy moisten instantly. “No,” she said, and she kissed him again.

After that kiss, Bob squatted down, moving his hands along her side until they rested at her knees. He brought them up under her skirt and up her thighs. When they got to her crotch, he just pulled her panties aside and dove in with his tongue.

Vanessa’s pussy was just starting to get wet, and while Bob usually loved going down on his girlfriend, this time, eating her out only served one purpose, to get her pussy wet enough to take on his raging hard on. He laid his tongue flat against her lips and moved it up and down, letting his saliva coat her outer lips. He stiffened his tongue and buried it deep in her pussy. Vanessa’s hand moved down to his head and she ran his fingers through his hair as the sensations took over.

She then heard a door open. It was faint enough where she could tell that it was from at least the sixth floor of the library. She then heard the sound of footsteps walking down the stairs, “Clunk, Clunk, Clunk.” She momentarily stopped moving her hands through Bob’s hair and listened intently. With the echo, it was impossible for Bob not to hear. But that did not deter him from his task of readying Vanessa’s bayan gaziantep escort pussy for fucking. Surely, she thought, Bob would stop and they could get out of there if the people came all the way down to the first floor, but part of her liked not knowing what would happen. This amplified her pleasure even more. Bob’s tongue was being rough and hard on her pussy, but it was working, she was getting very wet.

She then heard the sound of another door open and close, a little closer to her, and then the footsteps stops. “Phew,” she thought to herself. The person had only used the stairs to go down a couple of floors and they were alone again. Relieved but a little disappointed that the thrill of getting caught was gone, she resumed concentrating on Bob’s eager tongue.

At this point, Bob stuck a finger in her pussy, and while it made Vanessa whimper, he soon took it out. He was only checking to see if she was wet enough to be fucked. Content that there was enough lubrication for a good fuck, he cleared his throat and spit out one more glob of slimy spit to provide the last bit of lubrication needed. He smeared it all over her pussy with his fingers and then got up.

Quickly, he unzipped his pants and whipped out his cock which was way past erect. He bent his knees slightly to line up his penis with Vanessa’s pussy, kissed her hard on the lips and began to fuck Vanessa. After a few slow strokes, he could tell that there was ample lubrication in her pussy to fuck like he wanted to, like a wild animal. Without missing a beat, he began to pump in and out of her pussy as fast as he could. Vanessa wanted to scream in pleasure but knew she couldn’t, for fear of alerting people to their presence. Instead she pushed her face into Bob’s neck and let out a few soft groans. Bob was perfectly silent, concentrating solely on the task at hand.

While it felt good, Bob was a little bit taller than Vanessa so fucking her like this against the wall was a bit awkward. His knees and thighs began to burn a little from having to squat slightly to fuck Vanessa. He wanted to be deeper inside of her. So he reached his hands around her waist and cupped her buttocks.

Vanessa instinctively knew what to do, as Bob’s strong arms lifter her feet off the ground. She wrapped her legs around her lovers waist and relished the feeling of his throbbing cock going in even deeper into her warm pussy. Braced against the wall, Bob really began to thrust even harder into her. To keep herself from screaming, she lurched her head towards Bob and stuck her tongue down his throat. Bob kissed her back passionately, not letting up with his quick hard thrusts. They were both surprised at Bob’s energy despite the fact that they were both exhausted, but did not question it as they enjoyed each other’s bodies.

Vanessa leaned in to kiss Bob again, but the momentum of her motion forced her back off of the wall and soon, she and Bob were standing freely, fucking like animals. She wrapped her legs even more tightly around Bob’s waist and was able to get a little leverage against his body and began to push her pussy up and down on Bob’s cock. Without the support of the wall, Bob felt himself losing his grip on Vanessa’s weight. To get a better grip, he hoisted Vanessa all the way up almost out of his cock, quickly moved his left arm under her ass, and his right hand to her back to support her. The motion of the cock sliding all the way back out and then all the way back in was too much for Vanessa. Her pussy began to convulse and she experienced a sweet almost dizzying orgasm. With the new support of Bob’s arms under her and on her back, she could thrash freely about while Bob’s support eased the weight she was supporting on her legs and made going up and down even easier.

Bob was not far behind and his balls began to quiver and to prevent both of them from screaming, he buried his head in her neck as he squirted his hot load up into her contracting pussy. As he began to come down from his euphoria, he slowly leaned Vanessa back onto the wall and Vanessa dropped her legs to the ground. They were both exhausted and they both leaned their weight against the wall. Just then, they heard a door open again. This time, they could tell that the door was from the second floor door just above them. Bob quickly zipped up his pants. Vanessa did not even bother putting her panties in place and they were still pulled to the side as they quickly left the library. Squeezing her hand and looking at her lovingly, they both laughed as he said, “I’ll get the books later. Let’s go to your place and get some sleep.”

Vanessa smiled as she looked at Bob’s picture on the computer screen. She remembered how they went home and then promptly slept for six hours, only to wake up at about 9:00 PM where they proceeded to fuck again and then immediately fall asleep again. “Those were the days,” she thought to herself as she reminisced about her and Bob’s other sexual escapades. Since she had started grad school, she was not able to maintain any semblance of a steady lovelife. Sure she dated a few people here and there and even had a few one night stands, but she missed the days where she and Bob made love for hours without having to care about anything but getting to class on time. She resolved right there to finish her article and then take some time for herself and maybe find someone to have some great sex with…heck, who knows, maybe Bob would be available. There was nothing in his email about his wife, so maybe, just maybe….

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