Making a New Friend Ch. 02

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This is the story as told to me by a friend recounting her first experience with another woman. It certainly got both of us hot when she was telling me so with her permission I wanted to share it.

This is the second chapter of the story and while it may be enjoyed as a standalone story I would strongly recommend reading the first part if you haven’t already. It will help fill in the missing back ground. Either way I hope you enjoy it.

I have enjoyed transforming this memory into a story to be shared and am looking for a similar project. If you have a hot experience you would like to share as the basis for a story for me to write and you to star in please do contact me.


Something crashing outside my window made me stir, I tried lifting my head off the pillow but that just hurt so instead I settled for just opening my eyes.

A sharp pain across my forehead made me think this was a bad idea also. So instead I lay there flat out on my front with my head facing my bedroom wall. Just how much did I drink last night I thought to myself cringing?

Just laid there I realised that as long as I didn’t move the pain stayed away. I stayed as still as possible trying to doze back off.

I ran through a mental checklist to ensure I was still in one piece. 2 arms, 2 legs and everything else accounted for I suddenly flinched in shock.

A realisation that there was a hand resting on my bum, my bare bum! It defiantly was not my hand which meant it was someone else…..

My mind raced back to last night, I know I wasn’t on the pull last night and didn’t leave with any guys. I can absolutely remember getting into a taxi with Maddie’s mate Cassie.

As soon as this thought dropped into my head a surge of pure shock drove straight through me. I suddenly remembered last night and knew exactly what had happened and who was sharing my bed with me.

“Oh shit, oh fuck I can’t of” and other thoughts rushed through my head. “Oh god I did” I realised “I had sex with another women”

I just laid there thinking through the implications of this realisation and wondering what had made me do it. As I started to rationalise the events I started wondering why I was regretting it.

“Where you forced?” I asked myself “No, absolutely not” my brain answered.

“Was it nice?” I questioned myself “Hell I seem to remember thinking it was great fun at the time”

“How did it all come about” I tried to remember.

Laid there thinking these and a whole load of other questions I started to feel more settled. I was drunk and had some fun with a new friend, a life experience I decided. No harm done and no one hurt.

Feeling less shocked and more settled I started to relax. I would deal with it when I wake up properly was the conclusion I reached.

Relaxing and thinking about trying to doze off again, I start to re-live some of the events from last night. Rather than making me feel uncomfortable I feel a warmth in my tummy, excitement in my chest and I have to be honest even a little smile on my face.

It must have been about then that I noticed the hand that had been laid still across the bare cheeks of my bum was slowly moving. I felt a little disappointed thinking it actually felt quite warm and nice laid there.

However instead of moving away the hand just moved and every so gently begun to caress the cheek of my but. The feeling was nice and I just dreamily felt myself drifting off towards sleep.

Neither really awake nor asleep my mind wondered onto what actually happened last night. I played the events through my mind like a movie.

Thinking about how it all started off so innocently and with no warning of what was going to happen, how we one minute we were chilling out laid on the sofa and the next rubbing ourselves against each other till we had both cum a number of times.

I could remember Cassie’s promise to open a whole new world to me as she dragged me into my bedroom.

A mix of these exciting thoughts and the feel of her hand getting more adventurous and groping my bum, squeezing and feeling her way around it. Her fingers working their way between my legs following the curves of my cheeks. I could feel her hand rested on my left cheek her fingers lying along the crack of my arse as she was reaching gently downwards tickling the lips of my sex.

Dreamily I found myself feeling turned on and could feel my pussy getting wet, thinking I was about to be treated to the feel of a finger sliding smoothly inside my pussy but the hand was not moving down any further. Her fingers gently curled open and closed as the tips just barely brushed against the bottom of my sex. Each time she clasped me a bit tighter and her hand gently working its way between my cheeks. It felt comfortable and teasing both at the same time. Still I drifted between awake and asleep and the movie played in my head.

As I dozed balçova escort I recalled how we had playfully almost run into the bedroom and stopped dead at the side of the bed. Cassie had pulled me towards her and we faced each other saying nothing.

Putting her arms around me and pulling me in tight towards her a quick kiss I seem to just melt. She had leant her head further into me her lips brushing my neck as she nuzzled into my ear. Gently she breathed into my ear sending shivers down my spine.

“We have way too many clothes on” she whispered

Running her hands up my hips she took the zip of my dress and pulled it down. Her hands following the contours of my body back to my shoulders where she pushed the straps along and off. My dress slid to the floor leaving me stood in just my bra and nothing else.

Leaning back in she had reached her arms back around me placing her hands on my bum then running a finger from each hand up my back tracing my spine while nuzzling my neck. Sending shivers through my torso she arrived at the strap of my bra. Taking hold of the clasp she unsnapped it. The weight of my breasts falling forwarded as they were freed.

Cassie stepped back and wasted no time in releasing her own dress which shortly landed by her ankles just as mine had. For the first time ever I reached around behind her back and undid her bra releasing another women’s boobs from the security of her underwear.

I was mesmerised by the beautiful sight, her tits, despite their size, stood proud and firm, her nipples large and most defiantly erect. My hands automatically reached for them. Cupping one in each hand I suddenly understood men’s obsession with boobs. Gently squeezing them and feeling her hard nipples poking into my palms. I drew my hands back, running just my fingers over her nipples and tracing a circle around them. Cassie shivered letting a small sigh out as I did.

She pushed my hands away and stepped forward and took me in her arms, tightly embracing we kissed. As our lips met little explosions went off in my head. I had never been kissed with such passion and softness at the same time. Our bodies touching all the way from thigh to chest. Our breasts mashed together, the contrast of soft pillowy flesh and hard nipples pushed together. Soon soft and gentle became hard and lustful.

I could feel myself getting wetter and with Cassie’s sex again pushed against my own I knew that I was not alone in this.

A bolt of shock suddenly brought me back out of my dream state and the re-living of last nightís memories. Back in the present and still laid stiff as a board I focused on the hand still lightly caressing my warm behind.

Cassie’s hand and fingers were now well and truly snugly resting between the cheeks of my arse. Her fingers wiggling just ever so slightly. It was where her finger tip was softy stoking that had sent the bolt of shock through me. Certainly not somewhere I was used to being touched. Her finger tip was resting on a slightly grazing the most intimate part of my backside.

I wondered about the current development.

“She’s mostly asleep like me” I concluded, deciding in her dream state she has clearly missed her intended target just a little lower between my legs.

Trying to decide what I should do, another shocking realisation went through my head. “Actually it feels really quite pleasant” my body was telling me, “but it’s so naughty” my brain answered. In no mood to argue with anyone let alone myself I resigned myself to just enjoy the sensation.

I mean I wasn’t even fully awake so I couldn’t be held responsible for subconsciously deciding to let a girl I’d not even known for 24 hours, who had seduced me and now lay here with me naked and tease my bum in this way.

“What sort of debauched slut are you turning into Hannah” I asked myself as I drifted back off towards sleep but not quite reaching it. Back caught between sleep and consciousness the movie reel from last night kicked back in right where it had left off.

From being stood pressed against what I had now decided was the sexiest women in the world suddenly I was launched backwards. Falling through the air I landed on the bed in a heap.

Cassie was stood there laughing at me with an almost maniacal look on her face.

“Right girl, lay back and spread them legs now” she commanded

Giggling a bit at her dominance and the sudden change of pace I had quickly obeyed her command. Shuffling up the bed a bit I rested my head on a pillow and let my legs fall apart. Cassie crawled onto the bed her eyes running all the way up my body and then back down to my exposed pussy that was fully on display for her viewing pleasure.

Normally being so exposed I would have felt self conscious and a feeling of dread would overcome me. But last night I felt none of this and watching her inspect every inch of my body just made me hotter and more horny than I could remember.

Grabbing my leg Cassie planted kissed all the way along as she karşıyaka escort shuffled up the bed her lips following my calves to my thigh then down a little as she kissed and licked upwards on the soft and tender skin of my inner thigh all the way up to the top.

I couldn’t move my stare watching her every move, our eyes making contact and getting lustfully buried in each others. I knew what was coming next! The fact a women had never been this close to my sex let alone done what I knew and prayed she was about to do it.

Pulling her head back just a little Cassie left a little space between her warm mouth and my even hotter skin. Moving her head just a little to the side she gently blew across the now soaked pussy laid open before her. The hot breath sent waves of electricity darting from my over excited cunt all through my body. I could barely wait for the contact with her mouth I prayed was coming, I knew that I was about to be assaulted in the most pleasurable way I could imagine.

I could only watch as she leant in, her tongue snaking out between her lips as Cassie run it all the way along my slit. From the very bottom of my wet opening up towards my clit. My god I thought I was going to explode as she sucked on the bud of nerves with her mouth. Clamping her mouth over my pussy and her tongue flicking and teasing my clit my hips refused to stay still and my juices must have been flooding her face.

I could feel the biggest orgasm ever building up and at any minute I knew it was going to come crashing over me. Suddenly Cassie stopped and sat up on her knees. Laughing she looked at my face full of despair and desperation.

“Patience, patience” she chided me

Reaching up Cassie ran her hands over my tits, playing with my nipples then kneeling forwarded and taking one of my hard nipples in her mouth. Teasing and playing with it just like she had been my clit a moment ago. Then across and giving the other one the same attention.

Being so close to the brink was torture and the pleasure was nearly unbearable. Thinking back on it Cassie knew exactly what she was doing to me and enjoyed putting me in such a state.

“Are you ready to cum for me?” She asked

“Fuck yes” was about all I could manage to say

Moving back down to my wet pussy Cassie licked and sucked all over. Along my wet slit and upwards to gently nibbling my lips. Reaching my clit once again she started her assault all over, lashing at me with her tongue. Sucking on my bud of nerves until I didn’t think it could get any better. Suddenly and without any warning my poor pussy was violated. What felt like a whole hand (2 fingers as I later found out) was filling my pussy, I could feel my muscles clenching and gripping the intrusion in a way it had never done to a cock inside me. That was as much as I could take.

Bursting like a dam I came like I have never done before. My body exploded and my head saw stars. Wave after wave of orgasm came crushing over me. I’m still not sure if I passed out or not but I knew it was the best I had ever had.

As the fog cleared and my body started to relax again I was aware of Cassie laid on me, our bodies again melted together.

“Nice” she asked smiling cutely at me

“The best” was my honest reply

“OK, now it’s my turn, you didn’t think you were going to get away with it did you” she said sternly

A flash of doubt swept through my brain. I mean touching another girl was one thing but burying my face in their soggy snatch was a whole different thing!

I soon found out that worrying about it was a waste of time. I really wasn’t about to be given a choice!

Cassie pulled herself up and sat straddling my stomach, her wetness clearly evident as the heat of her sex left a wet trail as she slid further forwards. Unsure of what she was planning I just laid there transfixed by her amazing body.

With a quick movement Cassie was suddenly above my head. Kneeling on my arms with her sex hovering inches above my face. Even if I had wanted to move I couldn’t. I realised then that I was about to taste another girls pussy for the first time whether I liked it or not.

Still knelt up Cassie reached down and touched herself, sliding her finger around and through her lips, rubbing her clit.

“I don’t know what to do” I stammered stupidly

“Awww my poor little beautiful slut, you will learn and very quickly” she told me.

“Now open your mouth and stick that tongue out, I want to feel it on and in my pussy real bad”

With no other option available to me what could I do? So I did exactly as I was told. I had never been talked to or treated like this in bed before. Rather than making me uncomfortable it was having the exact opposite effect. While I was still unsure about what was about to happen what I did know was that my cunt was already leaking again with excitement.

Cassie slowly lowered herself down onto my face, her hands holding her lips spread ready for my tongue. As contact was made çeşme escort our lips met. My mouth and her pussy became one. Bravely I pushed out my tongue and it sunk straight inside her pussy. The taste was like nectar. I had never minded tasting myself before but this was altogether different.

Sitting herself firmly on my face I could barely breathe, her sex was smothering my mouth and her clit rested firmly against my nose. I was totally lost in the smell and taste. Pushing my tongue in and out of her as she grinded against my face.

Lifting herself up a little and I gasped in air; I didn’t want to stop and quickly lifted my head reaching for more of the beautiful pussy that had abandoned me.

Running my tongue along her heat I found her clit and attacked it as though I was crazed. I was quickly rewarded with the unmistakably moans of someone about to get off.

“Holy shit, don’t stop. Make me cum, make me cum. Oh god I’m cumming” screamed Cassie

I didn’t stop; I carried on sucking and licking her for all I was worth.

Now I had seen just how wet Cassie got earlier in the evening but when the pussy in question is placed right above your mouth it’s a whole different experience. Her juices poured out and my face was soon drenched. I drank down as much of her as I could but still it overflowed down my chin and over my body. I felt as though I was in heaven.

Whilst relaying this scene from last night I had dropped back off to my dream world and the memories seemed almost real, just like I was back there. As I became a bit more alert I re-ran my mental body check. I was defiantly feeling better, my head cleared and it was certainly a more reasonable time of the morning. The rerunning of the nights events was making me smile now rather than feeling shocked as I had when I first woke up and remembered.

Laid there relaxed it didn’t take a genius to also work out that remembering what had happened was also turning me on. The hand stroking my bum was still there with the fingertip still resting comfortable against my anus. Even though the hand was still I liked the feel of it there and this added further to the horny feelings coursing through my body.

Sliding my arm gently underneath me, doing my best not to move too much as I didn’t want to disturb Cassie, both out of kindness of not waking her and also I thought if she woke and realised exactly where her hand was placed she would move it. I really didn’t want her to do that just yet.

Laid on my tummy with my legs already sprawled apart I soon was laid with my pussy resting on my own hand. I gently cupped myself and for some unknown reason was surprised to find out I was already soaking wet.

Trying to barely move I slipped my middle finger up inside me, curling it up and then straighten it. This had the effect of driving my finger deep into my sex and dragging it back out along the roof of my pussy. Every time I did this I was hitting my magic spot. I knew it wouldn’t take long for me to cum like this.

Feeling naughty I raised my bum upwards a little. The slight pressure on my arse increased, I felt so dirty. After a couple more strokes and wiggles of my bum the hand suddenly clenched a bit.

I froze still……

“Oh god” I thought to myself, Cassie’s going to wake up to find me using her finger to tickle my bum hole. She’s going to freak.

I laid still playing dead lions wishing the bed would just swallow me up.

Suddenly I felt the hand move again. This time it was a slow deliberate sweep of a finger between the cheeks of my bum. Following the crack and most defiantly running over the forbidden hole. The fingers gently fall into this repetitive pattern. Now I was confused. Cassie was either consciously touching me in this intimate way or still half asleep and not aware exactly where her hand was. Either way it was putting my horniness levels through the roof.

I realised that my own finger was again moving with a mind of its own, burying itself deep into my wetness, the feeling building deep inside my sex growing quickly I was desperate for release.

The finger teasing my bottom was becoming more and more obvious and making me hotter and hotter. As it stopped stroking and positioned itself directly right where it had being feeling so nice and so naughty. I could feel it gently pushing against me. I couldn’t help myself from pushing back against it. The finger tip now twisting slightly, I knew then Cassie must clearly be awake and aware of what she was doing and exactly of the effect it was having on me.

Memories of general kisses, soft caresses as well as some plain dirty acts like 69ing each other, sucking each otherís tits all flashed in front of my eyes. My own finger buried deep inside me as I frigged myself and the firm pressure Cassie’s finger was providing against my bum were rapidly sending me towards the edge.

As I pushed back against Cassie’s probing finger she added just a fraction more pressure and that’s when it happened. Cassie’s finger tip broke the resistance and slid up my bum. The feeling blow my mind and again I exploded. Moaning like a mad woman I came all over my hand as I collapsed onto the bed. Slowly my panting calmed down and my brain relaxed. Never in my life had I woke up sharing my bed with someone and feeling so sated.

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