Making the Best Of It

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I had really been looking forward to going to California for the first time with Michelle. We were going to a friend’s wedding near Napa and had a great room in a B&B all lined up. Mish was excited about the wedding, and I was excited about the king-size bed, fireplace and stand-up shower in our room. When I found out that Michelle’s sister Sarah had booked a last-minute special-fare flight but would be sharing our room, I almost called the whole trip off. That would have been the biggest mistake of my life.

We arrived the night before the wedding, and I was in a rotten mood over the arrangements. Michelle wouldn’t even take advantage of the shower with me, and Sarah never took the hints to leave us alone for a while. I was getting frustrated, but made the best of it. Michelle is 5’11”, with long dark hair, a long athletic body and the nicest legs and ass of any woman I’ve ever seen. Her sister is a little shorter and more muscular, with no fat and a set of 36C’s that I sneak looks at whenever I can. Michelle and I have a great sex life, but whenever I joke with her about a threesome it really is just a joke- I would never have thought she’s even entertain the idea, and she always scowls and slaps me for mentioning it.

The wedding was great, as far as weddings go. The ceremony was short, and the reception started immediately. We all enjoyed the band and dancing, and as I got deeper into the beer and wine I noticed Michelle and Sarah were feeling the effects of the alcohol. They were getting looser and dancing wildly, moving their gorgeous bodies with reckless abandon. The light summer dresses kept riding up their smooth legs, and the heat was helping the sweat glue the flimsy material to their waists and breasts. I wasn’t the only guy looking, but the girls were oblivious to all the attention they were getting. Sarah’s face was flushed and I couldn’t look at her for too long without getting an erection.

When the party finally ended (if you’re going to get married, make sure your reception runs from 4 to midnight- your guests will thank you for it!) we caught a cab back to our room. I had a mild buzz-on, but both the girls had a charge going- no one was falling down, but their eyes were glassy and all of us were grinning a little too much. Sarah changed in the bathroom, coming out in a flimsy t-shirt that stopped at her bellybutton and clung to her perfect breasts. Mishy and I had already changed, and while my girlfriend took her turn in the bath I nearly broke my neck switching my gaze from Sarah’s white silk panties to her tits. She noticed immediately, and I could see her eyeing my body- we tried to make small talk, but obviously we were both thinking about the same thing. By the time Michelle came out Sarah’s nipples were standing erect against the t-shirt and my prick was stirring in my boxers.

Michelle and I crawled into bed, and Sarah took the cot, complaining about the mattress and about being lonely. I think Michelle was joking when she invited her over, but I was hoping Sarah would gaziantep escortlar take her up on it. I got up and went to use the bathroom and brush my teeth, and when I came out they both had wicked little grins on their faces.

We turned out the lights, and Sarah was immediately asleep from the sound of her deep, steady breathing. I laid there in the dark thinking about Sarah’s incredible body and the way her eyes had been on my body, and I was feeling frustrated when Michelle’s hand wrapped around my cock and she whispered “I really want you, right now.” She’s a wonderfully horny woman, and I was only half surprised she would want to fool around with her sister just a few feet away. I couldn’t resist, and I pulled her t-shirt up and began to lick and nibble her tits, making her moan while she stroked me. My hand wandered down to her pussy, stroking her lips and coaxing her clit out of its hood. Her breathing got heavy and short, and I could feel the wetness building. I licked my way down her stomach, and peeled her panties off under the covers, sucking and tasting the juices. Her stomach muscles tightened and I whispered for her to shh, be quiet, Sarah’s sleeping, but I kept attacking her heat and taste. Finally, she began to buck and moan, covering her mouth with the pillow and letting her juices flow into my mouth while she gasped and her legs tightened around my head.

I crawled back up until I was on the pillow, and she took my throbbing dick back into her hands… and the light came on. Sarah was standing there with her free hand pressed to her obviously wet panties, and she looked at Mishy and said, “I told you if you didn’t keep quiet I’d have to come over and join you.” I was too shocked to know what to do, but Michelle just looked at her and said, “Oh yeah? Well, why don’t you start by licking my cum off his face?” My heart jumped, and Sarah took my face in her hands and kissed me deeply, one hand moving to the back of my head. Michelle ordered her to get naked, and she used the hand to wipe my face off in the valley between her globes. I got the first nipple into my mouth as quickly as I could, and Sarah moaned, grabbing my cock and rubbing it against the inside of her thigh. Michelle’s hand joined hers, and I was wild.

We rolled over, and I worked my way down Sarah’s body like I had done to her sister moments before. Michelle cheered me on, telling me to lick Sarah’s pussy, suck it while she watched. Sarah pulled Michelle around the king-sized bed and took her left nipple in her mouth. Soon Sarah reached for Michelle’s pussy, and I watched the two sisters play with each other while I sucked Sarah’s dripping pussy. She started to buck and moan, and her hot cum was flowing into my mouth. “Oh, God, oh God, oooooh God… oohhhh,” she moaned, and she let loose another round of hot juice that tasted like her sister’s.

Michelle watched, panting, and rolled me off of Sarah. “You’ve done your part… I think Sarah and I should thank you… Sarah, come here.” Sarah sat up, and Michelle pulled her close, rubbing their tits together and stroking Sarah’s ass. “I think he deserves to have us both give him a blowjob, don’t you?” To answer, Sarah rolled over and licked the side of my prick, moving her tongue slowly up the side of the shaft and sucking the drop of pre-cum that had formed there. Michelle was there soon, wrapping her lips around my shaft while Sarah took my head in her mouth and bobbed up and down on the top half of my cock. I got up on my knees and the girls kept working, massaging my balls and raking their fingernails over my stomach and ass. I gasped, telling them I was about to come, and Mishy moved Sarah over so they were both kissing the head of my dick, and Sarah jerked me until I sprayed a stream of sticky white cum on their faces. Neither girl stopped until I was finished, and they licked me clean and took turns licking the cum that had spilled onto each other’s faces.

Sarah looked at me, smiling. “Oh, Mike, your cum tastes good. Tell me, whose cum tastes better, mine or my sister’s?” I was still panting, but managed to reply. “Why don’t you taste each other, and you be the judge?”

Sarah turned to her sister, and offered her a large pink nipple. Michelle took it into her mouth, licking and sucking it, flicking her tongue against the very tip then trying to swallow Sarah’s whole breast. Sarah moaned and played with her sister’s pussy with one hand while fingering her own with the other. Michelle attacked Sarah’s tits, kissing them loudly and burying her face in them. After a few seconds, both women were panting and they fell over. Michelle jumped to her sister’s exposed pussy, moving between her thighs and sticking two fingers between her wide open lips. Sarah moaned, “Oh, big sister, lick me. I wanna feel you eat me, oh let me cum on you Michelle, oh please.” Michelle did just that, groaning as she tasted her sister’s juices. It suddenly struck me that I was watching my girlfriend eat her sister’s pussy. I got behind Michelle, fingering her while she slurped at Sarah. Sarah was thrashing, and she said, “oh yes, oh Mike come up here so I can suck you.” I kneeled beside her, stroking my cock beside her face, and she turned her head and took my dick in her mouth again. After she had been blowing me for a minute, Michelle said, “Okay, that’s enough. I want that cock in me where it belongs. Get over here and fuck me.”

I moved again, lifting Michelle onto her knees and rubbing the tip of my cock against her swollen pussy. She kept working while Sarah urged her on. “Oh yeah, oh that feels so good… Mike, fuck her. Fuck her from behind while I watch.” I slid my raging hard-on into Michelle slowly, feeling the heat of her, thrusting slowly and then picking up the pace. Sarah’s cries became more urgent, and she arched her back, coming into Michelle’s mouth. Michelle clenched her hands in the sheets, sucking Sarah’s pussy and then lifting her shoulders. Sarah was looking at me with glazed eyes, watching me rail her sister from behind. “How does it feel, Shelle? Tell me what his big hard cock feels like. Is he driving you? Are you coming? Is it making you hot?” Michelle moaned, and answered her sister in a strangled voice, letting a groan escape every time I thrust into her. “Ohhh, God it feels so… unh… good… oh, fuck me.. unh… I can feel…unh … his balls slapping me and… unh… his hands on my … ass… oh God oh God fuck me…” As she finished, her shoulders tensed and she slammed back against me in time with my strokes. After three or four more she howled and let loose, flooding her pussy, my cock and the bed with her come. I kept pounding away at her, grabbing her waist and banging her as hard as I could while she came again.

“Wait,” she moaned. “Stop. I want you to fuck Sarah. I want to watch you fuck her like you’re fucking me.” I stopped. I had been very nearly over the edge, and I let my prick cool down for a minute, watching Sarah lick the come from her sister’s pussy. Michelle’s eyes were glassy and here body was drenched with sweat. “Okay, Sarah,” I said. “Your turn. On your knees, I have something for you.” Sara lifted her ass in the air, resting on her elbows and those gorgeous tits. I didn’t need to worry about whether she was ready; the come was still dripping from her swollen lips. I entered her slowly, and soon was gliding in and out with a frantic rhythm. I wanted a release too, and seeing my girlfriend watching us with a just-fucked glow and an exhausted smile had me totally wound up. Thinking about it made me fuck Sarah harder, and I could see her tits swaying below her in the mirror while I drove my cock into her.

“Ooooh….ooooh….ooooh… oh God yes oh Mike it feels so it feels so good it feels so… oh God oh GOD oh GOD!” She bucked harder than her sister had, impaling herself on my stiff prick. I stopped and rolled her over, putting her ankles up on my shoulders so I could watch her tits bounce while I fucked her. I was really into it, balancing on my fists and ramming my cock in and out of her, backing off and pile-driving her. She was bucking so hard she was coming off the bed, and when she came I could feel the walls of her incredibly strong pussy clenching my dick. “Oh, god come on my tits! Oh, pull out and come on me,” she begged. This drove me over the edge, and after a couple more solid thrusts I pulled out and put her legs down. I jumped up on her waist and straddled her, and Michelle lent a hand, stroking me until I fired about a quart of hot semen onto Sarah’s tits, neck and face. She scooped the cum into her mouth and Michelle licked off the jizz her sister didn’t get to first.

I collapsed on the bed, watching the two of them. We got up and went into the standup shower, cleaning off, and then crawled back into bed together. When we woke up, Sarah was still in bed, but in the sober light of day, no one even mentioned what had happened the night before. We dressed and made our flight, but unfortunately we’ve never gotten together again. Still, sometimes when we’re all together, Sarah and I exchange glances and pats and sometimes I even tell her that the next time we go on vacation she’s welcome to come along.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32